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MyPillow® Customers Say "Best Pillows for Neck Pain"

Neck Pain Testimonials

Within 4 days of using MyPillow, the pain I was experiencing in my right shoulder for months was gone. I was also waking up a few times a week with neck pain and stiffness, which is also gone. I have been sleeping several hours more each night and have been waking much more rested. I've been so happy with the pillow that I just ordered a mattress topper. Thank you! Mitchel H.

The morning after sleeping on my "new" pillow, I woke with absolutely no neck pain and no headache. I was really surprised and happy with how immediate the relief was with the pillows!! I also had the best night sleep I've had in several months. I'm sold! Thank you. My only regret is I waited so long to order them. Suzan

I have two herniated disks in my neck and after purchasing numerous types of pillows with no relief. With MyPillow, I have not had any pain in my neck in the morning. As soon as I put my head on the pillow, I can feel the support in my neck. MyPillow is different than any pillow you can purchase in the stores. As soon as you feel it, you can tell they are different inside. Vicki

I have neck issues and used to wake up with headaches and now I do not. And, my neck pain is minimal and, quite often, gone.  Debra L.

I have had chronic pain for years: back, neck, shoulders, knees, etc., and am constantly waking up at night due to severe pain and not being able to get comfortable - especially when there were days where I had to spend all day in bed. A couple of years ago, my husband bought me a MyPillow for Christmas....what a blessing. I swear by this pillow - it makes my bad days easier to handle when I'm in bed all day, and my nights, well, I wake up less! Deb O.

You will never get my pillow back. My sore neck is gone and I sleep like a log. Dave O.

For years, I have suffered from back and neck problems. The first night I got the pillow, I slept like a baby. I have only had it for 4 nights and have to say, this is the best pillow I ever owned. My neck and back are much better after only 4 nights of good sleep on that pillow. Lillian D.

My vertigo is gone, and my neck is great! I had been sleeping on a $70 dollar water pillow purchased from my chiropractor. Never again - with MyPillow I shall never need soon as I'd placed my head down, I knew this was the pillow for me ..... and Ohhhhh...what a restful, peaceful night's sleep I got. Sonja M.

I've been waking up with neck pain for many months now. I would wake up tossing and turning every night, constantly adjusting my pillows. The first night I noticed my neck pain wasn't as bad as usual and I slept much better. It's been a week now and no more waking up with neck pain and I sleep through the night. My pillow is amazing and worth every penny!  Frank Z.

I've slept better since day one, and I haven't woken up with a "kink in my neck" since I've been using it. When I lay down and give it a quick adjustment it's lights out before I know it.  David Y.

Well, let me tell you that after the first week, no neck pain, no headaches, and sleeping through the night again. So I have to credit these awesome pillows. I would not have believed it if it did not happen to me. If you are considering a splurge, DO IT NOW! Joette H.

I fall right asleep and stay asleep with no adjusting during the night and the hubby has no more neck pain. Denise

I have had MyPillow for a month now and I still wake up amazed that I have no aches and pains and I feel rested. It has to be the pillow. I no longer toss and turn all night. I am very grateful to have finally purchased MyPillow. I just wish I had done it long ago. Lloyann

I am crazy about my MyPillow. It supports my neck, which has suddenly stopped hurting now! The malleable pillow stays in whatever place I wad it up. I just wanted you to know you have another super-happy customer. I will never go back to a flat old pillow that can't be adjusted. Marjorie C.

My husband and I have never been comfortable with our pillows, waking up with a stiff neck, or tossing and turning all night. So, about a month ago, I decided to give "My Pillow" a try. This has been the best month of sleep I have ever gotten. Cathy P.

I suffer from back and neck problems. I've tried all kinds of different pillows but couldn't find one that alleviated my neck pain. Even the pillow recommended by my chiropractor didn't work for me. After spending hundreds of dollars and countless sleepless nights, finally a pillow that eliminates my neck pain! Truly a Godsend!

This is the best pillow I have ever had. I love it! I have degenerative disc disease in my neck and this has helped tremendously. I can sleep with no neck pain. Thanks to the inventor and to the staff. Chris O.

After using MyPillow for a week, it makes me think of the way I hold my grand babies. Sure and experienced hands are needed to hold the little ones. Supporting the neck and head is important and I appreciate the way the pillow does that for me.
 Bob A.

My neck and upper back pain are gone!

 Ever since I received My Pillow about eight months ago, the pain is gone. And I can lay on my back while sleeping without my back bothering me thanks to My Pillow. I highly recommend this product. Joe L.

I sleep all night without ZzzQuill and NO neck pain. 
Thanks so much.... Bernard L.

I have nerve damage and a neck injury. Since I have been sleeping on my pillow it has made a huge difference. My life will never be the same, but this pillow truly helps.
Thank You,
Cathy J.

I had neck pain and headaches every morning. So I started saving a few $ out of my Disability every month and finally was able to buy one - the BEST pillow ever - really it is. I your pillows! Eva E.

