I just finished readIng your book and I’ve got to say that it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. I laughed and cried. Everyone should read this book! It's the most inspirational book you’ll ever read!

Also, we love ALL your products!

– Jennifer K.

I purchased the mattress topper and I love it!!!! It has the exact firmness that I wanted. 

BUT the best part is its washability. My little dog wet on my beautiful mattress topper due to health issues. When I realized I could wash the cover of the topper, I immediately did so. I was so blessed to find that the cover had not shrunk and that I could very easily put it back on - I am thrilled with this!!!

So many times I have bought something and, when you wash the cover, it never seems to fit again. I am so happy with the cover on my mattress topper.

Thank you, Mike - it's awesome!!!!!

– Pat

I’m amazed at how well the pillow topper works! After we received the pillow topper, in a few days we were able to wake up refreshed. My husband discovered that due to back discomfort at night, he was tossing and turning all night. Now, he sleeps comfortably through the night and wakes up refreshed!

Due to the success of the topper, I bought the pillows, sheet set, and towels. Thank you for an incredible product!

– Debra H.

My wife could never find a pillow she liked. We’ve tried feather, foam, and memory foam over a number of years. Finally tried MyPillow for both of us 3 years ago. The search ended! We both love our MyPillows!

I was skeptical when we first bought them, but I’m a happy customer now and would definitely recommend MyPillow to friends and family!

– Steve

I received my body pillow and pillow case 2 days ago and it is so comfortable and smooth like silk. Thank you Mike.

I will be buying your book next month.

– Cynthia P.

My wife and I ordered the king size mattress topper. We absolutely love it. We both sleep more comfortably than we have in years and we wake up feeling refreshed.

We occasionally have to stay in hotels when on business trips. We wish we could take our mattress topper with us. We’ve had memory foam mattresses in the past but didn’t like them. The mattress topper is different. Better different!

We also have the MyPillows and love them as well. Our thanks to Mike and his crew for making wonderful products that make our sleeping more comfortable than it’s been in years.

– Gary & Cathey

We have pillows and love them. So when our dogs needed new beds, we decided to try the MyPillow Dog beds.

We purchased two large ones. They are wonderful. Our older dog has arthritis and she loves it, finally she is comfortable. They are better than any other dog beds we have bought and we have tried them all. Being able to wash them is the best part.

I highly recommend them! Thanks, MyPillow, for making our pups comfy.

– Diane

Two are propping me up right now, in a lazy, comfortable position. Don't know who is complaining about these pillows or why. Since we have had these, less neck discomfort! SO comfortable.

I wish I could jump into a box of the patented fill and take a nap!

– Hm

I got my bed 5 years ago. I have been miserable the entire time. We paid $2,500 for the bed and I complained every night!

I got your pillow and loved it! I got your sheets and they were the best! But my bed was still awful and made my hips and shoulders uncomfortable. I was so uncomfortable, I would get up and sleep in my chair.

For our 49th anniversary, my husband got me the pillow topper and I have had the most comfortable sleep I have had in years and I wake up refreshed. This is the gospel truth!

Thank you, MyPillow guy, from the bottom if my heart!

– Rebecca F.

I was living with my adult son when I found my pillow. He had ordered it and was moving out, so decided he didn’t want it anymore. So, as I was helping him pack, I grabbed it and started sleeping on it.

I can’t sleep on any other pillow now. It was the best thing for me ever. I am 58 years old and I no longer have neck and back discomfort at night.

Best pillow ever!

– Terri K.

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