Friday May 18th, 2018, MyPillow, Inc. set a new Guinness World Record for World’s Largest Pillow Fight at the Pulse event at U.S. Bank Stadium. Though that portion of the event was epic, where thousands gathered and playfully hit each other with a pillow, that was not the reason Inventor and C.E.O. Mike Lindell got involved with the event.

Since inventing the pillow in 2005 Mike has been a busy entrepreneur following his passion of getting people the best night’s sleep. Mike has catapulted into the public eye not only from people recognizing him from his famous “Hello I’m Mike Lindell…” infomercials but also because of him being vocal and candid about his history with drug addiction. Knowing he was headed down a path that he couldn’t find his way back from Mike decided to refocus his life and asked God to rid him of the cravings of his addictions. Fast forward 10 years, 1600 employees, and 44 million pillows later and we see Mike kneeling center stage on the pillow he invented leading a prayer for thousands of people.

Pulse was established in 2006.  Its purpose isn’t just to draw a crowd, but to connect people with tools and steps to know Jesus who are hurting or have lost hope.  

From Pulse website: Our mission isn’t just a crowd; it’s the individuals in it. We have a heart for the cynics and skeptics, the hurting and hopeless, to know Jesus. Beyond any event, we connect people to tools and next steps to know Jesus.

When Mike was approached to do the event, he said yes instantly.  "The idea of reaching out to thousands of people in my home state especially millennials I thought it was an amazing idea!"

Mike has said many times that “the pillow is the platform”. It’s a platform to reach people and share his amazing testimony where even in the depths of addiction, he found his way out with Jesus. Mike has continually volunteered his time at other faith-based events offering his testimony to the crowds.