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The latest My Pillow Reviews and Testimonials:

  • Hubby and I have been sleeping on MyPillow for a year now. When I bought the buy one get one free pillows, I was skeptical. In the past, I've tried many different pillows, but none worked. They just didn't feel right as I was falling to sleep. When I heard Sean on the radio talking about MyPillow, I thought how can one pillow make a difference? Well, it does!! Within the first week, I noticed a big difference when falling to sleep. The pillow didn't flatten out. In the morning, no discomfort. Thank you, for making "MyPillow". It's the best pillow ever. I'll never have to buy another pillow. Claudia J.
  • I am so happy, I didn't read the testimonials on Amazon before I had a chance to order and try my MyPillow. Otherwise, I might never have experienced the most restful sleep I have had in 20 odd years. Kudos to MyPillow. John M.
  • I love MyPillow - I sleep so well. No discomfort and no waking up due to getting hot like with my old pillow. I will recommend MyPillow to everyone. Best pillow we've ever owned. Janice S.
  • MyPillow - I can't live without it. For all of 2015, I had discomfort that kept me awake all night. I lost a lot of sleep, and I bought a lot of pillows. Nothing worked until Christmas 2015 when my mother bought me the MyPillow. My first week with it, nothing changed. Then, the second week, the discomfort started to decrease. By week three, I was sleeping comfortably through the night. I have bought pillows for everyone in my family. Take it from me, the skeptic. Try the pillow out - you will be amazed. I was and still am. Steven B.
  • I'm a big guy (6-2), ex-athlete (hockey, middle-distance cyclist, and jujitsu) and, as a side sleeper, I always had trouble finding pillows, until now. I discovered that firm high pillows work for me, but they're usually latex (HOT) or too hard, but they mostly aligned my neck. A year ago, I finally found a latex-like gel pillow, also made in the US, and liked it a lot. But I thought I'd try the MyPillow because, being an engineer first, the concept intrigued me, but the original was not firm enough. Well, Mike, you came through with the Deluxe MyPillow! I got the firmest version, cuz I'm big and a side sleeper. The first night, I wasn't quite sure how to really poof it properly, though the TV ads helped (!) with the concept. But even though I had to re-fluff once overnight, it was comfy! Firm yet soft, kept its loft, and thus my head up, cutting weight on my shoulder. Yay! By night three, I figured it out. You don't just puff the height to where you want, you can SHAPE the MyPillow so it rises under your neck without ending up under your shoulder, a problem with other non-ortho style pillows. Realizing that, I shape the pillow ONCE and fall asleep FAST and don't have any aches in the mornings at all anymore. AND I don't have to be in just one position to be comfy or reshape. Look, the MyPillow is not cheap in any sense of the word. Even at the 2for1 pricing, it's more money than most people will spend on 4 pillows to buy one. Normally, you buy a superstore pillow twice a year and that's just what it costs. Here, for two years cost, you get a pillow with a ten-year warranty, it is INTENDED TO BE LAUNDERED (!) and it works MUCH better than just about any other pillow out there! I won't devour you like a memory foam pillow. It also won't bake you like one. It's not hard like a latex pillow, or hot. Even my similarly priced specialty firm memory gel foam ortho pillow, great as it is, just doesn't have the softness of surface that MyPillow has, though both support very well. IN FACT, great as that ortho-gel pillow is, again near the same price, it doesn't hold my head up quite enough, so I have had to stack it on a thinner ultra firm pillow and that means it slides around and changes angles sometimes. Not so with the MyPillow: It holds my head up by itself. Less fussy, less tossing and turning and shaping holds up. I can say, honestly, after over 40 years of searching for the right pillows for myself and having bought many in the same price range and not been so much dissatisfied, but never really thrilled until the ortho-gel, the MyPillow Firmest Deluxe (for me) absolutely blows everything else out of the water and it's NOT $250. I've been enjoying it for several weeks now. The MyPillow is the best pillow on the market today since it can be the pillow YOU need very easily, especially for the reasonable price! And it's made in the USA? How can you beat that! MyPillow is the Best You Can Buy. Rev. David L.
