I bought 2 of the firmest pillows they had. I have used these pillows for a week and I have had amazingly peaceful and relaxing nights. I definitely would recommend these pillows to my family and friends.

– Edna

I’m sitting on my porch watching how much my dog loves her MyPillow dog bed. Then I realize I’ve got my pj’s, slippers, and throw pillow from MyPillow on as well. And I just got a restful sleep on the new Giza sheets and of course the original MyPillow.

Getting ready to shower and dry off with my new absorbent MyPillow towels. I love MyPillow and everything Mike Lindell and his family of employees stand for in their fight for our country. I support Mike for all he is doing! I support MY Pillow as their products are great!

– Jenny

I used to always start sleeping on my chest at night. Eventually, I would roll over and sleep on my side. I would wake up in the night and the arm I was lying on would be incredibly uncomfortable.

Since I have purchased MyPillows, I only start off sleeping on my side and never wake with an uncomfortable arm from being in a bad position with my neck and arms. MyPillow truly does keep my neck aligned and does it so well I can sleep on my side in so much comfort.

I love how the MyPillow makes a soft "pillow nest" around my head. I will never, ever use another kind of pillow, MyPillow is absolutely the best.

– Kendall L.

I have 2 of the bed pillows and 4 travel pillows. I've searched for a comfortable pillow for years, spent too much money on ones that end up in the closet.

I absolutely love MyPillows! They wash wonderfully, they fold for packing..and they mold to my neck & head for a restful sleep. I also have Mike's book, a powerful success story!

Thanks Mike!!! God bless.

– Lynn M.

I purchased a couple of MyPillows a few years ago and loved them. I'm very picky about my pillow and got tired of purchasing what was at the store.

I then got the Giza dream sheets and was completely satisfied. Very soft and have a silky feeling. I have just recently bought the MySlippers and again was not disappointed. I got pillows for the whole family and also got MySlippers for family members.

– Bret D.

Love these towels. They are so soft and the quality stands up after repeat washing and drying. They also absorb well so you get a quicker dry with less effort.

I just wish they had more color options, for a softer, more subtle look in a master bath. Like sage green or mauve. I am waiting for new color designs so I can buy these for our master bath.

– Pam

I was waking up during the night due to my neck being uncomfortable, and no type of pillow was working. I ordered a MyPillow and after the first night, I was in love with it. I will be taking my pillow on vacation with me.

– Michael C.

My husband ordered these sheets as a gift for me. He calls me a “Sheet Snob”. I was skeptical. But l can honestly and truthfully say these sheets are absolutely amazing.

The Giza deep pocket sheets are imperative to anyone that enjoys a good night's rest. I can’t say enough about this product. I’m ordering more for the entire house. They would make lovely graduation and wedding presents. Thank you for the excellent service and quality of your product!

– Sharyn A.

Best pillow I've ever laid my head on and my husband agrees.

– Lisa

The claims are true... this pillow will change your sleep because it supports your head all through the night... it doesn't flatten unless you decide you want to fluff it flatter... I fluff mine up and then depress the middle foam to create a cradle for my head... he's right, it's the very best pillow I've ever owned and now I'm glad I forgot my other reg pillow in a hotel room on vacation, because replacing it led me here!

No regrets at all!

– Donna P.

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