I haven’t read a book since I was a junior in high school because nothing could keep my attention. I had mentioned I wanted to read What Are The Odds?  to my parents and they purchased it for me for Christmas.

I’m 26 about to be 27, I don’t read books, am a huge Trump supporter, and I’m not an addict of any kind. I don’t know how to explain it, but this book inspired me. I read it cover to cover in 8 days and everyone I know says “you actually read a book? I never thought I’d see that”.

This book is amazing and truly inspiring. Every linen I buy from now on will be from MyPillow out of principal. I love what this book, this company, and Mike is about. One day when my finances are in order I’d love to contribute to what y’all are doing.

I’m so glad I read this book with MyPillow behind me.

– Cole C.

I received my first MyPillow from my dad. He’s one of those people that kind of gets into fads, someone will introduce him to something and it’s the best thing since sliced bread until the next thing comes along. So when he said he’d gotten an amazing new pillow I humored him but didn’t pay attention.

I usually buy a couple of dept store pillows when they’re on sale and when they wear out in a couple of years from cleaning I just replace them with the next sale pillows. Dad told me “his” pillows were on sale so he was going to buy me one. I was due for a new one anyway so I shrugged it off and accepted.

I have to mention, I’m in law enforcement so I need a comfortable sleep. Well, the first night I slept on the MyPillow I woke up to my alarm going off. I set it by habit, but I’m always up long before it ever sounds. I’d had a very physical shift so I didn’t think anything of it. Same the next night. My third night, however, was on my day off so I wasn’t overtired. I went to bed and slept comfortably for a solid eight hours. No tossing around or waking up trying to get comfortable. After two weeks of this, I had to admit my dad was right. It was the best pillow he's ever had, and now I could say the same.

I now have four on my bed, two softer than my two original ones, and plan on getting a body pillow to help provide comfort after wearing my gear all day and sleeping on my side.

It sounds fake, or too good to be true, but trust me... I never take time to write reviews and I’m a real person, not getting anything out of putting this out there other than maybe helping someone else out like my dad did for me. I will never use another pillow again. Also, a huge plus I can just wash them at home.

– TQ

We recently purchased the mattress topper after having MyPillows for several years. We have slept so comfortably since putting it on our bed. I can't believe how refreshed I am in the morning now that my back is comfortable the night through!!

Thank you for developing such good products that live up to their claims.

– Barbara

My husband and I think the pillows are amazing. We have never slept so comfortably. Thank you for your product. God bless you.

– Tiffany E.

I purchased a mattress topper and received two pillows with my order. I couldn't be happier than I am now.

My husband had been experiencing discomfort while sleeping and since then sleeping has been a pleasure not a chore. I had seen your ad for years and did not order and now I have regrets that I did not do this sooner.

I am also a forgiven Christian and love the story Mike shares so freely. Love him and the fact that he is a Christian and loves our President.

May God continue to bless you and your company.

– Alice S.

I LOVE MyPillow! Have had them for almost 3 years, they still are comfortable and maintain their form.

One tip I would like to suggest to MyPillow customers is to add a few drops of Lavender oil when washing your pillow. It offers a lovely scent when sleeping. Ahhhhhh!

– Sondralee O.

My whole family — including my wife, son, parents and cat — love your MyPillow products, and we are very inspired by your story.

Right now, my wife is getting comfort for her shoulder as she holds your MyPillow Body Pillow. My son is well rested after sleeping on your MyPillow, and is snuggling our sweet cat as she relishes her time on her MyPillow Pet Bed.

We also enjoy the MyPillow commercials. Thank you for all you do. May G-d bless you in all to which you put your hand.

– Neil

I purchased the towels for my husband and myself. Oh, my gosh!! What was said on TV about them is nothing like they really are!!

They are so wonderful!!! They really are wonderful!! We are dry in no time. It doesn't take long to dry my hair. My hair is short but it takes a lot less time to dry. They feel so comfortable to feel as well. 

These are the best towels I have ever felt or used. Thank you so much, Mike!! God bless you!

– Leslie G.

I bought my pillow a few weeks ago. it has been the best pillow, I believe, I have ever owned.

My shoulder and neck are comfortable all night and I wake refreshed. I love it.

– Rosemary H.

We really like the topper for our queen bed. It has been a big help in making our hips comfortable during the night. And the standard pillows that came with the topper offer are just amazing for both of us.

Thank you!

– Tim & Diane

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