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The Original MyPillow® Premium is the only MyPillow® that allows you to choose from 5 different levels of support for maximum comfort and adjustability.



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What Our Customer's Say About the Perfect Fit of Original MyPillow® Premium Pillows


Since I bought My Pillow, I sleep more soundly and wake up feeling rested. It's like sleeping on my own personal cloud! Thank you for giving me the opportunity for a restful night's sleep again!  Lisa S.

Just tried out my green My Pillow last night and it was great. It was supportive, comfortable and stayed cool.  Bruno N.

Just purchased a green level MyPillow yesterday at a show. I have had every type of pillow, as I was trying to find comfort for my neck. This morning was the first time I woke up not stiff with neck pain!! MyPillow fits perfectly between my head and shoulder, supporting my neck and keeping it straight and comfortable. I love this pillow so very much. Don't think twice about buying this item. A great invention for sure!!!!  Joan W.

Since we purchased MyPillow, King size - Green, two months ago my husband still snores, but I can barely hear him, and it doesn't appear to be as often. He feels like he is sleeping so much better at night now, and doesn't seem to be as groggy in the mornings - nor does he feel like he needs to sleep 9-10 hours anymore to get rested. I would recommend for anyone to at least try it!!  Lori

I ordered 2 white and 2 green, but the green are a lot firmer, which neither of us liked. The white are just right. I have gotten the best sleep ever on these pillows - I fall asleep faster since I have had these - and no longer get up to fluff my pillows. I highly recommend these to anyone. I just placed another order for 1 yellow and 1 white.  J.O.

I started out with the Green King pillow after sizing myself incorrectly, but the staff were nice enough to take my pillow and fill it to the Blue level for me. Once it was at that level, the pillow became amazing to sleep on. This pillow was so comfortable I quickly got my fiance one too and now he is sleeping better too.  Brittney P. 

Seriously, I have never used a pillow that reaps the same benefits as this one. It doesn't flatten, fits around my face, and doesn't make my neck hurt. Thanks. Terry S. Johnson

That very first night I slept through the entire night and, since my head was well supported, woke up with zero neck pain - and felt more rested than I have felt in years. I am sold!" Wayne K.

I have received and enjoyed the white level My Pillow, and wish to tell you how much I appreciate your compassion and cooperation in my endeavor to find just the right My Pillow for me. I have found that the "white level" is exactly what I need due to the ways I sleep. I will be grateful to you each night as I enjoy sleeping on My Pillow. I commend you on your business ethics and willingness to accommodate your customers. (A rare thing in today's world.) Sincerely, Barbara M.

Wonderful product and the support it provides my neck helps tremendously! Highly recommend!  Lori K.

Helped my shoulder & sore ear because of more support on my neck & head. Edwin S.

I highly recommend this pillow. It's very comfortable - it supports my neck. Do yourself a favor and try it !!   Marlene L.

My Pillow is supportive yet soft. Plus it can be adjusted to my position and retains it's shape. Incredible! I hope it lasts me for years. Thank you, Ginny D.