Mike Lindell was a special guest on The Drew Marshall Show, talking about the incredible MyPillow story and overcoming his drug addictions.


  • Drew Marshall loves his MyPillow. He tried every pillow out there and found that the MyPillow "just works".  In fact, he takes it everywhere with him.
  • Mike had the same pillow problems that Drew Marshall had - he found that all pillows went flat, were hot, and were uncomfortable. In fact, Mike knows why the down pillow is called down - because it gets so flat, it is a “downer". So, Mike created the MyPillow to solve these issues - for himself, and everyone out there.
  • After creating the pillow, selling the pillow got off to a very rocky start - Mike got rejected everywhere. But through perseverance and, as Mike says, “miracles”, he was able to go from absolutely no sales to the amazing success MyPillow is experiencing.
  • Mike overcame his extensive crack cocaine addiction (which was so bad that even his dealers stopped selling to him) in one night through a prayer. He has never gone back to any of his addictions since. 

Mike feels that MyPillow is God’s platform and Mike's passion has only been to help. He finds it incredibly rewarding to hear testimonials like "MyPillow changed my life”. And what does Mike say about the MyPillow success? “It’s a miracle, miracles just started happening.”

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