Omg!! Your pillow has saved my life... I sometimes am a non-believer...but I can now sleep the night thru without discomfort and I truly believe it is your "MyPillow." Due to MyPillow's soft support, I no longer wake up with neck discomfort in the morning! Thank you again for your product... I love love love the MyPillow....I would suggest the MyPillow to all my friends... 

– Kathy G.

I wanted these pillows from the first time they were advertised but thought they were too expensive. But now that I have them I have never been happier. They are wonderful pillows to sleep on and well worth the money. Thank you, Mike.

– Tina B.

As I would often waking up with discomfort in my neck, I decided to give MyPillow a try. At that point, anything was worth a tryout. So my wife and I got the 2-for-one deal and put them in the dryer as instructed We were surprised about the fullness and form they achieved. The first night was restful! Now, to be honest, I have to watch the way my head is on the pillow so my neck is supported. But night after night I sleep with good quality. Each morning I awake refreshed! I do recommend this product to anyone who experiences discomfort at night. 

– Joe

This pillow has been my savior I have to say...I would toss and turn and would oftentimes find it hard to fall asleep, and now my sleep is improved.... I have recommended this pillow to so many people and am going to buy another one. Thank you so much. You need to get your pillow out to more stores, I did buy mine at Bed Bath and Beyond and used the 20% coupon . 

– Gloria H.

THANK YOU - THANK YOU! We got our pillows from QVC the other week and what a huge difference!! I am having to actually wake my husband up in the morning because he is sleeping well and through the night - he would oversleep now if I let him. Your product is amazing and I want your whole team to know that we are sleeping very well now, all thanks to MyPillow! May God bless each and every one of you! Made in America baby!! And sleeping like a baby in North Carolina!! 

– Janet S.

I've been using MyPillow for about 3 weeks now and may I say I have had awesome results. As one who tends to toss and turn, I was reluctant. However, MyPillow has delivered what was promised: "The best nights sleep." I can't thank you enough, Mr. Lindell. 

– David R.

After listening and reading everything I could find on MyPillow, I finally broke down and bought one, even though I read a negative testimonial that the pillow was nothing but pieces of foam. After having that said, I don't care what it is made of - IT WORKS. I am so sorry I waited so long. It is everything it is advertised to be. I sleep through the night and wake up rested and refreshed. Keep up the good work and I will be sure to tell everyone I know about it. 

– Mariann and Richard

I am simply sending you an email to let you know how much my husband and I LOVE LOVE LOVE our MyPillows! I purchased them after my mom told me how much she loved hers. Well, I have tried many different pillows and never had any luck. I am so thankful I gave MyPillow a try! It has totally changed my life! I actually look forward to going to bed now! I am a side sleeper and could never find anything that would work for me. It was either too big which gave me neck discomfort or it went flat right away! I have even purchased the mini pillows for my kids! They love them too, plus they are great to travel with! I also LOVE that you are a Minnesota company! Minnesota Love! Thanks again for such a great product and keep up the great work! 

– Angelia B.

Love, love, love this pillow! Many years of trying all sorts of pillows! MyPillow is fantastic! I have had some neck discomforts at night, I have felt so improved! Thank you, MyPillow! 

– Kelley

Great Pillow! Owned mine for 8 years, then I needed to replace mine. They replaced it for free!!! Love Love LOVE!!! my MyPillow! 

– Jake K.

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