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My middle name should be skeptic. I’m so much not the impulsive buyer. I watched the commercials for years and recently decided to give it a try. So I purchased these pillows and I’m literally having the most comfortable sleep in years.

– Lisa

I had tried ten pillows, nothing helped until I bought MyPillow. I love it, and would not use any other pillow. 

– Karen L.

I bought two king-size MyPillows, and they are the best pillows I have bought. OMG, they are fantastic, just like you said. You sleep so comfortably and I will for sure tell my friends about this.

Thank you, Mike, for making such a wonderful pillow. It worth every dime.

– Karen

I needed a pillow that provided comfortable support for the neck so I bought a couple pillows. I love them and they have really helped me. Since then we have added pillows for the RV, travel pillows, and pillows for the kids. It got me thinking that as I am a Cavalier King Charles Breeder of 20+ years, I should try your dog beds. 

Now, I have tried many many dog beds, of all different types. Some look good, some are made with beautiful outside covers and have been very expensive, but they do not hold up. Most are stuffed with fiberfill like what is put in stuffed toys. After a few washings, the fiber bunches up and it no longer holds its shape or supports the dogs. 

So far, I have 6 of your dog beds in my house and both me and the dogs LOVE them. Thank you for making dog beds I believe will stand the test of time!

– Trudy O.

I was very skeptical and waited a long time to buy one of these pillows. This year right after Christmas, I saw them on sale at a local store and decided to buy one for my husband and me. It was the best thing ever!!! I sleep more comfortably and so does he!!! Thank you so much for this great product.

– Lisa C.

A gift to my wife and I is the most comfortable sleep we have had for a long time. Thanks to a great friend and MyPillow.

– Garland

When things go right and wrong in my day, the one and only thing I can count on for certain is MyPillow. I fall asleep within minutes unlike with other pillows I have used, and I comfortably stay asleep.

I continue to recommend MyPillow to everyone I know! And to those who have tried it, they agree-there's just something about the workmanship that works wonders. Thank you, Mike! My husband and I are customers for life.

– L. Z.

Bought my pillow some time back. Since using MyPillow for over 9 months I have been able to sleep with my neck comfortably supported all night long, so I awake refreshed. I firmly believe that my old pillow put my head in a bad position but not this MyPillow. Thank you for the help.

– Jay G.

I thought that this was a complete joke. How great can a pillow be? I received a MyPillow as a gift this Christmas and was really excited to try it out. 

Right away, it felt very comfortable, but so are a lot of new pillows. But now, I am telling you that I have never slept so comfortably in my entire life! I 100% do not understand how this works, but it works! 

I recommend this to every person! This is also coming from the biggest skeptic you'll ever meet!

– Kevin S.

After seeing your ads on Fox Business News for a year, one morning I woke up with my back feeling very uncomfortable and called. I now sleep comfortably through the night and wake up refreshed. Thank you for making a great product.

– Leslie P.

I bought a set of the queen pillows a week ago and so far they are the best! They do not mash out as you lay on them and are very comfortable. 

The best part is my wife, who is supremely picky about pillows, has not had one negative thing to say. We'll see how they hold up as time goes on but so far I'm a believer.

– Bruce G.

I LOVE MY PILLOW. I had tried all kinds of different pillows from foam, feather, super firm, super soft, neck pillows, back pillows, nothing seemed to help. Then my husband got me a MyPillow a few weeks ago as a "we might as well try it" type of situation. 

I cannot believe it has taken me so long to actually try it. Since I got my pillow, things have drastically changed. I find myself sleeping comfortably at night so I am not tossing and turning. I find myself waking up everyday refreshed. It's like the more I use it the better I feel. 

I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for this product. I feel like everyone should try it. This pillow has changed the way I sleep forever. Thank you Mike and Everyone at MyPillow.

– Kandis M.

Thank you, Mike, for making a pillow that I do not have to constantly adjust. I hurt the tendon in my leg & it is very difficult to get to sleep, but when I do finally sleep, I do not have to tussle with MyPillow to be comfortable & I can sleep longer. 

Again thanks so much for making such a wonderful pillow.

– Sandra O.

I’m submitting this for my husband who gave me his approval for he would never take the time to do so. 

He has tried EVERY PILLOW OUT THERE from Serta, Bamboo, Down, Tempur-Pedic, Casper, Memory Foam, Microfiber & combinations of these & some I’m forgetting about. He has been in search of the perfect pillow all of his adult life. 

For Christmas, he decided to give MyPillow a try. He has scoffed at it for years saying it CANT be what it claims. He’s very hard to win over and DOES NOT give approval easily. You see he’s an Emergency physician and is used to being a critical thinker and looking at all sides of a problem before making a very educated decision so when he LOVED his “MyPillow” I was flabbergasted.

– Holly S.

Waking up refreshed after a night of soft support for my neck is a miracle. THANK YOU!!!!!!

– Martha M.

I love, love, love your glorious pillows. I purchased two and I told my sister about them and she bought a MyPillow and loved it and bought another. 

For Christmas, I purchased two more MyPillows for my son and he said they were the best and he never had such a good night's sleep, however very dangerous because he slept so well that he didn't hear the alarm and was late! He loves them anyway and now has a louder alarm. 

I stop whatever I'm doing whenever your commercials come on TV. My favorite is the one where there is only this happy music playing and it shows the whole story of your MyPillow creation. I smile and feel good when I watch it. I can tell you are a good man. Thank you for your Bible verses and fearlessly wearing your cross.

– Kathleen K.

I have been a happy customer for months now. This flu season has hit me hard and I have had it twice! Your pillows have supported my lower back and neck as I have used it in a vertical position to prop myself up on the couch and in bed. 

I felt so sick but, my "MyPillow" held me in a comfortable secure way as I endeavored to get a few hours of much-needed rest. MyPillow became my best friend. Other lesser pillows would have folded, flattened and given out when I most needed it.

– Janet W.

I received in the mail today a notice for a "MyPillow Settlement". The postcard described in brief a lawsuit settlement for those who purchased MyPillows between April 26, 2012, and September 25, 2017. I fall into that category and received 1 pillow free for the one purchased. 

I have been very satisfied with the pillows and feel the pricing was more than fair so I will not be participating in the Settlement. Moreover, I commend Mike for building a business which from my vantage point is ethical, doing a service to their customers and likely profitable in a fair way. 

As a retired business owner myself, I am aware of the risks and operating expenses of frivolous lawsuits to business owners and am a strong proponent of tort reform which benefits primarily attorneys. 

I encourage your company to continue what you do in the face of our flawed legal system, and know that we out here in the forgotten 'work hard and keep your nose clean' country appreciate a business like yours and your philanthropy.

– Gary S.

Don't know why your getting sued but my wife and I have never had a better pillow than MyPillow. Love the small pillow. Will get some more for the camp this summer.

– Will D.

We Love our MyPillows. I ordered them as a surprise gift for my husband & was happy, & shocked, that the package arrived before Christmas because I ordered them so late. 

Thank you for inventing this wonderful product, and thanks to your staff for their fine work, and for caring. From a happy customer.

– Eileen K.

I gave my 9-year-old granddaughter one of your pillows for Christmas. She wanted me to tell you that she loves the pillow. Thank you

– Carla W.

I absolutely love these “green” pillows. I had read many negative reviews a few years ago which sadly put me off from ordering. I am amazed at how quickly I fall asleep, these pillows really do help to get you to sleep and keep you sleeping comfortably

Thank you, Mike, for this wonderful invention. Just bought my skeptical husband one for Christmas. He loves it!!! I’ll be singing praises to this company to spread the word. What a wonderful American-made product! Thank you.

– Sandra S.

My grandson became infatuated with the MyPillow commercial. As a crawler, he would stop and crawl toward the tv as soon as he heard "Hi, I'm Mike Lindell" and would not move until the commercial ended. 

Now as a walking toddler, when he hears the commercial start or hears Mike's voice, he runs to the tv and will not move, nothing stops him, until the commercial ends. When they sing at the end, he dances. He has been interested in the commercial since 6 months old or earlier. He truly loves Mike. 

My daughter bought him a MyPillow even though he cannot use it in his crib, and the picture she has of him opening it is absolutely precious. He was so excited. I have several pictures and maybe even a video of him hearing the commercial start and run to the tv to watch Mike until the very end of the commercial. All we have to do is have someone say "Hi I'm Mike Lindell, inventor of My Pillow" and he runs to the tv. 

We have no clue when or why he picked up on this commercial, but he really loves MyPillow. We laugh every time the commercial comes on and Mylan is around (and the commercial comes on quite a bit) because he loses interest in what he is doing and stares at the tv. It is really amazing and very funny to watch. 

We do have the MyPillow's and the first time I tried it, I slept like a baby. I like the fact that it doesn't squish into a pile and you don't have to prop it up and, on the other hand, it's not so hard that it raises your head and makes your neck uncomfortable. 

As soon as my grandson can sleep in a twin bed, I'm sure he will use his MyPillow. Mike, you have a 1 1/2-year-old fan and he is probably the biggest fan you'll ever know!!!

– Beverly S.

We ordered a MyPillow for both of us, but we also needed new sheets. While the pillows are great, the sheets we ordered are super. 

We ordered two sets of split king sheets and they are absolutely great. The bottom (fitted sheet) holds on to the mattress and doesn't creep up. The sheets are absolutely comfortable and the best sheets we have ever had. You need to advertise them more.

– J. C.

The pillows were purchased as a present for my husband and me. The first night sleeping with MyPillow, my husband had his first really comfortable night of sleep in ages. I have finally found MyPillow meeting my needs as well. 

So happy I finally made the decision to buy these wonderful pillows. Thanking about getting the mattress cover as well.

– Wanda

I used to hate going to bed at night because I would always toss and turn for 2 to 3 hours until I could fall into sleep because I was never comfortable. 

For Christmas, my wife gave me a MyPillow. At first, I was very skeptical, but as I laid my head on the pillow, I was sound asleep within 10 minutes and I slept comfortably like a baby. 

MyPillow really does work - it is amazing. Now I look forward to going to bed at night. Thank You, Mike - May God bless your company in a mighty way.

– David B.

I had not found a comfortable pillow until now. I tried MyPillow medium fill and it is WONDERFUL! I really do fall asleep fast. No joke! My head stays in place, super comfortable. I just want to thank you, Mr. Lindell, for MyPillow!

– Carrie R.

Just wanted to take the time to say thank you. Although I was a little skeptical at first, I went and purchased pillows for my wife and myself. 

I have to tell you that since we have had these pillows, we both have had the most comfortable nights of sleep ever. Your product, without a doubt, far exceeds expectations.

As a result, I have purchased pillows for other members of my family and have recommended your product to a dozen others. Mike, thanks for all you do and for all you have done to help me and other folks get a comfortable and restful night's sleep. God Bless!

– Ed S.

Mike, I am a very skeptical person. Saw your ads on TV and couldn't believe that a pillow could make a difference. My son gave me 2 pillows, taking advantage of your "2nd pillow free" offer. I had asked for any pillow for Christmas and was delighted to try yours, especially since you advertise that they are made in the USA. 

Congratulations! They are exactly as you indicated. Nothing has done what your pillow has done, it is the real thing. Keep up the good work, am thinking of purchasing the MyPillow mattress!!!

– Bonnie S.

I have replaced every pillow in the house with MyPillows! But my testimonial is more about your testimonial. I appreciate the scriptures you include with orders; you preach what you practice! Thank you!

– Terry M.

Best customer service there is. They went way beyond what I was expecting. I am a customer for life. God bless.

– Marc S.

My wife has had this pillow for 9 months and loves it. Conversely, I have always used a 2 pillow set, one for my head, and the second one between my legs, as I sleep on my side. 

I purchased MyPillow a month ago, and now fall asleep before I even think about the second pillow. Great product. Mike also impresses me as a man with integrity and honesty. So glad we purchased these pillows. Thank you, Mike.

– Frederick A.

I was lying in bed one night trying to fall asleep and saw a MyPillow infomercial. I thought what the heck if I don't like it I can send it back. 

When the pillow arrived I was skeptical and boy was I wrong. The first night I used it I fell asleep fast, stayed asleep, and woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. The most comfortable sleep I have had in years!

– Roach

I purchased a pillow before Christmas for my wife and myself and can't believe how comfortable "MyPillow" is! I am sold on this product. Keep in mind that in order for it to work, the pillow must fit your body style...That makes sense to me.

– John B.

Like others, I was skeptical about how a pillow could give you a good night's sleep. I decided to give it a try and buy two for my bed at home and two for the cabin. They arrived yesterday, I did the fluffing protocol, and could not wait to try the MyPillow last night. 

I went to bed and was awakened by a noise outside the house..... the time was 3 AM. I had slept five hours without interruption. I could not believe it! I truly had the most comfortable night's sleep! 

I could join your chorus to sing, "For the best night's sleep in the whole wide world, it's" Thanks, Mike, and thanks to all the MyPillow team! I will tell everyone!

– Jon N.

I purchased 2 MyPillows. I can't believe that since sleeping on MyPillow, I sleep comfortably through the night. 

Thank you, Mike, it is everything you intended it to be. Last year I bought them for my 6-year-old granddaughter for Christmas, this year it was my Christmas present to me! 

I live in Dallas but my home state it none other than Minnesota.

– Roberta R.

I was at a local store for another item and saw the MyPillow on display. I hesitated for awhile recalling negative comments on various sites. 

I made the best decision when I made the purchase.  I am a CPAP user and really appreciate the support MyPillow gives. Not guaranteeing all CPAP users will feel the same, but I would recommend the investment. If it doesn't work, go back to your old pillow. I really think you will be pleasantly surprised.

– A.D.

I asked for and got the MyPillow mattress topper for Christmas, and love it! No surprise because MyPillow pillows have been my obsession for years. Now with the mattress topper added, I've never slept in such comfort!

– Kathryn W.

As someone who is a pillow snob, that sleeps with no less than two pillows, I could never find a pillow that I could travel with or manage to sleep with as one unit. 

My in-laws pointed me towards MyPillow. I used it several times and fell in love with it. It wasn't until my military deployment that I realized how awesome this pillow was. 

As a military member that travels a lot and sleeps anywhere there is a horizontal surface, this pillow cannot be overstated! It can roll into a small backpack and be taken anywhere I wanted. 

I used it to sleep on 2 KC-135 Tankers, 1 C-130, and 4 different C-17 Globe masters. I used it to sleep in Japan, Korea, Australia, Turkey, Guam and all the flights in between. I literally circumnavigated the globe twice and still use the same pillow to sleep with on my bed at home. 

If a military member uses the same gear on deployment as they do at home, you know it's worth its weight in gold! BUY THIS PILLOW! You will not regret it.

– Troy M.

Thank you! My husband had tried everything and when he bought your pillow, well, I was extremely doubtful it would solve his problems...I was wrong. He is able to sleep comfortably on his side and his back, neck, and shoulders are now comfortably supported all night long. Thank you again,

– Heidi S.

I decided to purchase a MyPillow, and when I laid my head on the pillow for the first time, it just felt like no other pillow I've ever slept on. I've now had many mornings of feeling rested and new again...Thank you, Mr. Lindell, for creating the best pillow in the world....

– Jeff H.

We bought two MyPillows for my wife and me, and 2 for our pets. My wife takes her pillow everywhere and my pets absolutely love their beds. 

I have a picture that would explain it perfectly. My pillow should have a page for pet owners to post pictures as it is clear, not only has it changed the way we sleep and function, it has changed our pets too. 

Thank you for being genuine and true in your advertisement. I recommend MyPillow to everyone.

– Rick and Lee

I am the type of person who never comments or rates anything so for me this will be my first testimonial ever so to make up for it I have a lot to write. 

MyPillow is Awesome. I received my MyPillow as a gift about a year ago and at first, I thought yeah right what makes this so different. 

It is a comfortable pillow no doubt. I didn't realize how good it was until I had a trip out of state and stayed at a high-end hotel for several days, I got no sleep due to a horrible pillow. 

Next, we were watching tv and noticed a MyPillow mattress topper, a little pricey but reasonable for a mattress pad. After receiving it all I can say is WOW! Well worth the price and more. I had, as advertised, the best sleep of my life, my back was comfortable, and I woke refreshed. 

Mike, you have a faithful customer for life. No matter how hard you look, the combination of a MyPillow and a MyPillow Topper is the best sleep-related purchase we have ever made. 

Do yourself a favor and invest in a great night's sleep. You will never regret your purchase, my only regret is I didn't find this years ago. 

Thank you so much, Mike and the MyPillow company.

– John

First off, my wife and I love MyPillow. We bought ours 10 years ago and have been getting a comfortable night's sleep ever since. We bought all kinds of pillows before we bought MyPillow, and we are very happy. MyPillow owners, .thank you for an excellent pillow. 

– Robinson L.

I have purchased and tried just about every pillow imaginable trying to find one that would afford me a comfortable night's sleep. Needless to say, they all failed. I had seen the MyPillows advertised on t.v. but was very skeptical that your pillow would be any different than the ones I've already tried. After all, a pillow is a pillow, right? 

Well, let me say my thinking on that was wrong! My wife gifted me a set of MyPillows for Christmas. I have had the best, most comfortable sleep. 

I told my wife, "if these pillows live up to the hype that Mike talks about in his commercials, I'll personally make it my life's mission to tell everyone I know how good they are". Well, folks, they are that wonderful and then some. When I get ready to go to sleep, I fluff my pillow, lay my head down, and my neck and head stay perfectly aligned to give me the most comfortable nights sleep I have ever had. 

If you're reading this and wondering if you should purchase a MyPillow for yourself...DO IT!!!! You won't regret it. I just ordered the mattress topper as well and I can't wait to get it. I know it too will be as pleasing as my pillows are. 

Thank you, Mike, for re-inventing the pillow. Thank you for making them here in the USA. But most importantly, thank you for helping me finally get a comfortable, restful night's sleep. 

I love the MyPillow!! I'll never leave home without them. It's the only pillow I'll ever sleep on for the rest of my life. Thank you, and God bless you and your company.

– Jay N.

I love my pillow. I honestly sleep soo well!!! 

– Sharon C.

I have to sleep in a chair. I could not get comfortable at night when I slept until my mother suggested your MyPillow. Wow, 2 years and finally a comfortable night. Thank you.

– Ragen N.

I've had my MyPillow for less than four hours and I'm hooked!  Immediately fell asleep and woke up feeling amazing!

– Kristyne R.

After hearing from a friend that these pillows worked great, I decided to order two of them for me and my girlfriend. When we received the pillows in a very timely manner, we opened them, and our great night's sleep started then. 

My girlfriend's pillow was perfect for her from the start, she doesn't leave home without it. Mine gave me a great nights sleep but it was still a little too thick for my liking. I returned my pillow twice until I found the right pillow that worked for me. 

I must say that dealing with a company for returns has never been so easy. It was absolutely no fuss and the associates were some of the friendliest people I have ever spoken too. They sent me my new pillow and told me to wait until it arrived to send back the one that didn't work for me. 

This never happens in today's mail order society. I give my pillow ten stars for customer service and quality product. This product is making America great again.

– Thomas B.

I got mine for Christmas and all I can say after having had it these two weeks, it is the best pillow. Had to put a pillow I already had under it to get the elevation I need, but the quality of sleep I've gotten since, better than ever before. 

I wake up refreshed, my neck is comfortable all night, and though it still takes a bit, I fall asleep faster than I used to due to the comfort the pillow gives. Best pillow. Thanks, Mike and company.

– Joshua W.

I purchased my pillow at a local store, I LOVE IT!!! It is the best night's sleep I have had in a very long time, I tried so many different pillows, none were comfortable like MyPillow. Telling all my friends how wonderful MyPillow is.

– Karen A.

Just a note to say, with all the testimonials I've seen, I've never seen one where the user is a C-Pap mask user. As one for 20 yrs. +, I can say as a MyPillow user for about a year now, I have had a comfortable night's sleep every night for the time I have enjoyed your pillows. 

Without a doubt, the best investment in comfortable sleep I've ever made. Thank you.

– John V.

OK, I bought two premium pillows and a set of sheets from MyPillow for Christmas in the rare hope the products would be better than average (expectations were set fairly low). 

Now all I can say is, “Wow!” Both of these products are actually better than advertised! How often does THAT happen? 

As a retired copper (39 years), I have a tendency to be slightly (arguably) cynical and always trying to see behind the veil. Made in America, the owner an American success story, and the product is outstanding makes me wonder what’s wrong with this picture. Great job, MyPillow!

– Randy T.

I am a believer!! I really doubted this pillow when I saw the original ad on TV. I'm not sure about other people, but I myself am a skeptic with any as seen on TV products, but not anymore! 

I had the most comfortable night's sleep ever using this pillow. It's a medium fill queen size. I bought mine from a store, but had I known that there are so many other products, I would have bought from MyPillow directly.

– Ranee L.

I’m 50 years old and a stubborn spoiled 50. I have had every pillow available to mankind. From $30-$400. 

I must say I watched those annoying commercials for over a year now with their jingles. I was very skeptical about these pillows with what looked like $2 worth of cheap fill. 

But one morning, after waking up after a very uncomfortable night, I told my other half to order us a couple of those MyPillows. She said your kiddin me after all that sh** you said about those pillows. I said yes, what do I have to lose, there is a money-back guarantee. 

Ok. Now to the pillows. It’s been over 60 Days now and I stayed at two different hotels without MYPILLOW. Never again. I will never ever stay another night without my pillow. I’m telling you, coming from the pickiest pr*** on earth, the worlds best pillow period. 

– Anthony A.

MyPillow has ruined my life! While I lay on my heavenly cloud all night, I awake without any will or desire to get up in the morning and go to work. Because of this, I am compelled to give up my business and face early retirement - preferring instead, to lay on MyPillow and dream my life away. Please, don't ever consider making a "MyPillow Top" for my mattress...they will have to bury me in it!

– C.T.

Mike Lindell, I wanted to take this time to Thank you for your pillow and for the great Bible Verse you had in the box. I think it is wonderful that you are so open with your faith and not afraid to show it. 

In these times, we are in need of more people like you who are open to showing their faith. I am Catholic and try to show my faith whenever I can, but to see a person who has a company and shows their faith, I look up to you. The pillow is amazing and the wife is enjoying it. God Bless.

– Michael V.

First, let me thank you for your great product! I've seen you on TV interviews and appreciated your faith-filled approach to your product, business, and how you handle those things as well as your employees. 

I've tried all different types of pillows, both of which you demonstrate so well in one of your commercials; but nothing gave me the support and comfort I needed to sleep well. 

Since receiving my "MyPillow" my sleep is more comfortable, my neck is supported, and I wake up rejuvenated and ready for a new day!!! It makes me feel like the winning beauty queen I am! 

Thank you again! May God Continue to Bless you & your business!

– Mary D.

Well, I ordered 2 pillows and the travel pillows. These we’re Xmas gifts for my husband and me.

After 2 weeks we are very very happy sleepers. WHY DID WE WAIT SO LONG! Now we think my daughter and son-in-law should order but maybe we might give as Valentine's Day gifts. 

Thank you, ALL the employees for producing these special pillows. Shipment was packed especially nice.

– Marlene K.

Got MYPILLOW FOR CHRISTMAS, WOW, WOW. I NOW can get a good, comfortable nights sleep, thank's to MYPILLOW!

– Gary B.

I just want to share with you...How much I Love my new pillow. I've had the most comfortable sleep for the past 4 nights. Love It.

– Aliscia R.

I know you've heard millions of testimonials, but let me tell you something., I don't believe ANYTHING on TV. I did wonder about your pillow and my boyfriend got me a MyPillow for Christmas.

I've had your pillow since Dec. 24th. It is the most AMAZING product I have EVER come across. I actually fall asleep instantly and sleep comfortably thru the night! And, I wake refreshed due to the soft back support I get from MyPillow. That is a MIRACLE! An ABSOLUTE MIRACLE! 

I cannot thank you enough!!!! My pillow, for me, is a Godsend. THANK YOU! 

– Sandra J.

It's really nice to see a man advertise the truth, and the pillows exceeded my expectations. My wife always was uncomfortable, with a lot of tossing & turning. I also was constantly rolling over and trying to get comfortable. 

We now sleep comfortably all night and both wake up well rested. I would like to thank Mike for being such an honest man, I think he is a fine Christian person. God Bless.

– Richard M.

I bought the special offer of the 2 pillows. One for me and one for my son. I ordered the yellow as I wanted it really soft, and couldn't believe how well it worked for my neck comfort. 

My son was so happy with his pillow that he ordered 2 for his wife and daughter for Christmas. I really am pleased with MyPillow.

– Mary

Mike has come up with the absolutely best pillow I have used in my life. These pillows really do what Mike says they will do and make sleep better than ever. Way to go, Mike!!

– Leonard G.

We have 6 MYPILLOWS! I love them. You are correct when you say you get the best night sleep. Thank you.

– Deborah. M.

We purchased two of the king size MyPillows. The fill selector on the website recommended blue for my husband (firmest) and green for me (one step less firm). I was a little hesitant because we both prefer a firm pillow, but I stuck with their recommendation. 

We’ve been using them for about 6 months now and my husband is in love. He says it’s the best pillow he’s ever owned. He’s pretty tight with money but he’s sooo happy we ordered. 

As for me, I like mine but wish I would have ignored the website recommendation and ordered the blue (more firm). On the off chance that I’m able to “borrow” his, I love it and sleep great. Would recommend you follow your gut instinct if you’re questioning what level to get.

– Missy

I finally broke down and purchased "MyPillow". I have NEVER had a more comfortable night's sleep! I fall asleep almost right away and sometimes sleep through the night. 

I love love love this pillow!! Thanks, Mr. Lindell for your perfect invention!!!

– Renee M.

Customer Service is outstanding!!! I had my pillow for over a year. I emailed them with a problem. They couldn’t have been nicer. Fixed it right away. 

What even makes me happier is It's Made In the USA. Now I’m resting very comfortably. Yes, I certainly would recommend MyPillow. Thank you so much for everything!!!

– Susan K.

I was someone who had always been plagued with sleep issues: folding and refolding the pillow; buying more and more expensive pillows, only to have the same old problems; and having my arm go numb in the middle of the night from tucking it under my pillow for support. I was desperate. 

I told my family I only wanted one thing for Christmas this year and it was a MyPillow. I didn't count on getting one, my mom being old fashioned and not one to order things from online and all. 

Well, imagine my Christmas surprise at getting your buy one/get one set for my one and only gift. Night one I fell asleep almost instantly. I have enjoyed several more nights sleep since Christmas and look forward to many more. 

As a natural born skeptic, I wasn't sure but I sure am glad I was wrong. Now I no longer have to fold and refold pillows and buy new ones every time the old ones just give out. 

Thank you. I love MyPillow and have told everyone I know that it's not only a sound investment financially but in your health as well.

– Karen R.

Bought a "MyPillow" for myself and have slept comfortably every night since. I liked it so well I bought 2 for my mother. I would buy this again and again.

– Constance S.

I have had MyPillow for over 5 years. MyPillow has greatly improved my sleep comfort and allows me to wake energized and ready to go.

– Daniel D.

My wife and I got MyPillow's for Christmas. I never knew a pillow could make such a difference in the comfort of our sleeping. We love them!!! Thank you so much for making these.

– Danny P.

I was skeptical of all the hype on the MyPillow, but I simply could not find a comfortable pillow, so I put the MyPillow on my Christmas list. 

Indeed I received the MyPillow as a gift and immediately tried it out. I have to admit the first week of the MyPillow has been the best week of sleep I have had in comfortable! Time will tell but my first impression is that the MyPillow is indeed a winner!!

– Lynn K.

I had tried buying all different types of pillows; firm, soft, memory foam or even different brands to no avail. I had seen the commercial for MyPillow and wanted it so bad just for the simple fact that I could wash and dry it, and, after a very uncomfortable night, I thought what’s the worst thing that can happen ...I’m sure this one won’t work either but at least I can wash and dry it. 

So I gave in and finally bought the 4-pack deal and slept on it ... needless to say, I have slept very comfortably since I bought this amazing pillow due to the soft, conforming neck support I get! MyPillow has really saved me. 

I swear by this pillow and recommend it to anyone and everyone I can because it worked wonders for me! I do have to fluff my pillow often but if that’s all I have to do to get a great nights sleep, then I will gladly do that til the day I die! 

You will be extremely happy if you buy this pillow! I guarantee it :)

– Brittany W.

Thank you for your great customer service. I received the pillow 3 years ago and it got a tear when I threw it in the dryer. I called the number for customer service immediately and they sent me a shipping label to send it back. Within a few days, I had a brand new pillow.

– Rachel

I'm very pleased with your Customer Service. I upgraded my order and MyPillow personnel were absolutely fantastic in accommodating my needs. The gentleman assisting me was very reassuring and I came away with feeling everything would be taken care of correctly, "no worries".

– Margie R.

This pillow is definitely a game-changer. I got it for Christmas (so it's been a little over a week) and so far I've only woken up feeling refreshed each morning.

– Jeremy

I have tried multiple cervical neck pillows over the years, and none gave me comfort. I would end up just rolling a towel under my neck, which isn't very comfy, just to get the support I needed. 

I saw the ad for MyPillow on TV, and just thought it was another gimmick pillow that wouldn't work, so didn't buy it right away. But finally decided to go online and order the MyPillow to try one last option to get comfort. 

The first morning I woke up refreshed due to the comfortable, supportive sleep I had. The next night was even better! Now it has been over a year, and although I still have neck issues, I continue to sleep comfortably and wake refreshed. 

My life has changed because of MyPillow, because finally I know I can go to bed and wake up feeling better than when I went to sleep. I take MyPillow every time I travel, to make sure I get a good night's rest no matter where I am. Thank you!

– Amanda A.

I was skeptical at first...Received MyPillow as a Christmas gift. I’ve never had a more comfortable night's sleeping. The pillow is absolutely terrific!

– Al M.

Let me start by saying that I am a skeptical buyer of any "as seen on tv" products. However, I'm a hairdresser, and had a few clients mention how great MyPillow is. I've seen the ads a MILLION times, and finally asked for one for Christmas this year and my kids got me one. 

Well, Mr. Lindell, you made a believer out of me! I LOVE MyPillow! I've literally had the best night's sleep in the whole wide world! I've told my co-workers and my clients how much I love it, and honestly, I sound like I work for your company when I talk about it. 

I just want to say thank you and let you know that I really do LOVE MyPillow!!

– Desiree G.

I purchased a standard soft pillow about a month ago and love it. It reminds me of when I slept with a plush animal to cuddle with when I was a kid - plus, it is great to place behind my back or head when sitting up in bed, watching TV. 

Since my husband wanted one, too, I gave him a firm one for Christmas, which I also tried out and love it too. But, my biggest surprise came when I noticed something in the bottom of the boxes and turned them upside down to get it out, only to discover two different scripture verses printed on small slips of paper. 

God Bless you, Mike - no wonder you seem like such a nice guy - you evidently are just that!

– Shirley G.

I have written before and said how much I enjoyed MyPillow, and not only myself but my pit bull, Mawlee. I purchased two MyPillows but ended up with one as Mawlee decided she wanted one too. We both sleep like babies. 

Now to my next story, my son is disabled and had these ungodly pillows. Well after a while they became very uncomfortable, so I said why don’t you try a MyPillow, and he just couldn’t make up his mind, so I bought him two MyPillows for Christmas and he loves them. No, they don't help his condition, but he has some comfort laying his head on something that HE can adjust. 

Thank you, Mike, for inventing a fantastic pillow that works not only for humans but also my Mawlee!!!!

– Patricia P.

I was skeptical at first when I ordered two MyPillows, but my old pillow was very uncomfortable with frequent wake-ups. After the first night of sleeping on it, with only one awake time, I was sold. 

Now I sleep more comfortably than I have in the last 10 years. This is the only pillow I will sleep on and it has truly become "My Pillow". I love MyPillow!

– Mary A.

All as I can say is wow. I have been fighting with pillows for years, I would try folding my pillow in half to get comfortable. We probably bought 10 pillows in 5 yrs, none worked.

I told my wife I'm tired of not sleeping much. She said what about MyPillow. Well now, I can say it's my pillow and I don't share.

Last night was the most comfortable sleep I had in ten yrs. Thanks for a fantastic pillow. We are going to buy the mattress soon and the mattress topper for our fifth wheel RV.

– Bill R.

Last night was the first night sleeping with my MyPillow. My husband and I are hooked. This pillow is the BEST pillow, by far, I have ever used. I will never own another pillow.

– Dorian G.

Used your pillow for a while, then it headed overseas with me. When I broke my foot I was able to use it to conform to my needs. I repurchased several more pillows and, for my wife, we were able to conform the pillows to accommodate her needs. 

Your pillow is not just a comfort for sleeping, but has proven to be comfortable support for various areas of the body that need support.

Thank you again, I truly appreciate what you have done.

– Mike

I received MyPillow as a Christmas gift, and I have to say I am really pleased. To my surprise, I get a good nights sleep in comfort. Amazing product, I am very pleased.

– Bobbie L.

My wife bought me a MyPillow and I was very skeptical at first, but now I am a true believer in this product. I have not woken up in the morning with an uncomfortable neck in almost a year!

– Waylo

Absolutely love my pillow! 

Purchased a pair, removed one from the package and tried to fluff it up and gave it a try, honestly wasn't all that impressed. 

I opened the second one and saw the instruction to put it in the dryer for 15 minutes and WOW, it made it the best pillows I have ever had. Love my pillow!

– Gary S.

No matter what pillows I had tried, nothing seemed to work. SO out of a last-resort thing, I went and purchased a "MyPillow" standard Queen. 

I had instant neck and shoulder comfort at night. That was 1 week ago. I wish I had purchased it sooner. Thank you so much.

– Tom Q.

I have tried them all. I have not slept late for 40 years and now I have to force myself out of bed. Now, I ask that you invent "My Mattress".

– Jim G.

I wrote my testimonial yesterday about how great MyPillow is and how much better I feel when I get up. What I didn't know at the time was that my wife also bought our younger daughter one for Christmas, as well, who is 42, works 2 jobs, is married and raising 3 children. If anyone needs a good night's sleep it is her. And, just like me, after just one night, she woke up feeling great. 

Two successes in one family. Thank you, MyPillow.

– Carlo B.

Wife bought us the pillows. Amazing that it does work as advertised. I haven't gotten this high comfort of sleep in ages. The best pillow on the market.

– Bill B.

I received a MyPillow for Christmas. Love it.

– John F.

My wife bought me MyPillow for Christmas. I figured , since it had a money back guarantee, I couldn't lose. I would just try it for a couple nights and send it back. 

After using it just one night, the change was unbelievable. I felt more comfortable than I had in years. For people who need comfortable neck support at night, this is the answer. I love MyPillow!

– Carlo B.

We bought two large size pillows and two travel pillows and a large Dog pillow. Very happy with your products. 

My pillow was a little flat. When we called MyPillow, they said they would send a box and shipping label. Not only did it show up in a couple of days, but the new pillow was with the box. Wow, what great service. Love the pillows. GOOD job. Thank you! 

P.S. Sleeping great!

– Douglas and Margret T.

I just received MyPillow pillows today as a gift from my mom for Christmas. These are the most comfortable pillows I've ever laid my head on. I can't wait to go to bed tonight!

– JoAnne K.

I have to say my husband and I are so very happy with all the products we purchased from the MyPillow team! 

The mattress topper and Pillows we bought are wonderful! Our cal king bed is so incredibly comfortable we look forward to going to bed! The mattress topper takes about 48 to 72 hours to expand to its full comfort level and is worth the wait. It was so easy to unpack. 

Our MyPillows are the best Pillows we ever bought! You have to figure out which is the best hardness level for your Pillow. I picked the king size medium/hard and it is perfect for me. My husband chose king size hard as he has broader shoulders. 

The 3" topper gives such great support for our entire body! So very comfortable! 

All in all, you will be happy! Thank you to the MyPillow Team! Keep up the great work!

– Laura C.

I read many reviews and talked with a lot of people. Some loved MyPillow, some didn't.

