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MyPillow® is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate or cure any disease. However, My Pillow can help you get the deep, healing sleep you need and, as we all know, sleep is very beneficial for health. These claims are based on user experience and not on actual clinical studies...

MyPillow TestimonialsMy Pillow New Testimonials

Last night for first time I slept on my new (MY PILLOW). This morning, I was in a really good mood: no neck pain, no shoulder pain or back pain. After 15 years, I finally found MY PILLOW. It has the right amount of filling: not too low or high.It is just perfect and worth every penny. Thank you very much for great sleep every night. Pouya A.

We are big Imus fans and have followed your story and product, albeit with some doubt. But, we took advantage of your recent promo and purchased two pillows. We are very pleased and much prefer the MyPillow to our down and conventional foam pillows. Now here's the proof of the comfort and quality of your product: Our Jack Russell Terrier normally rides somewhat restlessly in the back seat of our car on conventional pillows. On a recent 8 hr. trip, he had his choice of a MyPillow or two down pillows. It was no surprise that he pushed the down pillows aside and rested comfortably, 8 hrs. straight, on the MyPillow! We thought it was a fluke, but he did exactly the same on the return trip! Bottom line, MyPillow is a great product, and you now have a testimonial from Cooper, our Jack Russell Terrier! Debbie

As someone diagnosis with MS, I can tell you that it is hard for us to find a pillow that helps with neck pain. I have spent a lot of money trying to find one. I saw your commercial on TV and thought, “why not - I've tried everything else.” I am very happy to have a pillow I can fluffy up, curl up, beat up, wash and dry and still have a wonderful pillow that supports my neck My son came to visit and liked it so much that he took my husband's pillow. So, I had to order another one. I would buy more but I do not have the money since my medicine is so expensive. I would and have recommended this pillow to people.Thank you! Thank you for your time and may God bless you. Mary S.

I have had neck problems over the years, including waking up with headaches most mornings. In desperation, I was willing to pay anything to wake up refreshed. I liked how you give people time to try MyPillow and return if it doesn't help. I bought My Pillow 6 months ago, and have had a great nights sleep - until I went out of town and forgot My Pillow and got a kink in my neck. I am now ordering a travel pillow and looking into the pillow topper mattress pad. This pillow has made a huge difference in my life and I am SO thankful! I don't usually spend time writing reviews with such a busy lifestyle, but this one is worth it if it will help someone else. I recommend MyPillow to all my friends, and, those who have purchased MyPillow, really like it. Courtney J.

I have never contacted a company with positive comments about their product(s). I am 52 yrs old and have major neck pain and more. If my neck bends left or right toward my shoulder it causes temporary paralysis of the arm on that side. And, I have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine every night. So getting my head in exactly the right position is a big deal! I have tried MANY different pillows trying to get the support and stability that is absolutely critical given my condition, including my current memory foam pillow that quickly lose the consistency in the memory that I need (AND they are the most expensive on the market). None have really given me what I needed. I watch Don Imus every morning and have listened to him advertise your pillow.It was time to do something different, so I decided to try your product. Your sales person was surprisingly forthcoming with information about which pillow might be best suited for my needs. I bought pillows both for my wife and I. Your pillow has literally changed the way I sleep. I am surprised....very surprised and I could not be more pleased. I have slept ONLY flat on my back for years due to my neck problems. I miss sleeping on my side tremendously. So late last week, after realizing the support in Mypillow is so consistent all night, I decided to try turning on my side. With the MyPillow I was able to stay on my side comfortably for more than an hour. If you haven't been able to lie on your side in years, much less sleep, an hour on your side is huge. Besides the ability to sleep on my side, the pillow gives me the support, consistent stability, and just plain comfort that has significantly increased my sleep quality on my back. If this pillow helps me - a guy who has never written a company praising their product - with extremely complex cervical spine issues, I would encourage anyone with medical issues to try this pillow. It really is everything advertised and more. And in my experience the MyPillow is less expensive than most of the pillows I have purchased. I am writing this for two reasons; (1) I know what a difference this pillow has made for me and want to encourage anyone with neck problems to try it. I only regret I didn't have one years ago. (2) I did not anticipate (perhaps I've become a bit skeptical over time) a pillow that was everything advertised and that would actually help me so much. Thank you! Lisa L.

Thank God i can sleep. I am in love with the pillows. Mae M.

I got your MY PILLOW, and it changed my life for the better. I have had neck problems for years. I saw your infomercial on MY PILLOW, got one, and my neck has been better ever since. Now I've gotten your topper, and can't believe how much better I feel after only 3 days. My friend has the expensive foam bed and this feels exactly the same to me without spending $4000. Thank you so much for caring about people so much. Judith L.