I have less neck problems already. John

No more neck pains in the morning, and they have helped me with other sleeping disorders. I love MY PILLOWs. Maria S.

I love My Pillow. I am a side sleeper and would wake up with a sore neck every day. I no longer have this problem right from the first night I used My Pillow. James P.

I had neck surgery and couldn't find a pillow that would support my neck, until now! I have less stiffness now. Patti

I have neck and back problems and woke up every morning with pain. After using this pillow for a couple days I'm in less pain. Who knew a pillow would help me with my neck and back issues. I won't ever buy a cheap pillow again. I have to remember you get what you pay for!

I Nicole F.

No more changing pillows every other night for the specific need that day.
 I suffer with severe neck & back pain. I cannot sleep on my back or stomach. 

I use one MyPillow between my knees and one for head and neck support. 

Thank you for the opportunity through the Saint Paul Saints! Denyse B.

Best sleeping ever and the easiest on my neck. Then I bought a topper for my king size bed. Now the bed is better than new and I sleep so well. 
Thank you MyPillow. Bill N.

I have been suffering from neck pain for years and was using a "quality" Temperpedic pillow.
 I started using your pillow, and within three days my pain was gone.
 I started seeing a Chiropractor who was amazed at
 the range of motion that this 68-year-old man has.
 My wife, who never used your pillow, decided to give it a try due to neck pain radiating down her arm.
 Within a week, it had mostly cleared up.
 Great job with this quality product. Henry Z.

I just bought My Pillow yesterday. I slept on it one night, and I can definitely tell the difference. I slept soundly and woke up with no stiff neck. It conformed to the shape I wanted and didn't change. I was very skeptical at first, because of some of the reviews I read. I am so glad I decided to see for myself!! Jean A.

I have some health issues and deal with chronic muscle and joint pain - especially in my neck and shoulders. I decided it was worth a try to see if your pillows could make a difference. I am delighted beyond measure and so thankful. I use both of them – one  under my shoulders and the other for my head.  My head pillow is propped up a bit higher with a third very firm pillow under my head pillow. The difference is amazing. I thank you for making such a fine product. Grateful me! Vicky H.

Have been using My Pillow for less than a year, but I believe it has helped with several issues, especially spinal stenosis neck pain. 
Thank you for helping me with this condition. Iris J.

I would get cramps in my neck and shoulder, but since MyPillow, I sleep like a baby. Christine R.

I love my pillow! I felt instant neck relief the morning after my first night sleeping with it. Nancie P.

I have terrible neck and back pain, and this morning is the first day I have woken up with out neck pain for as long as I can remember! Thank you! Steve U.

I currently had neck surgery and have been having problems sleeping at night due to discomfort. I got a pillow from MyPillow, and instantly noticed a difference in my sleep. I am now sleeping throughout the night with very little neck soreness when I wake up in the morning. I support this pillow 100% and will be a customer for life.

 Barry V.

My daughter used to have all sorts of back and neck issues. She tried a therapeutic pillow from our local chiropractor, and could not even use it. This pillow has ended ALL her issues. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for an amazing Pillow. Margo G.

I've got to say, I was very skeptical that this would do anything for my sore neck. But, after sleeping on it for 5 nights, my pain is gone. I had a "crick" in my neck for a few months now, and when I heard Sean Hannity praise MyPillow, I thought I would give it a try. I am very happy I did. It is a very comfortable pillow, and it is definitely worth the money to be rid of my pain. I would recommend MyPillow for everyone! Cheryl G.

I've had MyPillow for nearly a month now, and have had the best sleep I've had in years - and no neck ache when I get up. I would recommend these pillows to anyone who has had a problem with having punch the pillow syndrome. Get one, you'll love it!! Marge T.

In the morning, I don't feel exhausted, and my neck doesn't hurt like it used to. These pillows are a godsend. Nikki J.

I have neck and shoulder pain, and sleeping was becoming a chore. Then, I bought My Pillow and everything improved dramatically. Do yourself a favor and try it - you'll be amazed. Jeanette T.

Like Mike Lindell says, all you have to do is fluff and mold it to how you want it for the night. It helps align my neck while I am sleeping. I've tried the Sobakawa pillow, memory foam pillows, feather pillows, and just plain old stuffing two pillows in one case, and they don't even compare to the Mypillow. I swear by this pillow.  Christine H.

No more neck or backaches in the morning. In fact, I dream a lot more due to the extra comfortable sleep I get. Carlos

I LOVE THIS PILLOW! I had a pain in my neck for about a year. Since sleeping with this pillow, my pain is gone! I know the cost is expensive, but when you think of all the meds you spend money on...huge savings! Buy this pillow! You will love it! Tina S.