I finally just decided to buy one and find out for myself. Really glad I did. It's very comfortable and definitely a keeper. I would like to have a tad more fill in the one I have, but that's the only negative. But I've slept much better since using mine. Love it.

– Rick J.

I bought these wonderful pillows last week. Honestly, I didn’t get the big deal initially. However, I also didn’t realize how rested I was every morning; until this morning. 

Looking back, I’ve fallen asleep every night, slept soundly through the night and have awakened rested. I’ve had issues with my neck feeling uncomfortable at night. I haven’t had an uncomfortable neck at night since using MYPILLOW! 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You’ve made me so happy! Did I say thank you?!

– Debi

After seeing the MyPillow ads for a year now and seeing what work Mike had put into it, I told my wife I have to try one. And for my Birthday I got one! 

And I'm the first to say Thank you, Mr. Lindell, this pillow is amazing!! You really wouldn't think that a pillow can make a difference. I'm here to say it does! 

I had taken a shot of my old pillows and what they looked like in the morning after fighting with them but couldn't upload the shot, but I think you get it!! Thanks again!

– Mt D.

I love this pillow so much. It is so comfortable. With your pillow, I sleep comfortably and when I get up I feel refreshed. l will be telling everyone I know about your pillow. The best pillow ever.

– Duaine M.

My husband got me a MyPillow for a Christmas present and I love it. I was using 4 to 5 pillows switching them around daily. Now I only need one my MyPillow!! I haven’t slept this comfortably in years. 

I thank you for thinking of others and inventing such great products to help people with their daily struggles. Best present ever!!!!

– Leigh N.

I always thought the price of a My Pillow was too high, but my son wanted one for Christmas. With the 2 for 1 offer, I bought one for myself also. 

Both my son and I LOVE them. I have always had trouble getting comfortable sleep at night. Not anymore. No one is getting MyPillow from me. It is everything they say and more. I recommend it 1000%. Nice work and made in the USA.

– Linda K.

I had tried all the pillows just like your commercial says: down, feather, gel, foam, bamboo, everything. Of course, I was skeptical with MyPillow, but with your money-back guarantee, how could you lose. 

So we gave it a shot. I've had your pillow now for about 6 months and I can't tell you what a difference it is. I have to get up several times a night for various reasons, but every time I go back to the bed, I just fluff up the pillow and I don't even remember going back to sleep. 

Thank you! Wish you the best of health and prosperity in the new year.

– Charlie G.

I gave 5 Roll n Go pillows as Christmas gifts this year! Each family member opened it hoping they would get one too... and they eventually did!! 

Smiles all around! MyPillow customer service went above and beyond to get them to me on time. Amazing product, extraordinary customer service AND made in America! Win, win! Thank you, MyPillow!


– Cathy L.

Thank you for inventing this pillow, Mike. It's been such a blessing while I was recovering from knee surgery. 

I've never been a back-sleeper, but for weeks I was unable to sleep on my side because of a bulky knee brace. My former pillow wasn't comfortable to rest my head on while sleeping on my back, but as soon as I had your pillow under my head I was able to sleep comfortably. 

Getting proper rest is a big factor in anyone's recovery from illness or injury. Thanks again!

– Jill N.

OMG, for a few years I watched the commercials and was totally skeptical since I had tried many other pillows and they didn't work, and the price was a little on the high side.

With the buy-one-get-another-free offer, plus money-back guarantee, I decided to try MyPillow. Best ever. Once you set the pillow it stays there, no sinking, and not too stiff like memory foam. Thanks!

– Anibal L.

I realized instant results after one night's sleep on MyPillow. Last night was my first encounter with MyPillow, and I got instant results! I slept so comfortably and awoke refreshed  

Thank you, Mike!

– Deb V.

For Christmas, my wife purchased two of your pillows as a gift for me. I tried My Pillows last night and I FINALLY was able to get a COMFORTABLE NIGHT'S SLEEP! I was absolutely AMAZED!!

 It is HEARTWARMING to find a product that DELIVERS what YOU said it would!!! THANK YOU FOR SUCH A GREAT PILLOW!

– Bill P.

I would like to thank all of you for making such a great product. We have purchased three of your pillows. The pillows are used by my wife, myself and my son. 

We have been married for 33 years and have purchased many types of pillows. The pillows we purchased from MyPillow are second to none. They really work. I will testify that we truly get a more comfortable night's sleep with MyPillow than anything else we have ever tried. 

I am so amazed at the way you stayed and pursued a dream to develop a great product made by Americans in America. If you ever come to San Antonio TX, look me up - I would like to shake the hand of a true Businessman that has a product that backs up its claims. Thanks.

– George D.

We bought two pillows. They are great -  we sleep better with our necks comfortably supported. I especially like that they are made in the USA. Thanks for a great product!

– M. D.

I have spent a small fortune on so many pillows. Finally, I found the perfect pillow. 

With the MyPillow, I no longer have an uncomfortable neck at night, I sleep through the night, and I'm finally sleeping comfortably all night.

I highly recommend this pillow.

– Kathy O.

WOW! I saw the commercials and decided to try one of your pillows. 

I tried your pillow out for the first time last week and I was able to sleep on my back without experiencing an uncomfortable neck that forces me to turn sideways. It looks like your pillow has upgraded my quality of life. Thank you so very much.

– Lloyd

I'm the proverbial "doubting Thomas", so wasn't expecting too much. However, I am very pleased with MyPillow. 

I've spent hundreds of dollars on pillows that never did the trick until I got MyPillow. I'm searching now for a pillow graveyard to throw out my 6 waste-of-money pillows. Thank for your product.

– Beverly D.

My favorite gift of 2017! I actually slept comfortably ALL NIGHT for the first time in months. Didn't have to keep readjusting my pillow all night. 

I am amazed at the way MyPillow supports my head and neck and stays where I put it. 

I'm a believer! Thank you, Mike Lindell!

– Tom C.

We love the pillows. I gave my daughter's family each a pillow for Christmas. The report today is that they love them and had a very good night's rest. 

My husband and I have had ours for a month. Great neck support. Comment: please place the code identifying 'level' of fill on each pillow. I had a hard time getting the right pillow to the right person. 

Again, love 'MyPillow'!

– Glenda G.

WOW, Thank you for the most comfortable night's sleep I have had in many years. I love MyPillow King size!

– Marty M.

I’ve been sleeping on “MyPillow” for a week now!!! Praise Jesus thank you Mike!! 

I slept comfortably for 6 hrs straight the first night on “MyPillow”! God bless ya, Mike!! I say it every day ;) I’m also pleased to see that you’re maintaining your production right here in the Good Ol’U.S. of A!! Thank you, Mike,

– Louanne

Just purchased the BOGO MyPillow. WOW!! My husband was skeptical but after sleeping one night saw the difference. AND so did I. 

We have tried all the different pillows on the market but after sleeping on MyPillow...we highly recommend MyPillow. THANK YOU!!

– Chris

Best nights sleep I have had in years!!!!

– Jeff P.

I can't remember the last time I went to bed where my neck was comfortable all night long. I can't remember the last time I got out of bed feeling refreshed due to a comfortable night's sleep. But two nights ago that all changed. 

The first night I slept on my pillow was absolutely amazing. Not once did I wake up with an uncomfortable neck and when I got up I woke refreshed. 

Thank you so much for this amazing pillow. I will sing your praises to everyone I know. Now to buy one for my husband.

– Pat H.

The very first MyPillow I got for my mommy was a white tag. She loved hers so much, I decided to try one for myself with a green tag and I got my sister a set as well for Christmas. 

I'm sure she will enjoy it as much as I do mine. I fall asleep and stay asleep without flipping the pillow during the night. I switched from my Sleep Innovation to MyPillow. Very comfortable, my family and I love them. Yay for Mr. Lindell for inventing such a great product.

– Denise S.

I just had the best nights sleep! My shoulders didn't have to stay in a bad position and the pillow could be propped up. I used the promo Mike was giving away and got another one free. 

 I've been hunting for a decent pillow for years!! Never came close to MyPillow! Goodbye to other pillow makers. I'll be a "MyPillow" customer for life. God bless Mike, his customer service, and production staff!

– Felicia F.

It has been a wonderful experience dealing with a reputable company like this. I had purchased 2 pillows a few years back. Mine has been great, but my husband had a problem with his sinking in the middle. 

I contacted MYPILLOW and they sent him a brand new one with all postage paid because I registered it for the insurance, I didn't have to pay one penny. Great company that you can trust.

– Connie D.

MyPillow gave me soft, comfortable support for my neck and shoulder the first night and I've slept great every night since I purchased it 4 months ago. I just wish I'd found it sooner.

– Debra W.

I have never, that I remember, enjoyed a commercial as much as his latest one. It is a TRIP watching and wonderfully put together. COMPLIMENTS to whoever helped him with it. 

– Carol Y.

I love the MyPillow I got. My sister will love hers. I've been sleeping on mine for a week -  love mine, very cool. Tell Mr. Lindell thank you for making such a great product - worth the money.

– Denise

FYI, this is an email I just sent in reply to the settlement hearing email I received. I just wanted to share with you because I am a proud owner of MyPillow pillows! 

"I object to this settlement. I was unable to find on any of the links presented in this email a place to file an objection rather than a claim. 

I love the pillows I bought from MyPillow, and in fact have considered it quite a legitimate price and advertising, as well as an upstanding company with great customer service and very well-made product. 

This litigation is unfair and ridiculous; the courts should not approve this settlement. Most other companies advertising beds and pillows say the exact same things as MyPillow does, only MyPillow actually comes closest to being the real deal.

I've been happily using the same MyPillows for years now, taking them with me every time I travel anywhere, and they are just as comfortable now as they ever were. Super easy to wash and dry in my machines. 

I used to buy a new pillow set every year because most pillows wear out. I have actually saved a ton of money in the long run not buying new pillows all the time, more than I spent on my pillows from MyPillow to begin with.

Thanks for making jobs and being a solid American company, and making a high-quality product.

– Jennifer P.

Just wanted to say that the latest ad you did with the music is the best ad you have ever done. Hope we will see a lot more of them.

– Robert O.

Thank you for advertising on the Fox News Channel, especially during the Ingraham Angle. I recently purchased a king size (medium fill) MyPillow for my wife for Christmas and my wife thoroughly enjoys her MyPillow. It's the best pillow she has ever had and I knew about MyPillow due to your advertisements on the Fox News Channel.

– Robert M.

Just to let Mike Lindell know he's now got a number one Canadian fan. I bought my "MyPIllow" after catching his ad on TV in Toronto, Canada. 

I tried many different pillows but nothing helped until I tried your product which I purchased in Toronto a week ago. I'm neck and back are softly supported all night long, so I have plenty of uninterrupted sleep. 

I'm 82 and live in a retirement home and I'm passing the good word about MyPillow to everyone I know. Many thanks for this miracle.

– Richard M.

I received a MyPillow pillow from my mother after she decided “it wasn’t for her.” I personally love the MyPillow pillow. I usually don’t get a comfortable night's sleep, despite having a very nice mattress. Ever since I started sleeping with my MyPillowI have had incredible comfort - especially on my back and neck. 

– Martin B.

My "MyPillow" order arrived yesterday and I slept on my new 'white' MyPillow last night for the first time. Also, I woke up refreshed this morning because my neck had been softly supported all night. 

The pillow was comfortable all night and maintained it's shape and fullness from bedtime to morning. Thank you for your ingenuity, and particularly for helping me with my neck comfort!

– Lyle V.

I just wanted to say that you have one of the best customer services that I have ever dealt with. My pillow came upon short notice, the customer service's emails were positive and kept all promises. The two for one did not have any gimmicks, just as advertised. 

And tell Mike I never get sick of his creative commercials. Glad you people are so honest. 

PS I love my pillow! :-)

– Terry

I am so grateful that I listened to my son about how wonderful this product is. After purchasing two, my husband and I have been sleeping much more comfortably, and I no longer have to flip it over. 

Also, I awake refreshed because my neck has been softly supported all night long! I have shared on FB what a blessing this has been. Many people responded that they agree and love them too. Thank you so very much.

– Tom & Sue

I must admit I've watched your commercials for years and was very skeptical, to say the least. I've also been a sleep tech for 16 years, so I know sleep problems after 10,000 sleep studies. 

I recently and reluctantly purchased a MyPillow for my wife because she wanted one. Then, my wife suggested I try her MyPillow. 

The exact moment I tried the MyPillow, I found my neck softly supported and it continues to be supported.  I was so impressed with my wife's MyPillow that I not only bought my own, but I bought 4 more for relatives as Christmas gifts. That's 6 MyPillows bought by a 16-year professional sleep tech because they are that good! Very impressive!

– Tony B.

I saw you on QVC recently and took advantage of the savings. MyPillow has given me the support I need for my neck and back. This is a blessing and a relief. Thank you, Mike for inventing this wonderful product!

– Debbie

I bought my first MyPillow when I saw them advertised on TV. It had to have been at least 8 or 9 years ago. My main reason was the fact that I could wash and dry them. 

Well, now I am not sure if I like them more for that reason or the fact that when I get in bed I just melt into sleep because they are so comfy. 

I guess you could say that I am sold on them because now every bed in my house has them.......eight in all. I even have the smaller pillows that are great on my back and for travel. Where I go MyPillow goes. 

My son used to take one with him when he went on business trips. I have never had any problems with them. And to top it all off, they are made in the good old USA...................................GREAT IDEA Mike.........Thank You

– Dianne N.

My husband and I watched the MyPillow commercials many times, and frankly, we were skeptical about the product and claims. However, when my mom indicated she purchased a MyPillow and was pleased, we finally placed our online order, using the "buy one get one free" promotional code. 

The product was delivered on time and in great condition. We followed the dryer instructions prior to our first use, and we are completely impressed and pleased with this product after the first night's use! 

My husband is a "pillow connoisseur," and I was more concerned about how much he'd like his MyPillow, or if he would be willing to give up his old, flat down pillows (he used three at a time). 

But that first night, he used ONLY his MyPillow - and for the first time in years, he did not toss and turn because he needed to fluff his pillow throughout the night in an attempt to get comfortable. 

I also slept very soundly, and when I awoke, I knew this was the best money I ever spent on pillows - ever! MyPillow has enhanced the quality of our sleep and our lives, and we are lifetime customers (and tell everyone we know to purchase MyPillow)! Thank you for this great product!

– Barbara M.

I have been fighting with my little Jack Russell, Sassy over who the pillow belongs to. When I heard that MyPillow had dog beds, well now she has her own pillow now! She has been sleeping on it for a few days and doesn't move at all during the night.

– John N.

It's been 4 weeks and I can't tell you how pleased and genuinely shocked I am at how well this pillow works. Honestly, I thought the commercial was just more bs (isn't everything on TV?) but I decided to try it when he had the buy one/get one offer. 

I've been trying to find the right pillow for decades, literally. I'm a restless sleeper due to pillows that were either too hard, too soft, too elevated, or too flat, depending on which position I was in at the moment. MyPillow solved all of that.

 I have no idea how to explain why it works in every position, it just does. Great neck support and a really good night's sleep because I don't have to keep fussing with the darn pillow. 

BTW, I got the "White" version and it's perfect for a side/stomach/back sleeper. Gave the other pillow to my wife who kind of shrugged because she doesn't have pillow issues (so she thought). She loves it as much as I do. 

I can't recommend this highly enough and I'm a really tough sell. One of those rare, tremendous products that does what it says.

– Dan S.

A good night's rest was essential for me to be able to work the next day. Then I saw the MyPillow commercials. At first, I was very skeptical and read the reviews. Then I thought, what have I got to lose. I'm sure not getting a comfortable night's sleep on my pillow. 

So I bought one. I tried the MyPillow and I was impressed. I was so impressed, I bought 5 more. Now my children own a MyPillow. They also are getting a good night's rest on their MyPillow.

– Douglas K.

I love MyPillow!! I did not wake up uncomfortable. There was no waking up to turn the pillow over to get the cool side. 

Before. I'd wake up numerous times a night due to the pillow being hot or I needed to punch it or fluff it or whatever. This was the first time I've slept through comfortably all night long. Can't believe it!

I never imagined that I was using the wrong pillows. And to think I'd spent a lot of money on pillows thinking I'd get it right eventually. Well, MyPillow is worth the price! 

Don't wait like I did. I thank you, Mike. God bless you forever!!

– Felicia F.

I was always skeptical, so joked about MyPillow. Well, I purchased one this week and have gone through the days feeling great since I now sleep with my neck softly supported. I am a believer. Thank you!

– Patricia K.

I am 51 and I have over the last 20 years spent money on all sorts of pillows to try, and then discard. Nothing fits, nothing worked long term. 

I saw my MyPillow at Walmart a few years ago, and I thought ok, let’s try this, and give it a whirl before it goes into my pillow graveyard. 

I loved it at first, which is always the way it goes, and then I kept on loving it and still do. When Mike is on TV I say out loud, "people he’s right!” I just don’t fight with my pillow anymore. I don’t wake up feeling uncomfortable from sleeping oddly. It washes well and gets all fresh and new which I like. And the insides are not pokey at all or lumpy when you use it. 

I feel like the second slogan should be “MyPillow won’t turn against you”. It makes me happy that Mike has a new commercial that talks about how his product has grown. That means more people are buying this product and liking it.

– Jill L.

I recently bought two of these for my sweetie. She's had a very tough time finding a pillow that is comfortable and supports her neck. We are talking about a years-long quest. 

Saw MyPillow advertised and they seemed to be what she had been looking for. So I decided to get her an early Christmas present. They arrived yesterday and I unpacked them and fluffed them up as per the directions, and immediately gave them to her. 

Just a few hours ago she called me up to report that she slept like a rock. Man, is she happy. I just came back to MyPillow and bought two for myself.

– Steve P

My husband and I decided to buy MyPillows for each other for an early Christmas present since you had the buy one get one free offer at Thanksgiving. The pillows came and right away my husband LOVED his pillow. He's wanted a good pillow for years. We've been on a search and finally found one he loves. 

For me it was different. I'd never had major trouble with my pillow. I liked my new MyPillow, but I wasn't as sold as my husband. 

It all changed when I got sick a week ago. I went from being fine with MyPillow to believing it has been blessed. Yes, BLESSED! I would wake up in the night and turn over and each time I laid my head back down on the pillow I would think, "this is a blessing!" because every time I turned over, the pillow was fluffed back up ready for my head. 

Now when I lay down I am so thankful for MyPillow. It just seems to me that someone prayed over my pillow and sent the prayers along with it. Thank you for the special gift and blessing!

– Debbie A.

After a year or so of reading and listening to commercials about MyPillows, I decided to purchase two of them (Green). Over the years I had tried several type of pillows but nothing seem to bring me comfort. 

Took me about three weeks to get used to them. Now I can say MyPillows are the best pillows I have ever purchased. For the first time in years, I get a comfortable night of sleep with my neck softly supported all night long. 

Highly recommended MyPillows to anyone wanting a better night of rest. Thank you for creating MyPillows.

– Claude B.

I watched your commercial and decided to try your product. It was like magic. I could finally get a very restful night's sleep and awake refreshed. 

I had tried them all from very expensive down filled to memory foam. The MyPillow is by far the best pillow on the market, period. We even bought a second pair to take on trips so we don't have to rely on whatever the hotel has to offer. 

Thanks again for your wonderful product.

– Stan C.

From the first night I used MyPillow, I was hooked. This pillow is the BEST pillow, by far, I have ever used. I always thought your commercials were just a gimmick. Well, I am here to say your commercials are 100% correct. I will most likely give these pillows as gifts myself in the future. 

I will never own another pillow as long as I live. You hit this out of the park with this pillow. 

When I visited your website, I saw you also make pet beds. You should start advertising these pet beds on TV too. People love their pets and will spend a lot of money on their pets. 

One last thing....I love the fact this is a Christian company and that you are not afraid to show it. I loved the Bible verse that was with the packaging. It will be our new memory verse. We put the verse on our refrigerator so we can see it every day. God is always good and He blesses those who listen to Him. God Bless You all and I will always recommend your wonderful MyPillow.

– Nina R.

We have tried several expensive pillows, none of which have been able to give us the comfort of "MyPillow". We were somewhat skeptical at first after seeing the vacuum packaged pillows we received. Truly, we love them ..... great comfort and support, giving us a great night's sleep.

– Terence B.

Great pillow...I bought 4.....I think your ad should be awarded the best ad of 2017....The one that starts out with Mike sleeping...The music gets my attention as soon as I hear it. Way to go, Mike.

– Anthony S.

I have purchased a lot of pillows in my lifetime and MyPillow is finally the best ever pillow that I have ever owned and slept on!! I love how it fits under my neck and makes me feel so comfortable. I now wake up refreshed! 

I also purchased pillows for my son, and he feels the same way. He has also washed his pillows and they came out just like brand new!!

– Annette S.

Yes I have tried other pillows and they go flat and after washing them and they would not keep their shape. Sooo last Christmas, Mom got MyPillows for my sister and her girlfriend, me, and my brother, and we all agree that MyPillows are the most comfortable pillows we have ever owned. I have recommended them to some of my friends and they all agree with me. I love your pillows soooo much I wanna get two more!

– Amy W.

Just wanted to review MyPillow. I have spent a boatload on pillows and MyPillow is definitely a winner. It is the most comfortable pillow I have ever bought.  It took a couple nights before knowing how to adjust it for my head, but once I figured it out, it changed my whole way of sleep. 

I purchased the travel pillow as well because my work requires me to travel away from home and I sleep like a baby in hotels. I purchased MyPillows for daughter and her family and a couple friends, they enjoy as well. 

I have read the negatives on MyPillow, these folks never gave this pillow an honest try. Thank you for such a great product!!

– Jeff C.

I love my MYPILLOW. I've slept on another pillow for years and MYPILLOW is much better for me. I also wanted to tell you I really like the newest commercial on TV --the little silent flip through of the history of MYPILLOW.

– Wanda W.

I just wanted to contact you to tell you what a difference you have made in my father's life. After being in the hospital for several days, my father was allowed to go home for home hospice. 

My sister and I (who live in Wisconsin) just got back from visiting our dad who lives in St. Cloud, MN. We decided to do Christmas with him early since we won't be able to be there for Christmas. We bought him one of your travel size pillows and a regular size pillow. 

We weren't sure how he would react to them as he is quite fussy. The afternoon we gave the pillows to him he laid down and took a 4-hour nap and woke up feeling very rested. He absolutely loves the pillows. 

I wanted to share this with you and hope you can share it with the inventor of this incredible product. I tried my sister's MyPillow last night and it was an incredible night's sleep. I'm going to be getting myself a couple and I will be getting a couple for my daughter. 

Thank you so very, very much for having this wonderful product available to us. My sister and I can rest easier knowing that our father's last months on earth will be a bit more comfortable thanks to your pillows.

– Lynn G.

I got one of your MyPillows and I sure love it. ,I sleep comfortably all night long. After you try MyPillow you will not go back to a regular pillow again! I am working on an invention too and I sure thank you for letting me know how you got started! God Bless.

– Glinda K.

You offer an amazing product (I LOVE mine), and superb customer service. I believe in what you do and why you do it. 

Thank you for developing a pillow that actually allows me to sleep comfortably. I must've purchased 15 pillows in the last 5 years in search of one that offers comfort all through the night. I haven't purchased a single one since I received MyPillow. 

Thanks for all you do!!! The lawsuit is ridiculous--I refuse to be a part of it. I believe you'll get past it and continue to help millions of people sleep soundly.

– Dawn B.

Mike, I want to say Thank you! I had days where I couldn't sleep comfortably. 

Notice I said “was”. Your MyPillows keep my head supported while sleeping! Mike, I want you to know I really was skeptical but I am very pleased with your company and product. Thank Again!

– Andrew G.

I'm sooo glad you had the desire to make "MyPillow"... I tried all kinds of pillows just like you, none of them worked. 

After seeing your TV commercial several times, I decided to get one and Oh boy what a great move that was... I sleep and rest very comfortably with "MyPillow" - it's the best pillow out there. I bought three so far:-) Two Thumbs Waaay Up for Mike Lindell.

– Mark L.

I am 70 years old and have tried dozens of different pillows over the years. Nothing has helped. One of our daughters asked what we wanted for Christmas and I told her we would like to try your pillow. 

Well, we received the pillows a week ago and immediately began to use them. I haven’t felt this comfortable in years. Thank you for the gift of comfortable sleep and a great feeling each morning.

– Larry B.

Wow..hubby bought me 2 MyPillows and I slept like a baby...I told him he needed to get himself one so he did, I then told my sister-in-law about them and she also got, love love it, so does my granddaughter, so she will be getting one soon also!!!

– Ellen C.

Congratulations Mike, you actually did it. MyPillow really is as comfortable as you said it would be. 

In my 67 years, I have had many different types of pillows, some were terrible, some were okay and the rest were comfortable for only a while. Oh yes, I even had a few pillows that totally lost their shape and the pillowcase no longer fit properly. 

Well now, I am the very pleased and comfortable owner of two MyPillows. The moment I put my head on MYPILLOW I was blown away. It actually was as comfortable and supportive as you advertise and as a result, I slept very well and will do so into the future. 

You did it, Mike, you did it. I applaud you.

– Mark K.

I just have to tell you that I am beyond thrilled with MyPillow. I have searched for years for a pillow that would provide good support for my neck at night - foam, down, even magnetic! One night with this pillow and my neck has NEVER felt so comfortable while sleeping. 

What a Christmas miracle! Thank you so very much.

– Priscilla H.

I didn't think I had a problem sleeping with my regular pillow, but when I felt I needed new one, I decided to purchase MyPillow for myself and my wife. 

After using it for several weeks we both realized it really does make a difference. I suspect that a lot of people don't realize that they could gain a lot by purchasing a MyPillow.

– Richard R.

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet Mike Lindell at the 7:00 pm presentation of MyPillow at QVC Studio Park in West Chester, PA. I was thrilled to be invited to the studio audience show and brought one of my sisters with me. 

I recently purchased (6) MyPillows as Christmas gifts for my family. I couldn't wait for Christmas to try mine out...and I love it! I know my family will too! It was so nice of Mike to give a MyPillow to each of the audience members as we left the studio.

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!! 

– Janice B.

I love my pillow. I purchased an expensive down pillow and that didn't help. I purchased a Tempurpedic neck pillow and that didn't help. 

So I thought, what can I lose? I'll try your pillow and finally a solution to comfortable sleep and waking refreshed in the morning. This pillow launders beautifully.

Thank you, MyPillow man.

– Patricia H.

Kudos to Michael for his 'wordless' commercial. It's the only one I don't click on the mute button. It's toe-tapping and makes me smile. What smart marketing - as usual. 

I've got eight more years before I order another pillow, but count on this repeat customer. Many thanks to all of you.

– Carole N.

I can’t remember a time when I’ve reached out to a company, without a survey or inquiry, specifically to let them know how great their product is – until today. 

I have been a “Raving Fan” of MyPillow for several years. I tried every product out there and nothing worked. Once I bought MyPillow, it has literally changed the way I feel. 

I have bought several for our home, and have given them out to my family as gifts, who are also now big fans. In addition, as I travel quite extensively, I take MyPillow on lengthy trips and overnight flights to make sure I get a great sleep while I’m abroad. It’s pretty much been across the globe. 

I appreciate that as you have scaled, you have kept the quality up. Thank you and best of luck in the future.

– Sue B.

Thank you so so much for creating this masterpiece! I lost my job on 12/17 of this year. I am a widow and single mom living in MD. I saw you on QVC for what seems like the hundredth time and started thinking about Christmas. 

You see, I have 3 boys, ages 29, 25 and 11. They are all still at home most of the time. I know the older ones have no problem if I say I can’t get them anything but as a mom, it still eats away at you. I decided the only way they were gonna get anything is through easy pay and since it had to be practical as well as great, and it was a 2 for 1 deal, I decided that was going to be their Xmas gift.

Well they came today and the boys weren’t home so I followed instructions and put them in the dryer. I was amazed. When you first open the package you’re like what???? Oh my goodness, it’s like magic. Tonight I found out that one of my sons will be stuck in CA until he can make enough money to come home. While I miss him terribly, I decided to try his pillow. I fell asleep for 3 hours!

If you want to start a factory in MD, I will be the first in line for a job! I knew even when I first opened the package that it would be great just from listening to you talk about them. 

You are a kind person with a good heart and a great product! I can’t wait until they open theirs! If all companies were run by people like you this world would be perfect!

– Stephanie S.

On a whim, I decided to try the MyPillow. I had tried everything from different pillows to no pillow at all, but was still uncomfortable.. I've had MyPillow now for over a year and wake up refreshed most every morning. 

I was at a store in Nashville TN yesterday shopping for Christmas and came upon a MyPillow display. I told your representative my story and said that if I could hug your neck I surely would! He said that I should email you. So now I have and you can consider yourself hugged. 

Thank you so much for your product! It has made a huge difference in my life! I have since bought MyPillow for other people and everyone loves them! I also regularly tell people what a great product you have. Usually, it's in the checkout line when I see a customer that can't quite make up their mind about buying one. I just tell them my story and, voila! Thank you!

– Darlein S.

Kudos to MyPillow, Mike. I've had mine since January 2011! I test for it's truth to reality almost every personality, product, etc., that I see on TV to see whether it conforms to its touted claims. If it's possible, almost 99.999% of them DO NOT do so! Even if these people or products start off well when I order or contact them, they don't stand the test of time!

Your pillows, Mike, are just what you say they are! The minute I first rested my head on one of my MyPillows in January 2011 I KNEW that they were what you said they were. I slept like a baby that night which I still recall (!) and do most nights since! 

Thanks for your genuinely excellent product, Mike! You must get a lot of e-mails like mine! You have my permission to publish my commendation here and if you want to tape me for one of your commercials, we may do so by Skype or you may come to my home to do so; I don't travel because of severe motion sickness due to an inner ear problem! 

Thanks again, Mike, for your producing a truly quality product in MyPillow and for making your products here in the U.S. too! Bless you, Mike!

– Donna L.

God bless your inspiration in creating the MyPillow. I feel great sleeping on it and waking refreshed. 

We’ve purchased 9 so far. Everybody’s getting one for Christmas. I also feel so proud of you for following through to make your dream a reality that benefits thousands of people. It’s helped American families in so many ways, from the workers to the sleepers and the gift givers as well. 

I sincerely commend you. Good luck keeping on track. You are fondly remembered in my prayers.

– Christine V.

Awesome pillow. After one night I've ordered another pillow.

– Richard B.

My husband's Aunt and Uncle had MyPillows and loved them so he decided that is what he needed. I bought him one and hid it at the neighbors until he went fishing. Then I exchanged the MyPillow for the one he had been using, thinking he wouldn't notice the difference. 

Well, the next morning he woke up and said, "I really slept well last night". I didn't tell him for 2 more nights and each morning he commented on how well he slept. 

So I told him to take the pillow out of the case. He did. I said look at the tag. He did. Initially, he was a little mad that I had "Tested" him! But then he went out and bought me one. 

Love them and I have bought them for my daughters too.

– Sharon W.

We own 6 different MyPillows and we love them. My testimonial is that our cat loves them too. She sleeps on a waffle-style pillow between the two of us, but always puts her head on my MyPillow during the night. I always let people know about them.

– Dave P.

My wife and I see your ad on TV all of the time and I just wish to say that you are right about this being the best pillow ever. 

About a year and a half ago, I was waking up in the middle of the night with discomfort in my hands. I tried a bamboo pillow with no positive results. 

Last Christmas I saw your ad on TV and decided to place an order. I figured I had nothing to lose. Since I started using MyPillow, I have not had any discomfort in my hands and sleep so much more comfortably. 

Since we got two pillows for the price of one, my wife started using the other one. She admits that she sleeps so much more comfortably, and she used to use a foam pillow and had also tried other pillows. 

Word of mouth is the best advertisement and we certainly have spread the word about this amazing product. We thank you for your invention and the other added feature is that it is Made in America.

– Ronald Y.

Thank (GOD) your MyPillow is an utmost lifesaver for me. I sleep much more comfortably - it's like sleeping on a cloud of goodness. So keep up the good work!

– Janet

I looked into getting a MyPillow about a year ago and decided not to based on negative reviews I had read online. We ended up buying some other "best sleep ever" pillow that we did not like. 

We happened to be shopping and met your East Coast Sales Rep selling your products. We told him all about not getting the MyPillow online and why, and he persuaded us to try the pillows for one week knowing we could always bring it back if we did not like it. He swore we'd be amazed. 

Well, of course, I didn't want to believe it, but let me tell you! My husband and I have had these pillows a week and we were won over in one night. I absolutely love the way I sleep comfortably all night long. My husband has not complained once about the pillow and he is hard to buy pillows for. Thank you so much to the sales rep that talked us into trying them. I love it!

– Terri G.

First, I have a confession to make! The MyPillow ad has been running on TV in our area (Canada) for several months. Every time the ad appeared I made fun of it and remarked to my husband that people were crazy if they purchased it as it reminded me of a pillow that you would find discounted in a bargain bin! 

For whatever reason when The Shopping Channel featured them, I decided to give them a try! Even as I was ordering them I was very leery that they would be any good but put the order in any way. 

WOW! They are wonderful! I'm a senior and have bought many pillows over the years, some quite expensive and none are as good as these. I was concerned about how they would wash up, but they came out of the dryer like new. 

I'm sure that not everyone will like it but it is definitely worth a try!

– June

I was sleeping on two very thin pillows to make up one. I tried to buy new ones that were super-filled, and I couldn’t get comfortable with those. After a few years of wanting a MyPillow, I finally caved and it is seriously the best purchase I’ve ever made! 

I can’t thank you enough for making such an amazing product!! I am looking into buying a mattress topper as well!!

– Lindsey

I am a disabled Vet and have spent a lot of money over the years buying every kind of pillow you could think of. After seeing a commercial on TV, then hearing Howard Stern speak of the MyPillow, my wife and I decided to try it. 

I was very skeptical because of all the promises from other pillow companies we tried. MYPILLOW is by far the best pillow I have ever used. I have been using it for over 7 months now and it is still just like it was when I received it. Before I would have uncomfortable nights and wake up not feeling very refreshed. Now my mornings are much better. Thank you MyPillow.

– Michael A.

We got two of your pillows and they are the best. We get a great night's sleep. We are buying two more to take with us when we go home on vacation. And, we are buying a pillow for my mother-in-law so she can get a great night's sleep.

– Sue E.

Purchased a MyPillow two weeks ago and from night one, my neck has been comfortable all night long and I wake refreshed. What a relief! Thank you, MyPillow!

– Julie M.

I love my pillow. I will never go back to a feather pillow again.

– Julie K.

I originally went online to order just the pillows. But when online I saw that they offered the mattress topper and ordered both. 

I am totally and completely satisfied with both the pillows and topper. After just one night with the pillow and topper, I sleep comfortably and awake refreshed.... I am so impressed with my purchase that I tell everyone I know and have had several of my friends and family order pillows. I am a believer in this product and can not brag enough about it! Best purchase I have ever made!!!

– Jane K.

I just received two MyPillows. What an amazing experience. It is an absolute pleasure and relief to have these pillows. I am able to sleep comfortably, and my neck has the gentle but firm support that it needs. I want so much to get these pillows for my mom and dad, they honestly change your life. 

I would love to do a commercial for Mike Lindel. We spend a large amount of our lives sleeping, recharging so we can do the best we can. Why not have the best pillow? #GameChanger

– Erin D.

I was finding that I couldn't get comfortable enough to get a good night's sleep. As long as I can remember, I have been on the search for the perfect pillow and I have tried them all: cheap flat pillows, expensive fluffy pillows, bamboo, memory foam, and water. 

I finally decided to give the MyPillow a try, and I can not believe that it really IS the most comfortable pillow I have ever owned. I am able to adjust the MyPillow for whatever I need (more fluff, less fluff) and am sleeping comfortably through the night for the first time in 30 years! I will never buy any other pillow. Thank you!!

– Linda

My husband and I were doubtful about these pillows, particularly after we saw the price! Well, we finally broke down and got ourselves a set of king size, firm MyPillows for our Christmas gift. 

What a great pillow! Truly have slept better on this pillow than any other pillow ever. Thank you, Mike!

