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Testimonials about Snoring and MyPillow

Snoring Testimonials

All I have to say about My Pillow is WOW. I snore so loud I could scare elk from the mountains when visiting family in Colorado. Not anymore!! My snoring is completely gone and I've been getting the most restful sleep in my life! Thank you, My Pillow!! Ted L.

My wife said she doesn't feel any difference, so I remind her that she doesn't snore as much or as loud as she used to. In fact, she rarely snores anymore!  Oz

Snoring, restless sleeping, flopping around trying to find that right position... All of it gone the first night I slept on "My Pillow."  Jeff H.

I absolutely LOVE THIS! I would wake up during the night, tossing and turning and snoring. I now sleep like a baby, my wife says I barely snore, and I even have dreams - and remember them in the morning!! I can't believe a pillow makes this much difference, but it surely does!! Nelson L.

I purchased the my pillows – frankly, because I could return them without hassles. I forget about it! These are the best pillows EVER!! My husband barely got 4-6 hrs a night (thank you, ARMY!). In less than a month with the stomach sleeper pillow .... he is sleeping NO LESS than 8 hrs!!! His snoring has gotten better too. His Sleep Apnea is also better!!! I think my son will get one for Christmas!! So glad I purchased them using a promo code and got them BOGO!!! Oh, and they wash and dry as advertised - yeah!! No more hubby's stinky pillow!!! Dorbie

My Pillow is the best pillow I have ever had. My husband has one also, which helps with his snoring. We love them!!!  Maureen W.

WOW!! I no longer struggle falling asleep and when I do wake up, I'm not kept awake. An added bonus - my husband no longer snores :) Thank you Thank you and bless you for such a wonderful product!! Jeannette T.

My husband will start to snore, and within two minutes he stops. He never did that before the My Pillow. He used to snore all night. We love our My Pillows. I recommend it to everyone. Tami P.

My husband's snoring has decreased 70%. I was skeptical when I read about this added benefit of this pillow, but it happened! Thank you for such a wonderful product that stands up to the advertising! I share my story with many people so they, too, can get their pillow of a lifetime. Betty J.

After using just about every pillow out there, I finally gave in and tried My Pillow. It almost completely stopped my snoring, and I sleep hours at a time without waking up. I think I had some sleep apnea issues too, but I don't have anymore symptoms for that. Will get a sleep test to be sure, but I haven't slept better in years. I do use nasal strips and mouthguard, which now stays in place without using extra pillows. Ann C.

My husband snores and we have bought several boxes of nasal strips, attempting to alleviate the problem. I saw your ad on TV, stating that MYPILLOW would stop snoring. I bought him a new pillow and MYPILLOW STOPPED THE SNORING!! I can't thank you enough! He sleeps much more comfortably. He really does notice the difference. I will NEVER buy a pillow other than MYPILLOW! Debra C.

It really is one of the best things I've ever bought. It's better than they even claim. I've stopped snoring. I get less allergy headaches. And it's very comfortable. Thanks so much for developing it. It's worth every single penny. Rob B.

Thank you for creating such a great pillow. My husband is constantly complaining about the 7-10 different types of pillows we have because none of them were comfortable. Last night was the first night we used our my pillows and not only did we both sleep better, the pillow kept our heads cool (which is a big deal here in Phoenix), and it drastically reduced my husbands snoring. The quality of sleep with this pillow was the best we have ever had. Who knew a pillow could make such a huge difference?  Christine

My husband has kept me awake for years with his snoring. I decided to check out these pillows. The very first night, his snoring decreased in intensity and volume. He is getting much more rest and so am I. We can actually sleep together in our bed. My morning headaches are gone too. Thank you. Linda T.

I want to let you know we received the pillow I bought for my husband. I've been awakened quite frequently by my husband's snoring, so my sleep pattern was constantly being disrupted. From the first night, my husband has not snored once. I cannot thank you enough. I'm going to buy one for myself next month. I admit I was a little skeptical, but the remarks from actual consumers on the infomercial convinced me to try, and your money back guarantee convinced me to try. Judi S.

Bothered with nightly stiff neck, allergies, and snoring on both our parts, I thought we'd never get a good night's sleep. The first night proved all the other testimonials I had read to be true - plus more! We both could not do without our MyPillows! We take them to hotels now, and we just can't do without them for even one night! Thank you thank you. They are definitely worth the money. MADE IN THE USA! Nan M.