A few years ago, I was in terrible pain because of my neck. They took x-rays and did a MRI, and I was told that I had all of these degenerative issues and that I was going to have problems for the rest of my life. I was sent to physical therapy and was given traction. The pain was unbelievable. I bought numerous pillows, and nothing worked. I had watched your infomercial and figured - why not try it, it can't hurt. I want to tell you that I love this pillow. I have been pain has been a lot less since I bought it a few years ago. I tell everyone that I know that has neck or shoulder issues to buy this pillow. Three of the people that I told have bought it and agreed with me that they love it and they feel 100% better. I should look to buy some stock..... THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Marcia C.

I have been suffering from neck pain and discomfort when trying to sleep at night. I have one of those Sleep Number beds for comfort and support, but I woke up every night 5-10 times just trying to get comfortable. The pain in my neck continued throughout the day, and I noticed that the range of motion I had turning my neck left and right was being limited - especially when I was driving and checking before changing lanes when I would get a sharp pain. I had no idea that all this was due to a bad pillow. After the very first night of using My Pillow, the neck pain left. I told my wife it was a miracle, because I bought the pillow just wanting to have a good one, and it was time to do it. I then found out that the pillow was designed to help. So I really thought a miracle took place. My wife jokes that I now that I have a new Buddy. I just ordered one for my son and two more for our bed. I freakin love this pillow. Thanks a ton for inventing a product that really does what it says and exceeds expectations Chris R.

I used to have horrible neck and back problems due to my car accident back when I was a teenager, but thanks to MyPillow and MyBodyPillow, I sleep with no pain anymore!! THANKS TO MIKE AND EVERYONE @ MYPILLOW!! Mandi C.

Finally, a good night's sleep with no neck pain!  Janet B.

All my neck pains have gone away after just two weeks. Anthony A.

I have a stiff neck, and have been unable to find the “right” pillow until I slept on the “My Pillow”. Incredible!!! I finally found the right one. I can't recommend it highly enough! Thank you!!!!! Tom G.

I have had 5 surgeries on my back, and one on my neck. The My Pillow has solved my problems. It is soft, yet very firm. It puffs right back up after lying on it overnight. I love it, and it saves me from having a sore neck, hence back, in the morning. Just get a My Pillow and you will be set for many years to come!! Barbara D.

I had a harsh case of stenosis in my neck, which caused extreme neck and back pain with accompanying neurological issues. I chose a course of somewhat non-invasive treatments (injections and physical therapy, as opposed to the surgery all the doctors were pushing for), which included the purchase of one “My Pillow”. That was over two years ago, and the difference the My Pillow product made was noticeable. I no longer wake up with the same neck pain that had been plaguing me for years. This pillow, I am convinced, has extended the benefits of the neck injections by keeping my vertebrae aligned at night. I never thought I would be writing about a pillow. Al

My Pillow is the best pillow I have ever had. My neck and shoulders used to hurt so bad from 3 untreated whiplash accidents. I get the deepest, best sleep I have ever experienced, and fall asleep within 5 minutes, and stay asleep all night. I recommend them to everyone! Maureen W.

I used to get neck pain, but not anymore - at least not sleeping. Thank You so much. Loretta E.

It is my pleasure to recommend such a wonderful product. I never experience a sore neck anymore, and sleep the entire night! You have a great product. Terry B.

I have had major neck issues for years, and have gone through several chiropractor-approved pillows in the past, but always woke up with neck pain and stiffness... I was amazed at how my neck felt in the morning! I now have less neck issues and never wake up with the neck pain. Cynthia C.

The very first night, I felt the difference. All my neck pains have gone away after just two weeks.  Anthony S.

This pillow is truly THE BEST! I tell all who complain of a sore neck or back about “my pillow”. I am so convinced that it will help that I have bought 4 different people their own pillow. So far, everyone is now a happy “my Pillow” believer! Ellen L.

One co-worker said that one night she woke up with sore neck and realized she had the wrong pillow and not the MyPillow. . Thanks again! Also love the fact its USA made! Diane B.

I just want you all to know that my neck and shoulders are free from pain for the first time in years since I ordered your pillows.. Caryl A.

I'm a physical therapist and have been practicing for over 20 years. I have used/tested many pillows over the years for my family, friends and patients. I always try to research and use the best pillow when it comes to assisting with my patients whom are suffering with neck pain and headaches. For years, I have used and recommend a water based pillow. However, over time they would deform the bed mattress and, due to their weight, were not practical to take on trips. Recently, I purchased MyPillows for both my self and wife. I can honestly say it is an extremely comfortable pillow that has exceeded my expectations. I have discarded my water pillows and replaced them with a much easier to manage MyPillows. I am now recommending the MyPillow for all my patients, family and friends. Dr. Bill J.

I am a combat disabled vet, and have major spinal cord damage. I was at first a little afraid of the price, but my mind was blown - the pillows are awesome. I actually am comfortable at night again as it aligns my neck, and is perfect with my back. There is no more waking up with a stiff neck or shoulders that I can't move for hours after I get up. Thanks....I actually look forward to going to bed, not worrying about how bad I'll feel when I get up. Jeffrey S.

