MyPillow Premium 2-Pack Special
  • Adjusts to any sleep position
  • Patented interlocking fill
  • 2" Gusset - For maximum support
  • Custom fit to you
  • Standard/Queen Premium - 16.5" x 26" + 2"
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 10-Year Warranty

MyPillow Premium 2-Pack Special

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Excellent product
By Jim B.
This is my wife and I'd second set, we like two pillows each, and just like the first pair and as expected we love them! The two travel pillows will be great in the car too. I wake up less and feel well rested every morning since we started using our MyPillows. Great product and outstanding specials too. We'll never sleep with any other pillow! Thank you MyPillow!
Best purchase I've ever made!!
By WildnFree778
I have one of the pillows, queen size and fill level Green. When it was delivered in that tube shaped package and took it out, at first I was dismayed, but I followed the instructions and put it in the dryer for fifteen minutes. When I opened the dryer door I was amazed that I had a very fluffy pillow!
Since the very first night, I slept like a baby on this pillow! Since I live in Canada, it cost me a lot of money, but it was worth every penny!! I have NEVER slept so good! It does EVERYTHING that the company says it does! And I plan on purchasing more products from them, and using the 10% discount card that they sent with the pillow. I highly recommend this product!!
Good pillow!
By Alicia
First got the green, but it was too much fill. Called customer service, it was easy, they were friendly and the switch to white was super fast. I enjoyed a nice nap on it and look forward to a good nights sleep tonight!
Great pillow!
By Donna
Excellent pillow. I have had issues with neck pain and stiffness. Have had many pillows including memory foam etc. This one really is good. Glad my husband bought them.
Great pillow
By Dee
Best pillow I have ever used. I will never use anything else as this is so comfortable and I sleep well all night. Well worth the money.
Greatest pillow ever!
By Lulu
Have search forever trying to find a pillow that I could sleep on without my neck hurting!! My search is over!! "My pillow" is the answer to my problem! Love "my pillow"!!!!!
Awesome Pillow!
By Diana S.
I love my pillows. I thought I had bought one too small. Then as I used it i started to understand how it works for you! When you put it under your head it stays put! I love mine... I told my husband if he didn't like his I would give him back his 95.00 foam cool pillow. He said, "Oh NO You Won't! He loves his also...
Very good
By Ruler
I have 4 of my pillow love them no back or neck or shoulder hurts. I go wright to sleep all night and they are very cool all night they do not get hot or wake up with a wet pillow. I have had of 2 my pillow for 1 yr. , just puchace 2 more my girlfriend she is always on my pillow. VERY GOOD PRODUCT FOR MONEY!
I have had a my pillow for years it is the only one I can sleep on . I take it with me whenever we travel getting ready to buy more so I do not wear this one out. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Lea B.
Excellent! Bought them for my son who was continuously up through the night - no longer since Mr. Pillow

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