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MyPillow Premium


MyPillow Premium MyPillow Premium MyPillow Premium
  • Made with our patented interlocking fill
  • Adjusts to your exact individual needs
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Standard/Queen - 16.5 " x 26" + 2"
  • King - 16.5" x 32" + 2"
  • The World’s Most Comfortable Pillow™ 

MyPillow Premium


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  • Made with our patented interlocking fill
  • Adjusts to your exact individual needs
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Standard/Queen - 16.5 " x 26" + 2"
  • King - 16.5" x 32" + 2"
  • The World’s Most Comfortable Pillow™ 

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

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By Lee
I love this pillow. I have replaced all my pillows and two to spare. I would love to have a neck roll with pillow cover. The go anywhere pillow should also have cover so we can was them. I prefer white. Best pillows I have ever had.
These are the best pillows ever.
By NanaE.
We just got our new Mypillows. They are so nice. We have slept on Mypillows for about 4 or 5 years now. The old Mypillows are still good but the new ones are really nice. They do change over the years. I started having trouble sleeping again so I ordered new pillows. They really do make a Big difference. I just wish I would have ordered bundle I didn't see that offer. I love the take along Mypillows. I ordered these years ago. I keep one in each car. Better than any back pillow I have ever had. My whole family has Mypillows.
Love my pillow. It really is the best sleep I've ever had.
By rob_webster308
I really thought these pillows were too expensive. My wife ordered the 2 for 1 queen set. I wanted to hate them so I could send them back and get all that money back. Well, that's not happening. I'm keeping the best pillow my head ever met. We love these pillows. They help us sleep better then ever before. And it supports the American business man. Invest in your sleep. You'll thank My Pillow every morning. I promise.
By Nikki
I bought this pillow off of a recommendation a friend of mine made. I was a little skeptical because of how expensive they are, but they're worth every penny! It's the perfect amount of support and doesn't go flat. I don't think I will ever be able to buy a different pillow again!
I love my "My Pillow"
By Cindy
My pillow is the most comfortable pillow I've ever used. The support is felt across all areas it touches. I am so pleased with it I'm buying my Mom one for her birthday. I know she will enjoy it as much as I do mine! Thank you so much!
I recommend you try one.
By frannee
Love this pillow. It is, and does what the developer claims it's supposed to do. My sleep is more restful, I'm comfortable and cozy snuggled into the pillow and now I actually look forward to going to bed. Have bought many pillows only to have them "deflate" after a few weeks of trying to pound them into shape. My pillow listens to you and conforms to your wants and needs.
Really satisfied. Bought another for my husband.
By Dee
I received "My Pillow" as a Christmas gift. It has a real nice feel and it really does keep its shape and stay cool all night long. I sleep better because I don't get too hot and have to try and find a cool spot. I like "My Pillow" a lot. I probably would not have bought one for myself because I had no idea what I was missing! But now I bought one for my husband and he loves it.
An Incredible Sleep
By DanaC
I searched for years for comfortable pillows. With great skepticism after seeing negative reviews I decided to go ahead and order My Pillow. I chose the Radio Package which had two king size pillows, two travel pillows and two pillow cases. When they arrived I carefully read the instructions and did exactly as instructed. My husband and I decided upon using the My Pillow on the first night we had a better sleep than we have ever had. I used to constantly wake up in the middle of the night to flip or rearrange my pillows. I never wake up when sleeping on the My Pillow! My husband lifts a lot of heavy material all day and his neck muscles are more relaxed and less sore since using My Pillow. There are a lot of negative reviews but if you read them, in my opinion, people are not following the instructions before using their pillow. Because the My Pillow is made differently than the standard pillow people say their cheaply made but once you sleep on them that is what makes them uniquely different and why you sleep better. Mike and the hard working people of My Pillow have received a bad reputation from a few people but TRUST ME if you want the best sleep you have ever had buy a My Pillow!
No neck stiffness/headaches in AM
By Panther's Cougar
Skeptical due to price but IF it remains as comfortable as it has been this past week, then it definitely is worth it. After waking up with neck stiffness and headaches for a while, I am pleased to report that since using this pillow...I haven't experienced it.
I really love MyPillow!!! I have tried many different kinds of pillows and this one gives me the proper support for my neck and is so comfortable. It never flattens out like some polyfill pillows. I throw it in dryer for 10 min to refresh it once in awhile and it puffs up!!! Would highly recommend! Thank You!

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