– Denise

Like others have said, I didn't really have much faith that this pillow would be any different than the dozens of others I had bought and tried. 

I am happy to say that I am genuinely surprised and pleased with my purchase. My neck is comfortable at night, which is nothing short of miraculous. My husband also likes his because he says it's a lot cooler than any other he has tried.

– Donna W.

My mom and I saw your commercial and she decided that she was going to get one for herself and surprise me with one as a gift. Let me tell you, that was the best thing anyone has ever given me. 

I can confidently say that I now awake refreshed due to the soft support my neck gets, which adds to my quality of life. 

Thanks to you Mike, you have changed my life. I can now successfully pursue my lifelong dream of a career in Law Enforcement. You have made it possible. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

– Piper

I have been wanting to get MyPillow for awhile. I have bought over 30 pillows over the last 5 years. Finally we did it and ordered... Never Have I EVER been so HAPPY! MyPillow is REAL! Have to get this product! It's an A++++ Product and made in AMERICA! Thank you, Mike!

– Vivian R.

I have tried every pillow imaginable and none of them ever gave me any comfort. The MyPillow has been life-enhancing for me and has worked far better than I could have expected. 

Given my previous failed attempts with other products, my expectations were quite low, but I had to try. It was truly amazing. My only complaint is the pillow is NOT machine washable, as advertised. I have tried to wash it, and I have a new machine, but it causes the washing machine to malfunction, as the pillow absorbs the water and becomes incredibly heavy and will not spin dry. I have to take the soaking wet, heavily watered-down pillow to the bathtub and ring it out by hand. Aside from that, the pillow is perfect.

– Tom P.

I can't speak enough about what this pillow has done for me. I got the green level king size and I couldn't be happier. I wake up refreshed and it gives me just the right amount of support. 

I see a lot of negative reviews about these pillows and I believe it's because you have to get the right one for you. Everybody has different needs and different lofts that they're looking for. With the MyPillow, if you don't get the right one it's not going to work for you. 

I weigh 210 lb and the green one works beautifully for me. I am a side sleeper and a back sleeper. I can't say enough good things about these pillows and the fact that it has a 10-year warranty is amazing. And it's very nice that I can just pop them in the washer and the dryer because I'm very much OCD when it comes to my bedding, LOL 

But I commend this company and Mike for making such an awesome pillow! The trick to getting one of these pillows is getting the right fullness. If you get the right one you'll be very very happy.

– Melissa M.

I remember when I first saw the ad for MyPillow, I thought it was a big joke and over the years I kept on buying all those garbage $10, $20 and $30 dollar pillows.

 A couple years ago, I finally said enough is enough and bought a couple of MyPillows. After two nights of using MyPillow, it was like a dream come true. I actually slept comfortably through the night and woke up refreshed.

It's an odd feeling pillow but oh my God does it work. This is one pillow I wish I'd bought years ago and saved a lot of heartaches. Yes, they are pricey but you will thank yourself after a couple nights of sleeping with this awesome pillow.

– Daniel S.

Recently my wife was invited by a friend to a women's Christmas luncheon program. Women sat at tables with 8 women per table. 

As conversation ensued, all women at my wife's table said they were using MyPillows, and every single one of them said they wouldn't go to sleep without them. Merry Christmas and thank you for your product! Sweet dreams!

– Jose

I purchased MyPillows with scrutiny from a QVC special last year. I have had the most comfortable sleep I have ever had for over a year now and MyPillows are as fresh and wonderful as they were over a year ago. 

I am getting ready to order 2 for my mom, my brother and my boyfriend for Christmas. Great job on these fantastic pillows.

– Dee A.

I listened to your ads and decided to try MyPillow. I ordered the 4-pack and gave one to my wife. 

These pillows are truly exceptional and live up to everything you say in your ads. We have never slept so comfortably. We just ordered another 4-pack for our son and his wife. 

Once you try these pillows there is no going back to other pillows. Thank you for persevering and coming up with such a great pillow. 

– John

MyPillow has changed my life! I would love to do a commercial for you or with you to tell my story to the world because anyone that's had issues with neck support at night will love your pillow and they will fly off the shelves - I guarantee you that! 

Please forward this to Mr. Pillow the pillow maker. I want him to know how happy and glad I am that he is making these for people like me. They're really the most comfortable pillow, so you will sleep in soft, supportive comfort and wake refreshed.

Please consider making another commercial and let me tell my story - it will turn people's lives around! 

Have a blessed day and please forward this on to Mr. Pillow please!

– Larry M.

Greetings in the name of Jesus. I watched your testimony on QVC. You being a man of faith left a great impression on me so I ordered tonight. 

I am a retired missionary and I am working to help disabled veterans who are homeless. I am on Social Security. It was a blessing to hear your story and due to your special offering through QVC  I was able to afford your pillows for the Vets. God bless you and your workers. 

– Haden G.

I LOVE my new pillow! No more uncomfortable neck at night! I have recommended it to friends and family.

– Julie K.

Thank you for sending me 2 MyPillows. I never expected anyone to be this good to us. 

I kept the extra one for me and this is the best pillow. I am sleeping comfortably now. After 15 years, I am finally sleeping without getting up and trying to fix my old pillows stuffing. I’m sleeping. I’m sleeping!! I have not slept this comfortably for 15 years. 

I was late to work yesterday because I oversleep and I hope I am late again! I’m sleeping. Sleeping. Mr. Mike, thank god you stayed with your dream. Thank you forever, Mr. Mike.

– David V.

Please let me take a minute of your time just to let you know what an amazing product you have created. I have been using MyPillow for 2 weeks and I love it. 

I typically slept between 5 and 6 hours a night. From the first night I used the MyPillow, I have been sleeping 7 to 7 1/2 hours a night and waking up refreshed and not groggy since I am sleeping much more comfortably. 

I suffer from sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine so every hour of good sleep I get is beneficial to my overall health. The additional hours of comfortable sleep I have had using the MyPillow have been wonderful. I never had to use an alarm clock before because I always woke up 2 or more hours before I had to leave for work. Now I may have to get an alarm clock because I'm waking up a half hour before I leave! 

I have been a firefighter for over 40 years and I'm used to being interrupted in the middle of the night. Every hour of comfortable sleep is precious so the MyPillow has been a blessing. 

As a Christian man, I am so happy to see you sharing your faith and using your company to share with others. May God Bless you and your family and all your employees and may you continue to help people who suffer from sleep problems. Maybe if everyone had one of these pillows the country would be a more peaceful place and folks would not be as edgy as they seem to be today. Keep up the good work and God Bless you, my brother.

– Jim O.

I am forever grateful that I decided to purchase a MyPillow! Sleeping on this pillow cushions my neck perfectly and gives just the right amount of neck extension that makes me sleep like a baby! 

I will continue to recommend this product to all my friends and family, and will also gladly support a company who’s CEO puts Bible verses in the box of the pillow! Such an amazing product and company all around!!!

– Lauren

I have 2 MyPillow pillows and was very pleased with the comfort and ease to keep them clean and sanitary. I finally relented and purchased a pillow topper that is fabulous! I slept like a baby the first night without being uncomfortable. One of my best investments for sure .

– Carol P.

We were visiting my wife's family and stopped by the MyPillow store in the Mall of America. A very friendly and knowledgeable salesperson helped us select 2 pillows. 

We're sleeping much more comfortably now, so are not tossing and turning. My wife is the 1st great one I got from Minnesota and MyPillow is the 2nd. 

– Ken S.

Thank you for honoring our US veterans by donating pillows that were distributed not Once but Twice at the retiree breakfasts at Camp Ripley MN. 

I like my pillow so much that Twice I have purchased the 4-pack of pillows. My pillow has changed my uncomfortable nights into a lot more comfortable sleep. I wish I had purchased this pillow years ago! 

Keep up the good work and thank you for a gesture that meant a lot to the men and women that spent their lives serving America.

– David S.

I rarely get a good product online, but the "MyPillow" is just that. I saw that we needed to order the firm ones. We did, and it holds up the best over time and is as soft as you adjust it to. Yep, an adjustable pillow! 

I recently slept in the recliner for 4 days, bad cold, and had the MyPillow stetting lengthwise for back support, and found it provided great comfort! 

Over time if the pillow doesn't seem firm enough or seems to take more time to adjust, just put it in the dryer for 10 min or so and it firms up like new. Your neck and head don't overheat at night, as with some pillows. 

I'll give it 5 stars. A great product and a great gift that is made in the USA!! 

– David M.

I am a disabled veteran and I have had trouble sleeping comfortably. My mother had purchased MyPillow pillows for herself some time ago and left one here for her to use when she visited. I asked if I could try it out and she agreed. 

One night was all it took. It was like magic. I don't know how else to explain the difference it made. I plan on ordering a pillow for me, my wife and our children. I'm not sure if MyPillow offers a discount for military members but regardless, they are worth it.

– Joel B.

MyPillow medium fill is the absolute best pillow I have ever slept on. I have tried numerous, different types of pillows with little or no results, until now. I have had MyPillow for 2 weeks now and wake up refreshed every morning. 

I'm a back and side sleeper and I love how I can quickly adjust MyPillow to support my head/neck for either position. My wife loves her MyPillow too. 

We're so happy we purchased MyPillows, thank you so much for a great product.

– Glen O.

Our pillows arrived yesterday. I did not think that this pillow would be any different than any other pillow. 

We fluffed them up in the dryer, per the instructions, and then took them to bed. OMG! I had the most comfortable night's sleep that I have had in a long time. Slept through the night!

Thank you for creating this pillow.

– Patricia R.

Two years ago I received my pillow as a housewarming present. Best present I ever received: a night of good sleep day after day. Thank you for a wonderful product and being everything you state in your ad. 

This year I ordered some as a Xmas present for my friends who lost everything in a house fire this year. It may not replace everything they lost but it will give them restful sleep, something they have not had since the fire. 

Thank you again.

– Rosemary M.

Since we never throw anything away, we have a storage room almost full of pillows we have bought, tried, and rejected as not helping us. We have memory foam, down, bamboo, buckwheat, and the regular ones from Sears. The down worked best for me, but even with it, my neck would be uncomfortable. 

Then we bought two MyPillow's. I went through the instructions, fluffing mine for the right support of my NECK and lower head, and the next morning I awoke refreshed! It has been a week now, and my neck has been comfortable every night! THANK YOU!!!

– Terry T.

My wife and I used to struggle with a getting a comfortable night's sleep. We had been hearing about these pillows for years and finally ordered a pair. The difference was noticed on the first night! We regret not ordering them years ago. 

– Will P.

I love my pillow! I didn't realize it until 3 weeks ago when I forgot to bring it on an overnight with my cousins. I didn't sleep all night. I went to the bathroom, hoping to see you in the mirror.

– Fran L.

We love love love our MyPillows. They are wonderful. My husband said to me "Betty, why don't you try MyPillow?" And I said, "WHY I can never find a pillow that is good." "Try it," he said. 

And oh my goodness it's a little bit of Heaven. We both love our pillows. They have worked miracles at our house. I have never slept so comfortably in my life. And my husband loves his too. 

Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year. Why a Healthy New Year? I think if you have MyPillow and a Healthy New Year, you've got it all.

– Betty A.

It had a VERY difficult time finding a comfortable sleeping position. But, since the first night that I used MyPillow, I have had a wonderful night's sleep. 

I also bought a MyPillow for my husband. He has said that he is getting a GREAT night's sleep with the pillow! He had always been a down-pillow guy. 

Your commercials are true and honest. You stand behind your product. I also like that way Mike wears his scapular medal!! I am pretty sure that is the type of medal. 

Bravo to all of you at MyPillow, and many future years of success!

– Helen M.

My husband bought me a MyPillow for a Christmas present and gave it to me early. 

Thank you for your product, it worked a miracle on me! It is the most comfortable sleep in the whole wide world, I don't wake up numerous times at night because of the comfort I get. God bless you for your persistence in development of your product.

– Holly T.

I purchased a white label and a green label pillow according to the fit guide a month ago and both were of insufficient support for both myself and my husband. 

I then purchased two blue label MyPillows and we are very happy with them. Consistent support and comfort are of extreme importance to us and the blue label pillows fit the bill.

– Pamela V.

Both my wife and I have had every pillow you can buy. After seeing the adds on TV, we both agreed something had to be done. So we went ahead and ordered two pillows. 

We received them the other day and from the first night with the new pillows, we have had The most comfortable, restful sleep in years. Don't put off doing this, you will not regret it. 

We plan on buying pet beds because they deserve a good nights sleep also.

– Greg M.

Have had my pillow for about 6 months. I will say at first it took a bit to get used to, probably because I have slept on store-bought pillows for 55 years, but after the first week I understand what Mike did. I love my pillow!!!

– Michael L.

I am just amazed at this pillow, it is a miracle worker for me. My husband and I had been considering getting just one for us both to try for some time now then make a decision about purchasing a second one. 

On Thanksgiving, I ran into a department store that had some sales to purchase a Christmas gift, and I saw them so I decided to get one. 

I need to keep my head elevated at night, and the MyPillow lets me sleep comfortably with the elevation I need. So I highly recommend this pillow to others. 

I can get a more restful night.

– Joyce R.

We are totally satisfied with our pillows. We purchased two pillows two years ago and have never had pillows last that long. 

Ours are still like the day we purchased them. We hope our testimonial will help in some small way to offset the negative publicity your company receives. Thank you for making a quality product.

– Shirley R.

Just wanted to let you know, we bought 2 pillows with some hesitation at first, because of the cost. When I figured out what I spent over the past few years on pillows that never lived up to their claims, we thought the money was not out of line. 

After 2 weeks of sleeping on your pillow, we have no regrets about our choice. Thank you for living up to your claim, most comfortable sleep we ever had!

– Gary D.

I recently placed an order for two firm and two soft king size pillows. We are Thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Is by Far the Best Pillow I have ever used! 

You are absolutely right. I sleep way more comfortably than I ever have. I’m very impressed with your product and your story. I have told all my friends and anyone that will listen that they should buy your product. It truly is the best in my opinion and I will continue to refer others to your company. 

I have to say that when I opened up my box and found a printed Bible scripture in the bottom of the box I was delighted! I’m so happy to know that you, Mr. Lindell, are a good man and a Christian man. 

Thank you for being that way and for supporting America in your company. I wanted to wish You and All of your Team a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year! 

Thank you again for a fantastic product. Have a blessed day,

– Joni M.

Your latest commercial....the one where you so sweetly state, "I knew you would", encouraged me to go ahead and order "MYPILLOW"! As I have been in sales most of my working life, that commercial was the best presented I've witnessed. 

At any rate, I can vow that your claim that "MyPillow" performs, really does. I have had all kinds of pillows and I had always remained uncomfortable at night. With "MyPillow" I sleep more comfortably, so I sleep longer and awaken refreshed. I love "MyPillow"!!!!

– Diana D.

I am 76 years old, and these are the best pillows I have ever had. When you wake up they don't want to let you leave because they are so comfortable. I am a MyPillow fan for life. 

– Rev H.

I have been using this pillow for a month now. Since using this pillow, I am sleeping comfortably through the night each night. I used to wake up at least once each night because I was uncomfortable. I also feel a lot more energetic in the mornings and throughout the day! 

I am telling everyone about it now. It also feels really nice since it supports my neck so well. I love bedtime! I was using the goose feather pillows and they were very uncomfortable on my neck. I'm so pleased with this pillow and I bought one for my husband as well.

– Sharla

We have purchased two times from MyPillow. We really love the pillows. The best part about MyPillow is their outstanding customer service geared to satisfying its customers. Rare in this world these days. 

Our second order was for the blue pillows. We like them better than the green pillows we purchased a year earlier. After contacting MyPillow asking if I could exchange our year old green pillows for two new blue pillows, they said no problem. No questions asked. They didn't even charge me shipping either way. That's what you call customer service. Thanks, MyPillow!

– Phil M.

I ordered a pillow for myself last year and have been glad every night. It is the best pillow I have ever used. I gave one of my sons the second pillow and he loves his as well. 

At Thanksgiving this year a conversation about the MyPillow came up and everyone was saying they would have to try them. Well, I was delighted I have purchased 12 pillows for Christmas presents. That took care of my list. I know all of them will be happy with their pillow. 

Thank you for such a great product that is all American-made. Way to go MyPillow, forever a person who sleeps well.

– Kathleen D.

I love this MyPillow. It is a wonderful thing to achieve a good night's sleep, after finding it tough to believe that this product even existed. I am super happy to have listened to a wild new radio host in the city I live and to heed his push for this no-regret purchase. Thank You!

– Brian B.

I would like to make a follow-up on my previous testimonial. My first statement was that I thought the first MyPillow I bought was the most uncomfortable thing I ever slept on. 

After making that statement, I was contacted by customer service from MYPILLOW. The customer rep was very helpful and after asking a few questions, she thought that I might have bought a pillow with more fill than I should have. She helped me return my pillow for warranty. Although I only sent one pillow in, the warranty department sent back two pillows with 30% less fill than the first purchase. 

Last night I used the pillow and got some great sleep. It is very comfortable and my neck was nicely supported all night. I'm looking forward to being able to sleep comfortably, which is something I haven't done in years.

Thank you very much to all the people at MYPILLOW for your help and understanding...

– Aaron J.

Best pillow ever, I sleep relaxed and the neck support is amazing! It makes a difference in how your whole body feels. No more waking up during the night due to being uncomfortable.

– Aaron J.

Unbelievable! I decided to give "MyPillow" a shot. I'm going on 2 weeks now without a single uncomfortable night. I can even sleep comfortably on my side which was not possible before. 

It works where nothing else did. I really can't thank Mr. Lindell enough for creating this product. I haven't slept this comfortably in years.

– Aaron J.

There is a pillow Angel. After months and months of buying pillows from so-called fine retailers, I decided it was time to look at memory foam or gel type pillows. I have heard about the MyPillow for years but always was skeptical and thought that it’s too good to be true.

I purchased 2 pillows recently and all I can say is...... I LOVE MY PILLOW. I now wake up refreshed. Don’t wait another minute, go get your MyPillow and start your new night life...

– Floyd K.

My husband James bought your pillow and when he received your pillow it became his best friend. Not long after getting his pillow he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Every hospital stay and every rehab stay he took his MyPillow for the comfort it provided him. 

Unfortunately, he passed away. My daughter and I thought about this for a while. We asked the funeral director if Jim could be laid out with his pillow. He said how awesome, yes he can. So we laid him out and buried him with his pillow. So now, he can have comfort in heaven also. Thank You so much.

– Susanne D.

I was surprised when I took my pillow out of its box to find a Bible verse fall out with it -- Psalm 23:4. I'm happy to learn that I'm doing business with a Christian company. There are too few people and companies that even admit to being Christian nowadays. 

Thank you for your belief and stance. I also love your pillow. Thank you again and God Bless you and your company of Christians.

– Lorrie

I have a praise and a great big thank you to Mike Lindell and his company

I saw Mike's advertisements on TV and thought why not try his pillow. I received them in a very timely manner and the first morning I woke up after using MyPillow and its remarkable neck support, I felt great. Sounds like a made up story but it's the truth. My wife couldn't believe it either. I love his story, his advertisements on TV and have pointed many to MyPillow. 

As a Christian myself I thank God for Mike Lindell and how he is helping so many people in his foundation. Blessings to MyPillow and to Mike Lindell. 

– Alan W.

I recently purchased two my pillows medium firm and I followed the directions. This pillow is ABSOLUTELY Amazing!!!! Thank you guys and gals so much!!!! Please thank Mike, the CEO! 

I have to sleep elevated and other pillows would move or make my neck uncomfortable. This one stays in place. I wake up refreshed. 

It’s perfect and I really appreciate that it is made here in America! May God bless you and the work you do! Please don’t listen to the negativity. You all are great!!! 

– Donna K.

MyPillow is the most comfortable one I have ever had in my life of 72 years. It did take a bit of getting used to with the bumpy, lumpy feeling ...I was used to the marshmallow spongy feeling. 

I am still breaking them in and thoroughly enjoying this investment I made by finally ordering them!! I can’t believe how they maintain the shape and fullness...and never go flat. I have been using them for nearly a month now. I’m hooked forever!

– Carol Z.

My wife and I love our "MyPillows" and get the best sleep ever. When a "MY PET PILLOW" became available, we purchased the large pillow for our 5 yr. old lab retriever 

As soon as it arrived, he climbed on board and curled up like a baby. Previously, he would awaken us several times during the nite and nudge us to let him outside, but now sleeps straight thru the nite and looks so comfortable curled up on his bed. 

Also, our 50 yr old daughter was visiting us, curled up in the bed and said she wants one for comfortable. Thank you for a great product. 

– Ann

I purchased MyPillow a year and a half ago, I’ve had ten pillows in the last six years. This pillow, by far, is the best! It cradles my neck and keeps my shoulders aligned. I purchased three more sets for my children. They love MyPillow!

– Carrie G.

My son who is 10 saw your MyPillow commercials and urged me to try your pillow. Due to his persistence, I purchased MyPillow. Thanks go to my son as well as your company.

– Linda K.

I purchased MyPillow with skepticism and only purchased the pillow because of the money back guarantee. At least this pillow would not be adding to my pillow graveyard due to your return policy. 

I purchased MyPillow fifteen days ago and have been waking refreshed since then! I feel so much better and have more energy than I have had for years. Thank you MyPillow!

– Linda K.

I cannot thank you enough for my pillow. I bought one for my husband and my son and daughter-in-law after they tried mine. We just love them.

– Joyce P.

What a pleasant surprise to find it is exactly as advertised. We were purchasing new pillows every 3 - 4 months. Enjoying our new purchase.

– Kayty

I bought a small MyPillow in a retail store not knowing that I could get king-size online. My neck stopped being uncomfortable at night. So, I just ordered two kings for our bed, and I can't wait to get them. Thank you so much!

– Brenda J.

My mother bought me a MyPillow this past August and since that time I have had zero problems remaining comfortable and so, getting to sleep. This is by far the best pillow I have ever slept on and I only wish that I had been able to have it sooner! I tell my friends about it so much I sound like a broken record!! 

I just washed it for the first time and I was shocked to see that it was just like new!! I thought it would still be decent if only slightly degraded but no, this pillow just keeps getting better.

I think this is the only pillow that anyone should own and any naysayers out there have clearly never tried it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love MyPillow!!

– Benjamin L.

I had heard Mr. Lindell's commercials for years but never took it seriously. Finally, I received my first MyPillow. 

Ever since I have actually slept comfortably. I wake up and feel great. Needless to say, I swear by the MyPillow and I will never go to sleep again without it. 

To everyone else out there that is curious as to whether this actually works or not, I am telling you, get yourself a MyPillow. It will be the last pillow you ever own. Everything Mr. Lindell says in his commercials is right. It is as advertised. 

So everyone, quit debating whether you want one or not. Go out and get your MyPillow. It will be the last pillow you will ever own! Thank you, Mr. Lindell!

– Ryan

These pillows are a game changer for me. I am 70 years old and I have finally found some much-needed comfort. 

Mike, thank you so much for inventing them. Keep up the great work!

– Kenneth M.

My husband and I love our MyPillowa and we can't sleep without them. More importantly, our princess, Smiley, absolutely loves her MyPillow travel pillow. 

She is a Havanese, and she sleeps with her pillow all of the time. It is the cutest thing to see her laying on her pillow. Our package came with 2 travel pillows, and she has one with her pet bed downstairs, and she sleeps with one on our "big bed" at night. 

Our whole family loves the pillows. Thank you!

– Carol

Dear Mr. Lindell, I love you!!! Thank you! For such a great product. 

– Cindy H.

What struck me about MyPillow is the absence of fuss... I just put my head on it and go to sleep, no waking up to fold it in half to support my head or waking up because my arm is asleep from being underneath it to support my head..... Just sleep....How boring !!!!!!

– Edmund E.

I’ve been a MyPillow user for a few years now, but what I didn’t expect was how much I’d NEED my MyPillows throughout my pregnancy. From the travel pillow supporting my baby bump to the King support between my legs and knees, they have provided a ton of comfort during pregnancy. 

My husband bought me a special-shaped pregnancy pillow, but it gets pushed to the side for my MyPillows. I’d highly recommend them any day of the week, but especially if you’re pregnant and looking for a good night’s sleep.

– Melissa

I purchased 2 pillows several years ago, and cannot do without them. I cannot believe how a pillow has made so much difference. 

I just purchased 2 more MyPillows made in the good old USA. God Bless you for keeping your business here. The quality of the pillows is great! 

Keep up the good work!

– Shirley G.

I recently invested in one of your MyPillows. Simply put, I love it! 

Your pillows are expensive but if they can help people get more comfortable can get some decent rest, the end result will be worth it. 

I thank you for taking the time to do what you do. Bless you and good health always be with you, Jackie

– Jackie S.

I bought my husband and I each one last year for Christmas. So here we are, nearly a year later and it's still the best pillow ever.

 I can't tell you about when I'm sleeping, cause I'm out like a big dog! Joking aside, it's a very well made, comfortable pillow. 

It's the most expensive pillow we've ever bought, but very well worth it. And it's still as comfortable today as it was the first night we slept on them.

– Cathy W.

I bought two MyPillows about 3 years ago and I wouldn't trade them for anything! They're the best! 

They keep their shape, they're washable (other pillows lump and lose their shape), and give the best night's sleep you could ask for! I love them! 

One time I bought a memory foam and woke up not feeling refreshed at all. Never used it again! I recommend MyPillow to everyone! As a matter of fact, I'm going to buy 2 more for my guest bedroom. I want my guests to have the same great experience I have.

– Sandra H.

I cannot believe it. A pillow. A simple pillow that actually changed my life! 

I know it sounds crazy, but I was ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE who could NEVER find a pillow that worked for me. I would buy pillows (expensive ones!) only to take them right back to the store or ship them back the moment I tried to sleep on them. 

 I'd seen the MyPillow commercial on TV for months and finally took a chance because I believed Mike's story and because I heard his testimony about how Jesus changed his life. I believed the Lord saved Mike out of his dark past for this very purpose. I know people will say I am over the top with this testimonial, but if I ever get to meet Mr. Lindell, I would hug his neck and thank him for never giving up on his dream. 

I thank God for using Mike to help people in this most important way. I slept on my MyPillow the last two nights and have never slept more comfortably! God bless you, Mr. Lindell, and keep letting the Lord use you! And thank you for making MyPillow in AMERICA!!

– Cara W.

Like many, we watched your commercials for over a year. We figured they were just "so much marketing", like most everything else. 

One day while passing through a local store, we encountered a rep with a display of MyPillows. We thought, why not try them? We knew we could easily return them if they were no different than every other pillow we have purchased over the years. ($$$) 

Well. At first, they felt strange for a couple of days. My husband said he wanted his "squishy" pillow back. I talked him into continuing with MyPillow for 2 weeks. 

I never write reviews, but I had to tell you that our sleep comfort is the best we've had in years. Both of us are senior citizens, and I can tell you we have tried many different types of pillows. These are exceptional. I'm telling everyone. Thank you! 

– Tom and Linda R.

I’m a long-term MyPillow customer and have bought for all my kids and their spouses, my Mother, and close friends. 

Here’s your biggest fan - My Pomeranian, Bella, waits and waits for me to get out of bed every morning so that she can enjoy her MyPillow time! Even pets appreciate the comfort MyPillow offers.

– Stacye D.

I just got my box of goodies, fluffed the pillows and dog bed in the dryer as per instructions, put the dog bed on the floor and haven't even made MY bed yet with new sheets and pillows. 

I have a rescue dog named Jake. I've had Jake about 8 months and we think he's almost 3 years old. Jake does not like new things. At all. I encouraged him a little bit to get on his new bed but really didn't expect him to take to it for a while. Like probably days. Seriously. 

He's on it already and it's only been about 10 minutes!!! I took pictures but can't figure out how to add them to this testimonial. Too bad because you'd see he's already super relaxed and resting comfortably! I'm astounded! 

Now, I need to get back to putting my new sheets and MY MyPillows on my own bed!

– Georgia M.

Slept on my firm pillow last night. Most comfortable sleep in years! Saw commercials for years and finally ordered two. Was still skeptical, but now a FIRM believer. Will tell everyone about my experience. 

Wished I had purchased a long time ago. Now I look forward to bedtime. Thanks, Mike for inventing MYPILLOW!!!!

– Brenda R.

I purchased 2 MyPillows less than one year ago. I love them! 

I moved to another state and one was accidentally left in the hotel room. I contacted the hotel once I realized and asked them to search for it and send it to me. I ended up staying in 7 hotels for an entire month while searching for work and housing believing I would never get it back. It took 6 weeks and much persistence tracking it down, but I finally received it back. 

I cannot and will not ever use anything but MyPillow!! They are the absolute best. Thank you for making night's sleep so comfortable. :-)

– Lynn C.

I cannot say enough good things about this pillow. HOW CAN A PILLOW BE A "GAME CHANGER?!" Well, it is. I love it. 

I bought one for all of my three kids, my wife, and my best friend...EVERY single one of them loved it. It's just that good and I really appreciate you guys for making it - please express my gratitude to all in your company.  I am not kidding! I cannot believe how much I love this pillow. I have now bought TEN. TEN! 

All I can say is, thank you all for a job truly well done! You guys have a great holiday season and keep up the good work!

– Bud P.

I can’t believe I feel compelled to write a testimonial about this pillow, but here I go. I am 60 years old and have spent hundreds of dollars searching for that perfect pillow (usually very firm pillows). I decided to give the MyPillow a try on a whim. I really didn’t think it would be the pillow for me, but I knew my husband would love it if I didn’t. 

Much to my surprise, it has changed my life. It is the perfect pillow for me, allowing me to get more comfortable sleep than I have in years. It fits me perfectly. Thank you for inventing this amazingly AWESOME pillow. Forever grateful!

– Karen W.

These pillows are by far the best pillows available. I have 4 of them, and you will notice the difference the first time you sleep on one. 

They have a 10-year warranty and you will not be disappointed after sleeping on one.

– Randall I.

I can't speak highly enough about MyPillow. We have them in each and every bedroom. I just ordered two more of the Bolster pillows, they help with my back comfort. 

When I received my shipment today, I noticed the Scripture Verse. Thank you, we need more of that! Happy Thanksgiving and a Very Merry Christmas to all!!

– Kay S.

Finally found pillows that I'm happy with. So happy, I got 4 more. 

Our 70# in-house dog would SNEAK sleeping on the sofa or even the bed when I’m not looking. Buying him his own large dog “MyPillow” worked like a charm! MAHALO, MIKE!!!! We’re all happy!!

– Leah from Hawaii

My husband and I both sleep with a MyPillow and we absolutely love them...They are just total comfort. 

I now look forward to going to bed, as in the past I dreaded it because I hated my hard foam pillow. We tried many pillows but the MyPillow is all it's advertised to be, we are happy with ours....We wake up refreshed, ready to face the day.

The pillows look lumpy, but when we put our heads on them, they are soft, no lumps. I am thinking about ordering two more for our guest rooms. Thank you, Mike, and may God continue to bless you.

– Linda F.

The body pillow... is the BEST I ever had!!!! Thank you!!!!

– Laura S.

I bought MyPillows 3 years ago and also got my husband to use them. 

To make a long story short, I was in the hospital for two weeks and would not have a comfortable nite's sleep without it. So, I take them on vacations and now to the hospital too, as they are such a blessing to me. 

Told so many people in the hospital how wonderful they they are great wherever you sleep. Thank you!

– Kathy L.

Mike, everything you said about MyPillow is true. I sleep through the night and often times wake up in the same position I fell asleep in!! Thanks, Mike. Sorry I waited so long to purchase.

– Barbara N.

We are 64 now and got a pair for us last Xmas. Wife said hers was too stiff, took it to the mall shop, easy exchange. BOTH HAPPY.

 I'm a side sleeper and it's so much easier than using 2 pillows. GO FOR IT!

– Dave C.

Earlier this month my husband gave me a MyPillow for my birthday, it is the most comfortable pillow, I don't toss and turn all night trying to get comfortable since I started using it. I highly recommend it to those who have been searching for a comfortable pillow. 

Maybe one day I can purchase a MyPillow bed if it's as comfortable as the pillow it would be heavenly! Thank you for creating this it's a Godsend, God bless you and all your family and employees! 

– Janie D.

I do not care about the negative comments that people have. This is the best pillow on which I have ever slept. Just throw them in a dryer for about 20 minutes, put on a pillowcase, and it's ready to go.

– Ann N.

I just received mine last week and I have never slept as comfortably as I do now. These are the best pillows I've ever owned -  I'd recommend them to everyone. They are fantastic!

– Glenn W.

Yesterday I was listening to a '60s radio program. The song "Send Me The Pillow That You Dream on" came on. I thought it a good advertisement idea for your product: "I (we) have the pillow you can dream on.....we would be happy to send it to you." God bless you guys.

– Charles M.

MyPillow was given to me as a gift. After buying other pillows that went flat months after I bought them, MyPillow is amazing. 

MyPillow keeps its shape and, like advertised, I can shape it to my sleeping pattern, which relaxes me and helps me to fall asleep. 

Every pillow that I have previously owned never gave me a comfortable night's sleep; with MyPillow, I sleep more comfortably than ever. 

I highly recommend MyPillow: any other pillow that you may buy is a waste of money. With MyPillow you will see the results of feeling more refreshed when you get up.

– Richard

Well, this is the best thing sliced bread! 

About 2 years ago, I bought a MyPillow at a box store. To my disappointment, my neck was uncomfortable and I ended up returning it.

About 2 months ago, I decided to try again making sure I purchased the right one for my size right from the MyPillow website. Ugh, still an uncomfortable neck and I decided to return yet another pillow.................WHEN I CALLED TO GET A RMA NUMBER FOR RETURN...THIS NICE LADY NAMED ELISE and I started chatting. She acted like she knew me. 

I told her I was a complete tummy sleeper and I am a little heavier. She said to me, "Can I suggest the yellow instead of the green and your warranty continues for a full 60 days, you have nothing to lose except a horrible night sleep". At first, I thought "oh just a sales pitch"...........NOPE, SHE WAS RIGHT..........IT HAS BEEN 4 WEEKS NOW AND EVERY MORNING,  I WAKE REFRESHED. 

Mr. Lindell is selling a product he believes in. He is right about those other pillows. I actually sleep with a quilted pillow sham so you cannot feel the filling in the pillow. The goal is to keep it fluffed and it will hold. 

When I received my second pillow.................I said, "oh it's only 1/4 full" and my husband says "throw it into the dryer and see what happens" fluffed up!!!!! Each night I give a fluff and off I go to sleep. 

It does work. You just have to find the right one for you. I would like to extend a huge thank-you to that awesome lady in customer service that gave me such great advice. Please acknowledge this person for a great job done!!

– Robin

I got a MyPillow about a year ago. I can honestly say it is the best pillow ever. When I would go to bed I would toss and stay awake trying to get comfortable, not anymore. I sleep comfortably every night. For over 60 yrs. I had problems getting a comfortable night's sleep, not anymore. Thanks!

– Thomas F.

We purchased MyPillows at the state fair after many recommendations from others. I use to sleep with 2 pillows and would toss and turn trying to get comfortable. 

Having a MyPillow has really changed the way I sleep. It's so comfortable and I only use 1 pillow now. The best pillow we've ever bought!!!

– Joan K.

My wife and I walked the Camino de Santiago in September. We both used our travel size MyPillows. After walking all day, a good nights rest was a life saver. 

The MyPillow performed as advertised while sleeping in different locations each night. Thanks for the quality. It really does work.

– Tony

I have had MyPillow for 3 weeks, and let me tell you, that it is the best pillow ever. Thanks for your great MyPillow.

– Juana

I received my set of MyPillows about a week ago. From the first night, I have been able to sleep through the night with my neck wonderfully supported. 

The MyPillow is the best choice I EVER MADE! As soon as I have more money, I am ordering another set for our camp house. God bless you, Mike Lindell

– Lillian W.

Got the buy one get one free offer. Dad and I have been sleeping on them for about a week now, and find they are very nice. The fact that they are washable/dryable is great and the ten-year warranty is great. 

