MyPillow Premium

No Discounts Apply

  • Made with our patented interlocking fill
  • Adjusts to your exact individual needs
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Standard/Queen - 16.5 " x 26" + 2"
  • King - 16.5" x 32" + 2"

MyPillow Premium

No Discounts Apply

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  • Made with our patented interlocking fill
  • Adjusts to your exact individual needs
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Standard/Queen - 16.5 " x 26" + 2"
  • King - 16.5" x 32" + 2"
Fitting Guide

We use a color-coded system to fit MyPillow to your individual needs. Use this quick reference guide to select the ideal color to specifiy when ordering. 

T-shirt Women Men
Small Yellow White
Medium White White
Large White Green
XL Green Green
XXL Green Blue
XXXL Blue Blue

Important: If your body is accustomed to sleeping on down or feather pillows, you should reduce one level of support. For example, if the chart recommends a “white” for you, drop one level to “yellow”.

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very good pillows, plan to purchase more for my children.
By Memama
I purchased 2 king size my pillows in December, my husband has sleeping problems and I had tried multiple types of pillows for him. He immediately loved his "my pillow" . I took a little longer to get used to the pillow. I am now in in love with the pillow and have told my friends about them as well.
excellent spend
By Ellen S from Mission Hill
I purchased two standard MyPillow package when our local radio show talk host (Dan Rae WHDH) could not stop talking about them WITH HIS CALLERS who purchased them live on the air (not a paid advertisement or endorsement for money) My mom was interested in getting one, so I gave her one and I kept one. Since that purchase eight weeks ago, my sister-in-law and my cousin have made purchases and a work colleague tested the travel pillow and has now placed an order. I just ordered two more for my guest room! TY
Me luv My Pillow oh yeah !!!
By Papo
I love my pillow. Staying asleep all night without waking up now...I feel rested and energize . I would highly recommend this to my family & friends, The best purchased I ever made it is worth it. Now I am going to buy another two so when I stay at my friend cottage I can have the same sleep and not be restless anymore. You are the best,thank u so much :)
By dont have one
I already have two My Pillows that I bought at WalMart. They are wonderful since they can be washed often, and for me with multiple allergies, that is perfect. So I am getting a second set of My Pillows to alternate with the first set.
Great Product
By Desi
I got my My Pillows 2 weeks ago and loved the so much. so I ordered another set and got them today. Now I have one for every bed. When friends and family come, everybody will get a great nights sleep.Thank you all at mypillow for the wonderful job you do. thanks Mike Lindell for your product and being made by American workers. God bless you all!
Best customer service I've ever experienced!
By Cindy
Unbelievable customer service! We have mypillows about 4 years old that I never registered when we bought from CVS. (Didn't even know you could register them) The fabric tore down the center of the pillow and I called the customer service number to see if the ten year warrantee covered it. I was expecting to have to send pictures and proof that I bought the pillows and maybe get a prorated credit but the rep asked for my name and address and told me that she would send me a new pillow, and added an additional pillow for my trouble. What trouble? That was the easiest return and most generous offer I could ask for! She told me that's the way Mike does business. Go Mike! You should be proud of your business, your representatives and the way you treat your customers. I almost cried when I got off the phone so I decided to sit and write about it. :)
My Pillow
By Nessa
I love my pillow I sleep better now than I was. Stay asleep all night without waking up. I feel rested and refreshed. I would highly recommend this to everyone. The best purchased I ever made it is worth it. Now I am going to buy my daughter one where she will sleep better. and not be restless no more. Thanks A lot!
An oustanding product
By Handcuff
Received my pillows plus travel pillows two weeks ago and for the first time in a long time I woke up without a stiff neck. The flexible support is so much better than memory foam or other types of fill that I have tried over the years. Truly a wonderful product. I ordered two more for the guest room today.
The best pillow I have ever used.
By Jim, Michigan
This is the best pillow I ever had! I have NEVER been able to use one pillow until now. Their service is absolutely the best. My wife and I received two pillows Christmas 2016 from her aunt. She purchased them through QVC. We did not know this at first. My wife's pillow was not like mine so March 2017, we contacted Mypillow directly. Even though it was purchased through QVC they went out of their way to help us out and replaced her pillow. Her replacement pillow is perfect and she loves hers as much as I loves mine.
Initial Impressions are very good!
By Shwebbie
Wow. I had seen the ads and was curious but very skeptical. On the other hand Mike L. came across as "good people" so I trusted him enough to try it. We live in Canada but were down in Grand Forks, ND for the weekend so could try them first-hand at the store there. We have only had them 2 nights so far and my wife is on the fence so far but leaning towards liking them. For myself, it was different after the first night but I dreamed a lot (I have rarely dreamed the last 30 years or so) and I was cautiously optimistic. I thought, "I will reserve judgement in case the first night was a fluke". Two nights in I am a believer. I dreamed a lot last night again, my neck feels good, I feel rested, and the pillow is a little cooler than others. The last time I felt this rested was 11 years ago after I first got used to sleeping with a cpap machine. Thank-you so much. I am looking forward to trying out the travel pillow.

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