GoAnywhere Pillow

$24.98 $15.00 W/ Promo Code

The GoAnywhere Pillow is just like the name implies, you can go anywhere with it!

  • Use it for travel by plane, train or automobile!
  • Provides lumbar support while working at your desk
  • Use on the couch, or chair for comfort while lounging at home.
  • Great for camping or sleepovers, it can easily roll up into sleeping bags!
  • Provides pelvic support when placed between your knees.

There are so many different uses for the GoAnywhere Pillow that you’ll wonder how you survived this long without one!

All MyPillow® Accessory Pillows are made with our patented interlocking fill, are fully machine washable and dryable and come with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and a 10 Year Warranty. 12” wide x 18” long.

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