Love, love, love my new pillow. Received it 3 days ago, and have had the best sleep for the past 3 nights. I was very skeptical ordering - not because of the price (I have paid that before with bad results) - but because of the guarantee you offer. I figured no pillow is that good. It took me 2 days after reading your advertisement in my local paper and lots of research to reluctantly place an order. This is a decision I will not regret. I have a surplus of pillows in my home: contour, feather, fiber filled, etc. Some were quite expensive, but none have given me a good restful sleep like the “my pillow”. Thank you, a very satisfied customer. Darlene B.

My wife and I were at the 2013 Wisconsin State Fair, and we stopped at the My Pillow Kiosk. We listened to the sales pitch. We really liked the “if you don't like it, get your it back policy”. We decided to try them. It was the best decision we ever made. The pillows are cool and comfortable, easy to fall asleep on, and easy to stay asleep. We have had these pillows now for 10 months. They are just as good as the day we brought them home from the fair. Try My Pillow, you won't be disappointed ! Thanks My Pillow for a great product! Jerry S.

These pillows truly changed my life. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis with subsequent spinal deterioration to the point I was taking medication went through years of injections, physical therapy, acupuncture, and on and on. With such a week immune system, the depression of my spinal cord became so severe I would wake up every 1-2 hours in excruciating pain, facial numbness and severe headaches. I slept wrapped in ice with no relief. I became desperate to get any relief. Four years ago, after another sleepless night, I saw the My Pillow commercial, and it was truly more than I could believe. I now never sleep without it -it continues to provide excellent spinal alignment in any sleeping position. My disease is systemic so I often have severe flair ups, and am unable to sleep in a consistent position. No matter my struggles, My Pillow has my neck and head in perfect alignment. I hope to be able to purchase the mattress topper this year. Sleep is the best medicine for my health and I had done it all medically with no relief at all. Thank you so much for this amazing creation I hope every person is able to enjoy My Pillow and enjoy sleeping again, waking up rested and rejuvenated to live another wonderful day!! My Pillow gave me back my life and hope, Thank you again! Brandy A.

For years I had massive headaches that occurred three or four times a week in the middle of the night. I saw the infomercial for your pillow and saw a guy give a testimonial about how it helped him. I purchased one at the local home show and my life since then has changed for I now sleep with the proper support and comfort. I tell everyone about this fantastic pillow and I cannot thank you enough for bringing it to us! Jim

I bought my pillow topper and love it. Sleep is so comfortable. It's the best - I stopped buying other toppers or looking for other toppers. I also purchased my pillows -soft- and my husband and I take our my pillows on vacations. I can't sleep without our my pillows. We gave away all other pillows to Goodwill. That's how amazing our pillows are. Thank you for making our lives comfortable. Thank You for making these amazing products. God Bless. Esperanza L.

It really is one of the best things I've ever bought. It's better than they even claim. I've stopped snoring. I get less allergy headaches. And it's very comfortable. Thanks so much for developing it. It's worth every single penny. Rob B.

I bought this pillow a year ago, and its still going strong and stays fluffy and full of life. I was buying those department. store pillows, and I would be throwing them away every 3 months. So,I ended up buying 2 more of your pillows and will tell everyone that there is finally a product that does what its supposed to do. Thank you. Ed

Bought one of your pillows due to surgery. First night home after surgery, using My Pillow was the best sleep in ages. It is so soft you melt in the pillow. I used to wake several times at night due to headaches, but, due to the support that My Pillow provides, I sleep through the night. Please take it from me just buy one try it you will love it. This is the best investment in me Ever! Thank You so Much. Ed D.

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MyPillow washable pillows Machine Washable and Dryable MyPillows®: Testimonials

Comes out nice from the washer & dryer. Would recommend to anyone. Donna

They wash and dry perfectly. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase!!!! Thank you MY PILLOW! Heidi

Not only do we all feel better and sleep better, I love the fact that you can machine wash them and it's good for 10 years. If you're debating on whether to try My Pillow my answer is YES! Julie M.

Though the pet bed is not discussed much, I would like to share it is the Best! It's washable and pet odors are not noticed as with others. It still has held it's shape after 3 months and my dog loves it. Patricia C.

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MyPillow - Neck Pain PillowNeck Pain MyPillow® Testimonials

Before purchasing MyPillow, I would wake up every day with a headache from no neck support. I am a side sleeper mostly. I have had MyPillow for about 3 years and I will never sleep on anything else. This pillow is the best out there, and I have tried a few! Karen B.

