Your pillow is a life saver. I thought this pillow was a joke and laughed overtime when I saw the commercial.

I needed a pillow that would provide the support I need to make my neck comfortable all night. I used every pillow on the planet and nothing helped.

Then I bought a MyPillow and now sleep comfortably all night and awake refreshed. Thanks, MyPillow!

– Marc B.

Over the years, you buy different pillows, trying to find that perfect one. After some time, you just figure a pillow is a pillow.

Then comes your commercials which got my attention and I thought, "what do I have to lose?" I filled out the questionnaire (which I’d never done before) and they were tailor-made for us.

They arrived, then comes that first night. I woke up and felt I’d had a more comfortable sleep. Asked my wife, and she too had a better, more comfortable sleep. I figured time would tell all.

So, here I sit after over a month and we are believers in your product. We just wanted to drop you a line and thank you personally for offering great, comfortable sleep.

Hopefully others who would enjoy a better nights sleep will give you a call. Again thank you.

– Kevin C.

Saw ads for a long time on tv. I said what a lot probably say, "Oh just another ad". Tried many kinds of pillows. When I saw the new offer, I said, "why not. Let’s try."

There are not enough adjectives in the English language to describe. The feel of these pillows is absolutely amazing.

Tip of the hat. Three cheers. Mike, I sleep comfortably again. Finally.

– Mike D.

I Finally got a MyPillow because I needed a pillow that would support my neck. From the first night, I started to experience true comfort and so I fall fast asleep every night.

THANK YOU for this awesome Pillow!

– Neville L.

I purchased a queen MyPillow mattress topper with two pillows about a month ago and I am finally able to sleep comfortably.

I have tried so many mattresses, toppers, and pillows and none have satisfied my sleep like this topper. I would describe it as more on the firm side, but it also gently molds to your body.

It is not as hot as other memory foam toppers but there is warmth to it. I can sleep on my back all night and I do not toss and turn trying to get comfortable anymore.

The comfort that I am feeling is amazing. I am also using the standard MyPillow that came with the topper and even though I'm not sure about the comfort of it, I keep going back to it.

I finally feel like my money has been well spent.

– Karen

You’ve hit a home run with the pillows and toppers. I travel overseas on a regular basis. I don’t leave home without packing MyPillow in the suitcase.

I would wake with an uncomfortable neck almost every night. Until I switched to MyPillow. Now I sleep comfortably all night.

With the success I had using the pillows, I have purchased a topper for my bed. It was so comfortable I bought a second one for my camper along with new pillows.

Now I’m just as comfortable in my camper as I am in my home.

– James T.

I love it. I needed soft support for my back.

Bought a new mattress, hoped it would help, did not return on time for warranty. I actually put a foam pool float on my bed to help support my back. (But that made me sweat.)

Decided to give the topper a try, with the guarantee I had nothing to lose. Now I am soooo happy with my purchase.

– Sheila

My husband has slept on a contoured pillow for years because he needed a pillow that supported his neck. I tried to get him to use a My Pillow, but no.

Well, he asked to use my MyPillow last Monday night and had the most comfortable sleep and his neck was comfortable all night. I, on the other hand, grabbed a pillow out of the guest bedroom and had a miserable night and I was the one with the uncomfortable neck in the middle of the night and threw the pillow on the floor and slept in the recliner.

He told me I wasn't going to get my MyPillow back! Fortunately enough I had another MyPillow in the motor home and he was willing to wade through the snow to get it for me.

We are both happy sleepers now! Thank you, Mike for your patented design!

– Judith J.

It's been 10 years since I ordered my first MyPillow and I'm ready to purchase another one. I had never slept so well with my neck so softly supported.

I am so excited to receive my new MyPillow.

– Gayle C.

My family was among those to escape from the Camp Fire in Paradise, Calif. We wish to send our deepest gratitude for the donation of your pillows.

We are not people to take charity, but we gratefully accepted the pillows. This made a huge difference for us as we traveled from place to place in the wake of the fire.

It was hard to sleep on friends' and family members' floors or beds, even in the hotel, before we found a rental home and now a home to buy.

These are so comfortable and made a challenging situation much more bearable. We appreciate your generosity and kindness and we recommend your products to everyone.

Thank you, again!

– Amanda F.

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