Even dogs love MyPillows!

MyPillow family,

I just wanted to share a cute little story from our family to yours. Our 1-year-old husky, Colt, was lying in the living room one afternoon while the tv was on. I was in the kitchen doing dishes and heard him howling with what sounded like, singing. I then saw on the TV while he was howling, your commercial and the theme song for "MyPillow" playing. While I did not think anything about the two happening at the same time at first....I later noticed that he has fallen in love with your commercial and theme song EVERY SINGLE TIME it comes on. The video attached shows him singing along to your song. This has become a family tradition where we turn the volume up just for him so he can watch and enjoy, howling away to "MyPillow". I hope you get as much joy from this video as we do every time your commercial comes on!

Thank you for your time and God bless you, Kristen and Joe M.