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Mike Lindell on CNBC Strange Success with Jane Wells Podcast

Listen to this great Mike Lindell interview with Jane Wells. She has a podcast, called "CNBC Strange Success" that focuses on those entrepreneurs that create products we don’t even know we need, and the successes they achieve despite adversity, failure, and mistakes.

And the Mike Lindell story is truly a rags-to-riches story, going from carpet cleaning and hogs to inventing the MyPillow and achieving the MyPillow success. Along the way, he learned a lot from his failures while fighting adversity as well as drug addictions.


  • Mike invented MyPillow after searching in vain for a pillow that would provide him comfort and support. It took years of fighting failure to finally get the MyPillow business off the ground by selling the MyPillows at fairs and events around the country. During this time, he was also fighting cocaine and crack cocaine addictions, which he finally overcame through a prayer asking to have his demons taken away. Overnight, on January 16, 2009, he finally found peace and has been sober ever since.
  • MyPillow then experienced phenomenal growth due to a dream Mike had: create an infomercial. He created this infomercial with friends and family, ad-libbing all the way through it. Due to this infamous infomercial, MyPillow grew from 10 employees to 500 in just a few months. That growth has continued: MyPillow now has over 1500 employees and has sold over 30 million pillows.
  • Due to Mike’s American dream story, President Trump invited Mike to Trump Towers in New York City to talk about the benefit of products made in America. President Trump then invited Mike to a Made-in-America Roundtable the White House hosted, where Mike sat right next to President Trump.
  • And, the story continues. MyPillow has donated tens of thousands of pillows to charity, Mike has created the Lindell Foundation to help those in need, Mike’s autobiography is due to be published soon, and Mike is working with Stephen Baldwin to create a movie of Mike’s life.

It is one amazing story. And, Mike’s take on his successes is: “Looking back now, the only way that we were able to do all of this was through Devine intervention from God. It is a miracle, an absolute miracle.”

And, Mike's advice to all is: "It can be done, people."

You can download the podcast at:

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