  • We just got our pillows yesterday and last night was the first night of good sleep I have had in 4 months! Gary C.
  • My brother had a bad accident in 2012 and cannot move his neck. MyPillow conforms to him and he is able finally able to sleep comfortably. Thank you, MyPIllow, from a truly a satisfied customer! Randy B.
  • I purchased one "MyPillow" at Walmart on a Friday, tried it out that night and "WOW" it was wonderful. My wife decided to try it out also and she said she must have one. We went back to Walmart on Saturday and purchased her a "MyPillow". Now we both can get a good night's sleep. James J.
  • MyPillow is exactly as described. They stand by their products unconditionally. I exchanged mine for one with less fill with zero hassle. I also purchased 2 pet beds which have a zippered cover and both pillow and cover are completely washable. The best part is the company's fabulous customer service-- friendly and knowledgeable representatives based in MN. You'll not find a company with more passion for quality and service. Thank you MyPillow for all your help. CW
  • Before I bought MyPillow, I used regular memory foam pillows and buckwheat pillows and I would wake up in discomfort! Since I bought MyPillow last month, I feel more rested when I wake up in the morning and I'm more energized!! I've been searching for "thee" pillow and I found it!! Thank you Mike for your creation!!! Amanda S.
  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MyPillow!!!! I could never find a pillow that had good neck support and was comfy enough for a good nights sleep. You had a BOGO sale, so I thought I would try it out. I just LOVE it!!!!! As soon as I laid down the very 1st night, I felt like I had laid my head into a soft cloud!!! It was wonderful and I had a great nights sleep, sleeping all night!!! My husband also commented on how good he slept and we both woke up ache-free!!! I was so impressed that I ordered another for my 95-year-old mother - she LOVED it!!! She said it was her first good night's sleep in a long time!! Your customer support line was most helpful and very polite in walking me through both orders!! Many thanks for a really great pillow (my soft cloud) and your pleasant customer service reps!! Rosalyn C.
  • After seeing and hearing on the radio about the MyPillow, we finally gave in and ordered two. Both my husband and I are now true believers and can't imagine going back to our old pillows. I have to say - try it you'll like it. Going to my daughters this weekend and taking MyPillow with me. Sherry C.
  • I have been experiencing discomfort and sleeping issues for quite some time. I have used various pillows with no relief and was at wits end. I finally decided to purchase MyPillow as a last ditch effort. And it was amazing. One night's sleep and I slept all night with no tossing or turning, no discomfort! Amazing! I will definitely recommend MyPillow to all my friends and family! Thank You!! KLR
  • I have loved MyPillow now for 3/4 of a year. Bought one for my husband who thought he really didn't need a change. He has slept like a baby since the first night. Just last week, I gave my extra pillow to my daughter who told me this morning that she no longer gets up feeling discomfort. But here is the icing on the cake. As soon as my daughter gets out of bed, her dog goes to the pillow and fluffs it up and then lays his head on it and goes back to sleep. And they say dogs are dumb. Seems smart to me. Thanks for the pillows, Judy C.
  • Had been eagerly awaiting our MyPillow delivery from QVC, and they arrived promptly today. Both my husband and I have had difficulty getting a solid night's sleep so we decided to order. And - WOW!! I decided to take a little nap with my brand new pillow....and I'd probably still be sleeping now if my kitty hadn't woken me up after 3 hrs!!! Really looking forward to a great night's sleep. Thank you, MyPillow!! Joan B.