I must say that i never thought a pillow would make a difference one way or another on a good nights sleep. I was definitely wrong. No more flattening out in the middle of the night, no more sore neck from crappy pillows. I can "mold" the pillow to my personal comfort and it stays all night. I have slept on feather pillows, and trust me when I say NOTHING is more comfy than My Pillow! Sincerely, Carmen K.

It's not a cure, however, the difference in pain from sleeping on expensive name brand pillows/memory foam pillows/multiple pillows to sleeping on my My Pillow is very noticeable. Even an hour nap on a "normal" pillow results in neck pain which isn't there when I use my My Pillow. Try it. For someone who has the neurological problems I have, the relief that My Pillow offers is priceless. Lauren Ann

Had failed neck surgery. First pillow I found to help maintain correct position & no more tossing & turning. Can adjust (it). Take with me when I travel. Love it!!" Judy K.

Migraines and MyPillowSnoring MyPillow® Testimonials

Terrific pillow. Actually helps me in a very unexpected way. Helped my wife's snoring. That and the great support it gives me was worth the money. Anyone with a sleeping problem should give it a try, you have nothing to lose. Myles W.

I was seriously considering earplugs, but the first night he used it, he was so quiet I had to listen closely to reassure myself he was still breathing. I got one for myself, too, because they are so comfortable!.  Lisa

My mother had purchased this pillow for my husband and I for Christmas. Night one my husband said it helped my snoring...that in itself is truly amazing! When I step out of bed in the morning I no longer have that all-over stiff feeling. All this time I just needed a new pillow. Thanks for creating such an amazing product and making it here in the U.S.A.!!!!!!!!   Aleah M.

OMG! What a great pillow! Over the years I have spent well over $1500 on a variety of pillows for myself and my husband. He hated all of them and they would end up on the floor or in the trash. What a waste of money! MyPillow is a god send. The first night my husband used it, it helped his snoring and he had the best night sleep he's had in a long time. Now to be honest it took me 2 nights to get used to mypillow, Now I just love it!! Thank you so very much for this wonderful pillow. I am going to get a few more for my guestrooms.   RoseMary Derego-Calasa

Knowing how well "MyPillow" works, I got one for my boyfriend. He used to snore so loud, the bed would shake, and I would be awake all night wanting to push him off the bed. Ever since he's been sleeping on "MyPillow" we've both been able to get a restful night of sleep. Thank you, "MyPillow"!   Tessa K

Several years ago my wife banished me to the "Snore Room" so she could get a good nights sleep. I ordered your wonderful, magic pillows a month ago and guess what, my snoring is helped and I am back sleeping with my beautiful wife.  I just ordered my second pillow for our 2nd home down on the River. Thanks for such an unbelievable product!   Lawrence B.

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Allergies and MyPillowAllergies and Asthma Testimonials

I had been buying pillows for the past several years trying to get one that I could honestly say really worked and helped me get a better nights sleep. I have very bad allergies and have found this pillow great. Thanks for such a great product!!!!!  June M.

We love these pillows!! I bought these for my husband because he suffers from allergies/sinus and says he gets a more restful sleep. It seems to keep his head cooler. I like the fact that I can wash them and not worry about mildew or stuff coming out of them or them loosing shape. We have since bought the body pillow too. Thank you, Cheryl 

I have allergies. A couple of weeks ago, I was watching tv and i saw your show. I placed the order and now I do not have a runny nose. I feel great. Good Bless you and thank you. This is one of my best investments.  Irma S.

I am very picky about pillows and in the past the only pillows I have liked are the very expensive down pillows with a lot of volume but still soft. However, after having a grandchild that is allergic to down, I tried looking for pillows to replace mine and never found one I liked until I saw your ad in the Miami Herald and decided to try it.  I like it so much that I am ordering two more.  Joan B.

Since I have a son with severe asthma the pillow was perfect.  I especially love that this is the first pillow that I can actually wash.  Terri Ann

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Fibromyalgia and MyPillowFibromyalgia and Sleep with MyPillow®

I just ordered my second pillow, the MyFirst to carry with me in the car, to Dr. appointments, to friend's houses - to everywhere. I have a wicked case of fibromyalgia (I know,I know this testimonial makes NO medical claims). But if you had spent years playing Bluegrass banjo (they weigh about 18 pounds - and dancing at the same time), YOU NEED THIS PILLOW!!! I had seen them on Imus and heard him raving about them. I got mine at Bed&Bath because I was sure I'd be returning it. Now I sleep on a cool cloud every night! My neck & shoulders just float, & I was used to the best, thick costly eiderdown handed down through generations. This pillow is one of the most important ergonomic inventions of all time, & I am grateful!!!!!!!!  Jan K.