I have spent thousands of dollars over the years trying to help my neck pain. The first night I, for the first time in nine years, slept thru the night and I woke in the same exact position I had fallen asleep in. Thank You for my finally being able to sleep sound and no neck pain. Sincerely Mary P.

I wasn't sure at first because I am a person who loved a neck pillow. These have changed my mind. I would recommend these pillows to anyone.  Elane M.

These pillows have made an absolute difference in allowing me to sleep and help to reduce the pain by supporting my neck. Thank you! Kelli H.

Awesome pillow!  I have had neck surgery and this pillow was the only one I could use comfortably prior to surgery and works great now, too. Would recommend to everyone! Gayle J.

Using my new pillow last night, for the first time, allowed me to sleep, and I awoke with less neck/shoulder pain. The pillow is amazing!!! Thank you so much for this miracle. Claudia C.

After many years and MANY different pillow purchases, I've found THE ONLY ONE that hasn't given me a night's neck pain. This pillow lives up to all Mike advertises. It truly IS "The Most Comfortable Pillow You'll Ever Own!" Thank you! Frankie O.

We don't wake up with neck pain, headache or shoulder pain. We are both getting a good nights sleep with less snoring. it feels a little lumpy when you touch it, but soft and very light. When you sleep on it it does not feel lumpy. It feels like a cloud, and yet it is very supportive for your head.  Renee C.

The fact that my neck pains are 99% gone are enough for me. I highly recommend this product. Phyllis G.

My neck is usually very stiff when I wake up, and it takes a while to stretch it out. This morning, I can't believe that my neck has ZERO stiffness.  Terri B.

I got one of the MyPillows, and had the best night sleep ever! I usually sleep with a couple of pillows under my head, as well as a couple to grab on to. I took the one My Pillow when I received it, and went to bed, slept all night, and woke up with no neck pain at all. This is UNBELIEVABLE to me. Thank you. Shane

Since I wasn't getting comfortable with other pillows, and my wife was constantly having neck pain, we decided to give MyPillow a shot. And, I can honestly say, I have never slept better in my life with this pillow, and my wife's neck pain is virtually non-existent. Great product, I am actually considering purchasing the mattress top. This is a must buy. Rodger T.

I don't toss and turn as much as I used to because of neck and shoulder discomfort during the night, so I'm more rested in the morning. I have scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and my chiropractor said I should sleep on my back, which I now do most of the night.  Phyllis

My pillows were given as a gift since I was suffering from neck pain upon waking. Virtually overnight, I have no pain at all and I mean all. Everybody in my family now uses this pillow, and we all send our thanks to the My Pillow company. Rick T.

Buying My Pillow was the best decision I've made to help my chronic neck and shoulder pain. My Pillow is the only pillow to be adjustable enough so that I don't wake up in the middle of the night with blinding pain and nausea. I'm so very grateful to the inventor, and I also like the fact I can support an American company. Thanks! Anna

 All the discs in my neck are herniated, and I couldn't sleep for years. Well, I thank you for my sleep, and my husband loves his too. I thank you so much. God bless you for making a truly great pillow and having MyPillows made in the USA. Renee W.

The pillow is WORTH every penny! Since purchasing your pillow, it is the first time my husband and I have had a good nights sleep in years!....and we continue too do so!! No snoring, no waking up in the morning with back/neck pain, no tossing, and turning all's been wonderful! Say you can't afford it? I say you CAN'T afford NOT too! Nothing like a good nights rest! Guaranteed you'll wake up every morning feeling great! I highly recommend your pillow. Donna M.

I have suffered from neck pain due to arthritis for several years. After sleeping on My Pillow for a few months, I'm happy to report my neck pain is now RARE, and my headaches are nearly non-existent. I never would have imagined that such an unassuming looking pillow could be so amazing. Thank you! Amy W.

I am absolutely stunned about how much I like this pillow! I used to always toss and turn, re-fluff the pillow, and get neck aches because of no support. I LOVE My Pillow! What an amazing, comfortable night's sleep!!! Thank you so much!!! Stephenie  

I have had chronic neck pain for years. In September of 2013, I purchased a My Pillow, and within months of using the pillow, I am sleeping and feeling much better.  Sally

Thanks for making a pillow that is the same every night, keeps its shape, and gives me the best nights sleep I have ever had. No more neck and shoulder pain, no flat pillow in the morning and not having to sleep with 2 pillows trying to get comfortable. MY PILLOW is the best!!! Garnet B.

My Pillow - how do I thank you for changing my world? I was so worried about being scammed by yet another pillow promising the world, but you have delivered! My life has changed with blissful sleep and no neck pains or headaches. This is some of the best money I have ever spent on myself. I want to tell the world about your incredible pillow. Thank you so very very much. Kim N.

