We own 3 My pillows and love them! We also have 2 travel pillows. We take our pillows when we travel.

Our 5-month-old Grandson even enjoyed the travel pillows. We sleep so much better by having them!

We both need soft support for our necks at night. We tried many pillows and found MyPillow is the Best! We have the cutest pic of our grandson with the MyPillow!

– Christa S.

I require a firm mattress for my back but because I have to sleep on my side I have been experiencing shoulder discomfort on both sides. I recently reached the point where I could not sleep on my left side at all due to the discomfort and realized I was running out of options.

I bought the Mattress Topper and immediately noticed the improvement in comfort due to better weight distribution. It provided a softer feel yet maintained the firmness needed to support my back.

My shoulders are now softly supported so I can now sleep on either shoulder comfortably.

The Mattress Topper has truly been a positive life-changing experience for me!

– Jere T.

I purchased a firm pillow initially, and was so impressed with it, I purchased a bed topper and 2 sets of Giza sheets. I now sleep better at home on my own bed, than ANYWHERE else I have ever tried.

THANK YOU, Mike Lindell and the rest of the MyPillow staff!!!!!

– Barb A.

This pillow is amazing! I wasn't able to find a pillow that allowed me to sleep without waking up to an uncomfortable neck every night.

Since getting MyPillow, I have had the most comfortable sleep ever. I no longer wake up to neck discomfort!

This has actually changed my life for the better. Who would have thought a pillow could do that!

Thank you, Mike! (I have since donated the two dozen previous pillows I tried to a local dog shelter!!!)

– Debbie P.

I needed a pillow that would provide soft support for my neck at night...This is the only pillow I can use to get a comfortable night's sleep.

Thank you, MyPillow!

– Brandon P.

I want to thank your company for inventing an amazing pillow. I've had trouble finding a pillow that keeps its firmness and stays plump and that gives my head and neck good support.

If you would see my collection of pillows that I've collected over the years: bamboo, water-filled, foam, feathers, and the cooling ones. None have given me the comfortable night's sleep that the MyPillow has.

I was skeptical but thought, what's one more for my collection? I loved it and got a comfortable night's sleep the very first night. I kept my first one for five years then and even with washing and drying, the firmness gave out for my taste. However, I thought it was the best one I ever spent money on and slept on so I bought myself a second one, but this time bought the extra firm fill.

Thank you again. God Bless every one of you and keep putting out an amazing product.

– Debra D.

First, we ordered the king pillows and were surprised at what a difference they made. Next, we ordered the 2-inch mattress topper. We were not disappointed and the mattress topper made the bed more comfortable.

Lastly, we ordered the king sheets with pillowcases. Oh wow, what a pleasant surprise. They feel so wonderful, so rich in quality. They have such an expensive feel, just great!

We are extremely pleased with all of our purchases: pillows, mattress topper, and sheets. Thank you for making our night's sleep so much better.

– Joan M.

I needed a pillow that would provide soft support for my neck all night long, so I ordered a MyPillow. Now, I now can sleep in comfort. I was sleeping sitting up due to being uncomfortable lying down. Now I am back in bed sleeping in comfort, thanks to MyPillow.

– RoseMary C.

Mike, you were so right. Your "MyPillow" classic with medium fill gave me the most comfortable night's sleep I have had in years!!! I bought one as a birthday present for myself and after one week I suggested my wife try it: she didn't want to give it back. The next day I bought another "MyPillow" classic for her.

I am a side sleeper and usually tossed and turned at night, trying to get comfortablel With a "MyPillow," from the first night on I now sleep comfortably for 9 hours straight and wake up completely rested and ready to go.

I will wholeheartedly recommend "MyPillow" to friends and family. Mike, I originally wanted to try your products after seeing your commercials and pay you back for your philanthropic works and the movie you produced (I watched the movie and found it moving, honest, and an important subject, I will be adding it to my movie collection as soon as it is available).

I have been considering getting your queen size mattress top. After trying your pillows it is now definitely a planned purchase.

– Christopher O.

I have a Tempurpedic mattress that's only a few years old. 3 nights of sleeping on my MyPillow topper and I find that my back is much more comfortable, so I wake feeling refreshed and ready to go.

It’s a miracle.

– Raymond L.

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