  • I was very skeptical about MyPillow, especially after seeing the price. I was still skeptical when I actually took it out of the box. I am very picky with my pillows. I have literally gone through dozens of pillows, ranging in price anywhere from $20 - $70. Then I saw the commercial on TV and thought I'd give it a try. I tried it the first night and honestly, was not entirely thrilled. Then came the second night and everything changed. The third night was even better! Now I am a believer in MyPillow. It truly does allow me to sleep comfortably in any sleeping position. It somehow conforms to your head and feels naturally supportive, unlike any other pillow I've had before. The support is just right. You have nothing to lose because it's satisfaction guaranteed. You should try it! Thank you, My Pillow! Reyna
  • What an AMAZING PILLOW!!!! Trying to find a good pillow is difficult for me. Trying to find a great pillow is impossible...or so I thought. So glad I spent the money and tried MY Pillow. It has been amazing. I'm a side sleeper and can flatten any pillow in a month or two at the most. Doesn't matter how firm they are. The MyPillow has held its form, is still firm and supports me. Usually, I am sleeping with 2 to 3 pillows. I am only using ONE MyPillow and it is so comfortable. No discomfort in the morning anymore. If you're looking for a pillow, this is the one you should try!! Bill M
  • It seems that Mike is on TV advertising the pillows - and they are good for sure. I think he is missing an opportunity to showcase his GIZA sheets. For me, I like them as much or more than the pillows - both of which I am not willing to part with. I say try them. SUPER David C.
  • We received our pillows yesterday. OMG, I totally removed my high-end bamboo pillows and will be buying my daughter a MyPillow as well. Best Pillow ever! Daphne
  • Best purchase I've made in years. I've slept better than I have in years since the day I received them. I even loaned one to a friend and they ordered a pair. A Williams
  • Absolutely the best pillow I have ever used! I saw the ads for some time, and I thought, "seems like any other pillow." Staying up one night because of the discomfort I was feeling, I saw the commercial and figured I would give it a try. This pillow is miraculously true and better than advertised. From the first night I slept on it, I woke up in the same position with the pillow still fluffed. It held its shape like magic. I purchased a set, and my wife also had the same opinion. I highly recommend purchasing the signature plus series. Worth the money! I have a family of six, I only wish I could get more now so all my family could enjoy. MyPillow should make a mattress out of this stuff. Radames A.
  • I am 65 years old. I have seen numerous tv commercials about MyPillow and I have heard numerous commercials on the radio. I tried down pillows, Tempurpedic pillows, and foam pillows to no avail. I tried one at a time, two at a time, and any combination of the feather and foam pillows I could think of. I did not buy your pillow because I thought you could only buy two at a time. Being on social security, I was not able to spend money on the second one. In your ads, it never said I could buy only one if I was only one person. I was not directed to the website for other offers available. There must be other single people out there that don't know you can buy just one pillow and not spend $100.00 So I never went to the website until today. But yesterday is when I bought MY PILLOW. I was checking out at Walmart and I looked over and there it was, an individual MyPillow. Last night was the best night sleep in 30 years. Thank you so much. Xandreya Z.
  • Thank you so much for such a great pillow. You told the truth and that is rare in this day and age. I bought 2 pillows. My husband was having trouble sleeping because he can not turn his head from side to side. I bought the pillows hoping it would help him sleep. We both agree that these are the best pillows ever. Not only does my husband get a good night sleep......I sleep better than I have in a long time. Thank You, Mike, for your hard work. You are a blessing in our house! Karen
  • After years of buying pillow after pillow and being totally disgusted with the outcome, my husband and I figured what have we got to loose? Let's try it. After all, if we don't like 'em, we can get our money back. Well, long story short, not only do we LOVE them, we convinced our daughter to try them. She and her husband LOVE them too!!!! No way are you getting them back! Absolutely love them, thank you. So nice to sleep all night and wake up refreshed!!!!!! Sonia H.
  • After months of fitful sleep and looking at new mattresses, I ordered a MyPillow queen mattress topper. It arrived in two days and I am floored by how great it is!! No more tossing and turning all night long -- we now wake up refreshed. If you are contemplating getting this topper -- don't wait. Joan M.