I have thrown away 2 feather pillows already. So far soooo good. Should have done it years ago, sleeping much better. Thanks so much.

– Judy S.

I'm 59 years old. I've had a feather pillow since I was 16. When your advertisements came on tv, my husband and daughter insisted on getting me one. I said nope, I've had my pillow for 43 years. I'll never have another pillow!! I took it everywhere with me, if I went on vacation I took It! 

Against my wishes, they ordered me one for my birthday this past July.  I LOVE IT!!!!  From the first night I used the "MyPillow" my neck has been comfortably supported all night long!!! 

I have "old faithful" put up but will never use it again!! MyPillow is the greatest pillow ever!!!! 

– Darlene G.

Thank you, thank you. This is the best pillow ever. I have spent around $200 in the last 2 years hoping that the pillows would be the right pillows, but they were not. But MyPillow works great. Thank you!

– Elaine A.

I just had to comment that the product claims were true. My sleep comfort improved the first night and have continued. 

I had tried everything and this pillow did as promised. I go out of my way to recommend this product to my friends. Enjoy your well-earned success.

– Steven B.

I just want to say that I have had your pillow only 2 weeks and I am so impressed I wish I would have ordered sooner. Thank you, Mr. Pillow, and by the way, I spent 19 years in southern Minnesota before moving to Southern California 

– Ann P.

Just wanted to say thanks for a great product, I bought 2 my pillows (1 for myself and 1 for my wife) about 2 years ago. 

Low and behold I never knew how important they were gonna be. Right after I got them I had to undergo several surgeries over the next year. MyPillow's comfort really helped the suffering I was going through at the time. So I just wanted to say thank you.

– Robert B,

Just wanted to let you know that I love your pillow! I have complained for months that I needed a new one....mine was my boyfriend bought me one. 

Terrific pillow and really appreciate the Bible quote that was in the package! Nice touch!

– Barbara R.

I want to thank you for MyPillow. My wife and I bought four of them nine years ago.  I can"t tell you how much better we sleep.  We bought four so we can have two for home and two for our RV.  We won't leave home without our MyPillow. 

Just want you to know how much we enjoy them. 

– Ed S.

You won me over! It IS the most comfortable pillow I've ever slept on. After a month, it's still as plump and adjustable as on day one. 

Confession: I was in the home furnishings market for 20+ years, in product development and marketing for pillows and mattress pads. I thought this would be another shredded foam pillow that was too hot. Not at all! I'm excited that it washes well. Good job, Mike!

– Dee L.

Just wanted to tell you that I finally bought your pillow and I could not be happier! It is everything you claim it to be. 

I am finally able to get a comfortable night's sleep! I recommended to all my friends and family to try your pillow for themselves and see what I am talking about. 

Once again, thanks again! 

– John M.

We love our pillows and mattress pad!! This is the best night’s sleep we’ve ever had!

– Susan P.

I want to thank the owner and manager of MyPillows.  I have tried for the last 2 months to find a pillow that fit my needs and the customer service has been excellent and has replaced the pillows several times so I could find the correct one, and now I have finally got that resolved. 

GREAT COMPANY AND Christian scripture very PLEASING touch! 

– Angie H

We have returned the original pillows as requested. Yesterday we received the new pillows and immediately put them on our bed. 

So far, so good. I can't thank you and Mike enough for the prompt attention you gave to the problem we had with the original order of pillows, even though it was beyond the guarantee date. Your service was prompt and courteous and regardless of whether the new pillows work for us or not, we will never say a negative word about the MyPillow company.  We wish you and Mike the best in the future. 

– Rosemarie and Al M.

I spoke with a lovely lady, today. She was so nice and very helpful with my order for cases for my travel pillows. 

MyPillow has been the most wonderful gift I have ever given supportive and helps me sleep. Thank you. 

I tell everyone how wonderful they are and am encouraging my family to do the same. I am 83 years old and sleep more comfortably than ever. GOD BLESS AMERICA today on Veteran's Day.

– Peggy N.

Many uncomfortable nights and hard-earned money spent.... That's what I had BEFORE buying MyPillow. I put off buying MyPillow because I thought they were too expensive and probably wouldn't help me anyway. 

After buying 100's of dollars of worthless, uncomfortable pillows, I gave in and purchased MyPillow. I got one with recommended fill and one with the next softer fill. I was so excited when I first felt these pillows. It seemed just what I was looking for. 

This will sound like the 3 Bears story, but after sleeping on them, one was too hard, one was too soft. The fluffiness was SO close to feeling like what I wanted, I didn't want to give up on them. Because I can sew, I opened the pillows and transferred fill from one to the other, to make both pillows the same firmness. Now they are JUST right! 

This probably isn't the kind of review you'd want to share with prospective customers, but I wanted to let you know how glad I am that I tried MyPillow. 

– Susan R.

I love my MyPillows! I have the best night's sleep. 

I also have 3 of your pet MyPillows. I was wondering why, in your commercials, you don't advertise the pet MyPillows? When I bought my first one my two dogs fought over it (didn't really fight, it was more like a rush as to who got to it first) so I had to buy another one. Then we got little Teddy so I had to get yet another one. I am now, unfortunately, down to just Teddy but the other pillows are still out in various parts of the apartment and Teddy always lays on the My Pillow as opposed to a regular pet bed. 

Thank you for inventing the best pillow ever!!

– Joeen M.

I'd just like to let Mike know that I've only had my MyPillow for a little over a week and so far I love it! Just like your commercial says, I fall asleep faster, stay asleep more comfortably and I'm feeling better! 

I couldn't tell you the last time I slept this comfortably for more than a couple days. What an amazing discovery! 

Thank you so much for your product!

– Maureen D.

I bought one just to see if it is true. It is. I have been able to sleep much more comfortably. I would like to buy another but my budget says no. Maybe in the future. 

I would recommend this pillow to anyone. It helps with a great, comfortable night's sleep. A great night's sleep is the start of a great morning.

– Alan T.

I would never have thought a pillow could make such a difference! I thought about it for a while, the cost, it's just a pillow and such. Finally purchased and I sleep much better and wake ready to go (after a cup of coffee).

– Don I.

Everyone in my house started to buy MyPillows, I was last. Now I am an unpaid spokesperson for MyPillow.

 Love it. And, I LOVE the new commercials, they make me laugh every time, way to go, Mike.

– Jorge

I bought my husband his MyPillow a few weeks ago. He now awakes refreshed since he can get soft, comfortable support for his neck all night.

After the first night of sleeping on his MyPillow. I was sold. I had to have one also. I love MyPillow also. 

– Lone S.

I've had my pillows for a few weeks now and they were a pleasant surprise. I've had everything from $5-$125 pillows and they never work. 

Since I got MyPillows, both of us now have our necks softly supported all night, so more pleasant sleep and comfort. 

I recommend MyPillow to anyone who wants more comfortable sleep. It was the best buy I've made in years. Thank you MyPillow.

– Linda A.

After years of seeing commercials about this pillow, I finally sprung for a couple pillows for my husband. (He sleeps with two pillows.) I had backed off several times and bought just about every pillow on the market during this time. 

So when the pillows arrived, I put them on the bed. That night he turns over to me after a little while and says "I can't believe this pillow. I don't want to jinx it by saying anything too soon, but this pillow is wonderful. It fills in where you need it behind your neck and isn't hard, but it is like the foam just knows where to go. It cradles your head", and on and on, raving.

Later he gets up to go to the kitchen and our Yorkie takes over the pillow--he comes back and says "oh no you don't," reclaims the pillow and went on to have the most comfortable night's sleep he has had in years. 

Mr. Lindell, you are a genius. Thanks for all the comfortable nights of sleep we now get. 

– Beverly R.

I have been using the MyPillow for a month now, and it has really made a difference. I honestly thought it was a sales gimmick, but I really do sleep much more comfortably. 

I have washed the pillow and it doesn't fall apart like other pillows. I really wish I bought them when I first heard about them. I do get protective of the MyPillow because of how amazing they are. I would and have recommend them to everyone.

– Brad H.

My mom wanted me to buy her some pillows. She said to order 2 for her and 2 for me, and I did that about a month or so ago. 

We received the pillows fast. And, I have to say they are the best pillows I have ever had. I'm 60 years old and they are great. I will surely recommend them to everyone. Thanks Again.

– Mickey

I bought 2 MyPillows 3 days ago for my wife and I. I first heard of MyPillow through the Sean Hannity radio show. It has been a wonderful last 3 nights of sleep and I'm waking up refreshed.

It seems too good to be true, but this pillow is amazing and I'm hoping to follow up on my testimonial in another couple of weeks when I will have no doubts.

My wife is very happy we finally decided to try this pillow. We both want to thank you, Mike, not only for a great invention but caring enough about people to put your heart's desire into action!!!


– Gary A.

I sent a testimonial before as I am so thankful for the pillow I bought.

Before your pillow, my hands, arms, and neck would be uncomfortable all night. My pillow now provides soft, supportive comfort all night.

I would love for you to create A MyPillow leg pillow for comfortable support of the lower back. My hope is that it would work as well as "MyPillow" works for my neck. Thank you again,

– Tim K.

We bought many expensive pillows. They were not comfortable. I decided to try "MyPillow". It works great. Both my husband and I now use "MyPillow". Thank you for an excellent product.

– Connie S.

My neck was never comfortable with my old pillow. After purchasing your pillow, my neck has been comfortably supported while sleeping. I love MyPillow.

– Charles G.

After years of asking, my husband surprised me with two MyPillows for my birthday. When I opened the boxes up, they were empty. It turns out the last two nights, I’ve been waking up late because I had been sleeping on them!

– Angeline

I can get a good, comfortable night's sleep! Thank you, Mike. Truly a great, great product!

– Jeff M.

For several years, my back would feel uncomfortable at night, so I  thought I needed a new mattress. Purchased and returned two with no improvement, then settled on one that still didn't totally make my back comfortable. I'd wake up lying crossways, with bedding all over the place. Totally unreal! 

Two days ago, my wife casually suggested she'd like to get new pillows. We bought two "medium fill" MyPillows.

 The first morning, I woke up feeling more refreshed and surprisingly, the bedding was intact. Today, woke up refreshed and my back was comfortable all night!!!

Today, we're buying two more MyPillows for our RV and two more for each of our daughters for a Christmas present. Now I feel bad about returning all those new mattresses. Thanks, Mike, you changed my life.

– James McD.

Quite often, I would awake each morning not feeling refreshed. I received MyPillow two days ago. For two mornings now, I have awakened refreshed and ready to go. Amazing! And wonderful! What a relief.

– Victoria J.

We love our MyPillows. We both have one. We always had to fold our old pillows over and we never got a good night's sleep. Now that we have our MyPillows, we sleep a lot more comfortably.  

I am going to buy ones that we can take with us when we go on vacation.

– Sue E.

After trying several other pillows (that did not work), I decided to buy "MyPillow". The first time I used it, it was so comfortable that I fell asleep right away and when my alarm clock went off, I was still asleep for over an hour and 10 minutes past the set time. My neck was comfortable all night long, so it did not wake me up during the night. 

This pillow is a miracle and everyone should buy one or more. I plan to buy another one for my husband. Thank you for making such a great pillow.

– Karen M.

I have had MyPillow for a few weeks now.  I ordered one for me and one for my daughter as she needs to spend a fair about of time in bed. She takes her MyPillow every place she goes.

When I can afford a MyPillow Mattress, maybe I will get one of those. I have also ordered 2 more pillows for my husband and my mother-in-law. Thank you for a wonderful product.

– Diane O.

Got MyPillow for our son who's a truck driver. He says that he sleeps much more comfortably now!! Great gift idea for all those truckers out there.

– Betty H.

Ever since I started using MyPillow, I have slept so comfortably...I've thrown out all my old pillows and replaced them with MyPillows!!!

– Diana B.

Your pillow is terrific. My neck is much more comfortable. I am recommending your pillow to all my family and friends. 

Thanks Mike for a great product.

– Vic J.

Our daughter gave her father a MYPILLOW. He loves it and sleeps much more comfortably. We are 86,  (living in overtime). We also love your ads. They make us smile, just like you. Your Ads are the best. We also like your smile. It is so genuine. 

Keep up the good work. P.S. I must get myself a MYPILLOW. 

– Freda M.

Have used our pillows for over 6 months. It was a change from what we were used to. Our old ones were flat (poly-fill), but started out full. 

We opted for the next firmness down, since my son had bought the firm one and it was too much for us. It was the right choice. It takes getting used to MyPillow because of the fullness of it compared to a regular pillow. But once you do...... I can’t wait to get “embraced“ by it at bedtime. It’s like it hugs you. Much better than any other pillow at any price. Try it. You’ll love it. We do. Thanks, Mike.

– Lee M.

We just bought our 14th MyPillow. We also have had 3 of the mattress toppers. 

I am cool and sleep comfortably all night with the toppers. I sleep all night refreshed with a comfortable neck with the pillows. We have them everywhere, even at our winter home. 

My Mom used them in her care home for her comfort while being in bed. My guests have them when they stay with us and they come out the next morning and ask where we got our pillows. I swear by them and hopefully will never have to buy another brand of pillow the rest of my life. Thank you, MyPillow, for being there.

– Dianna

My fiance and I were very skeptical at first. We decided to buy MyPillow and do not regret it. The first night's sleep was like sleeping on air. We really love MyPillow and the way it conforms to your head ... We wake up feeling well rested and no more uncomfortable necks... Thank you, MyPillow.

– Gina C.

I don't have to read the testimonials from others to know the great above the good. We made a decision to purchase your king size firm for our Cal King, and to each and every one of you who has had a hand in making our pillows, I tip my hat... saying nothing else but WOW, what a difference. 

Yesterday, I told my wife to purchase 2 more sets. I know that when our daughters come home for the holidays, they too will notice the difference. Bravo Zulu to each and every one of you keeping up the Outstanding American Made product. USNavy Ret.

– Ricardo M.

Back in August, I purchased a Medium Fill MyPillow for my wife's birthday. She loves the pillow. So yesterday we were out shopping and happened to be in the same store where I purchased hers. I decided to get my own MyPillow. I got the Firm Fill & my first night using it was great. I did not miss my Memory Foam pillow at all. Look forward to many years with MyPillow. Thanks.

– Douglas T.

I want to start by saying that Mike's pillows are the BEST pillows I have ever purchased! I am extremely happy with them. 

I am very picky and serious in my quest for a comfortable sleep experience. I have bought many pillows in different sizes for my husband and I. I ONLY buy Mike's pillows now, so I treasure them. 

We just experienced the horrible Hurricane Harvey and the storm flooded us out. I lost a few of Mike's pillows, and it's been more devastating than losing my appliances and furniture!! 

I had to go buy "MY PILLOW" at a store that had them and was so disappointed. ALL of them were already bought. These pillows will become your favorite and no others will take their place! Thank you, Mike, for your insight on what a pillow should be.

– Betty H.

To start with, I never trust most if not all products sold on TV. I told my wife not to buy anything like that, it's a rip-off. 

My father-in-law, however, never listened to me and bought them for us for Christmas. All I can say, thank God he didn't listen. 

It's been 8 months now and I find I awake feeling great, which makes my days so much better. Not saying it would work for everyone, but it worked for me. Thank you for creating this great product.

– Steven G.

I just ordered for the first time. I will love if it helps me get more comfortable sleep. I can't wait until they arrive.

– Dawna C.

I recently bought two Queen-size MyPillows, one for me and one for a friend. The pillow is just right, not too hard not too soft. It cushions my head and neck just right and affords me a good night's sleep. 

I recommend MyPillows to everybody.

– William M.

My husband and I received two queen MyPillows and we love them.....they are well worth the money spent and we are telling all our family and friends about them. 

Best investment we ever made, we are sleeping well given the great, soft support for our necks, and we wake up rested. Thank you MyPillow.

– Lynne

My husband had a difficult time sleeping comfortably at night and was very hard on pillows. (buying new ones every few months because they lost their shape). 

Now with his new MyPillow, he is sleeping comfortably through the night. He also wakes up feeling more well rested. This pillow has been a godsend. Thank you MyPillow....

– Sharon R.

This is the best pillow you will ever use. Since buying MyPillow, my neck has been supported and comfortable all night long

Mike, now you need to make a mattress for my back! Thanks, Mike!

– Jeffrey A.

I have tried so many pillows over the years. I paid $200 for a pillow in the past and I swore by it, but it got hot during the night. 

I have to say this pillow right out of the box does not compare to what it is after you wash and dry it. It is my cloud to go to sleep on. In the last two nights, I have had the most comfortable sleep in years. 

I have to say that for me, it is total relaxation.

– Debra F.

I recently purchased a set of MyPillows. At 58 years of age, these pillows were life-changing. Not only do I sleep more comfortably, I wake up every morning feeling refreshed. They are amazing and I have been recommending them to everyone.. Truly amazing!!!

– Kay Ki.

After listening to what seemed like thousands of ads on TV for MYPILLOW, I finally gave in and decided to buy one. My biggest mistake is that I didn't get one SOONER! I absolutely LOVE THIS PILLOW!!!!! 

Being a side sleeper, I can "plump" it up to keep my head from "sinking". I have NEVER slept more comfortably in my 70+ year life. I would very highly recommend to everyone that they should try one. 

Don't make the mistake that I did by waiting so long!

– Stephen M.

MyPillow is a miracle. I had bought pillow after pillow, cheap ones, expensive ones, none were comfortable. I had to twist and turn from back to side, fluff up the pillow, and sleep on my arm until I fell asleep. 

I would see your commercial and promise myself that next payday I would get one, hesitated since I couldn't try it out, but after 4 years of seeing and reading about MyPillow, saw them at the local stores, but they looked too thin. When I did order by phone to talk to a live person, I was convinced to try them. 

I saw them in a thin box and thought "these won't work" but after I read that I had to put them in a dryer on high heat for 15 minutes, I did that and they fluffed up and I could mash them down and they still felt firm. 

My first night was such a blessing. I lay my head down on the pillow, pushed it where it was under my neck and touched my shoulders, and couldn't believe I never had to adjust it. I woke up the next morning, my neck felt great, and I had slept the whole night. 

I have had mine now several months and love it. I bought two for my bed to match under my comforter. And the fact that you can launder them is just another plus. 

Also what really convinced me to order was the buy one get one free sale. I have told everyone how wonderful they are. Thank you and your employees for the good work.

– Anna B.

My husband bought me MyPillow. It has been the best thing in the world!! Thank you, MyPillow!,

– Denise L.

We got our my pillows and they are great I don't know why we did not get them before now. I am very very happy -  they are the best1

– Sue E.

I love the MyPillow! I love the way I can arrange it to my own personal comfort level and it stays that way all night. It's the best pillow ever!!! 

Even my dog (a chocolate lab puppy) loves it. He will jump up on the bed and take the pillow and move it from the head of the bed to the middle of the bed and lay on it.... I am constantly moving the pillows back to the head of the bed....My dog won't have anything to do with his little pillow I gave him...

– Holly P.

I bought a "MyPillow" pillow this last September. For many many months beforehand I'd been dealing with neck and shoulder discomfort in the mornings. I tried various types of pillows and nothing helped. 

Watching the commercials with Mike Lindell, I decided to give the "MyPillow" a try. To my amazement, I was able to sleep with my neck and shoulders comfortably supported and wake up refreshed! The "MyPillow" does actually work just as Mike said it would. Thanks, Mike!

– Don B.

I wish we could have known how MyPillow helps my son sleep more comfortably through the night years ago - he never travels without it now. Thanks so much for giving our whole family a good night's sleep!

– Sara

I had heard from a friend that they liked their "my pillow", so I decided to buy 2 for me and my wife. When we got them I really didn't think that they would be any better than the pillow that I already had. After the first night of sleeping on the pillow, I must agree that it is a great pillow.

– Ken T.

Finally I decided to purchase MyPillow and I can not tell you what an immediate difference it made. 

MyPillow was one of the best things I ever did for myself. I will never go back to any other pillow! Worth every dime! Thank you so much.

– Lisa

I bought MyPillow last year and it has been the best pillow I’ve ever had. I have to admit I was skeptical when watching the commercials. I didn’t think something so flexible could be that comfortable. Boy, was I wrong. Love it!!

– Pamela G.

I purchased MyPillow when we took a road trip from Idaho back to Alaska. It took me a few weeks to get used to it, but I love it. 

Last night I offered to let my husband use it to see how he would like it. I slept on his pillow( memory foam).....BIG mistake. I woke up 7 times during the night! I finally got up for work, tired, and not rested at all. 

Needless to say, I'm taking MyPillow back tonight, and my husband will be purchasing one on our next trip to town. Thank you for a comfortable night's sleep!

– Kathy

In the past, I have tried different kinds of pillows and mostly used a feather pillow. I used to take the feather pillow with me everywhere when I traveled. 

About a month ago I broke down and bought "MyPillow". When it first arrived, I said no way. When I opened the pillow I said no way this pillow can do what they say. 

It's been a month now since I started using the "MyPillow" and last week I started to notice I have been getting a more comfortable night's sleep and I noticed my neck is much more supported, so I awake refreshed.

Now this week I am buying my older brother a couple pillows for his birthday so he can enjoy as well. Thanks to MyPillow, life is good again. Thank you, Mike, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you

– Les G.

My husband and I have both tried so many different pillows and we still had horrible issues from bad pillows. 

He surprised me one day by ordering two of your king size MyPillows. From the very first night of using them, we were thrilled with their quality and make. We had some of the most comfortable sleep we've had in a few years! 

Thank you for producing a product that actually does what YOU say it does and is made in the USA. We love to travel so we will be ordering the travel size ones next and also a few for Christmas gifts. God bless you and your company.

– Suzy

Our pillows were near the end of their useful life, so we decided to upgrade. I was a bit skeptical about the claims but decided to give it a go. 

The first night I slept on the MyPillow was the first time in a long time my back was comfortable. Maybe the neck alignment thing really works. Thanks, Mike!

– Lee E.

I just placed my order online based on your commercial and the fact they are made in the USA and as an American, I will buy and support our USA Manufacturers!! Can’t wait to enjoy my new MyPillow once they arrive.

– Gary S.

Love MyPillow. Have three king size PLUS a large doggie bed for our old dog with hip problems. She loves it. Use it at home the put it in our RV so she has it on the road. Need to advertise these pet beds.

– Jean

The first night I slept on MyPillow I slept all the way through the night and woke up at 8:45. I haven't slept this comfortably in years!!! Positively amazing!!!. Thank you MyPillow.

– Martha B.

We have three MyPillows. I actually wanted one for my husband, since it is machine washable ... he has a firm pillow. We got one for me too ... I have a medium, and I love ... it is the best pillow I have ever had! 

I also have a travel pillow! I doubt it will ever really leave home ... I sooooo enjoy using it for reading in bed. So YES ... I love MyPillows ... and I recommend them for everyone!!!

– Tomi R.

We had a chance to try a MyPillow at my brother's this summer. We loved it and came home and bought two king medium firm for us. 

This is our second night sleeping on them and both my husband and I cannot say enough. We are sleeping more comfortably than we have in years. Thank you so much. 

– Carol L.

I was a skeptic for over a year. Four weeks ago both my spouse and I began using our MyPillows, we are sorry we didn’t do this sooner. We are no longer skeptics! Thank you!

– Karen

My wife and I purchased our two pillows to replace our old down pillows. After following the instructions, we settled into our test that night.

 It was great. The pillow never changed shape and kept the form it started with. My second night of sleeping had a small glitch. I was breathing some chemical residue. 

The next day, we put the pillow back into the dryer for thirty minutes. Since then, I have had nothing but perfect nights of sleeping. We are "talking up" the MyPillow to our friends. Extremely happy sleepers!!

– John U.

Was happy to find the local store had one in stock. I left home without MyPillow for a week and didn't want to sleep without it. So now I have three!

– Charlie C.

I LOVE my pillow. I would often have a hard time sleeping because I could not get comfortable, and ever since I bought MyPillow, it's been helping me sleep WAY more comfortably. 

I REALLY recommend that you use MyPillow. It's the best!

– A. R.

I am a BIG guy, 425lbs. I have bought 75 to 100 pillows in the last 20 years, NEVER have I had the comfort that I have had since buying your pillow, OMG it is the best I have ever used.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, and my family thanks you too, bless you.

– Daniel H.

Really like my pillow! I experimented with the different firmnesses when they came to my local store. I ended up with the medium firmness despite sleeping on a feather pillow for a long time. 

Although it took me about a week to get used to the new feel (switching from super soft to more support), I am very happy that I bought it. I definitely feel that the pillow supports me better, especially when sleeping on my side, which I tend to do. 

I recently went on a trip and found myself missing my pillow when I used the hotel pillows, which were very fancy but didn't compare to my pillow for softness and support. I also like the fact that the fill seems to allow circulation because of the separate pieces inside. Initially, I thought it seemed lumpy - but again, have since come to love the feel. 

Writing a review about a pillow is not something I ever anticipated doing but wanted to share my thoughts. Once a person finds their proper firmness and feel, all it takes is a few days to a week and you won't want another pillow. 

Also, I love that it is made in the USA and the company is involved in various charitable endeavors, so a purchase of My Pillow is a win for everyone.

– Laura W.

Love our new pillows. The first one I had was not firm enough. It was easily exchanged - fast and at no additional cost. 

The customer service for this company is fantastic. I'm very happy with the replacement pillow.

– Jayne L.


I am single, retired and have not been able to get one of your pillows yet! But I am looking forward to buying one of your pillows one day. 

Just wanted to let you know that you need to keep on making your own advertisements. I watch Fox News daily and see your advertisements. Most of the time I switch to some other channel when an advertisement comes on! But not yours! 

It is refreshing to see your enthusiasm and joy in presenting your product. And such a delight to see in a few minutes the internal operations in making the pillows. (Just a note of praise to one of your employees! The young girl who is smiling in an up-close shot of her sewing the end of a pillow - I think with the enthusiasm she emits-that you should think about using her in a leadership position!) 

Keep up the good work. Keep up the good advertisements! Such a Joy! A lady from Granite Falls, North Carolina who can finally enjoy a good advertisement on TV! Mike, you are not only a brilliant Entrepreneur but also a great Advertisement Person! 

– Phyllis M.

I wrote a testimonial right after I bought a MyPillow about great it was. Now, a year later I have to write another one. 

My MyPillow is still awesome! It conforms to whatever position I want to sleep in and stays, many mornings I wake up in the exact position I went to bed in. 

Mike, I hope you are a multimillionaire because you deserve every penny! By the way, I bought my mom a MyPillow and she loves it so much, she said when she dies someday she wants to be buried with it! It's that comfortable. Lol! Thanks!

– Brian W.

I know I sound like the commercial but it's true. I have spent my life buying pillow after pillow after pillow from cheap to expensive - foam - feather you name it. 

When MyPillow first came out I cringed at the price but sent for one out of desperation. That was years ago. MyPillow is exactly the same as the day I sent for it. It is the best pillow in the world. 

I just sent for 2 more. One for my mom's home out of town where I visit a lot and one for the other side of the bed. It is the best, regardless of the price. You will not be disappointed.

– Jackie

I've been in and out of so many stores looking for a pillow. So finally in Bed Bath & Beyond with my last return, I decided to give MyPillow a try. 

Let me tell you that was the best thing I ever did. And wait until you hear this: my dogs also love your pillow. They climb over our heads and want to lay on it. And they sleep on it all night long. Maybe you should make a pet version of MyPillow. It truly is a great product, even my husband was hesitant and he bought it for himself and he loves it. 

Thank you for a great product with great neck support, and our dogs sleep all night also.

– Miriam M.

My wife and I loved your pillow. She passed away May, 2017. I now use her MyPillow to cuddle with each night and have comforting dreams I'm still holding her. We were married over 55 years.

– Charles D.

I had a classic MyPillow for about 2 years, but kept thinking there was too much fill in it. I went to a retail store the other day and right past the front door was a stack of medium-fill MyPillows. 

I got one and it is just perfect. No more feeling too propped up and oh's just perfect for me. Not sure you can improve on a perfect pillow.

– Elona

I have tried many pillows, some costing well over $100. My pillow is a comfortable neck and back support savior. Thank you for making such a superior product.

– Gail G.

I am very, very, particular about the pillow I use, and haven't had a comfortable one in several years. This MyPillow is just what I needed.

It supports my neck and I can sleep comfortably for the first time in several years. I ordered two pillows and one of them was too soft, so I called and they made an order and swapped with another one the next day. 

Great product! Great service!!

– Ron

Well here goes. The pillows I had were the same ones Mike talked about in his commercials. Fold the thing and use my arm for support. I bought new MyPillows at a retail store, thinking mine were just worn out and time for new ones. 

Wow what a wake-up call for me. I finally decided to use my head for something other than a hat rack. I bought a king size firm MyPillow. 

I deserved my previous discomfort because I thought no way a pillow could help. Well, I WAS WRONG! MYPILLOW has changed my life, honest to my God. 

You can believe me or not, but if you need soft neck support, you will get a MYPILLOW. I"m so happy I finally came to my senses. 

PLEASE GIVE THIS PILLOW A TRY! You have nothing to lose except why didn't I do this Pillow sooner. Thank you and God bless you Mike for caring about peoples' sleep and fixing it.

– Jappie

Like many of the others who submitted testimonials, my wife and I took the leap and bought the pillows. They really improved our sleep comfort! 

We have recommended them to several friends who purchased them and all of them feel the same way we do, these pillows are awesome! 

Since we were so satisfied with the pillows, we bought the sheets and have been extremely satisfied with them as well! Keep up the great work MyPillow team!!

– Shane B.

Oh My Gosh, I love love love "MyPillow"! I have 19, YES, 19 pillows on my bed and unfortunately, over a period of time, I have tried them all. 

Well, they will just have to LOOK GOOD on the bed. I have found the one for me. 

Thank You so much for all you do for the needy and for taking care of those who are keeping watch over our Country. They certainly need to have some rest. 

I have already talked someone into buying the pillow and they love it as well. May the Lord continue to bless you and your miracle invention.

– Bootsie P.

I just want to say the new commercial is great! 

I bought cheap pillows as when you are on a budget that's what you do, and I bought a travel pillow to scrunch under my neck, and a body pillow to try, and nothing! 

After the commercial, I made a promise to save up and order! So please keep the promo going. Thank you.

– Linda P.

Indeed you Pillow is as wonderful as claimed!!! Rare today!

– Yvonne V.

The past year or so, I would sometimes wake up and not be able to get back to sleep. I borrowed my husband's MyPillow from our camping trailer, and from the very first night, I can go right back to sleep every time. 

I have gotten my own MyPillow and am always telling others about my experience. It's amazing ! Thank you, Mike!!!

– Alice R.

I bought a MyPillow just last Tuesday. As of Wednesday, my neck was comfortable through the night. Honestly, I can't believe it myself but it is true.

– Freida B.

This is my third MyPillow, and I have never in all of my years had a better pillow. A great company to deal with if you have questions and their integrity is spot on.

– Gina K.

Great pillows! No more fooling with my old pillows, fitting them around my head. I wish I had not waited so long to get them. thanx for making these things!

– Walt

My husband bought the MyPillow for himself, so I decided to try it. Needless to say, he's not getting his pillow back! The support I get for my neck is great1 Thanks!

– Jackie R.

My husband and I have never bought a product off of a tv commercial before, but, I thought Mike Lindell sounds sincere, so we will try it. 

I bought a MyPillow from our local store and the first night I was sold on it. It was amazing, how I could contour it to my neck and head. 

I went out the next week and bought the second one for my husband and he loves it too. 

Thanks Mike, for being honest about your product and caring enough to help people. Sincerely a thankful Canadian neighbor!

– Janice H.

I cannot believe how well this pillow has worked for me. I recommend this to anyone who needs soft support for their neck.

– Karen D.

I own a pair of your pillows and love them. Your commercial on TV with just the music and video is the best commercial ever produced on TV. Thanks, Marilyn

– Marilyn H.

At first very skeptical, but broke down and bought two. The claim that they give you a comfortable night's sleep is right on.

My wife and I are spreading your claim. Thank you, Mr. Pillow.

– Thomas C.

I waited 2 weeks before giving this testimonial. I must say this is finally the pillow for me. I have spent many days and lots of dollars looking for a pillow to fit my needs.

I bought the premium king size. I have broad shoulders and need good neck support at night, so I thought it would be best. 

It is not as bulky as I had hoped, but I put it in a zip queen size cover so that did the trick. It does keep its shape well, but by the morning it flattens a little. But no big deal, flip and it is good as new. 

I am very pleased with this pillow and was very happy with the cost. It certainly is not the most I have paid for a pillow, but it is by far the best that I have ever tried. 

If you are like me and are not sure at first, give it a try, You won't be sorry. I will look to MyPillow in the future. Thank you so very much.

– Shawn G.

I love this pillow! This pillow is so supportive and comfortable! My neck and shoulders feel softly supported all night! 

It's so good to be able to sleep more comfortably and wake up refreshed. I am recommending this pillow to all my friends.

– Courtney

I love this pillow! This pillow is so supportive and comfortable! My neck and shoulders feel softly supported all night! 

It's so good to be able to sleep more comfortably and wake up refreshed. I am recommending this pillow to all my friends.

– Courtney

After seeing you on Fox News many times, I bought my wife one of your pillows. That was three months ago, and she has slept comfortably with her neck softly supported ever since. 

We were married 64 years in August I am 84 years old, so you know we have had several different pillows. We never had pillows as comfortable as MyPillow. After trying my wife's pillow, I got one for myself. It took several times seeing you on tv, but it was worth it. 

I guess the saying is true (he who whispers down a well about the goods he has to sell doesn't make the shining dollars like he who climbs a tree and hollers). We love our pillows!!!

– Harold B.

Before I bought a MyPillow, my normal sleep habits ran in sleep sessions of 3 or 4 hours. A typical day/night would be: tune in to Perry Mason when it comes on at 10 pm. Wake up about 3 or 4 am & have some coffee and breakfast, read my email & surf the net for awhile. Perry Mason comes on again at 8 am and, again, I'd tune in and try to make it to the dramatic courtroom confession. Wake up about noon or so and putter around 'til my 4pm nap. Wake up about 7 or 8 pm and wait for Perry at 10 pm. Rinse and repeat. 

I've always been able to fall back asleep easily after waking, so I could tweak my sleep schedule if I wanted to and extend my sleep session as needed. Now, after getting a MyPillow, my sleep sessions are 7-8 hours long. I awake fully rested & refreshed. 

This has really messed with my routine, as I now frequently “oversleep” and miss my morning session of Perry Mason. As I lay my head down at night, the MyPillow is so cool and comfortable, I now usually fall asleep before the conclusion of my nighttime episode of Perry Mason. I love my MyPillow, but would you please send me daily e-mails and tell me who-done-it?

– Pat

I have never written a review so soon after purchasing a new product in my life. But I feel the need to do so today. 

We have purchased more pillows over the last 2 years than I am willing to admit to. Down, memory foam, and bamboo style pillows. You name it, we've bought it all with no luck in sleeping more comfortably.

 My wife begged me to buy the MyPillow. Well, I finally caved in and bought us both a MyPillow, a Blue and a White. This was the last resort purchase to find sleeping comfort. 

The next morning when we woke up it was an OMG moment for the both of us. We slept like babies! We can't even remember when we've slept so comfortably.

I sleep on my back. The MyPillow cradles my head with such softness. My wife sleeps on her side, she said it feels like her head is resting on a cloud.

Mike, I want to thank you 1000 times over. I should have bought your pillow first. I genuinely recommend this pillow to all who need a new pillow and a comfortable night's sleep. Don't make the mistake I made and buy a MyPillow today. The MyPillow is truly amazing!

– Mark and Lisa L.

Amazing, Amazing the pillows are great. We bought two pillows two months ago. We are sleeping like two new-born babies. MyPillow is unreal.

 Thanks again for your great pillow. By the way, we love your commercials. Congrats on your success. 

– Michael B.

Absolutely the best pillow I’ve ever owned.

– Susan R.

I don't plan to sleep to without MyPillow. I love it

– Judith D.