I had suffered with severe neck and back injuries for years, and found sleeping next to impossible. On the very first night of using My Pillow, I slept more peacefully. By night seven, I was able to sleep very well. I will not travel without it! I have encouraged everybody I know to buy one. Seriously, this pillow is the best, BEST item I have ever purchased. Regardless of its price, I would buy it. I cannot find one that works for me. Thank you so much for all the work and research that went in to inventing the My Pillow.  Dr. Christine O.

After sleeping on MyPillow the first night, I awoke feeling refreshed and with NO neck problems. I also slept through the night, not waking once. I'm 64, female, and now I can sleep with no tossing or turning. Thank you, Mr. Lindell, for your perseverance, determination, AND keeping your manufacturing in AMERICA! GOD BLESS YOU!!!!! Kyle N.

In 2008, I had cancer in the base of my tongue and, after radiation and a neck dissection, I have had chronic pain in my neck. In 2012. This pillow is the only thing I can sleep with. Sleep is the only time I don't feel pain, so I cherish every minute. I can't say thank you enough for this pillow. Thanks again Tim

My Pillow is a great pillow - I can shape it just the way I need it to support my neck. I take it everywhere on trips...I don't want to be without it! Thanks for great customer service and product!!! Cindy C.

I don't understand it, but this pillow really works. I used to wake up with sore neck, shoulders, headaches and arms falling asleep. Since I have purchased and started using “My Pillow”, my symptoms are gone. It's a miracle! My husband, who barely endorses anything, loves his pillow too. We are both waking up pain free and loving it. Debbie Y.

I have neck issues, and was changing my pillows monthly, and nightly switching between several pillows. Since the My Pillow, I no longer have as many neck issues, and I sleep much better. Tami P.

I just love My Pillow. II sleep so much better and never wake with stiff or sore neck. Thanks, Michael. Theresa B.

I brag about your product all the time. I have neck, arm, and shoulder problems and MyPillow has alleviated so many sleep issues. I am a believer. Jean

There were so many mornings I would wake with severe neck pain, headache and backaches. Since purchasing My Pillow, I have been amazed. I wake up feeling great! I plan to buy them for my grown children for Christmas this year so they can get restful sleep while getting the needed neck support. Thank you for such a wonderful product that stands up to the advertising!  Betty J.

Both my husband and I are so happy and satisfied with them. No more neck pain or arm pain (since I am a side-sleeper) ... no more tossing and turning. Just restful and deep sleep. The pillow adjusts to your head and neck in whatever way you sleep. I can only recommend this Pillow to everyone out there – it is truly the very best Pillow on the market. Thank you so much for giving me back my restful sleep. Sincerely, Susanne

I too suffered for years with neck stiffness and pain. I have been using My Pillow for several years and take it with me when traveling because it is the only pillow that allows me to sleep in comfort. Sincerely, Nancy S.

I have arthritis affecting 3 vertebrae in my neck and have spent hundreds of pounds on pillows from memory foam to feather. What can I say – WOW – I have not slept this well in years and I no longer wake up with a stiff neck and shoulders. I love My Pillow - I have recommended it to all my friends and I would not want to be without it. Thank you so much. Linda E.

This is THE first product I've purchased that was true to all the hype! No matter what position I sleep, nor how I move my head, the pillow adjusts to the perfect position. It supports my neck and allows my muscles to relax. I'm actually getting restful and much-needed sleep. I recommend this pillow to everyone. I've had down pillows, fiber-filled..all the others...NOTHING is like this pillow! And you can throw it into the washer and dryer?!?! I will NEVER sleep on any other pillow again! I'm going to order enough to pillow all my rooms. I can't wait to see the difference after my mattress toppers arrive! This is the real deal folks! Nancy

I had surgery 6 years ago and my spine was fused from C5 to C7. I am still very active, but sleeping was just very different. The pillow truly helped me sleep. I couldn't believe it! In sincerity, this is the best, most useful, purchase we have made. Additionally, I absolutely love that I can wash them. They come out of the dryer all fluffed up and wonderful! Thank you for an amazing product! Joanne L.

After one night's sleep with the My Pillow(s), my wife was convinced that these pillows were magical. She had a good night's rest and didn't wake up with neck or back strains of any kind. Michael G.

Before purchasing a MyPillow, I often had trouble falling asleep, and when I woke up in the morning, would often have neck and back pain and stiffness. MyPillow is truly a godsend!!! I feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful product. I have not had one bad night sleep since. It is truly a life changer! Thank you so much, MyPillow!!! Jennifer

I love My Pillow. I have neck pain and when I lay down on the pillow I feel so much better. My head stays in the same place all night long. I have had my pillow for 3 yrs, and it is still in good shape. Darla

You can mold the pillow to get the support where needed. I have neck issues and my pillow cradles it where I need it. I definitely recommend My Pillow to be your pillow. Jenny P.