  • I LOVE this pillow. I used to have to keep 4 pillows on my bed and rearrange them all the time. You can sleep on your side, back or stomach very comfortably. I always used to toss and turn, waking up frequently during the night. Ever since I received this pillow, I only need this one pillow. I sleep through the night without waking up and I usually wake up in the same position! I received this as a gift and I love it so much I am going to buy them as gifts as well. I think MyPillow would be a great wedding present. Jean Goodrich
  • For several years now I have had issues with sleeping in that waking up, I found that I had discomfort and little sleep. I have tried everything from "rice" hull pillows, goose down pillows, Tempur-Pedic pillows, bamboo pillows and NOTHING worked. Around midnight one evening - 2 months ago - I ordered (2) pillows (buy one get one free). Oh yeah! I had my doubts but was anxious to receive the pillows. They arrived as scheduled and I thought - my word - how can I sleep on such a huge bulky pillow. Well - I threw it in the dryer and wrapped it in a pillow case. And I have had WONDERFUL sleep and No/Zero/Nada discomfort WHATSOEVER!!! I really feel good - No I don't feel good - I feel GREAT. The only problem I had was the price per pillow. High - YES but try putting a price on a good nights sleep? You can't. I highly recommend and this is coming from somebody who WOULD never buy anything from a TV commercial - Buy this pillow....check it out..... James W.
  • My husband and I have not had good night's sleep in as long as we can remember. Like most of the testimonials I have read, we were skeptical also. Our pillows arrived yesterday . So, last night was the first night on our new pillows. WOW, this morning we both woke feeling recharged. To our grateful surprise, we both woke feeling refreshed for the first time in years. This product truly works. My husband is an engineer and thought there was no way that this pillow or any pillow could make a difference. However, he was completely shocked at the positive result. We will be buying pillows for our entire family as well as gifting some to all our relatives. God bless Mike Lindell for this life-changing product. We are truly grateful . We just ordered pillows for all our children . If you are unsure of this purchase due to the price, which I might say is quite high, I will tell you this - after the quality of sleep we have achieved they are worth hundreds more. Do yourself a favor and buy these pillows. Catherine E.
  • Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!!! I bought a smaller My Pillow through QVC and LOVE it!!!!! I took it with me on the train to San Diego and it was convenient because of its size. What a life saver!!! I plan on ordering a regular size one next month when my pocketbook recovers from my trip, and I suspect I'll love it just as much as the smaller one! Washing it is so easy, too!!! THANK YOU! Susan G.
  • Thank you, Mike, for this amazing pillow. I've had it over a year now and it is still as amazing as the first week. I needed a pillow that supports my neck and, since I have this pillow, I wake up in refreshed. My husband found my pillow for me and boy is he glad to help me, which he always tries to do. Thanks again. I recommend it to everyone I know. Trust me. I just thought I would take the time to send this message because not enough people do that. Have a wonderful day. Thanks again :))) Melodie P.
  • I thought I would let you know how much my daughter and I love our pillows. We have tried so many types of pillows, but none worked. I look forward to laying on my pillow. You just can't go wrong with this pillow. Nancy
  • I saw your commercial several times and thought hmmm. We walked into Bed Bath and Beyond and MyPillows were sitting at the entrance. I picked one up, went to the counter, and the salesperson was very knowledgeable about your product. She asked me how I slept and I told her, and she went over and picked out the correct MyPillow for the way I sleep. I have slept on another recommended pillow that was comfortable, but MyPillow beat that one all to pieces. I sleep great and I awake with no discomfort in the morning. This is a GREAT product and I have recommended it to several people. AGAIN - A GREAT PRODUCT - THANKS. Tony K.
  • I have had a set of these pillows for several years and just ordered a second set for my guest bedroom. I really can't say enough about these pillows. They are wonderful; yes, they do stay cool; and yes, I have washed them and they come out of the washer like new. And, you can bunch them up under your neck if you want and they still don't lose their shape and you don't have to fluff them up like I used to do with the other pillows I used to own. By the way, you don't have to replace your pillows every 5 or 6 months or whatever you do. Katherine H.