I bought MyPillows for everyone in my family and we love them!!! Best pillow ever. Love your new commercial also....inspiring.

– Sheila C.

I had trouble getting a pillow to fit in the nape of my neck and positioned under my head comfortably, so I tossed and turned most of the night. 

We purchased the MyPillow and I sleep so comfortably now! I wake up feeling great since my neck was supported all night long. MyPillow is my miracle! 

Thank you for working so hard to help us.

– Sheila S.

My husband and I both also had doubts because you never know if something is really as good as they advertise it to be. But you really can believe Mike Lindell (the inventor of MyPillow). 

Oh my gosh, our friends told us recently about these pillows and after buying and trying them, we will never buy any other kind of pillow. They honestly do give you a comfortable nights sleep, and everyone needs that. 

We are so happy we finally decided to try these pillows, we will never be without them. Thank you, Mike Lindell, God Bless You!!

– Trish S.

WOW! For the first time so many years, I'm sleeping like a baby on "MyPillow." I doubted the claims but decided to try one anyway. I'm sold. Get one for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

– Cynthia G.

I purchased a medium fill Standard/Queen MyPillow and slept well for the first two nights. Wish I could maneuver my pillow the way Mike Lindell does on the commercials. 

After pushing the pillow aside for several months, I decided to cut a slit in the pillow and remove some of the filling--seems the pillows are overstuffed. Since removing some of the filling, I'm able to sleep so much better!

– Jackie B.

I saw many months ago on some website that the 'MyPillow' was $100. I just didn't feel it was worth it for a pillow. Then I found a good MyPillow promotion!! I had to try it. 

The first night I used it was awesome. I love the feel, the cool feeling of the pillow and not having to turn it over to get the cooler side. I bought the 'Firm Support, Queen' version of the pillow. (Its also come in a softer version.) 

Man, when I woke up in the morning I realized my neck had been comfortably supported through the night. I felt rested and refreshed and grateful. 

I can't believe its just a pillow that has helped me so very much. I absolutely love the MyPillow. Support is perfect and now I'm actually relaxed getting into bed anticipating a comfortable night's sleep. 

If I knew then what I know now I would buy it in a second for the full price. Money well spent and I seriously thank you, Michael J. Lindell, for this product that's making a difference in my life.

– Brian D.

I love MyPillow! I've tried pillow after pillow. The price stopped me but I finally gave in and got a MyPillow. 

Now I'm sleeping comfortably all night. Last night I woke up hot, flipped the pillow over and fell asleep instantly. Wow! Thank you for MyPillow!

– Karen A.

I bought one pillow for myself. My husband said he can sleep on anything so I didn't get another pillow. When I got my pillow I found it was a little too firm for me even though I answered the questions and thought I was getting a perfect fit. My husband then decided he wanted a pillow so I gave him the firmer pillow and ordered another pillow a little softer for myself. 

Once I got it I fell in love with it. I was so grateful for my pillow - it was like laying my head on a cloud.......thank you so much for such a great pillow.

I won't leave home without my pillow. I never thought a pillow could change my overall quality of life but it really does. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. the way my husband is now a MyPillow guy too.

– Kim

My husband literally dragged me in the MyPillow store. I hesitantly went to the store and went through the process of selecting the correct pillow. I was also skeptical because of the price, but the money-back guarantee made me feel better about it. 

My husband also brought a pillow, which is a bit firmer than mine. I'm so in love with my pillow that I wrote MOM on it to ensure we don't get our pillows mixed up! BEST PURCHASE EVER! So much so, I plan to get pillows for the kid's bedrooms as well as the guest rooms. Thanks, MyPillow and thank you to my husband for dragging me in the store!

– Cynthia R.

About 3 months ago I bought 3 MyPillows. I really love them and how I can pull them to the right position for comfort. 

One month ago I purchased the bed topper, Heavenly comfort. I no longer have to find a comfortable position to support my back. For the first time in years no matter how I lay in bed it is pure comfort. 

I was thinking of a new mattress but no longer have to spend so much for one

– Gloria Z.

My husband & I have been enjoying our "MyPillows" for over 2 years. And we often find our miniature Schnauzer laying behind our decorative pillows--on our pillows, when we return home--note--she would never get up till we called her. 

Today, however, upon returning home we were surprised. She had pulled the "MyPillow" away from the others on our unmade bed. It looked like she made her own recliner. The left side of the pillow was standing tall about 15" with her head resting there--almost in a sitting position. Her lower half slouched down over the rest of the pillow. She did not move a muscle when I entered the room. I took photos--still motionless! It was then I realized that she'd been seeking out the MyPillow when the bed was made. Wish I could share the photos!

– Pat R.

Received my pillows yesterday and used them last night for the first time. Woke up this AM and can say had a wonderful night's sleep and feel more comfortably rested than I have in a long time.

– Ray D.

I heard the advertisement on TV so much that I thought I would buy one and try it out making sure I could return it if I didn't like it! I had been using 2 pillows that got flat after use and I couldn't fluff them up. 

When I bought MyPillow, I used it the first night, then the second night and by the third night, I knew I was going to keep it! It fluffed up and kept its shape through the night! I love MyPillow! Thanks!

– Nancy M.

Absolutely the best pillow I've ever bought in my entire life hands down. I used to buy a new pillow every 2 to 3 months to try to get comfortable support for my neck. I guess I never knew what a comfortable night's sleep was until I bought the MyPillow. 

After the very first night of using it, I knew without a doubt I would never own another pillow again. I will be a forever customer. I have only had it for about a month now so we'll see how long it holds up but I know the next pillow I buy will be a MyPillow.

– Bill H.

Thank you so much and God Bless you for creating the most wonderful pillow! Praise the Lord, and my credit card was able to handle one of the most worthwhile purchases I have ever made! For the fifth night in a row, I have slept comfortably and actually look forward to going to bed. 

Thanks for the Bible verse as well. People like you keep people like me moving forward. 

– Judy F.

Thank You, Mike. I truly believe your inspiration has helped many people like myself. 

For years I have always had issues with regular pillows. Always tossing and turning to adjust the pillow. I tried all kinds of pillows and then memory foam pillows. They were all the same. 

I heard about MyPillow on the Sean Hannity show. I was desperate. Oh, my Lord. I have never slept more comfortably. I lay my head on MyPillow and it's like soft hands caressing my head. It's so amazing. I even sleep in sometimes now because I don't want to leave MyPillow. I tell everyone I know now.

– James H.

I purchased a MyPillow approximately 6 months ago and have woken up feeling no discomfort in my neck since the purchase. Thank you, this pillow has been a life changer (literally).

– Tim W.

My husband and I ordered two of these pillows about seven months ago and, like some of the other testimonials say, "We were hooked from the first night!" 

The pillow is amazingly comfortable and adjustable. I liked it so much that I ordered another for my 90-year-old mother and she also loves it. 

I have only had one problem--the directions say to wash about every three months. The first time I washed and dried the pillows according to directions, they turned out wonderfully. I just washed them again for the second time yesterday and, as I opened my dryer, I noticed little pieces of foam all over the place. When I checked the pillows, I noticed that on my husband's pillow one of the seams all the way around the pillow had big loose loops instead of tight stitching. One of the corners was completely open,(hence all the leaking foam pieces.) I'm sure the pillow came this way, as mine is still sewn tightly, but I just did not notice it when I first took it out of the package. (An inspector where they are made should have definitely noticed this defect!) 

I am going to order two more pillows--one for my husband to replace this defected one and another as a backup for me. I will definitely inspect them closely before I use them, but please believe me when I say, that except for this one flaw, we are more than happy with our MyPillows!

– Arlene M.

I have wasted money on different pillows. I actually have 8 on my bed. I recently got a MyPillow and the first night I slept comfortably all night. I recommend this pillow to everyone. and will be ordering more.

– Fernando C. wife and I have had MyPillow for a week now and we both love and think this is the most awesome pillow. We have the most comfortable, long sleep and even better, our MyPillow has given amazing support for my wife's lower back.

– Juan T.

We have purchased at least 10 pillows in just under a year due to needing good support for our neck and back. Have even paid twice as much as MyPillow and sent them back until now. 

Thank you to everyone at MyPillow! We can now sleep comfortably at night. I adjust MyPillow just before I lay down and that’s all it takes. MyPillow has truly changed our lives and made laying in bed comfortable again.
– Russ

Summer of 2014, my husband died suddenly and I had to take over our company, keep 26 employees employed and grieve all at the same time. We had been very happy, our last conversation was filled with laughter and ended with "I love you" from both to each. My stress level skyrocketed and I was having problems sleeping comfortably.

Then one day I was talking to my terrific daughter-in-law, Karin. She said she had been having trouble sleeping comfortably and had decided to try one of the pillows after seeing your commercials. 

Well that was good enough for me. Only, I didn't want to wait, so I went to my local store that evening and bought a pillow. And what a difference it made. 

I have replaced four of my old pillows and have four more "MyPillows" to purchase. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. 

PS ~ Even my dreams of my husband have come back, now that I sleep comfortably all night. And that is a wonderful side effect for which "thank you" doesn't even come close to how I feel.

– Franci P.

I'm a senior citizen and I have to say that my husband's and my sleep comfort has never been better. No more uncomfortable necks, yeah! We even travel with them. 

Our whole extended family now has them and no complaints. Thank you for your product.

– Candyce K.

I finally ordered MyPillow! One for me and one for my husband. My only regret is that we waited so long! I sleep comfortably through the night. No more waking up turning my pillow over because it's too hot! 

My husband loves his too! Thank you so much! I will be a walking advertisement.

– Faith J.

I tried a lot of different mattresses and some very expensive pillows. None of them helped. I purchased a firm MyPillow, as the website said, according to my weight and sleep position, and my back is very comfortably supported. The firm MyPillow helps me sleep more comfortably. 

Thank You so much for a pillow that helps me sleep comfortably and feel better. It is such a blessing, to me!

– Bertis M.

A product that actually meets all expectations. My wife and I ordered two pillows, using the "two-for-one" promotion. They arrived quickly and we immediately felt the difference. 

Comparing Mypillow to a regular pillow is like comparing a bespoke custom suit to something off the rack. An unexpected benefit is that unlike memory foams, the pillow seems to breathe and remains cool throughout the night while maintaining an even, constant and comfortable support. 

The standard MyPillow is smaller and not intended to double as a prop-up cushion. I would recommend purchasing an additional set of these pillows if you want more coverage or leg support etc. 

MyPillow truly is the best pillow you can buy and a purchase you will not regret.

– Lee R.

I've been using the pillow over 2 months and I have nothing to say about you can always say, "oh my pillow is too hard, soft, hot"...but I just sleep and don't really even think about it. 

It's probably the best pillow I've ever used. Feels cool even on hot days, just right and can't seem to come up with any other description. Is that odd?

– Mark

This pillow is the best pillow I've ever owned! The key, though, is making sure that you get the correct fill! 

I had ordered them a couple of times before, but the fill wasn't correct, no fault of MyPillow for sure!  I like a firmer pillow with some give, so I am now perfectly suited to two king pillows with FIRM fill ... LOVE< LOVE< LOVE THEM!!!! 

When they start getting wimpy, follow the directions for washing and drying and they're PERFECT again. Thanks!!

– Terri

OMG! After watching this commercial for a long time I saw MyPillow and told the salesman about my wants. Never have I been able to find a pillow with the support I want for my neck. 

After buying MyPillow and sleeping on it the first night I said no way, this can't be true after one night. So after about a week, I am now blown away how comfortably I sleep and still can't believe how my neck is supported. 

Mike you have saved me in many ways. Thank you so very much for this product. Anyone can contact me and confirm. I can sleep comfortably again.

– Gary K.

As a scientist, I am trained to be skeptical. But my wife bought two, and we have enjoyed the most comfortable night's sleep in years! 

We are in our 70's. As an inventor myself, I understand how difficult it is to bring an invention to the market. Thanks for sticking to your dream!

– Henry M.

At first, I thought the price of the pillows were too expensive and I could purchase other pillows at a lower price. 

After I purchased the 4-pillow special and slept using my pillows, I would have gladly paid more. There's something about waking up each morning after a restful sleep.

– Elizabeth

I bought MyPillows for my daughter and son-in-law cause they had tried a lot of expensive pillows that didn't work.

They loved them, so I bought myself some, I love them!!! My son and daughter-in-law tried a lot of different pillows. I bought them MyPillows, they love them. 

Went to visit my brother, took my pillow with me as I always do. He and his wife were complaining about their pillows, let them try mine, they loved them. Needless to say, I bought them some too. I tell everyone how good your pillows are!!! 

Thank you for all you do, and especially for making them in America!!!

– Sheila P.

Some of our church members went to Houston to help with the disaster relief. As I was making my 'bed' on the floor of the church we would be staying at, a man came up to me and offered me a MyPillow, he said someone had donated 500 or 5,000, I don't remember which. 

I told him I use a special pillow - one that is basically flat with an indention for the head to lay in so my neck has support. 

He told it was his last pillow and if I didn't like it, just leave it when I went back home, so I accepted. Just looking at it, it looked like any other pillow I had tried. But I tried it that first night. 

After that one night, I arose refreshed the next morning with no discomfort. I thought it may have been a fluke since I was so tired. But I have used it every night since and my neck continues to get the support I want.

– Larry A.

I retired back in February and relocated to Philadelphia from New York. Back in August, I moved into my new home and one of the first things I did was purchase a new bed and new pillows. I must say that I was impressed by the commercials and testimonials so much that I purchased two MyPillows. 

Wow! What a difference! I haven't had a night with such comfortable pillows in years! No breaking in period - just perfect from the start! I highly recommend these and rest assured, I will be purchasing more! Thanks, MyPillow!

– Barbara A.

Slept on my pillows first-time last night. Slept like a baby! Didn't wake up during the night to adjust my pillow. Would recommend these pillows to anyone. Not a cheap pillow but worth every cent.

– Steve P.

My boyfriend and I had been looking to get new pillows and we had seen the commercial many times. I have to say I was hesitating about buying the pillow, wondering if it really was any good. 

So my boyfriend decided to buy us the pillows and let me tell you they are the best pillows I have ever owned. We had tried all kinds of pillows and all were not good at all. 

This pillow gives us a comfortable night's sleep and we wake up feeling refreshed. MyPillow is the best and after having my doubts I am very happy my boyfriend bought the pillows. MyPillow is the best to own.

– Kathy L.

I was very skeptical about this pillow as I've tried so many over the years. This was my third night with MyPillow. I have had INCREDIBLE comfort. This pillow is the very best you will ever find anywhere.

– Mark F.

Just wanted to thank you, Mike, for being so diligent at wanting to create the absolutely most comfortable pillow I have ever had the pleasure of sleeping on. 

It is amazing. I am a server and my job is non-stop every day, and every hour I'm at work. So of course for me to be able to get a comfortable night's sleep is very important towards being able to be productive. 

I purchased an expensive mattress and there was no difference in the amount of comfortable sleep I got. Then I saw your commercial and was so glad. I haven't had any uncomfortable nights since the day I received my first pillow. 

Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait to be able to try the sheets and pillowcases.

– Connie T.

I noticed a marked improvement after using the MyPillow on the first night, and by the third night, I was sleeping very comfortably.

I will never be without MyPillow! It absolutely works, worth every penny and you will not be disappointed.

– John H.

I can't thank you enough for coming up with MyPillow! I went through 5 different kinds of pillows to try to find comfortable sleep with no success. 

My husband saw your commercial and decided to try MyPillow for me. I thank God for MyPillow and the comfortable sleep I can get now. I'm constantly referring people to try the MyPillow and buying for gifts! Keep up the good work!

– Sharon D.

I generally sleep on my back or right side, but was having issues getting comfortable. I got a MYPILLOW and was able to shape a cavity in the pillow so my face and the rest of my head enjoyed comfortable support. Thanks, Mike!!!

– Gregg S.

MyPillow has improved my comfort and allows me to sleep comfortably with my neck supported.  I love MyPillow. I wish you would come up with some kind of pillowcase that keeps it cooler in hot weather, something that could be removed in cool or cold weather. Where I live in NE Washington State our temp can swing over 100%.

– Donald L.

I've bought about six by now. They're wonderful! Here's why....I've tried every type of pillow to help support my neck at night over the last 20 years. When I first saw your commercial I thought; Well, I've tried everything else!" I gave your pillow a chance. 

I cannot thank you enough. I NEVER expected to finally buy a pillow that supports my neck, is washable, dryable, and durable! Well done! A great product at last!

– Leslie B.

When our order that we placed at the state fair was lost, I contacted customer support. They placed a new order for our pillows at no charge and had them delivered within 2 days! Excellent work!

– Kerry

After seeing these on television for some time, I decided to act and purchased two. When they arrived today, I placed them in the dryer per the instructions and put on the pillowcases I purchased separately. The moment my head made contact, I was literally astonished at how supportive they are. 

My father, who is 70, tried the second one and is blown away! I wish I had ordered these earlier. 

Thank you for so much for a great product, I only wish I knew about it sooner! Have to order (4) more for my parents before it's too late! God Bless You!

– Brian H.

I received my "MyPillow" yesterday. Hmmm, looked like every other pillow I've tried...only to be disappointed. So, I promised myself not to jump into bed right away but wait 'til bedtime. 

Ooookay, at bedtime, I lay down and I was flat poleaxed! I don't EVER remember such a comfortable nights sleep. Only problem now is that I CANT GET OUT OF BED! Thanks, Mike.

– Becky B.

I have been sleeping on MyPillow every night for four years. Every night I fluff from the sides. And every night when I lay my head down I let out a sigh of relief. It's like laying my head on a cloud. I have NEVER slept as comfortably as I do with MyPillow.

– Trish M.

We survived Hurricane Irma just a bit north of Tampa and wanted you to know that we took our pillows into our homemade "bunker" in the closet. Comfort and safety. 

Blessed, we are blessed and we love our pillows!!!

– Pam N.

I got my MyPillow last Christmas and I really love it. I only got one though so there is a fight for it every night between my boyfriend and me. Saving up for two more this Christmas!

– Elizabeth

I love my pillows. Best I've had in 40 years. Shipping not really fast, but love pillows. Worth wait!!! 

Ordered two different fills, swapping with hubby now and again. Would recommend highly! I am very thrifty, yet need support for my neck. My neck is more comfortable. I also gave these pillows several months. So I love my pillow. I'm just a customer from Georgia.

– Amy S.

We bought two MyPillows many years ago and they have been stellar. 

Mike,  nothing, absolutely nothing would work when I tried to sleep comfortably because I had to put something between my knees for comfort.

I finally was about to give it up when my darling wife in all of her Biblical humility, offered me her MyPillow to put between my knees to see if it was comfortable. Wa la, I now am comfortable when I use it because it cushions the knee so well. 

So far she is missing her pillow but being the woman she is she is willing to do without for a while. I offered her mine and she said she could handle it for a while. Just saying, may Jesus bless your socks off and all who work for you. Thanks!

– Larry S.

Where do I begin? For years, my wife bought every new "fluff bag" that hit the market. Foam, gel, bamboo, feathers, down, husks... everything. Nothing worked. 

So then we thought, maybe we are not spending enough to get a quality pillow? So we tried the name brand, the exclusive, the spa and rejuvenating, wasting more hard-earned money on wasted efforts. 

Then we bought two MyPillows. What a wonderful change it has been. My wife and I both sleep comfortably and wake refreshed, ready to face another day. You, my friend, are a Godsend. Thank you for an outstanding product and for rest... sweet, wonderful rest.

– J.J.

I have been meaning for almost a year to write this review, and was on the site to order a body pillow for my granddaughters birthday next month, her request for her gift, so here it is. 

In November 2016, MyPillow was at a local store. I told my husband lets go look at the MyPillows, he said: "no, it is just a scam"! I told him I was going anyway because my old pillow was completely worn out and I had been wanting to try a MyPillow for months, so he reluctantly agreed to go. 

As we arrived at the MyPillow demonstration booth, my husband had that look of "you will never convince me" on his face. The guy who was doing the demonstration was very patient and showed us how to use the pillow.

We bought the 2-pack of MyPillows, took them home, fluffed them in the dryer and went to bed soon after. The next morning I felt like I had slept more comfortably than I had in years, my neck was supported and I awoke refreshed.

I asked my husband how he liked the pillow, he said he also had slept more comfortably than he had in a really long time, so he was sold and we kept the pillows. 

We told our son and daughter-in-law about it the next morning and they also went and bought a pack of MyPillows, and so did our daughter-in-law's parents. They all loved the pillows! 

We purchased MyPillows for our younger son and his girlfriend, and for all 3 of our grandchildren for Christmas last year, and they all loved the pillows. I wasn't sure if our younger son would like the MyPillow or not, he was using an expensive memory foam pillow.  After he had slept on the MyPillow for a couple of nights, he also said he had slept more comfortably than he had in a very long time. 

I don't think anyone could wrangle our MyPillows from any of us! We tell everyone about MyPillow and how it improved our lives and as a result, many people we know have purchased a MyPillow for themselves. We have had so many people thank us for recommending My Pillow to them.

– H.T.

I purchased My Pillow a week ago. I haven't slept this comfortably in years. I wake up refreshed since my neck has the needed support. 

Thank you for making such a wonderful product, well worth the cost.

– Renee

My wife got one for Xmas last year and she said it was the best gift she ever got. I took it and used it when she went out of town. 

When she came home, she found the 4-pack I had to order. It was the best sleep I got in years! IDK if it was the pillow or her gone. JK -  it was really the pillow. Thanks for the great product.

– Brad

MyPillow is the best part of going to bed at night. We are retired, and travel often. The worst part of staying in a hotel or a cruise ship is that the pillows are not as comfortable as MyPillow. I generally love vacationing, but when I return home--the first night's sleep is great because I get to sleep on My Pillow! 

Great product and I love that its made in the USA!

– Lisa R.

I'm usually not one to write anything at all about products I purchase, good or bad. But my daughter bought me a king size MyPillow for my birthday 2 weeks ago and I have to say it is "THE MOST COMFORTABLE" pillow I have ever used. 

I could never get comfortable sleeping until now. It is so "AMAZING", that's the only way I can describe this pillow. It stays to form and keeps your neck straight, unlike all those other memory foam pillows. 

And, it stays nice and cool because the foam is in small pieces. I can't say enough about this pillow and it really does do everything that they advertise. 

I would like to thank Mike for creating "THE BEST" pillow I have ever slept on. I know I sound cheesy, but like I said. I'm truly amazed and totally satisfied 100%. I'm looking forward to the next 10 years of comfortable sleep. I may even look into a mattress or a mattress topper.

– Troy K.

I purchased 2 my pillows this past spring. These pillows are fantastic. I highly recommend them!

– Elizabeth G.

My step-daughter said how much she liked the pillow. We purchased two and they were comfortable. Then, I remembered how when I used two pillows. I woke up with an uncomfortable neck! One wasn't enough, two were too many! 

Now, I sleep comfortably, get up to use the bathroom, come back and turn the pillow over (cause I drool) and fall immediately back to sleep! It remembers me. Best ever purchase and "IS AS"advertised. Thank you.

– James T.

Well, I didn't think that I would be submitting a review, but here I am. After reading numerous reviews, I decided to order. 

I was very skeptical about spending $100 for 2 pillows because I have tried almost every pillow on the market. I was worried about the pillow degrading after a short time (like all of the memory foam ones do), and I was worried about not sleeping because of the way they felt on my face. 

The first thing that impressed me was that I was able to custom order a pillow size. I've worked out most of my life, so I have broad shoulders. I sleep on my side most of the time and I was always folding a pillow over to make my shoulder comfortable. 

This pillow in the largest size has blown me away! I no longer have to double a pillow over or stack multiple ones. When I fluff my MyPillow and get it adjusted to where I want, when I wake up, its still in that position! 

I don't wake up feeling discomfort. Even after a few months, it hasn't degraded or collapsed like the memory foam pillows do. 

Before MyPillow, I was waking up with my face feeling warm, even when a pillow claimed it was supposed to be cool, they weren't. With MyPillow, this is no longer happening. 

Lastly, and staying with being honest: the first couple of nights I slept with MyPillow, I went back to my old pillow after a couple of hours. The texture bothered me to the point where I couldn't even fall asleep. However, after not using MyPillow for a few days, I put a different pillowcase on it and gave it another shot. And I am soooo glad that I did. I couldn't be happier with a pillow than I am with MyPillow! 

Kudos Mr. Lindell on creating the perfect pillow. I am not easily impressed, so please don't take my words lightly. I hope that my review helps anyone that is apprehensive or who may be facing similar circumstances.

– Todd D.

A short tribute about the pillow. I'd left mine at my elderly mother's house recently. Then on my next visit, I intended to retrieve it (while not enjoying the make-do substitute on my bed in the meantime). 

Mother has since come under hospice care and is sleeping much more. At some point, she commented, "someone bring me that pillow I love." Well, of course, you know that MyPillow pillow is going to stay at her house & I'm getting another! Thanks for the comfort it provides.

– Karen

I have seriously doubted the commercial for a long time, until buying a MyPillow for my wife and finding out what I was missing! 

She began sleeping comfortably at night and many nights staying in the same position. Now it’s her only pillow at night! 

I sleep on my side and have been sleeping on two or three pillows. After buying MyPillow, I only need MyPillow. I fluff it up at night towards the center, lay down, and its lights out! 

If I wake up / get up during the night, it’s cool and waiting for my return. I’ve convinced only one of my friends so far, but I’m sure there will be more!

 If you don’t have one, you don’t know what you’re missing! Thanks, MyPillow for a comfortable night's sleep and a fantastic pillow!

– Larry J.

I had trouble getting a pillow to fit in the nape of my neck and positioned under my head comfortably, so I would be uncomfortable most of the night.  We purchased the MyPillow and I sleep so comfortably now! I wake up refreshed. 

MyPillow is my miracle! Thank you for working so hard to help us!

– Sheila S.

I purchased my pillow(s) gosh, about 2 years ago & they still look and feel like new. Prior to finding MyPillow, I used down pillows which needed replacing. 

I was taken aback by the price of MyPillow but I liked the fact that Mike uses 100% USA-made materials & his plant is in Minnesota & employs local people and also the 10-year warranty should I be disappointed in my purchase. 

I sleep very well at night & awaken refreshed. I only "fluff" my pillows weekly while changing my bed linens. Since I use pillow protectors under my pillowcases, I've not washed the pillows yet, just the covers. 

My elderly cat also likes to nap on these pillows, lol. I highly recommend these pillows for their excellent quality of materials & workmanship, comfort, & yes even the cost...I figure I'll have these pillows at least 10 years before they might need to be replaced versus new down pillows every two years, so it's really a good investment. 

Thank you, Mike, & all your staff for producing a fine, American-made product. God bless you! I love MyPillow :)

– Charlene O.

Had to let you know how much I enjoyed MyPillow while I was in a shelter when I evacuated Hurricane Harvey. You are right - it was so COOL and comfortable. 

When I am able to get back to my flooded home, I will definitely re-order "MyPillows".

Thank you so much. You made my stay at the shelter much more bearable. Glad I grabbed MyPillow on my way out the door. You are a genius!

– Donna E.

I have been struggling to get a comfortable night's sleep for too long, until my husband purchased "MyPillow".

 I LOVE MY PILLOW! Thank you so much!!! It has made a difference, not only in my sleep comfort but, I feel so much better each morning.

– Donna P.

Let me start by saying I am a disabled veteran and for the last 11 years, was not able to get a comfortable pillow.

After less than two weeks with MyPillow, I began sleeping comfortably and waking up feeling no discomfort.

It is amazing. When I first saw your TV commercials I thought what a bunch of crap, but I was wrong. Your pillow does everything you claim and more. I couldn't be happier. Thank you, Mike, for making my life a little more comfortable.

– Joe G.

Excellent product after 3 days. We are happy with these pillows. No complaint. I will update you in a few years of seeing how great this product is.

– Oscar

I don't normally take the time to submit reviews but in the case of your pillows, I will make an exception. 

I have bought so many pillows. Its really crazy but I have probably bought ten pairs. Always expensive, always disappointing until yours. 

Four years ago I purchased a pair of foam rubber pillows that were so comfortable but like most, so hot. 

I watched your commercials a lot of times always thinking your claims were likely inflated. Finally, one night,  I went to your website and ordered your pillows. When they arrived I thought there's no way this is going to be comfortable. The square-shaped foam pieces that make your filling felt so strange. 

The truth is, however, that from the first night I found your pillows to be comfortable and, even more surprising, cool. And the foam filling holds the shape I make for a great night's sleep. I have found your pillows to be exactly what you claim in your commercials. 

The buy-one-get-one-free marketing ploy is misleading and in my opinion unnecessary. You have a winner. Offer a discount coupon to buyers that they can pass on to their friends. They will want to participate because you have a great product. 

Too funny, your commercial just came on my TV as I'm writing this.

– Richard M.

I just wanted to thank Mike & His Team for helping me to get a comfortable nights sleep. 

Before getting the MyPillow I had spent a small fortune on many different types of pillows. I watched the MyPillow adverts on TV many times and thought "what do you have to lose, if it doesn't work you have a money back guarantee," so I bought 2 MyPillows, one for me and one for my wife. 

When the MyPillows arrived I thought "man these pillows are not very thick," but after putting them in the dryer they fluffed right up. 

Once I put my head on the MyPillow I knew right then that this was going to be the pillow that would provide soft support for my neck, as I am a back sleeper -  and I was not wrong. 

I now sleep comfortably through the night. As for my wife, she is a side and belly sleeper and she also now sleeps comfortably through the night. 

All I can say is if you are thinking of buying a MyPillow don't wait, order one fast as you can. The only thing you have to lose is uncomfortable nights of sleep.

– Jerry M.

Thanks, Mike and God bless for donating to hurricane Harvey victims, support for Hannity and Trump, and mostly American! 

Your commercials are marketing genius -  inventive, creative, and inspiring. 

I am truly inspired by your addiction and God recovery story and helping folks through sleep! Coincidence? I took the same path with addiction, God and recovery and your PILLOW is truly God sent, "Isaiah 41:13" verse included, delivering what I needed most - comfortable sleep. 

And now I can say "I truly love this pillow!" Comfortable sleep is priceless. My mom is awaiting her pillow. God Bless Mike :)

– Dave C.

I didn't believe the hype. How could a MyPillow be so different from all others? IT IS! And I love it. 

I had contemplated buying MyPillow several times but was deterred by the lofty price. So instead I've struggled with uncomfortable nights sleep for years. 

I received MyPillow the other day and couldn't wait to try it out. I was even singing the jingle all day, joking with my wife that if I really did get "the best night sleep in the whole-wide-world" I'd buy another one at the end of the week for her. 

Well, I woke up the next morning very disappointed. My wife asked me if I had gotten that great sleep and I had to admit I felt taken. Oddly, as my wife walked out the door for work, she mentioned she had had a great night of comfortable sleep. That was a strange comment to make, but I didn't think anything about it at the time. 

After she had left for work, I made up the bed and made a strange discovery. Somehow the night before she had switched pillows with me and slept on MyPillow. I was annoyed, but it all made sense now. She had a comfortable night's sleep and I had not. 

I slept with MyPillow the following night and can confirm, it was an incredibly comfortable nights sleep.  DO NOT LET THE PRICE DETER YOU! It is truly a remarkable product! 

And, one more thing... Mike Lindell is a true American hero and success story and I'm happy to support a man that has created so many American jobs and has given back to his community and his country. I believe in supporting companies like this one.

– Jed T.

We especially love your travel size pillows for the various trips we take. We were very disappointed at the MN State Fair this year when we couldn't find your booth, as we'd planned to purchase yet another travel pillow.and take advantage of the Fair's Blue Ribbon Discount Coupon.

I called your Eden Prairie Store. Your manager, Jodi, was FANTASTIC. She was so accommodating and offered to redeem my coupon at the store (and even apologized for our issues locating the booth at the fair!). 

I was so pleased with this amazing customer service, that I made an additional purchase while there. Please know that it's customer service like Jodi's that makes MyPillow so successful!

– Pam R.

First, I love that Mr. Lindell honors God in his messaging. He always wears a cross around his neck and is even seen in the older footage in the commercial with this cross. I love to be able to support someone who gives glory to Him, from whom all blessings flow. 

Second, I've heard the advertisements for years and truly never thought a pillow could be that good. But wow was I wrong. My husband and I love our MyPillows! 

The MyPillow is just the right amount of pressure to hold, not push on, my head and I feel great every day now! 

Thank you for the gift of a comfortable night's rest. God bless you.

– Catherine S.

My husband bought himself MyPillow. He used it for about a week & said he never slept better. 

So, I bought one for myself. Oh my gosh! I've had it for a few months now & it is SO comfy & keeps me cool. I will never go back to a regular pillow again. 

Putting it in the dryer to fluff it up really works! I even ordered a Pet MyPillow for my dog. Unfortunately, it's out of stock & I'm on a "waitlist". Hopefully, I can get it & see if my dog loves it as much as we do! BEST PILLOW EVER!!

– Sandy K.

This is honestly the best pillow I've ever had. Slept on it first night & didn't wake up feeling discomfort. I will not buy anything else but MyPillow from now on. 

Thank you, Mike Lindell. Your product lives up to your claims.

– Tracy

I have not seen such wonderful customer service in years. Most companies act like service is a burden. Well, not you. 

I had to return a pillow that was too small for me, so I asked how was the best way. I was given instructions and they sent a return label. But before the return label arrived, I received my larger pillow. WOW. 

Not only is the service the bomb, but the quality and comfort of all the products are beyond compare. I love the pillows and the Giza 88 sheets and pillowcases. My son has ordered based on my overwhelming satisfaction with you and your products. 

A very pleasantly surprised and now extremely loyal customer.

– William D.

I had MyPillow for two weeks now and I can now sleep comfortably on a cool pillow all night long. Plus I noticed I don't have to use my hands for support at night. 

I love MyPillow and  I'm going to buy some more pillows.

– Conniejo P.

My Mom told me how much she loves her MyPillow and bought me one. I have been using MyPillow for 6 months now and have gotten great comfortable rest.

Thank you very much!

– Dan Y.

Love this pillow I work a retail job where I'm on my feet and decided to try this. My son in college has two MyPillows and loves his, so I thought why not?? 

 I love this pillow and will invest in a few more thank you I love it!!!!!!!!!

– EJ G.

I just bought this pillow after hearing about it on TV for months, I have tried so many other pillows and have been so unsatisfied after only one night. This one is so much different. supportive and so comfortable. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

– Lillian C.

I pray for you every night when I hit the MyPillow. I have never slept as comfortably as I do now. I will buy another when needed, for sure. Thank you for inventing this product!

– Jane B.

I tried down pillows, memory foam pillows, gel pillows and dozens of polyfill pillows. I finally decided to get a MyPillow and WOW!!! This is a Godsend and well worth the price. I will recommend to everyone. Thank you, Mike, it's awesome!

– Janet H.

I got MyPillow for my birthday and it's the only pillow that allows me to awake refreshed. Thank you so much for this blessing and I know am happier.

– Kelsey

I just used my new MyPillow for the first time last night & for the first time in years, I have awakened refreshed and ready for the day. 

Thank you all so much for pushing the product so hard, for giving out coupons, for doing everything humanly possible to get your product to the public. We Really need it! 

And, besides the absolutely incredible pillow, everything about your company is comfortable & user-friendly, from customer service in America to dependable shipping to fool-proof, open & use product & packaging. 

I'm going to need more coupons because now I need a mattress, body pillow, etc. to go with my pillows.

– S.C.

Your ads are truthful. It sounded too good to be true but after receiving both of the pillows it became evident that what you say is true. 

Like you, I have tried every pillow out there. So when I saw your ad on television I figured, what the hell, all I can do is end up with two more pillows that don't work. Well, I was completely surprised. I slept comfortably and continue to sleep like a baby. 

People don't remember what a comfortable night's sleep is. So when you finally achieve it, you realize how nice your life becomes. 

Thank you very much for giving me comfortable sleep. Since we purchased our original two, we purchased 8 more for the beds in our guest rooms and a couple for traveling. Totally Satisfied!

– Robert R.

