An Olympic pillow shortage in Sochi? My Pillow pitches in to help

The Olympics is having a pillow shortage! So, Mike Lindell, owner and creator of My Pillow, is scrambling to donate and ship 3,000 MyPillows® to the Olympics in Sochi.

Our Olympic athletes need a good night's sleep since sleep is the most important thing they can do to ensure peak performance. And, the right pillow is critical to good sleep. So, these MyPillows® are very needed to ensure the competitiveness of our Olympic athletes.

The pillows are being made now. The only thing Mike Lindell needs is the right address to ship to, and then, our athletes can represent our country well rested.

UPDATE: as of Friday, February 7th, 2014, the pillows were on the plane and going to the US Olympic headquarters in Colorado Springs. Unfortunatly, though, it looks like the MyPillow® shipment might get stuck at the Olympic headquarters. As Mike Lindell said "Blame Russian customs". 

Stay tuned to the article for updates.

Read more about My Pillow and the Olympic pillow shortage in Sochi in the Minneapolis in the StarTribune.