Mike Lindell DONATES 60,000 My Pillows To Victims of Harvey on Hannity Show. 

Mike Lindell talks to Sean Hannity about his donation of 60,000 pillows to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.  This is, as Hannity says, “extraordinarily generous”.

The crews and the trucks with the pillows reached the Houston area Friday morning (August 31st). The crews then started distributing the MyPillows all around Houston and the Houston area. This will make a difference to those who are sleeping in conditions that are much less than desirable.

Along with the pillows, Mike Lindell’s Lindell Foundation is accepting donations for Hurricane Harvey. MyPillow and Mike Lindell will pay 100% of the overhead -so every dollar you donate to the Lindell Foundation will go directly to those in need.

So - donate to the Lindell Foundation now and help those who have been devasted by this terrible hurricane.