Customer Service was exceptional. Not only quick and efficient, but I was pleasantly helped with an issue even though I was late in following up on it. 

Making an exchange was made very simple and the representative was patient in laying out the process. Cheers!

– Dave

I can't begin to tell you how great it is sleeping with my MyPillow, I totally agree with the other remarks on this pillow. To be brief as I can be, "BELIEVE THE HYPE". 

Since I purchased my MyPillow 2 months ago, there has not been a night that I haven't had a comfortable "Good Night's Sleep". 

I tried numerous pillows with the hope of getting good nights of comfortable sleep. I was even beginning to blame my new mattresses for lack of me not getting comfortable sleep. 

When I purchased MyPillow two months, my nights are now incredibly comfortable.

– Ernest C.

These pillows are the best thing I've ever bought. I have slept more comfortably in 1 week than I have for 5 yrs...Thanks Mike

– Michael O.

I slept so comfortably without any discomfort. I felt unbelievably refreshed and relaxed after only a short 5-hour nap. 5 hours normally wouldn't do it, but I happened to have little time to sleep my first night with this amazing pillow and felt 100% ready. 

Please beware of bad reviews that intend to make you skeptical. The filling is NOT like chopped up potatoes and lumpy. Not smooth like flour, but after opening the mail and putting MyPillow in the dryer for 20 minutes, it was fluffy and so soft. 

I love that the whole pillow can be washed and dried :) After I wake up, I flip the pillow on the short end once and it's like I just fluffed it. So it takes 2 seconds to fluff it if that's what you choose, and the green fill was perfect for me as a back and side sleeper. 

"Made in America" to top it off...THANK YOU, everyone and thanks, Mike. I'm so happy I took the chance to see for myself how MyPillow could possibly make my nights of sleep even better.

– Pepper G.

I just ordered a MyPillow. Wendy at the MyPillow was very courteous, professional and answered the questions I had making it more comfortable for me to place the order. I am looking forward to receiving it. Thank you, Wendy.

– Mary L.

It seemed that sleeping comfortably had become a thing of the past. I have spent lots of money on mattresses, mattress covers, pillows you name it; yet, still couldn't sleep comfortably.

I had seen the MyPillow commercials but hesitant to purchase one. Well, 3 months ago I finally did. Since that first-night.sleep is wonderfully comfortable!! 

Thank you, thank you!! Now I am a walking commercial for My Pillow!!!

– Ella B.

My wife purchased me two pillows from MyPillow and they have been a Godsend in finding comfort as much as one can. 

In a recent Facebook chatroom for those adults trying to find comfortable pillows, many of us stated we use your pillows and have recommended them to others in the group here in the US. 

I thought you would like to know how beneficial this product is and if you would like any follow up information concerning this testimonial feel free to contact me.

– Robert D.

I just received the 2 bolster pillows that I ordered last week. I'm so excited because I have to sleep almost in an upright position and this type of pillow helps to keep my head centered.

I'm traveling to my daughter's home and will take my new pillows so I can rest comfortably and get to, therefore, enjoy my 2 little grandkids. 

Thank you for sending me your catalog. It shows me so many products that I was not aware are available. I'm making a wish list of items that I want in the future.

– Barbara M.

I have been looking for a good pillow for years.I figured it was time to find the right pillow to help me sleep more comfortably. 

After just a week with MyPillow, the soft support MyPillow gives my back and neck provides an amazingly comfortable sleep, and I wake refreshed.

Thanks for such a great American Made product!

– Trish J.

Mike is true to his word. I wish I didn't wait as long as I did to order one of his pillows. 

I ordered the wrong type of pillow for my comfort level. I spoke to a customer service rep. who helped me identify the right type of pillow filling to suit my comfort level. She was excellent. I immediately received a shipping label to exchange the pillow. 

Fantastic products and amazing customer service! Do not hesitate to buy any of Mike's products. You will not regret it. God bless!

– Mary D.

Wow! This pillow is a Godsend! Thank You! I truly believe your calling for making these pillows was through the hand of God! 

My neck is supported. Sleep more comfortably now than I have since my 30s. Wish I wouldn't have waited so long to try it. Worth every penny.

– Sheila J.

I have a $300 memory foam pillow that was like a rock to sleep on. I finally decided to try the MyPillow. I bought two. They washed and fluffed up beautifully the first time. 

I totally LOVE these pillows. I can squish them under my head (side sleeper) and get them just right. Thank you!!

– June

Yesterday, I bought a MyPillow and slept like a baby -- feeling the same soft, warm, comfort as I did when I was a child with my head snuggled against my mother's warm belly. Thanks!

– Matt Z.

I was skeptical when this pillow came out having tried just about all. It took a few days, but I sleep more comfortably with my neck softly supported. I found the right pillow finally!

– Shauna

I am in love with your pillows. I have bought several different brands and materials of pillows and have ended up hating them. 

I have had the MyPillows for about 4 months now and can not believe how good they are and how much better I sleep. 

I even ended up taking them on vacation because we all know how bad the pillows are at the hotels. My order came with the travel pillows and believe me they travel, I don't go anywhere without it behind my back. 

Thank you for making these pillows!!

– Susan H.

My husband and I have been watching your commercials for ages and, like everything else on TV, I've been skeptical. We're both retired and live on a fixed income so I'm careful about our purchases.

However, I was constantly arranging and turning my pillow to find the support I wanted. All night long!!! Considering MyPillow's generous return policy and warranty, I finally decided to go for it. 

Bought one for each of us. Oh my gosh, how I hate to sound like a commercial, but I slept comfortably through that first night and am enjoying the most comfortable nights sleep every night. 

My husband is enjoying his sleep equally as well. We are going away for a couple of nights and our 'MyPillows' are going with us!! 

Was in a major dept. chain store the other day and saw a man looking at the display and squeezing the 'MyPillows'. I told him if he purchased one he wouldn't be sorry. He then nodded to indicate the price. I told him it was well worth it! Don't know what he finally did, but bet he buys one eventually! LOVE 'MYPILLOW'!! Thanks a bunch!!!

– Catherine C.

We absolutely love our pillows. I Love that I don't need two pillows anymore and I will not use any other pillow but MyPillow.

– Annette S.

Best purchase we've ever made.They softly support our back and neck and we wake refreshed in the morning. Best nights sleep ever!!!

– Keith & Betty R.

OMG!!! What a pillow!!!!! My lady, Marie, bought us both a "MyPillow" and WOW what a difference from our old pillows. 

These pillow are absolutely the best and YES I most certainly get a more comfortable night's sleep. I never knew a pillow could make such a difference..Thank You, Thank You MyPillow!

– Ron

Like others, I was skeptical of the overnight commercial claims but we have tried so many pillows we thought it was worth taking a chance. 

The results have been fantastic. We now have four king size pillows and two travel pillows and have been using them for over six months. 

They provide the right amount of support while being able to easily fluff back up. To me, these are the closest to feather pillows without the high price. Bravo!!!

– Greg S/

Having the most comfortable nights sleep in years with the new mattress topper. What a great product!

– Yvonne B.

Got tired of my neck being uncomfortable with my old pillow. My old pillow was a buckwheat-filled pillow and it was messy to deal with getting the correct neck height.

It got dirty and basically was a pillow protector filled with buckwheat; it had support but did not have the support at a consistent level and I had to re-adjust pillow often during the night. 

I was impressed with how quickly my order of a pillow, travel pillow and sheets arrived in Canada via Canada Posts. Thank you, I am looking forward to more comfortable sleep and more soft support for my shoulders!

– Jeff M.

I read quite a few reviews online, people complaining about headaches and the pillow is uncomfortable etc.

I'm telling you the MyPillows are Awesome! Hands down the best pillow I ever had! By the chart, I'm a Blue and I had an incredibly comfortable sleep. I bought the 4 pack and the travel pillows work great for a little extra lumbar support or sleeping in the car. 

My wife was a White in the chart and liked it but said it was a bit too soft for her liking. I bought her the Green about 2 weeks after the first buy and she loves it more. 

I'm telling you they are worth it. Don't listen to those bad reviews because they simply are NOT true. I listened to them and missed out on the buy-1-get-1-free. Seriously,  15 minutes in the dryer to fluff them up and then you get comfort all night.

– David H.

I was skeptical about this product until I bought it. From the very first night, I've been having perfectly comfortable nights of sleep. 

I used to sleep on two pillows to bridge the distance between my shoulder and my neck and fought the pillows all night. Now, the MyPillow seems to fit my sleeping position automatically. 

It's really a great product. I generally am immune to advertising, but what is asserted in these ads is actually correct. My experience has been great and I 100% endorse this pillow.

– Steve W.

I love MyPillow. The advertising is true. The soft neck support provided by MyPillow is great. And, a good, comfortable night's sleep feels good.

– Christine W.

MyPillow is the best pillow I have ever had. Now I wake up in the morning feeling nice and refreshed.

I love MyPillow! I have tried a whole lot of different pillows including making my own and I could never get a comfortable night's sleep. 

Thank you for inventing this pillow. There's probably a lot of us that are now getting a comfortable night's sleep when we never used to before.

– Brenda M.

Since '09, this is the ONLY pillow I have used. Would pay double for this pillow. It is THAT GREAT! How much you spend on comfort should never be the issue. With MyPillow, you definitely get your money's worth along with a Great night's sleep.

– Dave P.

After being burned by the "this is the most amazing product" commercials, I was skeptical of My Pillow. I couldn't reconcile spending so much for a pillow when I could buy cheap ones at Walmart all day long. 

Recently my uncle forwarded a MyPillow email for a discount and said my aunt loved hers. What better chance to order! I ordered one for myself and my sister. I'm sleeping much more comfortably using this pillow than I have in a long time. 

I have since ordered 1 each for my grown kids, followed by an order for a couple Roll & Go's. My sister's husband works out of state, was home recently and used her pillow. When he returned to work, her pillow went with him. She'll be contacting MyPillow soon for another. 

Love the pillows...God bless Mr. Lindell and HisPillows. :o)

– Becky B.

My Husband loves your pillows. I can't have one as I am on CPAP. Wish you would try to make a pillow designed for a CPAP.

– Dorothy S.

My wife and I have been sleeping on our new pillows for more than three weeks now and we are sleeping much more comfortably.

– Dennis C.

I own a very expensive bed and still could not get a comfortable night's sleep. So I decided to try MyPillow.

Never in a million years did I think MyPillow would provide me with a comfortable night's sleep. Thank You, for making such a great product that is made here in the USA!

– Tuesday J.

I just had to write you to let you know how your pillow has helped me to actually sleep comfortably through the night.I have tried every pillow ever suggested to me and nothing ever helped me to sleep comfortably. 

 I bought one of your pillows and I slept incredibly comfortably! I even ordered a second pillow the same week that I had received my first "MyPillow". And when my daughter-in-law was pregnant I bought her one too! 

I am now working part time and loving it. I'm a cashier at Walmart and every time I see someone buying an expensive pillow I ALWAYS tell them about your pillow and how it has allowed me to sleep comfortably through the night and awake refreshed. 

Bless you and your ability to make something so simple yet so very amazing. 

– Patty R.

This company has the most awesome customer service, second to none! I had originally ordered two king size premium MyPillows. I ordered the green label for my husband and he loves it, but the white label was too firm for me as I am a fairly small person. 

I called the company and they emailed me a return label and once they received the return, they shipped me out a new yellow label MyPillow

No extra money out of my pocket and I love my new MyPillow. I am sleeping more comfortably and getting up feeling much more rested. I'll be purchasing two more for my guest bedroom.

– S.C.

Thank you for your honest American product and, thank you for your continued sponsorship and support for the Fox Network and Sean Hannity. I called in my thank you to the customer service department. Not sure my remarks were received with open arms as I was not asked for any personal information, kind of underwhelming. I have purchased 3 pillows in the past month in appreciation of your support and I am recommending your products to others. Please keep up your good work and loyalty.

– Lea K.

Never paid this much for a pillow before. Wasn't sure I wanted to. This is the best pillow ever!!!!! Do not regret it at all. I would recommend it to everyone!!! Wish I would have bought it long ago.

– Colleen

Read all the way to the bottom! I was like everyone else trying different pillows and couldn't find one that supported my neck comfortably. 

I thought we'll...why not give it a try. So I ordered them. I liked them for awhile and then all of a sudden I didn't. My neck started feeling uncomfortable.

I emailed MyPillow because I wasn't giving up so quick since it was great in the beginning. They suggested I wash them more often. I don't think that helped much but what did help is watching Mike do a commercial...I noticed he was fluffing up the pillow on the sides. THAT WAS THE PROBLEM...AND IM IN LOVE AGAIN AND IM SAVING FOR A TOPPER FOR MY BED.

– Kathy R.

I have had MyPillow for 2 weeks and have finally been able to sleep comfortably and get up feeling refreshed. Before MyPillow, I would often have some discomfort in the morning. Now I am myself again, and it's great to greet each new day.

– Margie D.

I finally decided to replace my pillow after about 4 years as it had become heavy and not very comfortable. I have been seeing the MyPillow commercials but figured a pillow couldn't make that much difference in how I slept and commercials are just there to push a product. When I went to the store and saw I could return it, I decided to try it. Wow, couldn't believe how much better I slept. The pillow isn't heavy but soft and firm at the same time. Look no further, this is the one to buy.

– Robert B.

I bought two pillows quite a few months ago, one for my husband, one for me. We both find them very comfortable, way better than any other pillow I've ever had. Thank You!

– Dorian H.

First I would love to say Thank You!

You and your team have come up with the BEST PILLOWS ON THE PLANET.

I was watching QVC one night a few days ago and you and one of the hosts were on. You were selling two standard pillows and two of your travel size. I have watched so many times and wanted to get them so bad, but didn't have the funds. I have been to your website, researching them over and over. So the night I saw them on the product of the day, I had some extra funds and figured that all of the people couldn't be wrong.

So, I picked up the tablet and ordered the set. I figured I would have the next 30 days to try them out. Between the 30 days and your 10-year warranty, what would I have to lose? I picked the 3 easy pays and clicked the button. Boom, I had them in 3 days. I couldn't wait to open the box and unwrap them all.

I had ordered one medium and the other firm. After opening them I followed the directions and put them in the dryer. Couldn't be any easier until I was trying to figure out which was which. The only thing on either the package and the pillows were the Green label and the Black. I called your customer service number and the young lady answered my question.

Sorry for the long Email but here's what I have been waiting to tell you. THESE ARE THE BEST PILLOWS ON THE PLANET! 

Your pillows are a godsend and I can't believe how well they work. All of the claims were right on. In my words, they were all under-rating them. I give and your team thanks. Before I send this to you, like I said before, there was not a way to determine which was medium and which was firm on either the pillows or the packaging. Other than that I could not say one bad thing about them. I don't recommend much but I have been telling everyone I know and posting them and my review everywhere.

Please feel free to use any of this you want to.

Thank You and God from the bottom of my heart for the best pillows ever!

– A. Banaszynski

I truly love MyPillow. When I saw it advertised I thought oh, here we go again, another do-nothing product. Many thanks for making my sleeping so much more comfortable.

– A. M.

We have been meaning to tell you how pleased we are with our MyPillow merchandise. We have purchased & are enjoying the wonderful pillows, several sets of the great sheets, & the nice dog beds. Everything is so nice & it's so great that it is all made in our beloved USA.

Now we have just seen you, Mike, with President Trump at the Made in America celebration! We feel like we are there with you, & we are so proud of you.

What a success story you have. You are indeed the best of America!! Congratulations to you, & God bless you & your continued success!

– Sue G.

Today I experienced the best and speediest customer service ever. A+ for MyPillow. I needed to make a change to my order and sent an email. My practice is to follow up with a phone call. No sooner than it took for my email to be received, the change order was already processed by the time I called minutes later. We have been using Tempur‑Pedic pillows and like the firmer support. 

We can’t wait to receive our new pillows. Many thanks to Shannon for their quick and friendly assistance.

– Angela F.

I just saw your new ad online and it was great. Just wanted to let you know my pillow is the best pillow on the market. I am 62 years old and have purchased many pillows in my life. I have had your pillow for 2 years and each night is like the first time. Thank you so much.!!!!

– Chris S.

I received my pillows just three weeks ago on a Thursday and on the following Sunday I had an accident and I broke 5 ribs and my collar bone. I was in the hospital for two days and when I came home I hurt so bad and I could not lay down to sleep. 

Thank God for your pillows cause I have to sit up and sleep with those two pillows in my back. I tried other pillows that I have but none feel as good on my back as your pillows.

I had been watching your commercials for years and thinking about buying but didn't until about a month ago, something said to me "buy it now, quite putting it off, they might be worth that much money". So I did and now I can tell you they are worth every penny to me.

Just wanted you to know.

– Celeste C.

Mike: I want to let you know that your customer service staff are excellent, surely the best I’ve ever experienced. In my 23 years in the USAF and 24 years at the City of Anchorage, I was a CRM, a Help Desk supervisor, and a communications station chief. My credo and instructions to the staff were “make the customer happy, not necessarily when they’re wrong but when they need service, repair, info or assistance” “if they’re wrong, bring it to me, after one attempt to explain the situation”. ONE attempt.

I do lots of buying online and have experienced abysmal service from some of the biggest outfits and always do the survey, reasonably and calmly but also honestly. Your crew have always been on top of it and don’t keep saying “oh I’m sorry, I apologize, etc," but don’t get the problem resolved.

Unfortunately, the pillows we ordered and returned for different lofts a couple of times just didn’t do it for me and my sweetheart. We ran the gamut of fills and sizes, but for our purposes, we couldn’t find a good fit. We reluctantly had to return them for a refund, which was handled expertly and confidently by your rep (don’t remember her name but she’s from the St Cloud area-Sandy?). Keep it up and you’ll continue growing.

Thanks for being an exemplary company. Your people love you.

– Joe G.

I want to tell you about my experience with "the best customer service in the whole wide world" and about My Pillow!

First of all, I am 77 years old and my husband, Rodney, is 80. I like to sleep on my right side facing my husband but every night my right shoulder would feel very uncomfortable and I would have to turn over and, when it felt more comfortable, turn back toward my husband, over and over again through the night.

I ordered two MyPillows. Going by the guide for fill, I chose the white level for me and blue for my husband. I also ordered two sets of the Giza cotton pillowcases. When the package arrived, there were two white level pillows and two GAP ones. No pillowcases. So, I called Customer Service and heard your greeting. I was connected to Sharon, and let me tell you, she is a jewel! What a great personality and manner she has. What a wonderful representative of your company she is!

During the phone call, we laughed (!!!) and talked and decided to let Rodney try the white level and I would call her back. She explained to me that there was a level (yellow, which I later saw in the little booklet) which was less flat than the white one, so I called her back another day and we agreed that I would return one of the white level pillows -- she gave me an RMA number and sent me a return label -- which I did, returning the one white level pillow. I was to keep the two GAPs and your company would send me the yellow level and the pillowcases. I must agree, it IS, it HAS TO BE the "best customer service in the whole wide world"! And again, Sharon is a jewel and a wonderful asset to your company. The fact that we did not receive what we ordered -- which turned out to be a blessing in that as a result, we went to the yellow level fill for my husband -- was never a problem, and the customer service calls were actually fun and enjoyable! How great is THAT!

Now, let me sound like a commercial and tell you about how MY MyPillow worked for me! I followed the instructions and activated it in the dryer and even THE VERY FIRST NIGHT, my shoulder was not uncomfortable and I was able to sleep on my right side all night long, and it has been so ever since! I am amazed and thankful.

My husband is now using his yellow level fill MyPillow and he is using it all night and finds he is sleeping much better. I can't thank you enough.

We have now also received the beautiful and luxurious Giza cotton pillowcases.

I told Sharon I had seen that you donate pillows to flood victims and our military and she told me about your Foundation and some of your background. God bless you, Mike, for using what God has blessed you with (through your hard work and perseverance) to help others. And I love it that you include a Scripture verse in your shipments.

God bless you, Mike, and thank you for all you do.

– Minnie P.

Another reason to love your pillow...

I have fine limp hair and after I sleep on MyPillow, my hair has more body and waves. When I thought about it, most regular pillows form a solid shape. Your pillow with the different shapes of foam creates multiple shapes, so helps my hair look not limp.

I love my pillow!

– Judy F.

Just received 3 of your wonderful pillows. They were a great hit with my kids (all in their 40's & fifty's).

They raved about how they slept all night thru for a change. They really love 'em. Thanks, Mike!!

– Wise A.

Thank you very much for my pillow. I love these pillows a lot. They are better than anything I've ever had before. Keep up the good work.

– Ron W.

I would like to say thank you for supporting K9 for Warriors. I graduated Dec of last year, but I did see that the Apr class got the dog beds, and that means a lot to see that. Thank you.

– David P.

When I sent you my original email some time ago saying mine don't work, I did not mean that as a complaint. That was meant for your information only. However, shortly after sending that, I received a reply from your Sherry Miles. 

After just a couple of communications with her, I realized that I did not have your heaviest pillow. I would have been quite happy at that point to purchase the proper one. However, she put me in contact with your Megan W.. Even though I was long past your return policy, Megan had me send back the offending pillow and you all sent me a new one with a red tag.

Mr. Mike, these two ladies were wonderful. Your customer service is second to none in my opinion. My new pillow is working out very well. I told Megan in my last conversation was her that I had two complete good night's sleep for the first time in many years. I thank you and them from the bottom of my heart.

– John H.

I bought 2 king pillows with the special covers. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks and had more and more of a problem sleeping the longer I stayed. I was very often waking up between 3 and 4 in the morning. 

I watched your ad over and over on Fox News. I ordered 2 special pillows. When I got home, I was able to try my pillow and the first night I slept all night. What a miracle, and I have been getting a full night's sleep since I returned home. I love my new pillow.

– Gary R.

I own 3 of your pillows. Two bed pillows and a full body pillow.

I don't usually take the time to write something like this nor do I expect you to answer me. After all, you are a very busy man.

However, I want you to know that my wife and I are very satisfied with your pillows. Especially me, as I still work at a job that requires a lot out of my body. Your pillows afford me not only the support and comfort that I need for a perfect night's sleep but the confidence to know that they work each and every time. I have machine washed and dried them and they are just like I bought them. To top it off they are made in the USA.

It just does not get any better than that. We all know of the jobs we have lost to other countries that used to go to highly capable American citizens. Bravo to you.

I recommend them to everyone I know who, by the way, give a similar response to your pillows.

I am sure you get letters like this every day so if you don't respond it's ok, I understand. Keep up the good work and may God bless you and your family.

– Michael P.

I really needed to share my story. About a year ago, my mom asked me and my wife if we wanted a "MyPillow". I remember breaking out into an infomercial, picking on her for all of her QVC and Home Shopping network purchases. How could this pillow be any better than anything else on the market?! 

Needless to say, she got mad at me and said: "Forget it, I won't get you one!" Later that day I gave her a big hug and told her I'd love one so she ordered it. 

I got it a few weeks later and every night I get a restful sleep because it is so comfortable, and I can thank my mom for introducing it to me. 

This is where the story gets interesting. My mom passed away in February of this year. On Mother's Day, I went home to be with my dad on this difficult day, visiting my mom's grave site to pay our respects. 

The weekend ended and I was traveling back to my home when this country song comes on that just didn't mix with the weekend I just went through. I got very emotional and yelled, "Lord I need a miracle, just let me know she's ok and with you!!!!" The song ended and a My Pillow commercial came on.....I laughed and laughed and said, Thank You Lord!! 

I hug that pillow every night because it was from my mom and is one of the most comfortable pillows I've ever had. Thank you for your excellent pillow and allowing me to share my story.

– Michael C.

In 2016 I purchased two “My Pillows” and I love them! I have difficulties sleeping on my back so I try to sleep on my side or stomach. Invariably, before MyPillow, I just ended up on my back again.

Before purchasing MyPillow, I tried using a foam wedge, purchased locally. I was not comfortable and put it away. 

Today I received a solicitation in the mail from your company, and I decided to call and say thank you. I was given the email address. 

I am an elementary school teacher in a very poor school with many stressful situations. One of my personal health goals is to be able to say, “I am SUCH a good sleeper!” Because of YOUR pillow, I am on my way. Thank you.

– Marilyn B.

Two days ago I had “my bed” delivered. Yours is an outstanding company. As of now, I have 6 MyPillows, my linens and now … my bed.

It is just as advertised; beyond comfortable and very attractive. The only problem is that I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning!

The delivery service was excellent; professional, organized and the delivery men made sure I was pleased with the delivery and set up of the king size bed.

They were exactly on time in a clean truck. What a nice experience for me.

So, thank you for your wonderful products. We are hoping you will soon have a comparable comforter that is washable.

– Sheila O.

We had considered ordering "MyPillows" for several years based on all the advertising claims. But we also assumed most if not all of those claims were highly exaggerated. Well, we used our new MyPillows last night, and wow! Not only were they so comfortable when we first laid down, but this morning after awakening, I realized that today is the first day in probably 20 years that my neck has actually felt good. 

So, if this first night's sleep is any indicator of what we can expect from these pillows, we are both very pleased with your product. And, we have to admit our prior assumptions seem to have been totally incorrect. These are great!

Thank you for such an awesome product.

– Bob A.

I have tried every pillow recommended; memory foam, down, latex neck pillows and even a towel roll but nothing has given me the relief that your pillow has. I am serving a mission for my church and am on a fixed income so worried about the cost, but decided that I had nothing to lose with your 60-day free trial. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I will recommend your pillow to all my family and friends.

– Sally W.

We love our purchase ever!

We tell everyone.

– Deb and Walt C.

I would like to say thank you for these amazing pillows! I bought 4 of them. My husband has never slept this well!! I don't flip the pillow over all night long anymore with this pillow!! I just can't thank you enough for inventing this amazing pillow!

– Frank and Gail L.

I've had MyPillow for about a month now and it's been great. I had previously purchased a couple of pillows. They were a pillow within a pillow. I always awoke in the mornings with an uncomfortable neck. NOT SO! With MyPillow, I wake up with my neck feeling great!.

– Houston A.

Just a quick note to say this is by far the best pillow I ever owned!

Great invention!!!

– Joe M.

I purchased 2 pillows, one soft and one medium. Both my husband and I have been sleeping on down pillows for years. We were disappointed when we both woke up with discomfort in our necks. 

I called MyPillow customer service and was totally taken back by their willingness to help. The women on the phone explained to me that if we were accustomed to sleeping on down pillows, we may need even softer ones and that they do make them, although not on their website.

She gave me the option of returning them at no cost for a full refund or trying the softer ones with the same 90-day guarantee.

I decided what the heck, I'll give them a try. They arrived 3 days ago and I am in ahhhhh. We have both been sleeping soundly through the night since we have received our new pillows! Had it not been for the great customer service, I would've given up. We couldn't be happier now! Highly recommend.

– Rita P.

I love these pillows!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!! Yippee; finally a good one!

– Kathy W.

I just wanted to give you a big Thank You for inventing this marvelous pillow. I normally do not go for the "I'm the best there is" claim, but I've been watching your infomercial and finally decided to give it a try.

I bought 2 of them and you will be very pleased to know that, yes, even my first night, I slept longer and more comfortably than I have for quite a while! Woke up rested and had more energy.  I cannot believe it!!! 

I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't tried it for myself. Thank you so much for changing my life. May God bless you and keep His hand over you and your business.

– Sherry M.

I have owned "My Pillow" for two years and love it.I discovered that there was a small tear in it, however, so I contacted the company regarding the warranty. I was immediately provided a return authorization and mailing instructions - no hassle whatsoever!  In about a week a was once again sleeping comfortably on a new pillow!!

Coincidentally, I had been shopping for new sheets when this transpired. After my outstanding experience with the customer service experience at "MyPillow", I decided to order two sets of their Egyptian cotton sheets and absolutely love the product - well made, soft, comfortable! I am now a loyal customer because not only are their products superior, I want to deal with a company who focuses on customer satisfaction and I know will stand behind what they sell!!

– John P.

I've spent practically my whole life searching for a good pillow. I would buy pillow after pillow and none would work out for me. 

Although I am skeptical, I decided to give MyPillow a try because I loved the commercial that the owner advertised. I am so glad I made the decision to buy a MyPillow. It's the BEST pillow I've ever had after going through a whole mess of countless pillows! 

I wanted to send u guys a huge thank you for helping me sleep better and helping me wake up refreshed! One of the best parts is supporting MyPillow's company because they are American made! As a matter of fact, I'm telling all of my friends and family about your pillow and I plan to buy a bunch more of your pillows! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! God bless.

– Ben R.

Just want to let u know I bought 8 MyPillows...4 for side sleepers and 2 belly sleepers, then,,,I have a 50 yr old mattress,,,,I bought a MyPillow mattress topper.... I don't want to get out of bed!  I love it! Before getting these products - especially the mattress topper - I could NOT sleep! Springs killing me. But couldn't afford new mattress set,,,, now mattress topper is heavenly and affordable. Thx again.....Kerry

– Kerry R.

My dog loves it too!!!! I have to share with her MyPillow. Great product, congratulations.

– Kilmes

After my wife tried your pillow, I went back the next morning and got myself one before they sold out. I ordered two more for our kids in Ft. Worth and later got two for our two kids here. I ordered the deal with two small pillows for us to have for daytime naps, etc. 

We are both very happy with your pillows. I am 78 years of age and my wife is 80. Your pillows are worth every penny. 

The BBB is all wet. As I first pondered buying the first pillow in the store, a man came by on a store furnished scooter and told me that if I bought a MyPillow I would never sleep on anything else. He was right.

– Cleon N.

I think it's disgusting what the BBB has done to you. I applaud you for standing up to them. 

I bought 6 of your king size pillows, got 4 travel ones, 1 bolster, and pillow cases! I needed customer service when I decided the pillow I got for myself was too hard. Imagine my delight that with no hassle, you exchanged it for a softer pillow and you even paid for shipping BOTH ways. Now that's called Outstanding Customer Service. 

You will always be A+ in my book! 

– Linda A.

I know you've heard this over and over and over. Went through dozens of pillows and two new mattresses! Purchased your pillow and my neck has felt wonderful, given MyPillow's soft support. A MILLION THANKS FOR YOUR MIRACLE PILLOW! Happy and Healthy 2017!

– Mary Anne P.

I purchased my pillows in August. Your pillows at night have made quite a difference in my sleep pattern and upon waking.

I know "MYPILLOW" made a difference. Yes, I had crappy pillows and needed new ones, but yours are so pliable and they stay in the same place all night. I put the support where I need it and its "Goodnight Irene"! Thank you for your wonderful product.

– Deborah C.

I ordered two of your pillows as a Christmas present to myself. I had a terrible time sleeping as my arms and neck were uncomfortable, making me wake up from what little sleep I did get, so I was desperate to find something that might help. 

I starting sleeping on your pillows on December 26, 2016, and both my neck and arms have been comfortable! AND I'm sleeping better! 

I'm sorry for the BBB rating you recently received and I hope it doesn't deter people from trying your pillows. I knew nothing about you or your business prior to buying your pillows, I have since read your story and congratulate you on success. Anyway, I just wanted you to know your pillows are wonderful and I appreciate all the hard work that went into making them a reality!  

– Marlena

I have tried every pillow out there. Thanks to you, l have the best sleep possible for someone in my condition. Your pillow truly holds your promise. BEST PILLOW EVER ‼ Thank-you.

– Geoffrey F.

I am very pleased with “MyPillow”! I have told several people about the pillow and know at least two that have ordered as a result. 

– Cecille C.

Let me tell you that the husband and I love our MyPillows! Typically I would roll from side to side a few times every night. Now, I am in the same position in the morning that I started in the night before. I am your biggest fan, and I have recommended your pillow to several friends and family. I am spreading the word. We bought a second set of pillows to have out at our little summer place so that we don't have to bring them back and forth. I won't be without mine now. 

When we were driving around a few months ago listening to the radio, we heard you being interviewed. Sadly, I don't remember who the host was, although it could have been Dennis Praeger. The interviewer brought up that you wear your cross all the time, and don't make any bones about making sure that it is visible. And there was also something about someone objecting to you having it showing all the time, and you would not back down. All I can say is, good for you, Brother! Keep it up because I know that God will continue to bless your faithfulness, and as a believer, I can't affirm you enough and thank you enough for doing that! Blessings to you and your family, Marilyn  

– Marilyn C.

Mike, Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your pillows are. I never had a better night's sleep since using them. You are the best!!! Thanks a million. I will be A Customer For Life.

– Glenn M.

I have listened to you for years on Don Imus's show but waited until just a few months ago to purchase a MyPillow. I wish I had made the purchase sooner. EVERYTHING you have said about MyPillow is true! I have never slept so well in my entire life...and I'm not lying! (Plus...I can't: I'm a priest!) 

Your pillow has changed my sleeping life, and I can't thank you enough. I know you've had some challenges in life, and I know you've received some bad press lately. This is simply the Evil One who doesn't want you to succeed and help others. It's only temporary! May God bless you for your wonderful product! 

– Father Michael

Recently, my wife and I purchased a MyPillow for each of us. Over time, we have spent a lot of money for pillows that made us feel worse than when we went to bed. After purchasing your product, we've found ourselves sleeping better, not waking up during the night to "fluff" our pillows, and spent the entire night in restful sleep. We just wanted to let you know how great your product is and only wish we would have tried MyPillow earlier.

– Steven S.

Mike and team - For the last 15 years, I tried EVERY pillow on the market, each failed to make my neck and shoulder comfortable, so I would wake up feeling discomfort - UNTIL my Mom bought both my husband and me a MYPILLOW for Christmas. Since the very first use of my new MYPILLOW, my neck and shoulders have been comfortably supported, so I wake up refreshed.

I could care less about someone's rating (who obviously never TRIED this product). All I know is that MYPILLOW works to keep my head in the correct position and keeps my neck and shoulder comfortable.

My husband, who says little about any product unless he hates it, loves his MYPILLOW as well. AS a side note - we went away for New Years and I didn't take MYPILLOW to the hotel (you never know what is living in the beds there) and, you guessed it, my neck and shoulder were uncomfortable. So it IS INDEED MYPILLOW that has made a drastic difference. THANK YOU for a great product that WORKS!

– Barbara O.

Hi. I just HAD to write to you about MYPILLOW!!

I had seen the ads for the MYPILLOW on Fox News while I watched Hannity and had wondered about the real worth of the pillow. Then, in early November, I saw the advertisement on Facebook for the MYPILLOW and the two free travel pillows and thought I would take a chance and see...after all, there was the 60-day money back guarantee. I ordered two, one for me, one for my husband. 

He hasn't used his much except for when he reads, BUT I have used mine every night since I received them....about 2 weeks before Christmas. AND I am so excited to say that I have woken up refreshed almost every morning!! That is such a wonderful change for me!

The MYPILLOW is wonderful and I just had to write and tell you and say THANK YOU!! I have told my friends (both in person and on Facebook) what a wonderful thing it is!! I definitely would recommend it to anyone who needs a comfortable night's sleep.... The difference it has made even when I only get a few hours of sleep is tremendous!

Thank you for your invention, Mike!! My search for a good night's sleep is finally over!! God bless!! 

– Janet B.

I just saw your video in my email about the BBB. I heard nothing and couldn't imagine what happened, and when I heard you say they marked you as an "F" my jaw dropped!!!! 

I am 51 years old, and my ENTIRE life I had trouble with pillows, and I finally decided to give MyPillow a try 5 years ago -- AND HAVE NEVER BOUGHT ANOTHER PILLOW SINCE!!!!! 

Your product is stellar!!!! I don't care what the BBB says, I am 100% satisfied! And my whole family has MyPillow's, and we have several sizes and the travel pillows. No other pillow will ever enter my house again. SUPREME PRODUCT!!! BBB is NUTS!!!

– Anne Marie V.

I just wanted to respond to Mike's video. I have purchased 4 MyPillows and I also have the mattress topper. My husband and I have never had better sleep than now sleeping with MyPillow products. I want to assure Mike that my husband and I are and will be loyal customers for life. Hang in there Mike we really really do appreciate you!! 

– Tammy A.