  • My husband and I LOVE our MyPillows. We have been sleeping well on them for quite some time. I wash my pillow when I need to since I have night sweats. My pillow has always come through looking brand new. Well, yesterday I washed my pillow and put her into the dryer. Yes, her, she has a name too. That, however, is private. Well, unfortunately when I went to get my pillow out from the dryer it had exploded. I was so distraught! I took her out and noticed she had a tear right along her hemline. I did what any true MyPillow lover would. I took all the stuffing from the dryer, restuffed it, and sewed up the seam. I wasn't going to sleep without MyPillow. However, along the way MyPillow had lost some stuffing. I called customer services and I explained what happened. I'm so very happy to say that the MyPillow company does stand by their product. They are sending me a new MyPillow. I suppose I will have to find a new name for my new pillow. Of course, the first one will always have a special place in my heart. This is an honest and heartfelt story. I'm not insane, only the tiniest bit crazy, but in the best of ways. What else would someone do if the best sleep they ever had was on MyPillow, and she, therefore, became a trusted friend. I've even seen people carry there my pillow on planes for vacation. I haven't gone that far yet, but have considered it! Keep up the wonderful job MyPillow Company! You make a well loved and appreciated product. Thank you. Catherine F.
  • I'm writing to help you out, if you're like me, and do a ton of research before you buy anything. I've tried every pillow there is but didn't believe the ads for MyPillow. A few months ago, I spent about $145 on a pillow from The Back store, only to hate it and be stuck with it. My problem is that I can only sleep with my head facing straight up. MyPillow allows me to bunch the foam on both sides of my face and it keeps my head aligned. It is the best thing so far that I've found. At first, I wasn't so sure, but after a few nights, I really liked it. Every night, I fluff it up and lay right in the middle of it, and after a few minutes my head sinks in and I get the right feeling. If you are like me and want to keep your head still while you sleep, this is a good option. I'm taking it with me when I travel to I can sleep in a hotel. Hotel pillows are always too tall. I hope this helps others like me. Vickie S.
  • I hate this pillow, but my body loves it. I am used to sleeping on memory foam or seed pillows, which I love...however, I have discomfort when I wake up in the morning. Plus, I do not get a sound sleep. I just have to get used to the different feel of MyPillow...the first night and each night after sleeping on MyPillow, I actually sleep soundly. I wake up refreshed. I also, sleep in...I never sleep in! I feel so good and I am so glad that I can now get a restful sleep and wake up refreshed. So, getting used to a different feel pillow might take me more time, but it took zero time for my body to say, YES TO MY PILLOW, ALL THE WAY! Victoria
  • My mother bought my first "MyPillows" for me. Being able to regularly wash these pillows in hot water and dry them in the dryer AND have them come out beautifully is fabulous!! I know I'm keeping the dust mites out and my neck is comfortable as well, no matter what position I'm sleeping in! These are awesome pillows, so obviously, I came back and bought 2 more! Janeen B.
  • I was concerned that the promise of comfort was overstated, However, I am impressed with the quality and sleep comfort provided by my own set of MyPillows. Thank you so much! Earl S.
  • It has been 3 weeks with MyPillow. This pillow is amazing. I say buy this pillow and you will sleep through the night and wake up refreshed and ready to go. The negative reviews I just can not understand. As long as you throw this pillow in the dryer for 15 minutes when you first receive it you are on your way to a great nights sleep. Period. 10 STARS!!! Christopher B.
  • Had problems sleeping for way too many years. After a month I must say I am definitely sleeping more soundly and getting to sleep faster...we all spend money foolishly on other things...a good night is a Great investment. Thanks and God Bless Jimmy D.
  • We have had (my wife and I) our new pillows for one week. I could have written this comment after one night. I have heard Mike for some time and believed he was an honest person with an honest product. I listened to a radio interview and knowing that despite this, sleep products may or may not work out for someone. I sold sleep products for several years. So we have had many top level pillows. This pillow is clearly the best we ever used. We very highly recommend it and do so. Thanks, Mike to you and your company for offering such an excellent product. And with your guarantee one has nothing to lose! Ralph P.

Machine Washable and Dryable MyPillows®: Testimonials

  • Comes out nice from the washer & dryer. Would recommend to anyone. Donna
  • They wash and dry perfectly. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase!!!! Thank you MY PILLOW! Heidi
  • Not only do we all feel better and sleep better, I love the fact that you can machine wash them and it's good for 10 years. If you're debating on whether to try My Pillow my answer is YES! Julie M.
  • Though the pet bed is not discussed much, I would like to share it is the Best! It's washable and pet odors are not noticed as with others. It still has held it's shape after 3 months and my dog loves it. Patricia C.

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