MyPillow For Pets

My Pillow for Pets is designed with an inner layer featuring My Pillow's patented interlocking fill, that keeps your Pet cool and comfortable, while the removable outer shell makes it easy to clean. Made in the USA and delivering unparalleled durability with a limited 10-year warranty. One side of the MyPillow For Pets has paw prints and the other side is plaid.

Small: 18” x 24” Gusset 2”

Medium: 24” x 36” Gusset 3”

Large: 34” x 45” Gusset 4”

Colors: Blue, Brown, Gray & Green One side has paw prints and the other side is plaid.

MyPillow For Pets

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Product Name Price Qty
Small Pet Pillow - Blue
Small Pet Pillow - Brown
Small Pet Pillow - Gray
Small Pet Pillow - Green
Medium Pet Pillow - Blue
Medium Pet Pillow - Brown
Medium Pet Pillow - Gray
Medium Pet Pillow - Green
Large Pet Pillow - Blue
Large Pet Pillow - Brown
Large Pet Pillow - Gray
Large Pet Pillow - Green

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

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By Brutus
This is soooooo comfy and i love my humans for getting me this its sooooo good
By Reagan
This was perfect for my little fur ball! i recently got a my pillow and he kept trying to sleep on it but it wasn't big enough for the both of us so i bought him this and he can't resist it
I figured my dog has it better than me anyway...
By Happy Hubby
I got tired of not being able to sleep because of my wife's constant snoring. I was always tired and groggy. Then one day I noticed how spry and full of energy the dog was. Well that night the dog slept on the wife's bed (think lumber yard snoring) and I took the dogs bed downstairs. I slept like a king! Sure it's hard getting up off the floor if you have to go to the bathroom but the comfort of this bed makes it well worth it. It washes real nice too so don't be worried if you have an accident on it. Now the only downside is I'll wake up and before I realize where I am, I think "oh no, where did I pass out at this time?" But after a few moments that usually gets cleared up.

I'm on here to purchase another bed so I can stretch out a little more. My goal it to eventually have enough of these on the floor that I can take a nap wherever I want. Thanks My Pillow!!!
Great product but overpriced without a promo code. Made in America and machine washable.
By Julz
Great product but overpriced without a promo code. Made in America and machine washable.

Be sure to have a promo code like MY585. Also get their newsletter so you can get notice when they have a sale . Great customer service do not buy from another source unless you don't care about guarantee or customer service. Both have added value
Love this!! Definitely worth the money.
By Sarah
Love this pet bed! Fully washable and quality is just like the rest of your products. Holds up through the many washes so far and has not lost it's shape or thickness. blBought this for our arthritic dog, who is no longer with us. This was great for his sore back, knees, hips. We needed a large. Though fully washable, does not fit in standard size washer. Not a big deal, take it to laundry mat to wash with their larger machine. Totally worth it!
We love our pillows alot
By Judy
My husband and always had problems sleeping in the past.I seen your my pillows on QVC I said what the hack all I can do is try them for 30 days if we didn't like them we could send them .Well Im sorry we have them for years now they wash up great and fluff up in the dryer.I wil not change My Pillow for any other pillow thank you! Judy Rupright
Love the pillows
By Brutus's mommy
My 17 year old dog loves his pillow. it washes up nice when he has an accident. Due to his age he can not always get up quick enough. My 7 year old little girl also loves her pillow. and my cat took over my travel pillow.
sleep well
By Ginny
I got a My pillow for my cat, it is big enough for a dog. It is tan with black paw prints. I also have a My pillow, a My body pillow which I sleep with it between my knees. And I have the My Pillow mattress and bedspring. It was delivered in a truck and put together by the two workers.

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