I wanted to thank you for making my wife a MyPillow. It was supposed to be my pillow. My daughter bought it for me for Christmas this year, but my wife grabbed it, and I never saw it again. She loves it. My daughter purchased it at Fleet Farm. 

I know the BBB is giving you a bad mark because of a dumb rule that makes no sense at all. I wish my daughter had bought my pillow from your website with the buy one get one free. That way my wife and I would both have a MyPillow to sleep on. 

So on a good note, we support you, and all your wonderful employees that make the MyPillow so great. Maybe next year for Christmas I will get to keep MyPillow.

– Daniel C.

Mike, I'm a retired public relations/communications creature and I want to inform you that you have my support unconditionally! I purchased your product based on your TV commercial and it lives up to your claims 100%! I had an issue about being able to buy "MyPillow" at Walmart for the price you mentioned and challenged your company about the difference from your ad. I received a reply explaining the difference to my complete satisfaction. I saw the negative news reports and ignored them. My handicapped wife survives on the comfort of pillows, using three or four to prop her in a comfortable position. The one she uses for her head is "Your" pillow and that's the one she prefers! Thank you for adding to her comfort!

– Jerry L.

Mr.Lindell, I just wanted to let you know my husband and I absolutely love your pillows. My husband is a truck driver and he has had trouble for many years finding the right pillow to use. Well, we found it. 

He has had very comfortable nights and mornings since I got these pillows for him. I myself was having trouble finding the right pillow to keep from me not waking refreshed every morning. 

I am testifying that these pillows work. Keep making these amazing pillows. Thanks again.

– Joandee H

I love my 'MyPillow' seriously and honestly, I love how it adapts to my neck. I love how I can wash it and it comes out just like new. Please don't let the bad press slow you guys down. Add some colors or some sachets or something and fix your marketing. You make a great product and you are an honorable citizen. You have kept your manufacturing in the USA. All your employees are depending on you overcoming all this. Use this upset as a springboard on to bigger and better things. Thanks for making MyPillow.

– Karen T.

I would like to share a quick message with Mr. Lindell and advise him of my satisfaction of my recent orders with MyPillow.

I am very pleased with your products and in no way do I find your sale methodology misleading or deceiving in any way. I didn't purchase these pillows because of any sales gimmick- I just wanted a top-quality product and yours fit the bill. 

You offer an air-tight satisfaction-guaranteed promise and return policy. Your qualified staff is on the job with any questions your potential customers may have. Your customer support is "top cabin" and professional. 

I purchased the two king size pillows and liked them so much I upgraded my existing mattress with your pillow topper. Wow- and my wife is even more impressed than I. 

These products are worth every penny. Pay no attention to the superficial "grading" of any entity. You broke no laws and everyone knows what they are paying for and what they are receiving. 

The real rubber meets the road is in how the customer is satisfied. I disagree occasionally with much of what "Consumer Reports" mandates about their evaluations, also. Many times "evaluations" are nothing more than opinions rendered.

Like I said, it boils down to what the customer feels. Obviously, consumers like your product because much is talked about it. I know my wife and I rave to our friends about our restful nights! 

You have every reason to be proud of your product line. I will continue to patronize your products because I believe in them... not because there are any sales tricks involved! 

Keep up the good work, Mike. Made in America and also by Mike Lindell is good enough for me! May God continue to bless you and your business. I give you an A+ and/or a five-star rating...whichever comes first.! May success follow you always... 

– Ray S.

Mike, I am a customer and am very satisfied with your pillow. I think that the BBB needs to be stood up to. Hope to see you back to business as usual soon.

– Gary B.

I just heard about the BBB and what they have done to your business. Mike, I am a customer of yours, and I use MyPillow every night when I sleep. I've had 6 neck surgeries, and MyPillow allows me to make it comfortable for me, and I get a great nights sleep. 

MyPillow is so fantastic, I tell all my friends to buy MyPillow. If my writing to the BBB would be helpful, just say the word and give me the address to send it to and I'll be happy to send one off. In time, they will change your rating back to the respectable rating MyPillow deserves. 

– Mike O.

Mike, the BBB must be out of their minds, your pillow is the finest on the market, we've got two of them here that we bought from you, and we love them! 

You stand behind your products well beyond what most companies would do. Don't let these people intimidate or discourage you, they're off their rockers if they think this isn't a free country where a company can advertise freely on television, 365 days a year. I fail to see what harm this would do to consumers for more of them to know about your fine products every day of the year. The public doesn't need to be protected from you. 

Thank you for your many, many hours of designing and manufacturing to produce such fine products as your pillows, we love them, and we love you for it.

– Steven M.

I love my MyPillows! I started with 2 over a year ago and now have a total of 6, or maybe 8 counting 2 bolsters. They are GREAT quality. Your customer service people were always kind and helpful. 

I guess this is what we can expect in America today, that a winner has to be brought down a peg or two. I am glad for your entrepreneurial spirit and that you are employing many AMERICANS. People would not keep buying your pillows unless they wanted to. And if they don't like them, your trial period and guarantees are outstanding....probably unsurpassed. 

Have a great 2017! May it be your best year ever!! 

– Daniel B.

I was researching whether to buy a "MyPillow" and read reviews of your product at the BBB site. After reading some negative comments, I called the phone # you supplied to a customer to resolve his issue. It was my pleasure to speak with a young lady at your customer service dept. I hope this is the right spelling of her name, Stephany. Stephany couldn't have been more helpful, friendly, respectful and real during our conversation.

I felt if you staff with such great people, your product should be as good as you advertise. Bottom line, with Stephany's help, I ordered two of your pillows. I seldom send feedback, however, in my mind, Stephany deserves a mention. 

– Dalton C.

I had been hearing the MyPillow advertisement on Pandora every day. I heard Mike claim that the MyPillow guarantees a better night's sleep. Both my husband and I got new pillows for Christmas. We are very pleased with our pillows. 

However, I had noticed that the MyPillow size I chose just wasn't quite right for me. So I called MyPillow customer service and spoke to a Jackie. Though I called at a very late hour (because I kept forgetting about making the call until I went to bed), Jackie was very friendly and courteous despite the late hour. She explained everything with details very easy to understand. I received my RMA Number and return label to send my pillow back in exchange for a larger pillow. Thank you, Jackie, for your help and friendly support. I am very happy with MyPillow service and products.

– Janet S.

I just had to write you during this controversy. I absolutely love the MyPillow pillow! Long story short, I've had 6 whiplashes and needless to say, I need a comfortable pillow. I feel a little like Goldilocks... "This one is too hot" get it. Well, my search for the perfect pillow ended almost 4 years ago when I ordered MyPillow. The good truth is it took a few weeks to get used to my pillow and then I figured it out. It's like I can make it any which way I need. I love it!

I've shared my story with many people. It's the best part of going to bed and I'll be ordering more for my guest room and my sister. Love you for your product and thank you, sir, for taking 2 years for perfecting the pillow. 

– Cheryl C.

I'll start by saying that when I first saw your commercials a few years ago, I remember thinking to myself that it seems a bit crazy to advertise so much about a pillow. I had always been a very healthy man and sleeping was never a problem for me.

That is until I woke up one morning and my vision in my right eye was very blurry. It stayed that way for a couple of weeks and finally I went and saw a doctor. They told me I had optic neuritis in my right eye and that it is the number 1 symptom of MS (multiple sclerosis). 

At that time, I couldn't get comfortable at night. I bought a new bed, the best you could get, but that didn't help. I tried all mattresses, all sleeping positions, but nothing gave me a comfortable night's sleep.  

As I do every day, I saw your commercial on TV again and thought why not, it couldn't make anything worst. So I got your pillow and threw it on the bed. Went to work 3rd shift that night, so got back home at 7 AM. I went into my room, threw my keys on the dresser, and just fell back onto the pillow. I wasn't planning on trying to go to sleep yet, but I did. I woke back up and looked at the clock and it said 6:30. I was confused for the moment, I didn't know if it was AM or PM. But what I did know was that I felt unbelievable. So I called into work and took a personal day off. I lay back down and didn't wake up until 9 the following morning. My pillow was the farthest from my mind in thinking it was why I finally got some comfort and slept for so long. So got up and went about my day. Then it was time to go to bed and again I slept from 9 PM to 7 AM not getting up once. I couldn't believe it, it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

I can't sleep without it now. We had a house fire and it was burned up and I couldn't get comfortable at all until I got my new one. Talking to other people that have M.S in the computer forums, I told everyone how comfortable MyPillow is, and kept telling them until they finally listened. And the feedback has all been the same. They can't believe how much a pillow can change the comfort of your nights. So it's not just me, everyone that gets one is shocked and amazed. So I would like to thank you, MIKE, for believing so much in your creation that your passion can easily be seen when you are talking about it on your commercials.

Thank you, Mike, for helping not just me but countless others. God bless You.

– Paul I.

I would like you to know that I got "My Pillow" for Christmas and it was the best Christmas present to get. Yes, even better than my emerald ring that I love. I had such a hard time every night trying to make my neck comfortable. WOW, what a difference. I LOVE MY PILLOW!! AWESOME!!!! :) Thank you sooo much !!!!

– Eleanor M.

Mike, Screw the BBB!!! Your pillows WORK. I wish I would have bought them sooner. I bought them for myself and my wife because we had night and morning discomfort and I wanted relief. They worked and so I bought them for my 11 and 15 yr old daughters for Christmas and they love them too!!! We are all sleeping much better!!! 

Whatever you advertise and charge for the pillows - it is worth every penny. I tell everyone I talk to that we switched to MyPillow and that they are FANTASTIC!!!! Keep up the good work and keep making them in America!!!!

– David M.

I've used MyPillow for at least 8 years and it is the best pillow I've ever used. I fought with pillows and night discomfort for decades and MyPillow has been a wonderful answer. I do not want to be without it. Note to BBB: this is an UN-solicited comment. Thank you for your product. I have 3; may buy more.

– Sarah W.

I just wanted to drop a line and say that my wife and I ordered two MyPillows through your website and absolutely LOVE them! We've never been more comfortable and the customized fill levels seem perfect. It's too bad there are negative ads out there that really have nothing to do with the most important features: comfort and absolute quality of the product! 

The product is so great that I'm positive that soon the whole BBB debacle will be only a distant memory. Wishing your company GREAT things! Will recommend to all my friends and coworkers!

– John C.

My husband for the past 5 years had been complaining & complaining every morning that he woke up about not sleeping comfortably.  I was personally getting sick of hearing it. I bought him at least 5 pillows and he still didn't like any of them. HE IS VERY HARD TO PLEASE...... THEN, he told me to go ahead and order a MYPILLOW and just try it out. WOW WOW WOW..... I can't believe it, but it works. MY HUSBAND ABSOLUTELY LOVES HIS MYPILLOW. I love it because he doesn't wake up complaining any more and he sleeps very well now so I wanted to say THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH. You literally changed our lives just because of a PILLOW. My husband would be a GREAT spokesman for MYPILLOW, SERIOUSLY!!! He is telling everyone to buy one. Thanks again!!!! 

– Vicki B.

Just wanted you to know that we are extremely pleased with our pillows. I have been reading many negative comments and cannot identify with any of them. BOGO has been going on for years and l don't quite understand the complaints. Buyers need to be smart by comparing product to product, i.e. John Deere selling their mowers through Home Depot is not the same mower as the John Deere dealer. Hoping and praying that the coming days will bring be brighter. Hang in there!

– Stan B.

I don't care what the BBB said, I love my "MyPillows" and I''m very happy you ran the BOGO as long as you did. I might not have purchased them otherwise, which would have been terrible, given that I now know how wonderful they are!

– Mary T.

I just wanted to let you know I love "MyPillow." I have them in all 4 bedrooms in my house and because of your buy one get one free, it was much easier to talk husband into buying them for our home and buying them for my Dad and Daughter. Thank you! From a girl who lives in California but was born and raised in Minnesota.

– Carol B.

My husband and I have both had neck surgery. In fact, he just had another serious neck operation. We have had MyPillows, if I remember correctly, since they first came out, and we love them. Supports the head and neck great. I love the wash and dry factor.

– Molly W.

My wife and I, after watching your television commercials for months, decided to take the plunge and order a pair for us. We have been dealing with uncomfortable pillows for years, or worse yet, finding ones that actually felt good, only to go flat in a short time. Then as a final kicker, we couldn't find them again. 

When our pillows arrived, we were somewhat taken back by their soft lumpy feeling, and I had my doubts about its comfort. Well lo and behold, we got the best nights sleep that I can remember as of late. These pillows are a miracle if you have ever felt like you have slept on pillows before, fit for a dungeon. 

While relocating to another home, I had our 2 MyPillows in a plastic bag, along with many other bags and boxes in the back of my pickup truck. Although our drive was only 25 minutes away on local roads, apparently only the bag with the pillows blew out, never to be seen again, no matter how much we searched. 

That being said, we haven't slept well since. As our budget allows, we are going to purchase 2 replacement pillows. Thank you, Mike, for making such a wonderful and comfortable product. 

As a footnote, I don't care if the BBB has given you and your company an F rating from an A+ rating through political entanglements. You're #1 in my book. God bless.

– Gerald S.

I have slept on the MyPIllow for the past 3 weeks and have slept comfortably, with my neck and shoulders softly supported through the night, so I wake up refreshed. At first, I thought it was my imagination because I would often not wake up refreshed before. At present, I would recommend trying the MyPIllow.

– Charlotte M.

These are truly the last pillows that my wife and I will buy! We both sleep straight through the night in a deeper sleep than we ever have with any other pillow. Even the travel pillows are the best. I would recommend this to everyone!

– Richard B.

After watching commercial after commercial on how great these pillows were, we decided ... what do we have to lose.... let's get them and see if they help support our necks comfortably so we can wake up refreshed. 

The first night was heaven. We thought WOW ... are these great pillows. My husband could sleep on a rock and not know the difference, but now has claimed his pillow as a child was his favorite stuffed animal. 

A month later.... I have ordered a set for my two sons and wives. I talked a friend into buying, and they too have fallen in love with theirs. I will be buying two more sets as my other children's birthdays arrive. 

I am 65, and can not remember when I have slept this well. Another PLUS..... they are MADE IN THE U.S.A.

– Mary T.

Even after hearing some not so very nice comments, I purchased a MyPillow and I love it!!!! It's everything promised and I thank you. Loved it so much I purchased one for my husband! 

– Jacqueline R.

At 62 years old I think I've tried about every pillow out there and nothing seemed to work for me...after thinking this is just another pillow and why should I try it, I thought why not. I have to tell you it is the BEST out there, I highly recommend it to anyone.

– Frank

I needed a pillow that would provide comfortable support for my neck. I LOVE MyPillow!!! My neck is comfortable the night through, and after 2 weeks, we bought another one for my husband!! We've only had them for about a month and a half, but they have not lost their shape!!

– M.W

My wife bought me a MyPillow for Christmas. I'm 63 years old and have tried different pillows over the years.The very first night I slept on MyPillow was the most comfortable night's sleep I had in years.

I will never sleep on a different pillow again and now my wife wants to get one too. Each morning, I wake up refreshed and ready to go for the day without getting tired during the day. I would recommend this pillow for everyone.

– Greg O.

I find the BBB rating drop absolutely unacceptable and unfair. As a returning customer of MyPillow, my family and I could not be more pleased with the pillows we have purchased. From ordering to delivery, we received excellent service and the pillows are truly as described.

We have found that we are sleeping better and more comfortably. It has made it difficult to endure the pillows of many hotels after having our "MyPillows". We are truly thrilled that we decided to purchase our first sets and will be purchasing more of them. We wish you continued success with your endeavors.

– Linda C.

I look forward to snuggling up to MyPillow at night and waking up every morning well rested.And, wash after wash, MyPillow holds up, smells clean and fresh, and helps me get rid of dust mites, dander, etc. that could cause allergies.

Americans are savvy shoppers. They know a quality product when they see one. I don't care what the BBB has rated this company. This is a high-quality product, made in America and I will continue to buy it. I will also recommend it to everyone I know so they can experience the same wonderful MyPillow sleep experience I know. 

– Vicki W.

Recently bought your king size pillows for myself and my wife. I was sleeping on 2 pillows and now I only need "MY PILLOW" to get my rest and sleep. Your product is terrific. Thank you! 

– Paul S.

I have struggled for years with pillows. I could never find one that I didn't have to flip, punch, or curse at lol. It was a nightmare. So yesterday, I broke down and bought the MyPillow. At first, I thought the price was too high, but after I slept all night with my neck and back comfortably supported and woke up refreshed and without tossing or turning all night, I am one happy camper. It was well worth the money. I hope that whoever else has problems with their pillows will give yours a chance. Trust me in saying it is the best pillow you will ever own. Again, thank you so much for the best night's sleep I have had in a long time:)

– Shawn Y.

I received the MyPillow as a gift from my mother about 2 and a half years ago. I've spent so much money on other pillows that "promised" they were the best! Since I got the MyPillow, I have nights of comfortable, supportive neck and back support, and wake up refreshed.

The pillow does what it claims to do. I will NEVER purchase another type of pillow unless it is a MYPILLOW!! Thank you for this amazing product that gives me the best nights of sleep!!!! 

– Megan G.

What a breath of fresh air when it comes to customer service! I have been using a green support pillow for over 3 months, and it is not as comfortable as it used to be. I just sent an email to ask why and was immediately contacted by a customer service rep. She said I should move to a blue/firmer pillow and is sending me one today. She is even letting me hold on to my old one until the new one arrives. What a great company who stands behind their product.

– Kevin A.

I bought my husband a MyPillow last year for his birthday. He needed pillows with good back and neck support and, after purchasing several high-end pillows that were pricey, he was still having trouble sleeping comfortably. The 'pricey' pillows didn't take long to go flat.

He is so happy that he sleeps comfortably through the night now with his MyPillow. So, this year I decided to order two more MyPillows online right before Christmas. My Mom had asked for one, so with the "buy 1 get one deal" I was able to gift myself one for Christmas. Now my kids can benefit from them too! I would recommend MyPillow to anyone I know - especially someone who is tired of wasting money and still not feeling rested when they wake up. It's also a big bonus that they are MADE IN THE USA! Great invention Mike!!

– Karen J.

I don't want to get into a huge testimonial, I simply want to say that these pillows are amazing. My pillows were not giving me enough support for my neck to be comfortable, so I would wake feeling discomfort. Well .... until I got MyPillow!!! It has helped me for over 7 years and has withstood so many washings. It is also my favorite gift to give to family. Get one! It's the best decision I've ever made.

– Ashley H.

I needed a pillow that supported by shoulder, neck, and head, so I decided it was time to try out "MyPillow". I went to the website to select the type for my style of sleep, etc. I fluffed it up upon arrival and have been very happy with it. I should have switched a year ago! Thank you.

– Deanna R.

I needed a great pillow for neck comfort. This is GREAT. I sleep well every night, take it with me when I travel, and love that I can safely wash/dry it as often as I like! It's a wonderful pillow!!

– Diane

I saw the ad on Fox News for the MyPillow. I had purchased several pillows over the years and wasn't satisfied. I was skeptical of it being a tv gimmick and really skeptical when it arrived in such a small package.

I gave the two I had bought to my wife for her birthday because she and I had talked about it every time we saw the commercial. She gave me one pillow back because two of them were too much for her. I tried the pillow and found it to be the best pillow ever! She has great neck support and I have a great night's sleep. This pillow is just as advertised. Try it or give it as a gift.

– John G.

We have ordered 6 queen pillow, 6 go-anywhere pillows, and pillow cases for all of them. Even during the extremely busy Christmas season, the customer service was outstanding. We will be purchasing more soon, the products are great!

– Keith M.

I had to have a pillow that maintains its support. I finally purchased MyPillow and the comfort I experienced was beyond belief. I love my pillow and my new lease on life. I wake up refreshed. THANK YOU, THANK YOU.!

– Rosemarie S.

I purchased MyPillow about 4 months ago. I love it, sleep very comfortably, and my neck feels good the night through. I have not washed it yet, but I am planning to soon - I have been afraid that I would have to do without MyPillow until I could order another one.

I have never had a pillow that was washable and I sure do LOVE this pillow. I can not say enough about the comfort MyPillow provides. I would definitely tell anyone, TRY MyPillow!!!!!!!!!

– Betty J.

I had to laugh at the BBB reducing your rating, Mike, due to quality and the lack of customer service. Nothing could be further from the truth! 

I bought two pillows about a year ago. After using the chart provided on the website for the desired comfort, the pillow I received was still not firm enough.

I called customer service and they immediately shipped me a firmer pillow as well as a return label for the exchange. The shipment was expedited and sent overnight. That was impressive. The quality of the pillows could not be better.

 I was so happy with the pillows, I ordered a pair for my daughter and son-in-law and they, as well, just love them. Thank you, Mike, for a great product and exceptional customer service!

– Daniel R.

I bought my first MyPIllow at the Tucson Arts & Craft Fair about seven years ago. I had tried pillows from three or four different places and couldn't find one I liked to replace my favorite pillow, which was almost worn out. Now we have six queen size and two travel MyPillows. Now my wife and I both travel with ours as well as the two travel pillows. I wouldn't buy one from anyone else.

– Mike H.

Those of us who are very loyal customers won't listen to the BBB. I've had mine for 4 years. My whole family sleeps only on MyPillow now. 

We won't use anything else. American made, American designed. Truly the best pillow ever made. Be proud of your achievements. You've helped so many people better their lives. Thank you and God Bless.

– Mike R.

Love MyPillows! Ordered them for my wife and me after getting good reviews for them from my parents. We are both very happy with the adjustability and the comfort of them. 

Like many others, lots of pillows have been purchased over the years. This is where the buck stops! 

Also, who checks the BBB for a pillow company anyhow? These are pillows, not cars or handyman/contractor services! I'll bet not one person checked the BBB out when they bought their last pillow from what ever store. 

Thanks, Mike, for making a great pillow. Well, thanks to you for the design. Thanks to your employees for making such a great Pillow. Happy New Year! 

– John H.

I love this pillow! It can be fluffed up so it fits you, unlike the regular foam slabs that feel like you're sleeping on a rock. I recommend it, as the quality is great. It takes a few days to get used to it, but once you do it is very comfortable.

– Andrea B.

I ordered 2 pillows from MyPillow about 6 to 8 months ago. I needed to return one and I was very happy with the service I received from MyPillow. It was timely and I could not be happier with my new pillow. I would order from them again. "I love MyPillow."

– Lois P.

I have purchased at least 20 pillows from several manufacturers over the last few years. My fiance bought a set of MyPillows for me February of last year. She knew I was looking for pillows that would provide comfortable support for my back and neck. When I received them, I followed the directions to put them in the dryer and then put them in the pillow cases. This was the most comfortable night's sleep I have had in a lot of years! Recently, she purchased the 3-inch mattress topper and we both love it! If I turn on the news at bedtime, I don't even see two minutes of it. Thank you for the excellent product, Mr. Lindell, we both appreciate you :)

– Chad L.

My Pillow is no hype, no BS, it's by far the most comfortable pillow I've ever owned. I have spent hundreds of dollars on orthopedic pillows, trying to find comfortable support for my neck and back, and none have ever been as comfortable as MyPillow. I am now the MyPillow evangelist in my circle of influence. It's by far the best pillow on the market. Don't even think about it, just get it. You won't regret it.

– Steve H.

I love these pillows! I have 4 of them!!

– Donna

I could never find that perfect pillow that would give me the comfort and support for my neck and back that I wanted until I ordered the MyPillow. The soft support of MyPillow provides a very comfortable sleep. 

I got a MyPillow for my husband and he also can sleep comfortably now. We are so grateful for MyPillow. I recommend it to everyone. It is a wonderful, quality product. Thank you, Mike, for inventing such a wonder product that has had such a profound impact on our lives. Thank you MyPillow.

– Tracy E.

Months ago, I was feeling discomfort in my neck and I decided the pillows I had were worn out. I'd seen the MyPillow ads on TV and heard them on the radio, but I'm suspicious of most advertising. I happened to mention the issue and about seeing the advertising to a friend, and she told me she'd had a MyPillow for many years and was about to order another. Then, as luck would have it, I talked about the same thing with two other friends and each said they loved their MyPillow pillows. 

So I took the plunge and ordered. I spoke with the customer service guy and he "fitted" me with a green pillow. It arrived quickly and I was excited to try it. The first night was great, but over the course of a couple weeks, I noticed I had to flip the pillow repeatedly during the night to get a "fresh edge" that wasn't smashed down, and that my sleep wasn't as great as the first couple of nights. 

When I contacted the MyPillow customer service, they agreed with my thinking that I hadn't been fitted with the right size. They immediately sent me 2 blue pillows, along with a return label for the 2 green pillows. The blue pillows have been perfect. I'm getting really great sleep (sometimes flipping the pillow once, never more). 

The only trouble is now I'm sleeping too much - I think I'm catching up on years of substandard sleep from my previous pillows. In my opinion, it's a great product, surpassed only by their great customer service. I don't know the details of the BBB rating reduction, but based on my experience, I think they need to mind their own business and let a good company and a fine business man do what they do best -- providing good quality sleep for Americans. God bless y'all.

– Carla

I ordered two MyPillows for my master bed and was not sure if they would be something worth buying. Being made right here in the USA, I knew that I could always send them back if unhappy. 

Well, after I got them out of their package and put them in the dryer, I was very impressed. They are the best pillows I have ever had! I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed. T

his was money very well spent, and I like how they asked me questions so that I got just the right pillow when ordering. If you need a new pillow, or maybe just a better night's sleep, I would call and order one just to fit your needs. You will not be sorry! 

– Dianna P.

I went through dozens of pillows to try to find a pillow that would provide needed support for my neck, including very expensive "ortho" pillows. MyPillow allows me to get the comfortable night's sleep I have been looking for. I will not part with it and will probably buy another now. I am not kidding when I write that MyPillow is the best.

– Dawn

We loved our first two pillows so much we purchased two more to travel with. Can't sleep without them - best pillows we've ever had. We also bought one for our daughter and a My First Pillow for our grandson and they love them too!. This company also has great customer service. We had a minor issue with one pillow and they replaced it right away. Awesome company - awesome product. Thanks! 

– Mark S

Bought these pillows 4 years ago. It took a few days to get used to them, but love them! I bought two more for at my girlfriend's place!

– Randy C.

I bought my husband and I each a MyPillow to see if it would help us sleep better. The difference is remarkable. The soft support that MyPillow provides has let us sleep more comfortably and get up feeling refreshed. What a great pillow! 

– Christine M.

I would sometimes wake up in the night with discomfort in my neck, hands, and fingers...but since I have been using My Pillow, I sleep more comfortably. I recommend this pillow to everyone!

– Shelia

I love my pillows! After reading many reviews, I found most weren't very good about MyPillow, but I decided that I needed to judge for myself, as most people are negative and like to complain versus give compliments. I got 2 kings, one yellow and one white, just to try two versions, plus 2 travel and 2 travel pillow cases. 

I love all of my pillows - best sleep ever! I used to use 2 pillows for sleeping. I now use one, alternating yellow or white each night. These are different than regular pillows - take the time to try something new! 

It is a great experience. I sleep very well, am very comfortable, and I can't get my French bulldog off of them. He lays his head on them, too, as he also loves them! I will continue to buy this brand for my household. Very sanitary, no dead skin or skin mites - yuck! Give them a try - it's sure worth it! Pillow cases are very nice. Love all my products - travel pillows too!

– Nikki

I Love my pillow. The first night with the MyPillow, I slept the whole night which was fantastic. 

– Savannah S.

My pillow is most definitely the only pillow I will ever own again! This company has my business for life. This pillow is everything they say it is and more. Definitely worth the money. I've had mine for almost an entire year now and it has never lost its shape! It's still just as fluffy as it was almost a year ago! It's the only pillow that I have ever found that never loses its shape. And I've pillow shopped ALOT looking for the perfect pillow. Excellent buy. You won't be disappointed.

– Angela

After recently purchasing your product, I would like to extend my thanks to the manufacturer for making such a quality pillow. I am thoroughly satisfied with this product and would recommend it to others. Thank you. 

– Luke M.

I had been having problems sleeping with the pillows I had been using. Now, the "MyPillow" has helped my tossing and turning. Thank You. I'm thinking that as soon as I can afford it, I want to get another one for my husband.

– Jill N.

I adore this pillow. It helps to fluff it up on both ends like he does on TV. I gave 2 as presents. I use a sham pillowcase because it is easier to fluff. It molds to your neck or back and it does that best if it is not too tight in the case.

– Adrienne

A pretty swell product. I'd do it again, and again, and again...

– Damian

We bought 2 pillows for me and my husband for Christmas a year ago. We loved them and after a year we still do. They are the best comfortable pillows. and a GREAT NIGHT'S SLEEP. 

This Christmas, we bought our son and daughter-in-law these pillows also. We ordered 2 King Pillows. You just wash and dry and fluff these pillows and they are still great.

 I also want to give a shout out to your customer service area. I mistakenly ordered the wrong pillow, and I emailed them and it was corrected immediately. When I received these pillows, I was sent a Queen instead of a King. It was very close to Christmas. Your Customer Service said I would receive a King pillow in 2 days and to keep the Queen that they sent me in error. I did receive it and not only do I like MYPILLOW, I LOVE THE CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT I RECEIVED ALSO.

– Phyllis R.

My son-in-law and I both bought the MYPILLOW. I now have a good night's Sleep every night! Do not understand those bad reviews - NOT TRUE in our TWO cases. Perhaps others have a medical condition that needs further help from Physicians. MYPILLOWS now in all 4 Bedrooms!!! I am 90 years of age and enjoying life again IN My Bed- on MYPILLOW. Son-in-law sleeping comfortably all night long also now. This review was written unsolicited, from my heart!

– Hilda D.

I'm not one to write testimonials, but I can't help but rave about MyPillow. Just as they claim, it provides restful sleep, I wake up very refreshed, and I don't have to fight with the pillow like before. I'm SO glad I ordered them.

– Jan M. B.

I have been in auto tech for over 30 years, played baseball, boxed golden gloves, been an avid hunter, and outdoorsman my whole life. My family recently bought me a MyPillow and it has helped tremendously! Thank you! 

– Bob W.

My husband has serious back and neck problems. We bought a new mattress and 2 MyPillows to go along with it. He has the firm pillow and he's had the best sleep ever. The new mattress was a help and the pillow was the "icing on the cake." Thanks for giving both of us a good night sleep! 

– Marsha P.

Love these pillows! I'm a medium sized woman and my husband is a 6' slim man. According to our tee shirt sizes, I bought a green and a white pillow. However, for a slender woman, I have fairly broad shoulders and my neck was uncomfortable. My husband is a tall, slender man with slender shoulders. We are both in our 60s. I now use the green pillow and it's perfect and my husband loves the white pillow. So, Mike, there are occasions when I think the advised pillow size can be swapped out. It has worked for us.

– Vivien

I did not believe the hype on this pillow and did not want to spend that much to find out. But I was able to get one from Zulily at a reasonable cost, and I must say IT IS THE BEST PILLOW. You have to give it a good week to try it out and I'm sure you'll agree with me. - 

– Sandee S.

Amazing!! MyPillow is spot on. It's everything that it's advertised to be and more. I will never sleep on any other pillow again. I plan to buy more as gifts for my entire family. Way to go Mike Lindell and company. Keep doing what you're doing. Do not be discouraged by the BBB guff. They must not have anything better to do.

– Sue

I have to say I just loved the MyPillow so much that after I got mine, I bought them for many others. Everyone I bought them for just loved them too!! Really a great product. I just came back today to buy a MyPillow body pillow. I'm excited to receive that in a few days. Thanks again Mike!! From another happy customer!!

– Denise

I was over at my neighbor's house the other morning drinking coffee and watching the morning news when it popped up on the TV that "MyPillow" got an F rating from the BBC... I was SHOCKED!

I immediately ran over to my house in the pouring down rain and grabbed a "MyPillow" from on top of my bed and ran back to their house with it in my hands. I first lifted up the pillow case and showed them the "MyPillow" logo. They all said in shock, "You actually bought these pillows and paid that much money for them! Are you crazy!" I calmly said with a smile on my face...."YES!!! And it was worth EVERY cent!" 

Then, I let them each hold the pillow and went on for ten minutes bragging about how I had purchased them over a year ago and ALWAYS had a hard time with pillows in the past. But ever since I purchased "MyPillow" I have had the absolute BEST sleep I've ever had in my life!!! 

And as my neighbors felt and formed the pillow with their hands, I could tell by the looks on their faces that they were impressed by it. I just want to personally thank Michael Lindell for inventing such a wonderful, breakthrough pillow! I look forward to putting my head on it EVERY night! 

My six-year-old daughter won't go anywhere without hers! And I have talked many friends and family members into buying them. They rave about theirs as much as I do, and I can't wait to purchase more! I am so sorry to hear about the bogus F rating because you will ALWAYS have an A+ in my book! P.S. God bless everyone who helps make this wonderful product and their families! : ) 

– Emily M.

Received MyPillows yesterday, followed dryer directions, best nights sleep in years - thanks for helping my wife and I  get a good night's sleep. The BBB aside, you get an AAA rating from us.

– Darrell G. M.

Had neck surgery in 2005, spent hundreds of dollars trying different pillows that would provide soft support to no avail... bought a MyPillow this Christmas. EXCELLENT, and It supports my neck perfectly. Highly recommend.

– Chad V.

Best pillow I EVER slept on! No amount of money will buy a better one. 

– Jim C.

The pillow is amazing. I got this as a Christmas gift. After 9 days using the pillow, I found every day was excellent sleep. I look forward every day to using MyPillow. I got one pillow for my wife and son and they also love it! THANKS!!!

– Jose L.

I am currently sleeping on a metal framed futon with a mattress that's getting thinner every day. I cannot afford a new bed at this time and I toss and turn all night. I rarely would get into REM sleep and sleep would be very shallow and I would wake up tired. I received my pillows yesterday and used them last night for the first time. The claims are true!! I didn't toss or turn ONCE. And I got some deep sleep and woke up not tired. I felt very rested. I sent my second pillow to my mother, and I can't wait to talk to her and tell her she's going to love it. I wholeheartedly recommend this pillow to everyone. I see MyPillow has a bed too. My goal is to get one. God bless you, Mr. Lindell.

– Martha M.

We have two MyPillow pillows we got about three years ago. They have kept their shape and are as nice now as when we got them. My wife has purchased many pillows over the years and none, regardless of cost, have been better or lasted longer than the MyPillow products. Thanks, My Pillow.

– Ronald R.

I received my MyPillows last evening. I immediately read the instructions and put them in the dryer for 15 minutes. I put pillow cases on them and went to bed. I had the "Best" sleep I've had in a long time. I was very skeptical at first, for one thing, I didn't think I picked the correct size/style (I ordered green/firm). I switch on my side and on my back (I flip back and forth) when sleeping. I have health issues in which I don't get a full straight night sleep, I get up many times during the night to use the restroom. But last night after getting up at different times, I didn't have to "flip" my pillow even once to get a cool side and I slept really well. Thank You, Mike and the MyPillow workers in Minneapolis, it's a Great product.

– Donna P.

I didn't really need new pillows now but I bought some MyPillows anyway because of the BBB downgrade. I support businesses that work hard in the USA, and I hate regulators that make it harder for business to succeed. I'm sure that I will love my new MyPillows.

– William L.

I received MyPillow for Christmas. Love it. Today I ordered 2 more on special.

– Judy C.

We ordered MyPillow in December and a shipping error occurred causing a standard pillow size to be sent rather than the king size ordered. We called about this and the company was quick to send out the correct size and paid for our return shipping at no cost to us. We are very happy with the customer service as this was done very quickly (much quicker than we anticipated). We also love our pillows as we both are able to get a good night's sleep.

– Robert S

I finally got around to purchasing a MyPillow a couple months ago. So far I love it. I had been sleeping on a foam and a feather pillow stacked on time of each other for most of my life. I routinely would get stiff necks. Since I have had My Pillow, no stiff necks! It also feels softer against my head but still retains the firmness and support that I like. I would recommend MyPillow to anyone to try out so they can decide for themselves.........Recently I saw a piece on the national news about a downgrade by the BBB. While I am not sure of all the exact reasons for this downgrade, as I have been totally happy with the product so far, I am sure that MyPillow will correct or address any perceived, potential or actual issues and continue making a great product.

