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Adjust MyPillow

Make MyPillow® Your Pillow - Adjust Your Pillow to Any Shape

The unique, patented design of the Original MyPillow® Premium pillows allows you to choose from 5 different levels of firmness and adjust your MyPillow®  for maximum comfort!

Adjustable Pillow for Maximum Comfort



Adjusting MyPillow® for the perfect night’s sleep

  • To increase the loft or support MyPillow®, simply tap and push on the ends of the pillow to expand the height.  Once you lay on the pillow, all the material will “lock” into place.  You may tuck additional material for your particular support needs. This is mainly applicable for those who sleep on their side.
  • To reduce the loft of MyPillow®, gently tap on the longer sides and flatten by patting the face of the pillow.
  • While sleeping on your back, bunch the MyPillow® under the curve of your neck and roll the pillow in place to maintain full support of the C1, C2, and C3 cervical vertebrae.


Our Customers Love the Adjustable Support of MyPillow®!


My Pillow is supportive yet soft. Plus it can be adjusted to my position and retains it's shape. Incredible!  Thank you, Ginny D

Had failed neck surgery. First pillow I found to help maintain correct position & no more tossing & turning. Can adjust (it). Take with me when I travel. Love it!!" Judy K.

MyPillow fits perfectly between my head and shoulder, supporting my neck and keeping it straight and comfortable. I love this pillow so very much. Don't think twice about buying this item. A great invention for sure!!!!  Joan W. 

MyPillow doesn't flatten, fits around my face, and doesn't make my neck hurt. I also love the fact that they are made in Minnesota. Keep up the good work! Thanks. Terry S. Johnson

Over the last 10 years, I've purchased every pillow I could find that I thought would provide the right support for my neck. I bought a down pillow, a buckwheat pillow, a foam pillow, a synthetic pillow, and a memory foam pillow with absolutely no positive results. I then purchased an air adjustable pillow with an ergonomic recess in the center. I found some support, but the pillow was like sleeping on a bag of cement. One day I saw your commercial and thought the firmness combined with the adjustability might do the trick. The first morning I woke up and felt great. Two weeks later, every morning is just as great. All I can say is Thanks!   Jerry S.