The Giza Bed Sheets are super soft and luxurious, great for summer use sheets. You can get lower-cost sheet sets at other places, but that's exactly what you get.... low-cost feeling sheets.

I purchased one set to try them out and recently purchased my second set. These sheet sets are awesome! Thank you, Mike Lindell, for being a true Patriot, God Bless.

– CC

I didn't really need another pillow but I bought it to support Mike. It arrived in a small package with instructions to place it in the dryer. When I took it out it was all fluffed up.

I tried it out and was amazed that it really is the best pillow I ever had. It is different and unique, and now I want more! There is a lot of love in that pillow and I can feel it!

If you haven't tried a MyPillow, then you are missing out on a great sleeping experience that you deserve. Thanks, Mike!! :)

– Edward L.

I was so sick of sheets coming off the corners every single night, especially when my fur babies slept with me. Also, I couldn’t find pillows to suit my needs. I kept seeing and hearing about Mike Lindell, his story, and a great Patriot. I thought, well shoot even if I don’t like the product at least I’m supporting him and what he’s doing for our World.

First I bought the pillows and was SHOCKED at how comfortably I immediately slept!! So next I purchased the sheets, omg, I felt like a Queen, not only did the sheets stay on but the texture and coolness of them were excellent! Last but not least, I bought the dog bed and my fur babies love it.

So I really initially bought pillows to support Mr. Lindell but the gift ended up really being for me. Thanks, Mike, and God bless you and all you do!

– Kathleen V.

I've had these pillows for a few years now, and they are still in a great shape. I just bought more for our vacation home. I also like to support companies in the U.S.A. Keep up the good work!

– Pillow Fan

Mike, got my sheets a few days ago and they are amazing. I won’t be buying any sheets from anyone else. I’ve bought 4 pillows, 4 sets of towels, and now my sheets. I will always be a good customer.

– Mary

Heard of MyPillow and decided to try it. Absolutely amazing! I couldn't find a more comfortable pillow anywhere! I have a closet full of pillows I've used a couple of times and now I can throw them all away or donate them.

Thank you, MyPillow! I can't even rest on the MyPillow without falling asleep.

– Christopher E.

My husband and I LOVE our pillows. Can’t wait to get the Dream Sheets. Please, please add a gift registry to your site. My daughter is getting married in November and I want all of her new home supplied with your products. Keep up the great work you do for our country. God bless you and God bless America!

– Amy

I have purchased sheets for my family and this week l have received the pillows l ordered. I have also purchased the bible story pillows for my grandchildren. I am praying about purchasing mattresses for our home. So far l have been very pleased with all the products and getting them quickly. I would recommend them to everyone.

I am praying for our country and men and women like Mike who have trusted God to lead him and guide him. His faith in Jesus is so strong that he doesn't let fear influence him. God, please give us all that kind of faith. Amen

– Teresa T.

Our queen-size bed, which used to be comfortable, started sagging after several years which was very uncomfortable. We rotated the mattress around (which you're supposed to do), but that did nothing really to relieve the discomfort I would experience.

We decided to try a mattress topper for the first time. I spent a lot of time researching the pros and cons of the various toppers being heavily promoted online. And then it hit me - Mike Lindell! We went on his website, found a 3-inch mattress topper for our bed, and placed the order.

I am not kidding - I woke up the next morning after we started using the topper and I wasn't having the discomfort I used to have! It truly is a blessing and we are so thankful for this product. Thank you, Mike Lindell! God bless!

– Janie C.

I was skeptical of the pillow. Hearing about it on an infomercial, thinking it can't be that good. Well I found one on a price mark down, and decided to try it. I was use to feather pillows, and not satisfied with them. I slept on MyPillow that night, and was hooked!!! I am not kidding, I slept so comfortably, and continue to sleep great on this pillow. I am a believer now!

– Carla

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