I’ve tried all those expensive pillows over the years and found that they did nothing to help me get a comfortable night's sleep. I had seen all those MyPillow commercials and thought it was just another one of those scams to get me to buy another useless product.

After all these years, I decided to give MyPillow a chance and finally purchased the MyPillows for my wife and me. We were amazed and surprised! After just one night using these amazing pillows, we finally experienced a full night of comfortable sleep and awoke feeling great!

We are so happy we bought four more for our guest rooms. We have used the MyPillows for a couple of months now and amazingly have had no problems getting a full, uninterrupted, comfortable night's sleep.

These are the best pillows we’ve ever owned. They are worth every penny of the cost. I highly recommend them! We are customers for life! Thank you for restoring and improving my quality of life.

– Wayne

I purchased 2 of your pillows. My husband and I both have issues with finding comfort for our backs and necks at night. I was only hoping for more comfortable sleep.

Well I got it!! We are both sleeping so much more comfortably now. Thank you so much for an amazing product.

– Diane C.

We just wanted to tell you that your products are revolutionary! We recently ordered the mattress topper and pillows and have not slept this comfortably in decades!

We saw the TV ads that showed how the weight is distributed evenly and yet the back is supported. What was advertised is true!

I used to flip flop many times during the night to find comfort for my hips and shoulders. My husband used to have to get up every few hours and walk around because he would be so uncomfortable.

Now we are both sleeping comfortably all night! I wish everyone could have this experience!

We also ordered the Giza sheets about a week ago and have never owned such comfortable sheets!

– Carol and Bob

MyPillow travel size has changed my disabled son’s comfort. He is uncomfortable most of the time. I have for years pushed pillows (all different sizes and shapes) in and around him to make him comfortable in his wheelchair to no avail. I tried towels, small blankets and the list goes on.

The MyPillow stays put and can take the washings it must take. I took a chance and purchased two small pillows. I am thrilled with them!

I think I will buy one of the standard-size MyPillows and see if that helps keep him comfortable in bed.

Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful pillow. God bless all your endeavors and to him the glory!

– Cynthia C.

I have watched the ads and have seen the interviews but thought, how could a new revolutionary pillow be created. Finally, my wife and I decided to give MyPillow a try as we were disappointed with our current pillows.

Wow, what a difference!! Prior to MyPillow, I would wake up at night due to not being able to find comfort for my neck. After 1 night of MyPillow, I no longer wake up due to neck discomfort.

We both are sleeping more comfortably and probably will graduate to other products from your company!

Just an amazing Pillow and my wife is just as impressed!! We were so impressed we ordered another set!!

– Mark and Elizabeth

We are on a 6 week trip around the country and have brought our MyPillows with us. They just help us to sleep more comfortably in hotels.

Thanks for giving us a comfortable night's sleep!

– Patricia and Clyde

Amazing!! Absolutely Amazing Pillow!! I needed a pillow that would provide soft support for my neck and adjust to my sleep position at night.

I had seen Mr. Lindell's commercials for the "MyPillow" for a long time and just didn't think that a pillow could make much of a difference for me. I was so WRONG!

I have only had MyPillow for a couple of nights and I LOVE this pillow!! It's amazing how much more comfortably I am sleeping.

I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to get a good, comfortable night's sleep. I thank God for you, Mr. Lindell.

– Kathleen

I want to thank you for just being true and honest about MyPillow. Most companies will say their product is great but when you receive it, it's all a lie. This is why I was hesitant to buy from you.

My sister told me she had bought a MyPillow for Christmas and she loves MyPillow!!! So I went and bought one and it's true!

It's the best pillow I've ever had!!! I bought another two for my son. Thank you and many many blessings coming your way.

– Irma K.

I have had difficulty sleeping comfortably for many years. Eight years ago I discovered MyPillow. My experience with MyPillow has been exceptional.

Without question, it is the best decision that I have made in investing in a comfortable night's sleep. Without MyPillow, I cannot sleep comfortably and wake up due to this discomfort, so when I wake in the morning, I do not feel refreshed.

MyPillow has lasted 8 years after probably excessive washings and a lot of traveling. I've just purchased my second one. I am a lifelong fan and would never consider an alternative pillow.

Thank you, Mike Lindell, for your innovation and for giving us all a better quality of life.

– Sue G.

My wife needed comfort for her back at night. Because she was not able to get comfort, she had been sleeping in an adjustable lounge chair.  We thought sleeping comfortably in bed would be impossible for her.

I thought after watching your commercial, what the heck we will buy one and give it a try, had everything to gain, nothing but a few bucks to lose.

Well, miracles do happen. She has been getting comfortable sleep IN BED on your mattress topper and she loves it. She wakes feeling refreshed and is so happy to be back in bed and out of the living room.

It is truly amazing. We would truly like to thank you and your company for an excellent, quality product that has offered her comfort when she had none.

I also sleep more comfortably on it and feel refreshed when I wake in the morning.

PS After having your pillows for about 4 years now I could not possibly go back to a different one -  those pillows are simply amazing too. You have truly put a capital S in the word sleep. Thank you.

– Ralph & Joan

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