I have had headaches, neck pain, numbness. I slept with My Pillow last night and woke up refreshed. I have to say, Mike Lindell was right. It is the best sleep in a loooonnnnngggg time!! Mike made MyPillow affordable and I really appreciate that!! Julie R.

I bought MyPillow about a year ago and would not want another!!!! I have slept better and my neck has felt so much better then before!!! I love MyPillow and am very grateful that you make such a product. Thank you and God Bless!!!!!  Dale J.

I had neck problems for a long time but I am much better now. Best Thing Going. I am a 90 years young. Mary E.

I have never LOVED a pillow like this one. I sleep like a baby and my neck is so comfortable. Thank you. Tory F.

Next to my Bible - my pillow is the best thing I ever bought myself! Neck pain GONE after the first night! Sleeping better now - more so than in years! THANK YOU so very much! Bonnie S.

I am a dental assistant and have back and/or neck pain almost every single day. After having a severe neck ache for days, I decided it was time to get a new pillow. The super expensive, heavy, memory foam one I had received as a gift a while back was quickly becoming a cumbersome pancake. I hate pancake pillows. I broke down and decided to try this “as seen on tv” product that I kept hearing so much about. As soon as I put my head on it at bedtime I thought ok, this is comfortable. Awhile later I was even more amazed that it was holding its shape! And I was really amazed that it held its shape ALL NIGHT LONG!! And, you know what? When I wrote up in the morning -- no more neck ache!!! Even my back feels better when I wake up! I have only been using it for less than a week and the difference is astonishing. I am so in love with this pillow! I can't remember the last time I slept this comfortably. THANK YOU for this amazing product!!!! Danielle

I received My Pillow a few weeks ago and can not say enough about it. I love it, Since I started using it I have not woken up in the morning with a stiff neck. I also love the fact that it is washable. Nellie

I received my pillow and the first night was amazing! I am a retired Railroad man, and my body suffers from a lot of neck pain and back pain.I t is worth every penny - and more - to buy a My Pillow - you have a life time customer! Thanks again, Chuck S.

I LOVE My Pillow. It adjusts for me so that I no longer have any neck aches. And, I used to have neck aches every morning! I notice I sleep on my back more often now, and that stops those creases from appearing on my face. Rosalie L.

Without doubt, this is the most comfortable pillow I have ever slept on! I cannot tell you how happy I am that I finally bit the bullet and placed an order. I was having terrible neck pain every morning until sleeping with a My Pillow pillow. I now awake refreshed and rested. Thank you for a great product. Edward G.

I just love my pillow, I have severe fibromyalgia and neck problems, and have tried many different pillows to be comfortable. I can honestly say this is the best one I have tried. I like the way it cradles my neck and head with no gaps. I actually look forward to going to sleep at night. It has been one of the best things I have purchased. Donna

Since using MyPillow, the neck ache that I have dealt with in the mornings is much better, and I sleep like a baby. It is totally amazing how comfortable this pillow is - and I have had four or five different pillows in the closet that I used to change back and forth. Now I can throw them all out because “My Pillow” is the only one I need! John S.

OMG... i have suffered from neck and upper back pain for almost 25 years due to a car accident where I fractured my neck. My Pillow is a GOD SEND!!! i've been using it for about a month, and it's supportive comfort is great!!! I am recommending this to EVERYONE I KNOW!!!!! Thank you so much!! oxoxoxo Lisa G.

As someone diagnosis with MS, I can tell you that it is hard for us to find a pillow that helps with neck pain. I have spent a lot of money trying to find one. I saw your commercial on TV and thought, “why not - I've tried everything else.” I am very happy to have a pillow - I can fluff it up, curl up, beat up, wash and dry, and still have a wonderful pillow that supports my neck. I would, and have, recommended this pillow to everyone. Thank you! Thank you for your time and may God bless you. Mary S.

I got your MY PILLOW, and it changed my life for the better. I have had neck problems for years. I saw your infomercial on MY PILLOW, got one, and have been sleeping with my neck straight ever since – which feels great. Now I have gotten your topper, and can't believe how much better I feel after only 3 days. My friend has the expensive foam bed and this feels exactly the same to me without spending $4000. Thank you so much for caring about people so much. Judith L.

I am 52 yrs old, and have neck aches and more. If my neck bends left or right toward my shoulder, it causes temporary paralysis of the arm on that side. So getting my head in exactly the right position is a big deal! I have tried MANY different pillows, trying to get the support and stability that is absolutely critical given my condition, including my current memory foam pillow that quickly lost the consistency in the memory that I need (AND they are the most expensive on the market). None have really given me what I needed. Your pillow has literally changed the way I sleep. I am surprised....very surprised, and I could not be more pleased. I have slept ONLY flat on my back for years due to my neck problems. I missed sleeping on my side tremendously. So late last week, after realizing the support in MyPillow is so consistent all night, I decided to try turning on my side. With the MyPillow, I was able to stay on my side comfortably for more than an hour. If you haven't been able to lie on your side in years, much less sleep, an hour on your side is huge. Besides the ability to sleep on my side, the pillow gives me the support, consistent stability, and just plain comfort that has significantly increased my sleep quality on my back. And in my experience, the MyPillow is less expensive than most of the pillows I have purchased. I am writing this for two reasons; (1) I know what a difference this pillow has made for me and want to encourage anyone with neck issues to try the support that My Pillow gives you. I only regret I didn't have one years ago. (2) I did not anticipate (perhaps I've become a bit skeptical over time) a pillow that was everything advertised and that would actually help me so much. Thank you! Lisa L.

