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Mix and match any 2 MyPillow Premiums and Get 2 Free GoAnywhere Pillows

Standard/Queen - 16.5 " x 26" + 2"

King - 16.5" x 32" + 2"

GoAnywhere Pillow - 12" x 18"

4-Pack Special

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Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars
The wife is happy I'm happy......
By Lee
I bought two pillows. One for our home and one for the cabin. My wife was away on a trip and I know how hard she is to please so I didn't buy her one. She came home and used my pillow for one night and loved it. I bought two more. Love them
Awesome pillows
By Deb
I've had my king pillows for at least 6 years. Best pillow ever. Washer dryer. Love them
5 stars for sure
By Kim
The best pillow i have ever had plus the best nights sleep i ever had every body should get one
Perfect pillows
By Susan
I have these four pillows; I fluff them up each week. They're perfect.
Awesome pillow
By Kikkat
Thanks I haven't slept well since my neck injury. But since I got pillows I've slept at least 4-6 hrs a night thanks again
By Karen WIllett
Love my pillows all of them Best Pillows Ever
When you see the television commercial about my pillow don't hesitate to order!!!
By Kathy
First i ordered the set of pillows for me and my husband. After realizing how "wonderful" and "comfortable" they were I ordered two for my mom who lives in New York!!! Then I ordered two for my son and his wife, and today I ordered another two for my other son and his wife!! I actually look foward to going to bed at night, no joke!!! These pillows are incredible I love them!!!
Love my pillows
I love my pillows
Excellent excuse to spread the joy.
By Happy Camper
I went to the web site looking for a camping size version of My Pillow. After a year with one I am unwilling to give it up for any reason, including limited space in my flight bag or motorcycle luggage. Yes, it flies with me. I roll it tighter than the manufacturer, strap it, and beat it back into shape when I get there. If I succeed in killing it with this abuse, I'll buy a new one and repack the wreckage as a travel pillow. Still, a travel size version appeals to me. And they have it. And it's a throw-in on a new pair! Both daughters now have a My Pillow, my wife has resized to loft level white, and we each have travel size versions.
Speaking for myself, the travel size is too small to take the place of My Pillow. I'm 6' 3" and sleep on my side mostly. My loft size is blue. Of course, the smaller size just doesn't fill the gap. It works well (maybe better) for back sleeping. With a hotel pillow or sweatshirt rolled under it, it's fine. It fits inside the mummy bag. It fits the "roll and go" pillow cases. Using one, it travels in the space of a lunch box thermos. But if we are car-camping, I'm taking the full size.
The occasion for being on the website to write this is that I have a mother and a brother-in-law who still need My Pillow, and we take the nieces camping sometimes...so I'm getting another set.