MyPillow 3" Mattress Topper

Experience the amazing MyPillow® Mattress Topper.

MyPillow® Premium Topper combines some of the most advanced sleep technology you've ever experienced without costing Thousands of Dollars!

  • 3" Thick
  • High Density Support Foam Cradles your entire body creating a “Zero Gravity” effect without being too soft or too firm. You have to Experience it to Believe It!
  • ThermaPhase Gel Technology keeps you at the right temperature for you
  • Works with Any Bed!
  • No wires, Fans, Hoses or Moving Parts
  • Portable! Take it with you Hunting, Camping, Dorms, RV’s, Trucks!
  • Zippered Removable Cover.
  • Cover Can be washed and dried.
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • 10-Year Warranty!

MyPillow 3" Mattress Topper

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Great Topper
By echo33
Bought a queen topper for the guest bedroom because when the children came to visit they said the mattress was very uncomfortable. The mypillow topper was the answer. The kids now say how comfortable the bed is. Thanks MyPillow.
Lullaby and goodnight!
By Aunt Gail
After buying a new mattress and enjoying it for a few years, my body and health took a slight turn for the worse. I had back pain upon waking and one hip hurt while sleeping on that side. I would wake up and have to turn.
Well, let me tell you...the first night I had my new MyPillow mattress topper, I slept so comfortably on either side and my back did not hurt upon getting up!!!
I highly recommend this topper. It even has elastic straps on each corner to help keep it secure and they actually work!!!
As with MyPillow, which I LOVE, this item is superb! Every night I get the best sleep ever.
Very nice
By Maineiacgirl
This is a VERY nice topper, VERY comfortable.
I think this would be great, terrific for 99.9% of people but I wish for the remaining few of us, they had one just a little thicker.
I have severe arthritis so the issue is not this product. I would Def try another if they made one a little thicker. Still giving it 5 stars even though it didn't quite work for me, because it's not the product that's the problem. This really IS a great pad
(hey... psst,... maybe make a 6 inch in the future?) :)
Love this Product!
By Kasi
Oooohhh myyyy Gooosshhhh! The BEST topper ever! I have tried ALL toppers out there! We have bought a sleep number bed (which I HATE) but since my husband did like it, we kept it in an agreement we would get a topper for me. I have back pain, shoulder pain, TMJ (jaw issues) and have had a knee replacement plus real bad insomnia, I find it hard to sleep. I have bought the Pillows, and Go anywhere pillow to put between my knee while it healed and have been very comfortable. (I love my pillow and has made my jaw pain go away at nights!) I decided to try the topper. The first night i tried it, I slept 13 hours!!!! straight! My husband even slept so comfortable he was amazed! What i love about it is that it is actually KING Size, not like the store bought ones, that say King Size but are an inch short on all sides, and you end up sleeping lop sided. Than YOU Mr Lindell!! Your products are amazing!

I also bought each of my kitties Go Anywhere pillows! They love it! Plan on getting them each a MyPillow for Pets
Best Purchase ever!!!
By KeeKee
I Purchased the King 3" Matress Topper and I was so glad I did I have never slept so good in my life. My husband also loves it.
was a great investment to a good night sleep.
Like a child's night blanket, my topper n pillows go wherever I go!
By MadamShoppe
This mattress topper is THE best one I have ever found! For the past 6 years I have tried every topper in the market, yes, all of them! My back has been so bad that I had a recent spine surgery and this is the most wonderful topper ever! I feel so comfortable and can turn over easier. This topper has so many uses. I told my husband if we go anywhere and have to stay overnight my topper and My Pillows come with me!

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