MyPillow donates 4,500 pillows to "Pillows for Corwin"Corwin Johnson had a dream of donating pillows to those in need. When he tragically died, his friends created a cause to fulfill his dream. And when Mike Lindell heard about this, he donated 4,500 MyPillows to this "Pillows For Corwin" cause.


  • Corwin Johnson tragically lost his life in a hunting incident last November. But, he had a dream: that he wanted to give 9,000 pillows to those in need.
  • In honor of Corwin, his friends at Mesabi East High School set up a "Pillows For Corwin" Facebook page and GoFundMe page to collect 9,000 pillows and donate them to those in need.
  • When hearing about his, Mike Lindell packed up 4,500 MyPillows into a semi-truck and delivered them to the school on Jan 24th.

This donation brought the total pillows donated to "Pillows For Corwin" to 4,640. You can donate your pillows to this cause at "Pillows For Corwin".

“The friends who are helping to fulfill his dream say they're excited they got such a huge donation which gets them one step closer to fulfilling their lost friend's goal.”

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