Mike Lindell talks with  Steve Cochran on WGN radio about his donation of  60,000 MyPillows and the Lindell Foundation. 

Mike Lindell with Steve Cochran talking about his donation of 60,000 MyPillows

Mike Lindell is distributing 60,000 MyPillows to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Mike said that he was moved by all of the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, and wanted to do something to help.

So, when he heard there were 45,000 displaced people due to the hurricane, he decided to distribute 60,000 pillows: one for each of the displaced people, and the rest to the rescue workers.

MyPillow had to go into a rapid response mode to manufacture the 60,000 pillows. The pillows were then loaded into 10 trucks that were driven down to the Houston area. Meanwhile, MyPillow crews flew down to help distribute the pillows to those in need.

Mike Lindell also launched his Lindell Foundation early, seeding it with $6 million of his own money, so people can donate to those devasted by the Hurricane. And Mike is going to personally go to Texas to ensure that the money donated goes to those with vital needs due to the hurricane.

The Lindell Foundation guarantees that 100% of your money will go to those in need since the Lindell Foundation pays all of the overhead costs.

So - please help the Hurricane Harvey victims now by donating to the Lindell Foundation.