MyPillow first sent 60,000 pillows to Hurricane Harvey and now is sending 20,000 more.

MyPillow sends another 20,000 MyPillows for Hurricane Harvey

Mike Lindell and MyPillow first sent 60,000 MyPillows to those affected by Hurricane Harvey over the Labor Day weekend. And, that went so well that MyPillow is sending another 20,000 pillows for the victims.

That is a total of 80,000 pillows - a total donation of $4 million!

This project is being organized by the newly launched Lindell Foundation. The foundation also set up a special project for the victims of Hurricane Harvey - where 100% of all donations go to those in need, with all other costs being paid by MyPillow and Mike Lindell.

So - please help the hurricane victims by giving to the Lindell Foundation now.