Last night for first time, I slept on my new (MY PILLOW). This morning, I was in a really good mood: I woke up with no sore neck, no sore shoulder or back soreness. After 15 years, I finally found MY PILLOW. It has the right amount of filling: not too low or high.It is just perfect and worth every penny. Thank you very much for great sleep every night. Pouya A.

I am extremely picky about my pillow due to long time neck issues. I was unsure about the MyPillow due to the cost. This pillow is like sleeping on a cloud. It provides great neck support and made it through my washing machine very well. I am only upset I waited this long. I would recommend this pillow to anyone. John S.

I am less restless with this great pillow. I feel very well rested in the mornings. My shoulder is bad and THIS is the Goldilocks pillow for that too. It's - just - right!! I have bone on bone in one knee. Perfect for that too. We don't need to FIGHT our pillows during the night, especially any injured areas. This is soooo great - and so user friendly! :) Thank you for this GREAT invention! Joanna J.

I am a senior who developed back pain sleeping in a "fetal" position. However, sleeping on my side, in a "legs straight" position, was uncomfortable and led to restless nights. I tried everything, until receiving My Pillow. Now I get a restful nights sleep with no backache. I sleep comfortably, on my side with legs straight out and no head or neck discomfort. It is so wonderful that I bought another set of My Pillows for our seasonal residence. Thank you for helping to make sleep enjoyable and painless once again! John M.

I have bought many pillows, some way more expensive than the "My Pillow", but none have worked for me. I change positions during the night so pillows that are designed for one position definitely don't work. The "My Pillow" allows me to change positions and still wake up without a sore, stiff neck. I love this pillow. I highly recommend this pillow!! Kathy S.

My husband and I got our king sized my pillows a couple months ago and we LOVE them!! They are amazing! I had a car accident 4 years ago and have had horrible back and neck issues ever since. My Pillow actually gives me more relieving support then any other pillow. We are 100% satisfied! I am now considering the mattress topper. Brittany

I was going to have to buy a new mattress, but I thought I would try the MyPillow Topper first. I just bought the Topper a week ago, and I have had a good night's sleep ever since. I love the pillow too! No neck and head aches from sleeping with my neck in a curved position. I take the travel pillow with me whenever I travel. Great products. Priscilla M

The best thing I did in 2013 was buy My Pillow! I have severe neck problems from arthritis and have gone through at least 12 different types of pillows - and then kept looking. My sister told me about this wonderful pillow, and I will always be grateful. I bought two. My husband likes a completely flat pillow so I did not think he would like it, but I was wrong. He loves it. Because it is a soft, fluffy, scrunchable pillow, it is great for the neck and it firmly cradles your head at the same time. It is perfect for us. I fluff it up in the dryer every month or two and it is like brand new again. Almost two years...I am still happy. Julia H.

I suffered from numb arms and neck pain constantly. After experience the support of MyPillow for a few nights, I noticed that my arms were not numb in the morning. I feel that I am sleeping better and not waking up in the night like I used to. I will be buying a MyPillow for everyone in my family.  KN

I was having a problem with neck and shoulder soreness when I got up in the morning for months. I tried many different pillows, and nothing worked. I finally broke down and purchased My Pillow, and this is the best investment that I have made in a long while. I am sleeping well at night, and when I get up in the morning I do not have any more pain from sleeping in bad positions. I have washed it twice, and it has not lost its shape. I love how fluffy it is and, if I need to adjust it, I just turn it over; lay my head down and it feels so good. Thank you so much. Dora J.

Best money spent. LOVE, love, love my big pillow. I had a previous neck surgery years ago and have spent a lot of money on pillows over the years, and still tossed and turned, waking up all the time. I sucked it up, knowing I was at the end of my rope buying pillows. This pillow has saved me a lot of grief and pain – I now get sleep. I recommend trying this pillow. I knew it had 30 or 60 days to return. That was why I ordered one. Never returned it... Love love my pillow. Thank you Charlotte T.

I still snore and so does my hubby, but the claim I can make is that "My Pillow" is still fluffy and will shape to my neck just the way I want it to. I take it with me on road trips too. It is the best pillow I have ever owned by a long shot. Thanks. Linda G.

