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Testimonials about Snoring and MyPillow

Snoring testimonials

Love the My Pillow. My husband was skeptical when I bought it. Now he thanks me for buying the pillows! We sleep so great on My Pillow. A huge bonus... he doesn't snore anymore!!!!!!  Laura H. 

I love the my pillow. I've had the best sleep I've ever had in years.the my pillow has helped me stopped snoring. That's why I think the my pillow is the best pillow ever!!  Peyton

MyPillow is super comfortable. Reduces snoring, allows for deeper sleep and a more restful night. Even the dog wants to sleep on it! :) Brenda M. 

Terrific pillow. Actually helps me in a very unexpected way. Stopped my wife's snoring. That and the great support it gives me was worth the money. Anyone with a sleeping problem should give it a try, you have nothing to lose. Myles W.

I saw your commercial on TV and bought your pillow. I haven't and won't turn back since!! OH!!  Comfort...Check Support for head and Neck......Check SNORING....double check!! No aches and stiffness in upper back and neck....Triple Check!! And the best sleeping I have had in years!! Thank you for a great Product! FINALLY!! Sincerely, Mr. Skeptic no more!! Jon K. 

This really is the best pillow my husband and I ever slept on. We sleep like the proverbial "two bugs in a rug". No stiff neck in the morning, less snoring and just all around wonderful. Thank you - thank you - thank you!!!  Eleanor K. 

The snoring has cut back dramatically with my husband and me. Nitia S. 

My husband, who is 5' 4" and 175 lbs. with a muscular build, snored very loudly and constantly. He would often wake himself up, along with me from his snoring and jerking. Since we purchased MyPillow he still snores, but I can barely hear him, and it doesn't appear to be as often. He doesn't tuck his pillow when he switches to his back to sleep - and that may be why he is still lightly snoring sometimes. He feels like he is sleeping so much better at night now, and doesn't seem to be as groggy in the mornings nor does he feel like he needs to sleep 9-10 hours anymore to get rested. . I'm so excited for has really made a difference for our sleeping habits!! I would recommend for anyone to at least try it!!  Lori