– Chris S.

I LOVE LOVE this pillow. Best pillow I ever had. Bought many more. Guests have wanted them too, so I gifted them after their stay. Love how you can adjust it and it stays where you want it. Great product!! Machine washes and dries well. 

– Brenda

It has been almost 2 weeks since I received "MyPillow" from my husband and I still cannot talk about it without tearing up. Besides our daughter, it's the best gift he has ever given me. I woke up the day after Christmas feeling refreshed and energized. I felt so good.

I was afraid it could be just a coincidence, but now since it has been a couple of weeks, I know it is truly the pillow. I've been telling everyone and I encourage anyone whose skeptical to try it, IT WORKS! I love "MyPillow" and will never sleep without it. Thank you.

– Sheryl F.

The MyPillow doesn't force my head up, instead it contours around my head and neck, supporting both. It made a tremendous difference for me! It's worth three times the price!

– Richard

We just ordered MyPillow ... the buy 1 King Pillow and get 2. We are very happy with our new pillows ... I like how you can fluff them up or pat them down a bit to make flatter...We are definitely resting better. I have no idea what people wouldn't like about this product ... Can't please everyone I guess ... Thank you, MyPillow!!!

– Debra C.

My favorite thing about MyPillow is that after you throw it in the washer and dryer, it gets fluffier and even more comfortable than it was. We ordered 2 of these and have been pleased with their performance after a year of use.

– Sandy

After receiving this pillow from my daughter, I have to say it's the best pillow I've ever used. I've tried foam pillows, premium goose down and others and none have ever consistently provided the necessary support. I strongly recommend MyPillow to anyone looking for their best nights sleep.

– Wayne L.

Love MyPIllow... No more feeling unrested and uncomfortable in the morning! Best pillow ever!

– Sharon T.

I bought 2 pillows a couple months ago and love them so much, I bought 2 more. I won't sleep without them.

– Jemma Y.

Received my pillows yesterday. They are absolutely fantastic!! Had great night's sleep. Very comfortable. That sure was a great decision. I would recommend your product to everyone I know. No matter what they say on TV. I GIVE YOU an A+ rating. Keep producing your wonderful pillows. I will order more in the future.

– Carol F.

Very best pillow I have ever had in my life. Broke my back a few years back and this pillow's soft support is great. I've bought them for gifts and the recipients love them. No complaints from Vegas, Baby!

– Alice B.

I received a "MyPillow" for Christmas. I absolutely love it! It's perfect! I used to wake up every morning with a slightly uncomfortable neck until I started using "MyPillow". Now, my neck is supported and I have a much more comfortable sleeping experience. I never thought I would have a perfect pillow until now! Several of my friends own one also and have all had positive feedback also! It's a "Must have" for everyone! You gotta try it!

– Bonnie B.

Great pillow! I have seen people review the pillow as bad, but some people can't be pleased with anything. These pillows are comfortable and for the first time in years, I have slept with my neck comfortably supported, so I wake up feeling great. I have tried every kind of pillow on the market and have paid a lot more than these pillows cost. So far, so good!

– Bart

My pillow is the best pillow I have ever slept on. I own 2 homes and we have my pillow on all our beds. Buy my pillow from their site, take the test as to how you sleep and you will get the right pillow and sleep like a baby. Pillows are personal. They sent me a queen when I needed a king. The error was my fault and they still paid the postage for me to return the wrong one, sent me the correct one and gave me a travel pillow for the inconvenience.

– LuJean

I ordered two MyPillow's, one for me and one for my wife for Christmas this year. I have often woken up the last couple of years with neck and back discomfort in the morning. I have slept on the pillow for 11 nights so far and my neck and back feel so much better when I wake up!!!! Thanks Mike for inventing MyPillow!!!!!

– John H.

I bought a MyPillow because I had a hard time finding a good pillow which offered the kind of support that I need for my neck and head when I am lying on my side. I use my My Pillow with one of my old pillows and it works really well for me!! I would recommend that anyone looking for a good pillow try a My Pillow. I think you will end up being glad that you did.

– Wilma W.

Christmas brought me a MyPillow and I told my wife I hope it wasn't expensive because I am sure the advertising is just a gimmick. Wrong, very wrong. I have not had a sleepless night since using MyPillow and my neck is very comfortable. Unbelievable, truly unbelievable!.

– Mark N.

Love the pillows! After two weeks of perfect alignment, my neck is comfortable all night long with the new pillow! Keep on keeping on Mike! May God bless you and your staff!.

– K.A.H.

I was skeptical about these pillows at first, but they are the best pillows money can buy. I am able to sleep more soundly than I ever have before. They wash up great and maintain their shape perfectly. I have had mine for about 9 months and have bought others for my family members. I would recommend his pillow for anyone who wants a good night's sleep. 

– Dawn H.

I saw the 4-pack promotion and thought why not....I have been sleeping on my MyPillow for about a week now and I am amazed. For the first time in years my alarm clock woke me up, I'm sleeping comfortably at night and feeling well rested in the morning......I am so thrilled with this pillow I will never use anything else! Thank you, MyPillow!

– Rhonda L.

Best purchase I've ever made!! I've had the "MyPillow" for 2 months and it is the BEST pillow I have ever slept on! I would often experience neck discomfort. Since sleeping on "My Pillow," my neck has been comfortable all night long! Having my neck well supported all night long is priceless! I only wish I had purchased one sooner!

– Dana

I used to be a down pillow user. I loved my down pillows. When it came time for new pillows my husband said he didn't care for the down pillow because he was always fluffing it up during the night to get it just right every time he moved. We saw MyPillows on QVC and talked about them and decided to give them a try.

That was two years ago. We just love them. It did take a couple of nights to get used to them, but they have been great ever since. We fall asleep faster and sleep better. No more fluffing the pillows. These pillows just need one fluff before bedtime and that is it, we're set. We wash them a couple of times a year and dry them in the dryer and they come out big and full. They dry a lot faster than my down pillows ever did. I would recommend these pillows to anyone considering them. I would buy the gusseted pillows and follow the instructions closely when you receive them.

– Tina

I know that I love my MyPillow and that's all there is to it! 

– Cristina M.

I'm so sad to hear all the negative press on the news about MyPillow. I've had my MyPillows for about 3 years now and love love love them. I've given MyPillows as gifts the last couple years and they all love the pillows. Thank you for the best pillow ever. 

– Joyce N.

Best sleep I ever got.

– Audrey S.

I have purchased every kind of latex pillow that looked comfy. They were too firm....too soft...anyway....we had five latex pillows to get rid of. Three days ago was my first night sleeping on my new "MyPillow". I've had three nights of undisturbed sleep. I love MyPillow and will not waste any more money on any other kind. I can't wait until I can get a mattress topper. I can hardly wait for bedtime to come. I am a lifetime customer and a very happy sleeper!

– Karen L.

I have ordered 2 MyPillow pillows in the past year. The cost of the 2 pillows was very clear to me....there was no deception. When I found fault with one of the pillows, I called the company. A human answered after a couple of rings. They replaced the faulty one with 2 more pillows! There is no better and more honest company than MyPillow. Thank you for our restful nights! 

– RP

I have been so pleased and satisfied with MyPillow that I purchased pillows for all the beds in my home and own the travel pillow. This pillow exceeded all my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone!! 

– Michele W.

I have had MyPillow for about a month, and I am an absolute believer! I used to wake up every morning with an uncomfortable neck and more! Last week I bought 2 more, and plan on buying at least one more. Best pillow ever.

– Teresa T.

I purchased my pillow for my Christmas present from my husband. I will tell you, it is the best pillow that I have ever had. It is well worth the money, I love my pillow, would not have any other pillow now. So if you are thinking about getting one, I will say go ahead you won't be sorry. I have had the best night's sleep. 

– Mary S.

I purchased two MyPillows for Christmas. When I opened mine and fluffed it, I thought - this pillow is filled with foam blocks! I was skeptical. But - I can positively say that I am sleeping better. I do not wake up until morning! I don't know exactly why! The pillow supports my neck and shoulders and is comfortable in all sleeping positions. The more I sleep on it the better it gets. I do not care about the 2 for 1 offer. It was worth it.I bought them after listening to the ads on Hannity. 

– Margaret B.

My husband and I hesitated to buy MyPillows because of the cost, but we finally decided to try them because of the money back guarantee. We LOVE them. Neither one of us is waking up with discomfort in our necks and shoulders. I would recommend these pillows to fact, I have. 

– Linda B.

This has definitely been a life-changing product for me. With MyPillow, I fall asleep within the first 10 minutes every night, and I stay asleep. I've only been using them for a couple of weeks and I've been late to work twice because I slept right through my alarm. Seriously feels like a cloud after about 5 minutes of putting your head down on it. It's firm but yet fluffy. I tried my old pillows just to see how big of a difference it was, and they felt like concrete. Would recommend this to anyone who wants a good night's sleep!

– Cody

Sleeping for me was often difficult until my wife got me a MyPillow. It has done me wonders. I never knew something so simple could make a huge difference. This pillow is amazing. If you have trouble sleeping or you are just plain uncomfortable, this pillow will help. Thank you for inventing this wonderful product!

– Chelsea

My husband ordered these to arrive just after Christmas. We really didn't need new pillows, but when they arrived, I put them in the dryer and tossed them on the bed, not thinking it was any big deal. Man, was I wrong! These pillows are INCREDIBLE!!! Your head just sinks into the pillow gently and supports your neck like NO OTHER PILLOW. I sleep wonderfully on this pillow, and that says a lot. Thank you for making a SUPERIOR pillow!

– Diana H.

My pillow was a Christmas gift, one of the most thoughtful and practical gifts I've ever gotten. It is everything it claims to be! The week now that I've been using it, I've had the deepest and most comfortable sleep I've had for a long time, waking up refreshed and rested. Thank you SO much!

– Steve D.

This is one of the best pillows I have slept on. My son got me one for Christmas. I often would get an uncomfortable neck at night and, after sleeping on MyPillow, I am sleeping comfortably. I get a full night sleep now. It's the best pillow I have ever sleep on! I recommend it to anyone that wants their neck comfortably supported. Thank you for MyPillow.

– Ross

Got my new pillow. I am sleeping a lot better. My wife and I love them. 

– David H.

I was hesitant about ordering these pillows online because usually if something is too good to be true, the chances of it being true are low. 

I ordered 2 pillows. I have spent so much money on pillows, and they would go flat. I was tired when I woke up and my arms would be sore from folding pillows during the night. Most importantly, I would not sleep soundly. 

My pillows were delivered promptly, which was a surprise because of the Christmas holiday. I was so happy and excited to try the pillows. The instructions said to put them in the dryer for 15 minutes before first use. I do not have a dryer, so I put the pillows under my comforter and, honestly, I was shocked to see the pillows expand. 

When I went to bed I was leery because the pillows are soft. To be honest with you, I had the best sleep I have ever had. In fact, I am so happy that I am going to order pillows for my brother, who needs good support for this head, neck & back. I am hoping that the pillows will be great for him to rest comfortably without so much pressure on his neck. Thank You!

– Debbie

Greatest pillow and sheets we have ever had! ORDER THEM.

– Diane L.

I love MyPillow. I have the best night's sleep. I wake up with no discomfort in my neck and back and I sleep in one place and wake up refreshed. I thank you - you have a great pillow. LOVE YOU ALL!

– William P.

I needed a pillow with good neck support so I could have comfortable nights, and hadn't been able to find a pillow that works. I had been sleeping with a neck memory foam pillow for years, but it took me a long time to get comfortable. 

My kids got me a set of pillows for Xmas. Thank you -  I have had 5 days of 7 or 8 hours of comfortable sleep. I haven't had that kind of comfort in years.....

– Vrooney

My husband and I just received our new MyPillow's and I LOVE IT! The first night, my neck was so comfortable and the pillow was so perfect for me. You were right, Mike, and I thank you for making MyPillow. It is well worth the price and I am thrilled to have it made in the good old USA for a change. Thanks to you and your employees.

– Amy E.

They are THE best pillows ever!! I saw these pillows on Fox and then this rubbish from the BBB started!!

Sad that they pick on an American-made business with an American made product!! Go Mike! Never ever give up this dream!! Bought mine on QVC and have never been unhappy ...In fact bought 1 for my daughter and her son stole it, He WON'T give it up Never stop making these. God Bless.

– Chris S.

I don't care what the BBB changed your rating to, I am absolutely thrilled with my new pillows. I have used feather, foam, and memory foam. MyPillow has them all beat. I have had the best night's sleep since I got these than I have had in years. Thank you MyPillow for a truly fantastic product!  

– Steven W.

I have washed mine twice and it comes out great every time. 

– Tom R.

Comes out nice from the washer & dryer. Would recommend to anyone.  

– Donna

When I washed the pillows they came out super!   

– Marcia M.

We have the pillows for about 4 years now and they wash up just wonderfully. They have spoiled us for regular motel pillows.  

– Nancy J.

My husband and I both get a better night's sleep with these pillows, and they do as they say - keep their shape. I have washed them and tossed them in the dryer - and they plump back up. 

– J.O.

5 Stars. We have had ours for over 2 years and they still wash up like new!!   

– Becky Aspelund

They are the best pillows ever! We wash them every 3 months & they have lasted for many years (since 2005).  

– Ruppel's Outdoor Sports

They wash and recover just as you say. They don't crush or flatten. And now we cannot imagine a good sleep without them. We love them so much that we just bought six more for our adult children and their spouses.  

– Paul and Connie H.

I sleep well, and the pillow washes up as advertised.  

– Al Abernathy

I love that it's washable, and that when I fluff it up, it stays there!  Thank you!   

– Diana Pratt

I especially love that this is the first pillow that I can actually wash, that is is made in the USA...I am finally getting a great nights sleep.  Thanks you so much for your pillow it has transformed our family's sleep. Thanks again!!  

– Terri Ann

Bought MyPillow for my girlfriend as Christmas present. Didn't want to spend that much money on a pillow, but with the 10 year warranty and the ability to machine wash and dry, thought I would try one. Well after a couple weeks of stealing hers every morning when she goes to work, I'm buying myself one.  

– Joseph B

Best Pillow ever. Had mine 7 years and the travel pillow is the most awesome must have for travel. Buy this pillow and you will never regret it. It's washable. No allergy problems. No creepies (bed bugs/mites). Wonderful.   

– C. R.

What I like the best is that it is so easily washable...and the manufacturers actually want you to wash it! So nice to have a nice, clean pillow that is warranted for 10 years! No one can beat that! 

– Cheryl

I've washed it and it comes out of the dryer like brand new! I definitely recommend My Pillow to be your pillow. 

– Jenny P.Cheryl

I've washed and dried it, and it comes out as good as new.  

– Renee

Throw them in the washer and dryer and they are just like new again. 

– Debra

I have washed it several times and it is still as good as when first bought it. I will be taking advantage of your 50% offer and will give “My Pillow” to a friend as a Christmas present.   

– Mary L.

I absolutely love that I can wash them. They come out of the dryer all fluffed up and wonderful! Thank you for an amazing product! 

– Joanne L.

I have owned it for about 2 years and have washed it countless times, and find it always comes out like brand new!!! I can only recommend this Pillow to everyone out there – it is truly the very best Pillow on the market. Thank you so much for giving me back my restful sleep. 

– Susanne

I especially love how I can throw the pillows in the washer and dryer and put back on the bed that same day. I highly recommend the My Pillow for many reasons. 

– Phyllis

I bought MyPillow 2 1/2 years ago. It is as nice as the day I first received it, and washes and dries easily.  

– Jean

I just love My Pillow. I love that it doesn't flatten, that I can wash it. and that I sleep so much better and never wake with stiff or sore neck. Thanks, Michael. 

– Theresa B.

Best pillow ever!  love that it's washable!  

– Emilio

I have had your pillow for a couple of years now and, after multiple washings, it is still like new! I don't want to be without it! Thanks for great customer service and product!!! 

– Cindy C.

It has been over a year since I purchased my first My Pillow, and I love it. I have washed it and it as good as the day I bought it. MY PILLOW is the best!!! 

– Garnet B.

I purchased two pillows in August of 2014. I just washed them for the first time. They came out like brand new. Now I will be putting them in the dryer at least every two to three months just to keep them fluffy. I will wash them at least every five to six months to keep them fresh. My husband and I love them. 

– Barbara P.

I have washed it in hot water and dried in dryer at hot temp and it comes out beautifully (and sanitary) each and every time you wash. I previously had bought the Tony Little pillow and hated the fact that I could not wash the pillow when my mum had nose bleeds. How unsanitary.

– Wendy

Put them in the dryer for a couple of minutes, and they are the most glorious, puffy, comfortable pillows one can image.

– Patricia P.

I love how I can wash it, dry it and sleep on it as if it is brand new. This is the best product ever!!!!!!!!!!! 

– Christine O.

I LOVE the fact that I can wash my pillow! It comes out great every time I wash it..  

– Carol B.

I love the fact that we can wash and dry them. It keeps them new and fresh.We just want to say, THANK YOU! 

– Roxanne and Jeff V.

It is the first pillow I have ever owned that actually does all the things that Mike says in his commercial, PLUS the fact it can be cleaned in my washer and dried in my dryer! ! 

– Gary G.

Though the pet bed is not discussed much, I would like to share it is the Best! It's washable and pet odors are not noticed as with others. It still has held it's shape after 3 months and my dog loves it. 

– Patricia C.

Not only do we all feel better and sleep better, I love the fact that you can machine wash them and it's good for 10 years. If you're debating on whether to try My Pillow my answer is YES! 

– Julie M.

They wash and dry perfectly. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase!!!! Thank you MY PILLOW! 

– Heidi

Comes out nice from the washer & dryer. Would recommend to anyone. 

– Donna

Thank you! I love my new MyPillow.I am getting the best sleep ever. My only regret is that I did not purchase one sooner! 

– Lisa L.

I waited several months to really check out MyPillow to see if it actually lived up to all the claims. IT HAS EXCEEDED EVERY CLAIM YOU MADE AND MORE! It is marvelous. 

– Thom M.

Just four nights sleeping with your pillow has changed my life. I used to often wake up with an uncomfortable neck and occasional arm numbness due to using my arms for support - no more! Thank you for providing such as wonderful product! 

– Richard G.

I am writing this testimonial for my dad since he does not have Internet. My dad is a quadriplegic and quite often had discomfort in his neck and shoulders in the morning. He sleeps on his side and is limited to the number of times he can roll over through the night. My sister gave him a medium MyPillow for Christmas and he found that he can sleep comfortably and wake refreshed! I just ordered my pillow based on his experience. 

– Melissa

You better buy one for everyone in the house or y'all will be fighting over this yummy pillow. I really do love MY PILLOW and I am a pillow snob. 

– LuAnn

I have to say I was very skeptical about MyPillow. I have bought and spent so much on special pillows like memory foam, Tempur-Pedic, and many other name brands. But still, oftentimes have restless sleep and wake up with neck and shoulder discomfort. I saw MyPillow on QVC and thought I would never buy a lumpy-bumpy-looking pillow like that, how could it do what they say? I kept seeing your commercial on the TV station I watch and then came across your pillow at a local Bed Bath and Beyond. I said to myself, "what have I got to loose?" I have a 20% coupon and I can return the pillow if I don't like it. Well, after the first night I slept on it, I slept soooo good and no discomfort! I LOVE MY PILLOW! So happy I took a chance and tried it! I just bought two more king-sized and two sets of the small travel sized ones on QVC. I am so grateful they are made in the USA and help families! What more could I ask for! If anyone is on the fence about trying this pillow, I say just do it! You may just LOVE your My Pillow is as I do! Thank you for inventing MY Pillow! 

– MaryAnn H.

LOVE... My Pillows...Had reservations at the beginning, but won't trade them. I actually traveled with my queen size to another country. 

– Dianette

Thank you, Mr. Lindell, for the pillow that you perfected. I had major neck surgery in 2004. I have had many pillows in the past. None of them gave me any comfort. So I bought one of yours, queen firm, a week ago. The first night I slept in wonderful comfort. It is still giving me comfort to this day. I like how you can choose one, spot on. Also, how you fix the pillow the way you lay and sleep, also spot on. Thank you and your staff and workers. Keep up the outstanding craftsmanship. Keep it AMERICAN MADE and God Bless.

– John W.

I've never been someone to justify spending more than $10 on a pillow, but I've been starting to wake up here and there with neck and shoulder discomfort. My father, after hearing me complain for weeks, thought he would surprise me and buy me a really good pillow. He took me to the store and had me pick one out. After seeing the commercials and hearing the radio ads for MyPillow, what sold me was the built-in cooling effect. Also, the thought of sleeping comfortably through the night was amazing. So, needless to say, I picked out MyPillow. I have only used it one night and I have to say it is probably one of, if not the greatest gift, anyone has ever given me. I was able to sleep comfortably through the entire night and I woke up ready to jump out of bed. Next week I am going to go buy another one, and then I'm going to go buy 2 more for my husband and 2 for my mom. I'll never sleep another night without this pillow ever again. MyPillow is my saving grace. I woke up feeling good, rested, and ready to start the day instead of wishing it was over the minute it started. I never thought a pillow could make such a difference. 

– Acelia L.

I totally agree with the other testimonials that these pillows live up to the hype. I've had difficulty sleeping on and off for awhile, but incredibly, these pillows provide me with comfortable sleeping all night long. Not to mention, I have the best dreams ever. It's weird because my husband said the same thing about his dreams being wonderful. We just ordered our second round of pillows because mine was a little too soft, so we purchased Green Kings. I'm determined to replace every pillow in our house with MyPillow. Thank you! 

– Michelle H.

I just wanted to say thank you for the great service I received. I purchased 2 pillows and after trying them out I found they were the wrong size. I called and was able to exchange them with no problem. I now agree these are the best pillows I ever slept on and I will recommend them to anyone. 

– Jim M.

I was at a car show where you had a booth, so I had the opportunity to try out different MyPillows. I wasn't sure which ones I wanted, so got 2 regular ones, being assured that if I didn't like them, they were returnable. We loved them from the start, but both my husband and I decided we really wanted ones a little firmer. I contacted MyPillow and they were glad to exchange them for firmer ones (green) at no cost to us. We are so pleased with them (as are two friends who also bought them the same time I did!). I just received an offer for a promotion on your new line, so I decided to order 5 of them for my kids for Christmas. I know they will be as happy with them as I am. Thanks so much for a wonderful product. It is almost hard to believe they are as great as you say! 

– Judy C.

I just want you to know that My Pillow has changed my life, in many ways. I am a Disabled Veteran that has had 6 spinal surgeries, two of which were spinal fusions in my Cervical and Lumbar spinal regions. From my first night, I actually have had wonderful nights of sleep. Prior to My Pillow, I could not get comfortable at all. Now, I am not as sore (in my Cervical regions) as I was in the past. Both my wife and I have the XL Green. We love them. I have gotten the best nights of sleep in a great while. When we can afford another set, we will be purchasing from My Pillow. Thank you for your invention, it's wonderful. 

– Steve N.

My wife recently purchased two pillows from your company. My wife and I are extremely satisfied with your pillow. I am hard headed and did not want to give up my old pillow until I tried your pillow. I can't believe how incredibly comfortable this pillow is. Before I got the new pillow, I would usually be a light sleeper, getting up before my alarm went off in the morning. With this new pillow, I sleep a lot better, feeling more relaxed, and it makes it hard to get up in the morning because I'm so relaxed and comfortable. My wife has told me she feels the same. I just wanted to say thank you and keep doing a great job. 

– Jonathon B.

To be honest I thought that the all the hype was baloney - that is until I got my pillows and all my doubts quickly disappeared. My gosh, I've never slept so well and woken so refreshed. I'm a side and back sleeper and find these pillows 'fit' perfectly for either position. I use to scrunch my pillows to get that neck support - thank goodness those days are bygone! Love my pillows :-) ... 

– Barbara

After being inundated with the ads for MyPillow, I decided to take the plunge in order to test them out and decide whether they were worth the rather high price tag that was being asked. The pillows did arrive and after a couple of weeks of getting the pillows 'broken in', I cannot sleep without them! I take them with me when traveling and don't let anyone else scarper with them. They're MINE....allll mine!!!! 

– Ellen L.

I received my pillows yesterday.Know that I have only slept on them one night. I slept like a baby. So this is my first testimony from one night. But I will update this in a couple of weeks. But I think everyone should have pillows like these. Great product! 

– Patricia W.

I will start off by saying how great customer service was. My initial order was lost during shipping. When I notified the company, they sent out a replacement which arrived in a matter of just 2 or 3 days. They were courteous online and happy to help. I was very pleased with the pillows when they arrived. They definitely stay cooler than traditional pillows. They also provide an excellent balance between softness and support. They are very easy to wash and dry which is great for anyone with allergies. I do think MyPillows make for a very comfortable night's sleep. I am very happy with this purchase. 

– Marie

I absolutely love MyPillow. I was kind of skeptical at first because of all the hype on TV. But I am so happy that everything it is described to be is the truth. I had neck discomfort in the morning. Now I wake up refreshed since I have been using MyPillow. In fact, I hate to get up in the morning because the pillow is so comfortable. Also what makes me happy is that it keeps its shape and doesn't go flat. 

– Linda R.

We love these pillows! The only problem is that our cat, Sal, insists on sharing it and takes it over the minute we are up. He even tries to share it at night - and never before had slept with us! 

– Sue R.

Best pillow I've ever had. Finally found the perfect pillow for me. Will get another one. 

– Henry H.

One thing I have not heard on your commercials is that the soft supportiveness of MyPillow helps relieve pressure on your shouldersfor side sleepers ..... For the last three years, I have been dealing with shoulder discomfort on and off which affected my sleep. I ordered one of your pillows. Let me tell you - about one month later and I am sleeping comfortably through the night. I never thought that something as simple as a pillow could help. So to you, Mike and all of your staff, I cannot say thank you enough

– Chris

I just wanted to send you a message to tell you that we love your pillows. It is so nice to be able to use only one pillow now. My husband and I both have a pillow. I just washed our pillows and they came out beautifully and so fluffy. I followed the directions. Well worth purchasing them. 

– Sandra B.

As a physician, I understand the importance of a good night's sleepnot only for rest but for the body to heal from the activities of the day. I finally bought MyPillow a couple of weeks ago and have gotten better and more consistent sleep than ever before. I have tried pillows bought all over the world and nothing works like MyPillow. Thank you so much! 

– Melvin E.

Hi! I have to share this because MyPillow has changed my life for the best. I would oftentimes have neck discomfort at night. I saw the advertisement about MyPillow. From the first night I used it, I have been able to sleep comfortably. This pillow is amazing. Thanks! 

– Becca P.

I've never given a testimonial before, but MyPillow is just amazing. Having slept on a heavy foam pillow for 51 years, I was dubious this would be that good. My reason for buying was being able to wash it. It's better than the heavy foam pillow, much lighter and cooler, and I can adjust it and fluff it if I want. I'm sleeping much better than I've ever slept. I never thought anything would beat my foam pillow, but MyPillow proved me completely wrong. Try it! 

– David P.

I really enjoy MyPillow. I take it with me wherever I go. I've had a few hospital stays and MyPillow was at my side. When I pack for a trip - even if it's only one night - it comes with me. I've squashed it in cars and it never lost its shame. I'm going to the hospital again, and MyPillow comes with me. 

– Sylvia F.

Love the pillow - now my favorite.Didn't believe the ad on TV, but it's true. Ordered for a birthday gift to myself. Wonderful present! So I mentioned how great I had been sleeping to my son and, a few days later, he asked me to order him some pillows. Received them today and can't wait for his response. I know he will love them. Thanks for being there 24 hours a day! 

– Lou Ann G.

When my King sized "MyPillows" arrived early, I thought this must be a mistake! The plastic package was tiny. Surely not big enough to have two king sized pillows within! Sure enough, they were both in there, but I was still doubtful! I thought to myself, 'I've been had," but the pillows were unwrapped so, skeptically, I threw them in my gas dryer for 15 minutes. Voila! I had two beautiful King sized fluffy pillows and have slept like a baby every night since - without having to turn them over because they were hot or sunken in! They are GREAT and worth every penny!! Thank you, Mr. Lindell. 

– Larry A.

I had been watching the commercials on MyPillow, and my husband had been complaining about oftentimes not being able to sleep. I decided to order the pillows. When I received them, I was a bit skeptical. We had tried so many different pillows. I normally slept with 4 pillows, as I needed to be propped up to be able to sleep. I took all my pillows off and used one red MyPillow instead. Now I stay in bed without getting up. I am amazed! Best purchase I ever made. 

– Penny L.

I have honestly never written a review and we don't have much money. But it was our 10 yr anniversary, so I bought both of us one. Heck, we don't do that Facebook or have a computer in our house, but our 4 kiddos talked me into it. And the pillows have been a godsend to us - and we don't even have health problems. They are wonderful. Thank you. 

– Molly K.

I got MYPILLOWS several months ago. Wow, I haven't slept so well in many years. I loved them so much I just had to get them for my daughter and her husband. They too are very happy with them. I will recommend to everyone. Thank you. 

– Bernadette B.

I bought a regular MYPILLOW and two travel sized pillows a few months ago. They lived up to their name! You can believe it! All the advertising is true. I do not wake up with discomfort in my neck. I wake up rested. When I go to bed and my head hits that pillow, I don't move. I go straight to sleep with no tossing and turning and trying to get comfortable. I have recommended these pillows to several of my friends and they've bought them also. I've asked them how they're doing with their pillows and they love them. The other day I was in a store and a young woman was looking at pillows, one after the other. I waited for a minute and finally said, "Go online and get a MYPILLOW. You'll love it!" She said she would and she looked no further. 

– Bobbie D.

I have tried several pillows advertised for neck support, but it wasn't until I got MyPillow about 8 months ago that I finally found the one for me! Before MyPillow, I would oftentimes wake up with neck discomfort. Now, the soft supportiveness helps keep my head aligned. It does take a little to understand the pillow and how to position it, but after a couple of nights, you figure it out and it's a habit of getting it just right for you. It's wonderful and I can't thank Mike enough for this invention! 

– Tammy Y.

We were really wary because it seems like we've tried SO MANY pillows throughout the years. We decided to try My Pillow and we both love our My Pillows! Thank you, Mike! 

– Jeanne

I first saw the promotion for MyPillow on IMUS In the Morning, and he praised them, so I bought one. I can't believe how hard I sleep now! I wake up after 5-6 hours of sleep completely refreshed, and have a hard time trying to sleep in, so I just get up and start my day earlier - which is nice!! It really, really makes a difference!!!!!!! THANK YOU, MIKE!!! 

– Kevin B.

I just bought two MyPillows. The pillow does exactly what the commercials say. We have had ours for two days now and I have gotten a great night's sleep both nights. My husband absolutely loves his also. I am so thankful for Mike and his pillows...An excellent investment and I would refer his pillows to everyone. I "Love" my pillow.....:) :) We received our order quickly. Very impressed with the entire experience with MyPillow. Thank you so much, Mike!!!!!! Everyone needs a MyPillow for sure. Money more than well spent!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! 

– Tom & Kris L.

I don't know what is in those pillows, but it is wonderful! I have slept so well since getting them two weeks ago. I've told so many people about them. My two sister-in-laws have ordered them now too. We thought, yeah, right they will make you sleep better. Well, it's true! So, thank you! You have a true believer here! I'm going to get them for Christmas gifts this year! 

– Sara D.

All of the testimonials have said that Mike Lindell's pillow is fantastic and it's true. In keeping with such a fine product, I want to add that the customer service I received was also fantastic. Each person I spoke to was polite, very pleasant and very efficient. I spoke to a person not a machine and "in the U.S.A.". 

– Linda D.

Just slept on my new pillow for the first time last night, and I am thrilled. With my old pillow, I was frequently waking up, flipping it over, having to fluff it again, not sleeping well at all. Using this little miracle, I slept throughout the night for the first time in years. Looking forward to having many more nights with this incredible pillow. Thank you so much! 

– Cynthia W.

I have to say I had my doubts. But Mr. Mike made a believer outta me. I've had my pillow a week now, but I was hooked day one. No matter how you shape the pillow it stays. I oftentimes have trouble sleeping, and it sure helps to depend on a product like this pillow. I went on a short trip & MyPillow went along. No way was I leaving it at home. This pillow is awesome! 

– Elizabeth W.

To the wonderful customer service reps and employees at My Pillow: I just wanted to thank you for the experience I've had. From the very start I was greeted with unexpected one-of-a-kind customer service; from the very fast shipping, free gifts, help with questions, and hassle-free exchange, it certainly has made this a very memorable purchase for me. Your product is truly life changing; I feel like I've finally gotten a good night's rest for the very first time. Thanks again for your hard work and dedication! Sincerely, 

– Kathy

Great Pillow! Owned mine for 8 years, then I needed to replace mine. They replaced it for free!!! Love Love LOVE!!! my MyPillow! 

– Jake K.

Love, love, love this pillow! Many years of trying all sorts of pillows! MyPillow is fantastic! I have had some neck discomforts at night, I have felt so improved! Thank you, MyPillow! 

– Kelley

I am simply sending you an email to let you know how much my husband and I LOVE LOVE LOVE our MyPillows! I purchased them after my mom told me how much she loved hers. Well, I have tried many different pillows and never had any luck. I am so thankful I gave MyPillow a try! It has totally changed my life! I actually look forward to going to bed now! I am a side sleeper and could never find anything that would work for me. It was either too big which gave me neck discomfort or it went flat right away! I have even purchased the mini pillows for my kids! They love them too, plus they are great to travel with! I also LOVE that you are a Minnesota company! Minnesota Love! Thanks again for such a great product and keep up the great work! 

– Angelia B.

After listening and reading everything I could find on MyPillow, I finally broke down and bought one, even though I read a negative testimonial that the pillow was nothing but pieces of foam. After having that said, I don't care what it is made of - IT WORKS. I am so sorry I waited so long. It is everything it is advertised to be. I sleep through the night and wake up rested and refreshed. Keep up the good work and I will be sure to tell everyone I know about it. 

– Mariann and Richard

I've been using MyPillow for about 3 weeks now and may I say I have had awesome results. As one who tends to toss and turn, I was reluctant. However, MyPillow has delivered what was promised: "The best nights sleep." I can't thank you enough, Mr. Lindell. 

– David R.

THANK YOU - THANK YOU! We got our pillows from QVC the other week and what a huge difference!! I am having to actually wake my husband up in the morning because he is sleeping well and through the night - he would oversleep now if I let him. Your product is amazing and I want your whole team to know that we are sleeping very well now, all thanks to MyPillow! May God bless each and every one of you! Made in America baby!! And sleeping like a baby in North Carolina!! 

– Janet S.

This pillow has been my savior I have to say...I would toss and turn and would oftentimes find it hard to fall asleep, and now my sleep is improved.... I have recommended this pillow to so many people and am going to buy another one. Thank you so much. You need to get your pillow out to more stores, I did buy mine at Bed Bath and Beyond and used the 20% coupon . 

– Gloria H.

As I would often waking up with discomfort in my neck, I decided to give MyPillow a try. At that point, anything was worth a tryout. So my wife and I got the 2-for-one deal and put them in the dryer as instructed We were surprised about the fullness and form they achieved. The first night was restful! Now, to be honest, I have to watch the way my head is on the pillow so my neck is supported. But night after night I sleep with good quality. Each morning I awake refreshed! I do recommend this product to anyone who experiences discomfort at night. 

– Joe

I wanted these pillows from the first time they were advertised but thought they were too expensive. But now that I have them I have never been happier. They are wonderful pillows to sleep on and well worth the money. Thank you, Mike.

– Tina B.

Omg!! Your pillow has saved my life... I sometimes am a non-believer...but I can now sleep the night thru without discomfort and I truly believe it is your "MyPillow." Due to MyPillow's soft support, I no longer wake up with neck discomfort in the morning! Thank you again for your product... I love love love the MyPillow....I would suggest the MyPillow to all my friends... 

– Kathy G.