60,000 MyPillows to be donated to Hurricane Harvey relief effort.

mypillow donates 60,000 pillows to Hurricane Harvey

Mike Lindell and employees of his newly launched foundation, the Lindell Foundation, loaded up 60,000 MyPillow’s to give to Hurricane Harvey shelters and rescue operations in the Houston area. 

It is quite the donation. Each MyPillow costs at least $50, so, that is about a $3 million donation. 

Along with the MyPillow donation, Mike Lindell’s Lindell Foundation launched early so it could help the Hurricane Harvey victims. 100% of the donations to this foundation will go directly to the victims. 

So - please donate to the Lindell Foundation to help those who have been devastated by hurricanes.

As Mike Lindell says: "We may be across the country, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something to help the tens of thousands of victims of Hurricane Harvey."