The most seen man on TV and his novel notion on giving

The most seen man on TV and his novel notion on giving

Mike Lindell CEO MyPillow

Mike Lindell answers questions about MyPillow and the Lindell Foundation in an article by Ava Roosevelt in the Opulence Magazine’s Fall edition. Ava Roosevelt chose to do an article about Mike because she knows Mike to be one of the "philanthropically inclined individuals who are not only newsworthy but who have touched me with their honesty, spirit, and faith.”


  • Mike has been called the "most innovative marketer in home goods," and has broken QVC sales records, plus won the coveted “Product Concept of the Year” award.
  • Mike created a pillow business because he couldn’t find any decent pillows himself. So, he reversed-engineered his idea of what a pillow should be to create the MyPillow, including:
    • A pillow that is not based on being a one-size-fits-all pillow.
    • A pillow that will help you sleep by supporting your head and keeping your head straight - and not bending and twisting as you move in your sleep like other pillows do.
  • It was basically just Mike and his family in the early years. Now, the MyPillow company has grown to 1500 employees, who Mike refers to as his “family”. Mike continues to keep the production of MyPillow in his home state, Minnesota, and insists on creating pillows that are made in America.
  • When Mike created the MyPillow infomercial, he didn’t know that the majority of infomercials fail. He just had such an over-riding faith in his product that he just assumed that the MyPillow infomercial "would be amazing because I was just so passionate about this product”.
  • Mike created the Lindell Foundation because he was tired of large charities’ corruption and waste and because he feels that people should know where their donations go. The Lindell Foundation takes care of these issues by covering all overhead costs, so that 100% of the money donated goes directly to those in need; by letting the donors choose which need to give to; and by showing the donors how their donations affected the lives of the people they donated to.

When asked, Mike said that his life is defined by "Faith, loyalty, and integrity”. Through this article, we can certainly see how his life has reflected these ideals.


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