I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful products! I took a chance and decided to give the "MyPillow" a try.

WOW! It made such a difference! I am now very comfortable EVERY night.

Now I not only have 4 of your pillows but I also bought the body pillow and the mattress topper! Now I'm saving up for the sheets and towels... My birthday present to me!

Thank you so much for your amazing products... My life wouldn't be the same without them!

– Darlene G.

Sent my 20-year-old son a mattress pillow topper for his birthday. He's a bit of a procrastinator so it took him 3 months to put it on.

Afterward, he called and told me he regretted not putting it on sooner, calling it "dangerously comfortable", haha.

I just ordered a doggie bed and I'm sure I'll be ordering more things in the future.

– Jamie K.

Love the pillows, love the mattress topper, so when I heard about the towels I figured they were going to be great as well. I was right!

I was thinking all the same things about towels not “drying or absorbing”. These towels are FANTASTIC! What a pleasure to get out of the shower and finally be able to dry myself!!

I love them! Actually, I love everything Mike makes! Hey Mike, how about dishtowels?? I’d buy them too.

Thanks for all your great products. (And thanks for being a big Trump supporter!). Keep making good stuff, and I’ll keep buying it!

– Kathleen B.

After repeatedly witnessing these commercials I thought, "My God, this man has so much passion for his product. I might try it." However, I also thought realistically, "It's a pillow! How great could they get?"

To my surprise, after finally purchasing my first MyPillow, I was amazed! The very first time that I Iaid my head on this pillow, an immediate difference was noticed. Without any adjustment, my head felt as though it was being suspended in air. Perfectly suspended.

I rave to all my friends! "You HAVE GOT to try this pillow! Just throw it down and plop your head on it. It will hold your head in an unimaginably perfect manner."

I never thought I would feel such a difference with a product that I never gave much previous thought to. No matter what room I relax in now, the MyPillow goes with me. It is now the ONLY pillow I will ever use.

– Dawna F.

I generally don't comment back to a manufacturer unless they have done something notably good or seriously bad. In your case, it's all good.

My brother told me how happy he was with the MyPillow topper when he heard me whining about our memory foam topper, so my wife and I decided to try one out for our King bed.

I must say that we are both blown away by this thing. Not only is it as comfortable as you advertised, but the temperature regulation is fantastic.

When it was delivered, it came with two regular-sized pillows so we tried them. They also performed exactly as advertised, if not more so.

We were so pleased with them that we ordered 4 king pillows and couldn't be happier with the improvement in our sleep comfort. It is rare that something advertised on TV meets, let alone exceeds, the advertised performance but I must say, you nailed it 150%.

I will be recommending these items to my friends without a doubt. Good job guys.

– Charles C.

My husband and I just received our MyPillow Mattress Topper two days ago and we love it!!

This is the first time in years that we have slept so comfortably.

God bless you, Mike!

– Judy

We had an overnight guest last week and in the morning when they woke up I asked them how they slept. The very first thing out of their mouths was, and I quote, "We had a great night's sleep....what kind of pillows do you have because they are wonderful."

I told them about MyPillows and made a believer out of them right there and then. Just love your pillows!!!!!!

– Annette C.

Just had to drop you a line about HOW GOOD your sheets are!!!! I am not one prone to complete a testimonial. However, that has changed.

I happened to see your ad on TV about your sheets. I listened and thought about what was being said, and when Mike said there was a ten-year guarantee, even a dummy like me said hey, now THAT is a DEAL.

If Mike is willing to stick his neck out for ten years, then I am good to go. And I did. I ordered two sets of kings and I have not regretted it one bit.

Soon I will be ordering more. GREAT sheets, soft, fits the bed great - who could ask for more? Thanks, Mike, you did good!!!!

Hey, think about including instructions on how to fold fitted sheets. Grrrrrr. When something is good it needs to be known!!! 

– Mike P.

I was hesitant to order the Giza sheets; can I tell you that I am so glad I did!!

I normally use Bamboo Sheets which are wonderful, don't get me wrong, but these sheets are just amazing!!! So worth the money!

Even my husband said they were great! Don't hesitate to buy these sheets! They are truly the best!

– Wendy B.

My wife ordered a mattress topper. Everyone, just do it. Before, I was uncomfortable all night long. Mr. Lindell, thank you. I am now more comfortable and feel incredibly finer.

Folks, try it for you will not be disappointed.

– Bob G.

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