The Morning Show anchors pick favorite pillow The Morning Show anchors pick their favorite pillow.

For 6 weeks, four News4JAX anchors tested five different types of pillows:

  • a MyPillow pillow
  • a down pillow
  • a buckwheat pillow
  • a foam pillow
  • a water pillow

And the result? Three out of four anchors liked the Mypillow:

The first anchor, a side sleeper, liked the foam pillow the best, although she said that the MyPillow “was great too”.

Another anchor said that the MyPillow changed everything:"I get a better night's sleep, it's apparently very comfortable, and it keeps her from snoring. So, I love it.”

Another anchor, who sleeps on his stomach “loved the MyPillow”.

And the last anchor, who sleeps on his back, said "I felt the "MyPillow" gave my neck enough support that I didn't wake up feeling sore”.

And, the other pillows? None of the anchors liked the buckwheat, down or water pillows.