I just finished your book. It was amazing and inspirational. It is such a positive message.

Thank you for sharing your story.

– Martha

I got a MyPillow last year as a gift. To be honest, I did not believe most of what was said about the pillow, but it was a gift so I gave it a try.

Well, it's been a whole year and it did not go flat, I can't believe it. It's still fluffy and full like the day I got it.

I used to sleep on two or three pillows and now I only need the one MyPillow and I'm good. It's just a great pillow.

Thanks, Mike!

– Tammy J.

I purchased 2 queen size pillows. I was very skeptical.

Let me assure you these pillows are the real deal. I could not believe the comfortable, restful sleep that I've gotten since I purchased these pillows.

Thank you, Mike, for a great product.

– James

I have to say that I have returned other toppers because of the chemical smell. This topper has none!

It is so comfortable and gives me a great night's sleep.

– Terry

Tootsy loved her memory foam dog bed but then I bought a MyPillow dog bed and put it next to her favorite one.

Now, she is in love with MyPillow just like her mama!

– Lisa

I ordered the MyPillow Mattress Topper for my husband and we have not slept so comfortably on our bed in years!!

We Love Love it!

– Maureen B.

After used the pillow for a few years, I got tired of having to punch on it daily to get it ready for another night.

Switched back to a feather pillow and quickly found it was causing a great deal of neck discomfort. I am back to using the MyPillow - no more neck discomfort!

Punching on it to be ready for another night is *so* worth the effort. Love that it is machine washable/dryable... that is another great reason to love this product.

– Joan

Just got my MyPillow. Yesterday was the first time laying my head down on it... Unless you are ready to sleep do not put your head down on it!


– Patricia J.

We love our MyPillows. They are the most comfortable of the many pillows we have tried.

Mr. Buster loves his MyPillows too. This is his favorite nap time spot!

– Christine M.

I purchased 3 GoAnywhere pillows and I gave one to my daughter who needed a pillow to softly support her neck. We both love them.

I just purchased 2 more to leave on my couches or in the car. I told a friend and she got hers yesterday and loves hers too. She purchased two more too!!!

Great little pillow!!!! Love them.

– Martha

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