"There's no way this pillow is as good as the ads make out." BOY, WAS I ((WRONG)). I just can't believe how GREAT these pillows REALLY ARE, and I'll fight anyone who dares try to take them off my bed. lol.

In fact, I just ordered more, so I can have a third to cuddle with, and a fourth for my sofa. I've only had MYPILLOW's for four nights now, and I've already thrown my other (some high dollar) pillows in the trash. NO LIE.

THANKS, Mike & Team, I'll be bragging about MyPillow to my friends and family for a long time. I'm sure you'll be sending some to them too.

– Darrell M.

I’ve had my MyPillow for around 2-3 years now and it is the best pillow I’ve ever had. If I leave it somewhere and don’t get to lay down on it that night, I definitely won’t sleep near as comfortably that night.

Would recommend to anyone as the best pillow ever!!

– Garrett F.

Our 9-year-old Westie Hattie approves of your pet bed!!! Thank you, Mike!!!!

– Cathy

We have purchased four pillows now and just received our topper today. All I can say is the pillows work even better than I could ever have imagined.

I was very skeptical but am now a believer. Thank you for such excellent products, made in the U.S.A.

– Richard W.

I just want to say that I have had My Pillow for a year and am amazed. I needed a pillow that would comfortably support my neck, and this pillow does the trick: I sleep comfortably through the night and awake feeling refreshed.

I recommended the MyPillow to a friend who had lots of problems finding the right pillow. She finally bought a MyPillow and told me that since she has had the MyPillow, she is sleeping comfortably through the night.

Thank you so much for your wonderful product. I wish everyone would try it!

– Joan G.

I got a pillow for Christmas. I got the classic with the blue fill. My neck is now supported and my upper back aligned, so I am comfortable all night. 

I highly recommend this product. I love it!

– Rosemary J.

We have had your pillows for some time now. For many years we had searched for pillows that provided neck support and finally found that support with MyPillow(s).

As time passed, my wife felt that we needed to replace the mattress because she was becoming uncomfortable during the night. At the same time, (unbeknownst to me), I developed arthritis in my neck and even the MyPillow was not giving me all the support I needed.

We decided to try the Mattress Topper, mostly for her. The first night we used the topper, she slept through the night since she was so comfortable, and I awoke feeling very refreshed after a night of total neck comfort and support. We were VERY pleasantly surprised.

So it seems, at least in my case, the combination of the MyPillow pillow and the MyPillow topper were a significant help in supporting my neck and allowing me to awake feeling refreshed in the morning.

We've had the topper for a couple of weeks and I can say that I wake feeling much more rested. My wife has not slept this comfortably since for quite a while.

– Tom P.

Last night was my first rest on MyPillow. I easily dozed away on MyPillow just after reading the MyPillow story in the brochure included with my shipment.

I had the most comfortable night's rest in many years AND actually had a dream about visiting Minnesota to see how MyPillows are made!

Amazing what's packed in there!

– Dan C.

I purchased your pillow about a year ago and can not sleep on anything else. I LOVE MyPillow. It is by far the best product ever. I also love that it is made in America!!!

Keep up the super work! I promote it every chance I get!!

– Julia H.

I have tried so many different types of pillows, all gave no good support for my neck, so I awoke feeling unrefreshed.

I was very skeptical about getting the MyPillow, I thought it was just another pillow claiming to help. I kid you not, I have had the MyPillow for about 3 weeks now, and my neck is cradled in support and I awake refreshed!

I'm sold!!

– Toni M.

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