My wife was not sleeping comfortably, so when we saw your ad, we thought we would give it a try.

After seeing your commercial, I bought a set of king size MyPillows. Since we got them, she sleeps very comfortably.

We went to the store one day, and when we came home, our 10-year-old miniature schnauzer was snoozing away on my "My Pillow". Now, I sleep on it at night and he sleeps on it during the day. So you can add "DOG TESTED, DOG APPROVED" to your ad.

– Larry L.

I ordered the MyPillow King Mattress Topper and I can attest to it being a game changer for a comfortable night's sleep and also to awake refreshed.

I was very skeptical when I saw the commercial, but after reading so many great reviews on it I thought I should try it.

I had been researching mattress toppers for about 2 years, but most were said to be more like a feather bed (soft vs support) so I kept looking until I saw this one.

The support from this topper is fantastic while being comfortable at the same time and the promotion with the discount was a good deal.

The one thing you'll need to do, depending on the height of your regular mattress, is to buy "deep pocket or extra deep pocket" sheets which I did and they more than cover the entire topper and my mattress.

If you are on the fence about buying this due to price, you will not regret it, I can promise.

Thanks, MyPillow!

– Shelley M.

I could never find a pillow that worked well. My neck was always uncomfortable so I woke up feeling unrefreshed from not getting a comfortable night's sleep.

I bought the MyPillow from a local store and I have been sleeping incredibly comfortably ever since!

Very happy with the MyPillow. Thank you!

– Joseph I.

It took a few minutes to fluff MyPillow out, but once I did and lay my head down on it, I knew I'd found my perfect pillow.

I need good neck support and this pillow follows the contour of my head and neck and gives me the comfy support I've been looking for.

I sleep better and wake up refreshed. It makes a HUGE difference in the way I start my day.

I'm hooked on this pillow and I'm glad I bought 2 so I can take the other one with me on trips. I'll be sharing my experience with family and friends, and might even buy a few more to give as gifts this year.

Thank you so much for inventing My perfect Pillow. I'll never buy a different brand again!

– Carol R.

You are my newest VERY BEST friend! I can’t thank you enough for inventing the MyPillow products. My husband (AL, age 72) purchased his first pillow years ago and swore by it and I envied his ability to fall comfortably asleep almost immediately, but I refused to try the pillow.

My legs and back were extremely painful and I hardly slept comfortably at night, thinking I had knee and legs issues at age 76. Turned out I had undiagnosed severe spinal stenosis and surgery was recommended, but it was scheduled months out.

Then you advertised the MyPillow Topper. Out of desperation and as a last resort I asked AL to purchase it for me to try. HALLELUYA comfort at last. During that time AL convinced me to try one of the new pillows that came with the topper, and I did.

It was amazing. AL switched to the firm MyPillow and LOVES it. After the surgery, I was scheduled to spend 4 nights in the surgical center for recovery and I insisted on taking my new MyPillow with me. The nurses were envious of how comfortably I slept.

I did so well during my recovery, and no doubt it had a lot to do with the comfortable sleep I had each night, I was sent home after just 2 nights. Once I arrived home the ONLY place and position I found comfort was in bed on the MyPillow topper and pillow. There was no other place or position I could find comfort of any kind.

You may not have saved my life, but you certainly saved my sanity (and undoubtedly AL’s too), along with getting the comfortable rest I needed for a long 3-month recovery from surgery that was much more intense and severe than the doctors originally thought.

We are retired and on a fixed income, but once the holidays are done with, we are going to get another topper for AL. AL has had 2 back surgeries in the past 6 years and is on a 100% veterans’ disability. He needs to start sleeping as comfortably as I do now.

We hardly know how to thank you and your employees for making such wonderful “American Made” products that are allowing untold numbers of people to get a comfortable night’s sleep.

I have not slept this comfortably in many years! My only regret was not trying your products sooner. Keep up the great work you do and God Bless.

– Joan & Allen

I can’t believe how FABULOUS your mattress topper is. I got mine yesterday and last night I got the most comfortable, so BEST NIGHT'S SLEEP in years. I actually slept comfortably thru the night for the first time in a long time.

I am a happy person because of you and your incredible mattress. I have your pillows and love them as well, but the topper is life-changing.

Thank you, thank you so much. 

– Sherry W.

I wanted to let you know that last weekend I received a pillow from your company. I live in a small community outside of Jacksonville, North Carolina. I, too, was affected (badly) by the storm. I went to the pillow giveaway last weekend. I wasn't too sure how special the pillow would be but I was very grateful to have received it and not have been forgotten during this recovery journey.

I finally put the pillows on the bed and when I leaned back onto them, I actually sighed!

Thank you for such a wonderful product but, even more importantly, for your kindness and generosity.

The only problem now is keeping the dogs off of my pillows!!

– Margaret E.

Your pillows are without competition! Remarkable product.

My wife and I got our new King Size MyPillows on Saturday 11/17/2018. Today, we ordered pillows for our son, daughter-in-law, daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter and her husband as Christmas gifts. MyPillow is just that great a product.

Last night, my wife and I got the most comfortable night's sleep we have had for as far back as we can remember!!!

I can only live in regret for having waited so long to get them. Please tell everyone how much we appreciate your splendid product! 

– Buddy H.

I already purchased a pillow from your company and I love it. With MyPillow, my neck was finally supported just right at night, but I continued to have back and hip discomfort, and so did my partner.

That was until we purchased your MyPillow topper. Mike, I can't believe the difference it made in not only my sleep comfort through the night, but waking in comfort after a night of having my back and hip softly supported.

I can't thank you more for this wonderful topper. I've told everyone about it, and being a massage therapist with my own company, I tell a lot of my clients.

Thanks again for making my life easier and finally getting that long, comfortable sleep I've needed.

– Mark

I just want to say thank you for such a wonderful product. I only found out about it by watching Fox News from my laptop in Australia, and I'm sure glad I did.

I am not sure if you have many customers from my country, but I am very happy to suggest your pillows to my friends and family here.

My wife and I have had the most comfortable sleep in a very long time now that we are using My Pillow.

Thank you so much!

– Stephen M.

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