My husband's snoring sounds like a logger sawing down a tree. Since he starting using MY PILLOW he rarely snores. Occasionally, I have to nudge him a little and he adjusts his pillow and I am once again blessed with the beautiful sound of breathing. Thank you Mike. Gerry E.

I love My Pillow, as does my husband and 2 grand-babies. My husband rarely, if ever, snores now.  Your product has put the "Ahhhhhh" back in restful sleeping for me and my family. Thank you!!! Diane S.

Well, not to over-exaggerate, but this was probably one of the best things I ever did! I LOVE this pillow. My sleep is so much better, and the support that MY PILLOW gives at night really helps my neck. It has not only helped my neck pain at night, but helped my snoring immensely! I LOVE MY PILLOW!! THANK YOU!!! Barbara F.

Love the My Pillow. My husband was skeptical when I bought it. Now he thanks me for buying the pillows! We sleep so great on My Pillow. A huge bonus... he doesn't snore anymore!!!!!!  Laura H.

I love the my pillow. I've had the best sleep I've ever had in years. The my pillow has helped me stopped snoring. That's why I think the my pillow is the best pillow ever!! Peyton

Terrific pillow. Actually helps me in a very unexpected way. Stopped my wife's snoring. That, and the great support it gives me was worth the money. Anyone with a sleeping problem should give it a try, you have nothing to lose. Myles W.

I saw your commercial on TV and bought your pillow. I haven't and won't turn back since!! OH!!  Comfort...Check Support for head and Neck......Check SNORING....double check!! No aches and stiffness in upper back and neck....Triple Check!! And the best sleeping I have had in years!! Thank you for a great Product! FINALLY!! Sincerely, Mr. Skeptic no more!! Jon K. 

This really is the best pillow my husband and I ever slept on. We sleep like the proverbial "two bugs in a rug". No stiff neck in the morning, less snoring and just all around wonderful. Thank you - thank you - thank you!!!  Eleanor K. 

My husband, who is 5' 4" and 175 lbs. with a muscular build, snored very loudly and constantly. He would often wake himself up, along with me from his snoring and jerking. Since we purchased MyPillow he still snores, but I can barely hear him, and it doesn't appear to be as often. He doesn't tuck his pillow when he switches to his back to sleep - and that may be why he is still lightly snoring sometimes. He feels like he is sleeping so much better at night now, and doesn't seem to be as groggy in the mornings nor does he feel like he needs to sleep 9-10 hours anymore to get rested. . I'm so excited for has really made a difference for our sleeping habits!! I would recommend for anyone to at least try it!!  Lori 

I have been trying pillow after pillow for the last three months (some of them VERY expensive) with no luck. My husband had seen your infomercial for this pillow and suggested I try it. I was a little skeptical, but figured I had nothing to lose. This pillow has been great! I still move around during the night, but not as often and when I do wake up I feel like I'm coming from a much deeper sleep than I have been for, seriously, years. The best thing, according to my husband, is that my snoring has all but stopped! We have now ordered one for him. Good job! Terri S.

These are the best pillows in my entire life! I normally have to sleep on 6 pillows. But now, I don't need all 6 pillows any more. The snoring has cut back dramatically with my husband and me. Mike Lindell is a miracle worker - he is a god send!. I have never made a testimonial in my entire life, I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on pillows. It makes so happy!!! Nitia S.

Several years ago my wife banished me to the "Snore Room" so she could get a good nights sleep. I ordered your wonderful, magic pillows a month ago and guess what, no snoring and I am back sleeping with my beautiful wife. Thanks for such an unbelievable product! Lawrence B.

We have been sleeping on MY PILLOWs for 2 weeks now. My Husband, (the sceptic) has NOT SNORED in 2 weeks (hooray!). We took the risk to try, (and with the money back guarantee, who wouldn't?), and it's well worth it. I THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Becki G.

I just made my third order for My Pillow. I wake up refreshed, and my husbands snoring is getting better, less of it and not so noisy anymore. Thanks again for the wonderful pillows and I especially loved what I heard about you sending pillows to some of our soldiers in the mid-east. They deserve them. Frances D.

My wife always complained about my snoring. Since sleeping on MyPIllow I started dreaming and wake up refreshed in the morning. This turned out to be a real treat!  Phil T.

I've had the same experience with my husband snoring - he slept the night through the first night he used his pillow. Thank You. Helen R.

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! Ed tried it last night and never moved and did not snore....I will be recommending the mypillow to all my friends! Trish

MyPillow is super comfortable. Reduces snoring, allows for deeper sleep and a more restful night. Even the dog wants to sleep on it! :) Brenda M.