Mr. Lindell, I began having neck problems since I had a wreck in high school 15 yrs ago. I went through about 20 pillows. I bought a queen sized blue pillow at the Dallas auto show this last year, but was extremely skeptical, and had almost given up on getting a good night's rest and not waking up with neck pain. Since that time, my wife says I am a new man, as I have been much happier because I feel better. I have since bought a total of 5 more pillows to give to family and friends. I also recently bought the topper. I am also an internal medicine physician and recommend your pillow to everyone. Thank you so much for your hard work and your invention. I am grateful. Wes

I ordered the pillow. I then had buyers remorse. I tried to cancel it, but it already shipped. I was told to refuse it when it arrived. When it arrived, I received and used it that night. I slept soundly, in deep sleep - no neck pain, not tired from lack of sleep. Boy, am I glad I got my pillow. I'll be ordering one made to fit. I'm a disabled vet. I'll order it as soon as my check gets in. David A.

Bothered with nightly stiff neck, allergies, and snoring on both our parts, I thought we'd never get a good night's sleep. We both could not do without our MyPillows! We take them to hotels now, and we just can't do without them for even one night! Thank you thank you. They are definitely worth the money. MADE IN THE USA! Nan M.

I drove a forklift for over 7 years, and in doing that, spent a lot of time turning and craning to look over my shoulder. The last year, or so, I started having cervical neck spasms and severe pain. Chiropractic and therapeutic massage did a lot in helping that, but, I still had pain. My chiropractor recommended the most popular memory foam pillow, and I tried a few, but none really fit me well, or were very comfortable. When I saw the My Pillow advertisement, I decided to try one. I've had my My Pillow since March 2012. I LOVE IT! I will add one suggestion: be sure to use 100% cotton pillow cases, and be sure they are generous in size. If the case fits too tightly, it "bounds" the My Pillow, dis-allowing it to conform to your unique shape. My chiropractor confirms that I am holding my alignment much better since using the My Pillow – and I am feeling better. Thank you so much My Pillow!! Debra L.

When I saw you on television, I really wondered if it could be true that I could actually sleep at night without waking up constantly with neck and headaches. My pillow is MY PILLOW … and it is wonderful. I love the way it snuggles under my neck and head, providing just the right amount of support. I used to feel panic before going to bed at night, because I dreaded the long painful nights of neck and headaches and not being able to sleep due to non-supportive pillows. I'm ordering another. Thank you! Pat W.

Love MyPillow, it is AWESOME! Can sleep through the night, no more flipping the pillow all night long, no more neck aches. It is so comfortable, just love it!   Ken S.

I must say that i never thought a pillow would make a difference one way or another on a good nights sleep. I was definitely wrong. No more flattening out in the middle of the night, no more sore neck from crappy pillows. I can "mold" the pillow to my personal comfort and it stays all night. I have slept on feather pillows, and trust me when I say NOTHING is more comfy than My Pillow!  Sincerely, Carmen K.

I bought your pillow 6 months ago. Saw your TV commercial and decided to give your pillow a try. I have had, for the past 2 years, terrible neck aches. After one week of experiencing the supportive comfort of your pillow, I feel much better. I cannot thank you enough. I recommend your pillow to everyone. Thank you so much,   Barbara H.

I'm a believer now. I always woke up with a sore neck, and the first morning with MyPillow, I could not believe it. It was gone. This pillow works!!!! I swear this is a true story. Carol E. 

I have spent lots of money on all sorts of pillows with no relief of neck pain. I saw My Pillow on t.v. and thought what the heck. It is the best pillow I have ever tried and after the first night no neck pain. We travel a lot and it goes everywhere we me. Just bought a second one for my second home. Would suggest it to anyone with neck pain. Greatest invention!!!!!!   Linda A.

I have  been in a major car accident in the past and have chronic neck/back pain. I am so happy with the pillows after 1 night that I just ordered the mattress toppers!!! I am so pleased that I can finally get a restful night of sleep!!! Thank you sooo much Mike!!   Linda C.

When I purchased My Pillow,the first night I had troubles with my neck hurting. But, I had great success the next following nights.I was suffering from a bad case of TMJ and my jaw would click and would pop really bad and now that I have slept on My Pillow, it was a miracle - the TMJ went away.I even had a mild case of Fibromyalgia and neck pains from an old whip lash injury and those pains went away too. Michael J Lee Denver,Colorado
It's not a cure, however, the difference in pain from sleeping on expensive name brand pillows/memory foam pillows/multiple pillows to sleeping on my My Pillow is very noticeable. Even an hour nap on a "normal" pillow results in neck pain which isn't there when I use my My Pillow. Try it. For someone who has the neurological problems I have, the relief that My Pillow offers is priceless.  Lauren Ann

It's not a cure, however, the difference in pain from sleeping on expensive name brand pillows/memory foam pillows/multiple pillows to sleeping on my My Pillow is very noticeable. Even an hour nap on a "normal" pillow results in neck pain which isn't there when I use my My Pillow. Try it. For someone who has the neurological problems I have, the relief that My Pillow offers is priceless.  Lauren Ann