I am a retired 62 year old R.N., with an Rx of migraines, fibromyalgia and sleep apnea. Sleep has been difficult to obtain for years. In October I came to Fort Wayne to take care of my 90 year-old Father. My sister and I ordered a MyPillow. The first night I used it, I overslept until my Mother woke me up thinking I was ill! No - just a good night's sleep!" Anon.

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Insomnia and MyPillowInsomnia MyPillow® Testimonials

I have been researching your pillow for months, and purchased one recently. For years I have slept on two pillows, and even those didn't lead to a solid night's sleep. Your one pillow was perfect the very first night! I have a very stressful occupation, but your pillow has provided me two and a half weeks of blissful sleep! I can't thank you enough! I genuinely look forward to going to sleep each night!  Pam R.

I am SO IN LOVE with MYYYYYYYYYYY PILLOW (which is what I call them). I used to have trouble sleeping so I bought a new bed (which is awesome). But then I got two MYYYYYYYYYYYY PILLOWS! They rock my world and I don't ever want to get out of bed. Thank you Mr. MY PILLOW Dude! You rock my world!  Julia

I used to have such a hard time falling asleep, it taking at least two hours, up to the whole night to fall asleep. Then once asleep, I would wake up time after time, just to have the same trouble falling asleep again. The first night I used "MyPillow" my head hit the pillow, and I was asleep literally five seconds later. I was in  shock. I slept the whole night, even sleeping through my alarm clock and getting an extra fifteen minutes of sleep. :)  Anon

I received our pillows yesterday, and am so happy I found you!  I haven't gotten more than 6 1/2 hours sleep for weeks, and usually far less.  In the last month I've been getting 4-5 hrs. almost every night, and have felt horribly tired every day.  I never dreamed my pillow could be the problem!  Last night I slept for 8 HOURS, and only woke up a few times for a few minutes, and then fell back to sleep with no problems.  What a relief! This man must be a genius! Thanks, Jane

After suffering for months on end with sleeping issues, I found out the culprit was my memory foam pillow!!!  I gave My Pillow a try after seeing the infomercial on them. Since it was a 60 day trial, I decided to go for it knowing I could send it back if I didn't like it....Lord, I finally found the best pillow out there.  My husband borrowed mine for a night and I'm back ordering another for him. Don't hesitate to order one!   Susan

I am a disabled Vet. Since receiving "My Pillows" I have have fallen to sleep so fast that I just love it! Thank you! Mike Doug C.

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Restless Leg Syndrome and MyPillowRestless Leg Syndrome MyPillow® Testimonials

Due to a lot of stress at work I started having a crawling sensation in my legs. I would have to get up and walk around at night to get relief. My boyfriend got me the new My Pillow mattress topper. The first night I slept on it I was able to sleep through the night. Jennifer

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Migraines and Headache MyPillowMigraine MyPillow® Testimonials

I've had migraine headaches for years and one of those people who woke up with a dull headache. I am now sleeping well. Our granddaughter has bad migraines, and now she is getting the sleep she needs, for which we are thankful. She loves her pillow. Thanks again for the wonderful pillows.  Frances D.

I have debilitating migraines, chronic daily headache, tension headaches, and idiopathic stabbing headaches, in addition to severe neck problems. I saw this on TV in the middle of the night and thought "the odds are incredibly slim that this will make a bit of difference, but I'll try it" - and it HELPS. I was desperate to take the step of buying something from an infomercial, but it has made such a difference in my life. I will not sleep without it. I know you have doubts, I certainly did, but I can't explain to you what a difference this has made in my life. I go to sleep easier; I sleep longer and more comfortably. It's not a cure, however, the difference in sleeping on expensive name brand pillows/memory foam pillows/multiple pillows to sleeping on my My Pillow is very noticeable. Even an hour nap on a "normal" pillow results in neck pain which isn't there when I use my My Pillow. Try it. The sleep that My Pillow offers is priceless.  Lauren Ann

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TMJ and MyPillowTMJ MyPillow® Testimonials

I was skeptical that a pillow would make such a difference, however, I now can sleep through the night without waking from face pain due to TMJ and teeth grinding. Today I ordered 2 more pillows for my children so they too may enjoy a good nights' rest. Thank you for making me a believer. Shauna L.

When I purchased My Pillow,the first night I had troubles with my neck hurting. But, I had great success the next following nights. I was suffering from a bad case of TMJ and my jaw would click and would pop really bad. Now that I have slept on My Pillow, it was a miracle - I am able to sleep.  Michael J Lee

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