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Neck pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain often involves a "stiff neck" or difficulty in moving the neck from one side or the other. And, if your neck pain involves nerves (for example, a significant muscle spasm pinching on a nerve or a slipped disk pressing on a nerve), you may feel numbness, tingling, or weakness in your arm, hand, or elsewhere.

A study outlined in ( found that supportive pillows helped the slp and neck pain of almost two-thirds of the subjects they tested. Based on this finding, the study's conclusion was that pillows can be recommended for neck pain, and that the ideal pillow should not be too low or high, should provide cervical support, and should be washable and hypo-allergenic.

Based on the results of this study, it is no surprise that MyPillow® has received so many testimonials from our customers.

You should always check with your health professional for any kind of persistent neck pain. We don't claim to cure neck but we can help you have a more comfortable, restful nights sleep.

We can all relate to neck pain and the lack of sleep you get because of neck pain. This is the second-biggest reason why Mike Lindell invented MyPillow®. For, he could not get deep sleep at night, and would wake up, his arm asleep, and his neck sore - he would be in a pain.

In this video, Mike talks about seeing chiropractors to straighten his neck out. Three days later, though, he would be right back to the chiropractor, giving the chiropractor yet another hundred-dollar bill. Mike got tired of that.

So, Mike decided to invent the MyPillow® for his neck issues. It took him 2 years, testing 94 different kinds of fill, before he came up with his patented fill. But, the effort was worth it, for this patented fill gave him a pillow that would keep his neck straight at night, would not go flat, and wouldn't spring back.

With this patented fill, you can make the pillow fit you - whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach, and whether you are big or small. And, the MyPillow® won't migrate during the night, for it takes 6 pounds of pressure to keep the MyPillow® in position, and the average head weighs 12 pounds.

So, with MyPillow®, you don't wake up in the morning with your neck bent from sleeping in the wrong position. And, you sleep soundly through the night, since you are not flipping from side to side and from back to stomach, trying to keep your neck straight at night.

This is one of the greatest features of MyPillow®. This is what Mike is so passionate about, this is the reason he created the MyPillow®.

Mike gives his personal guarantee that MyPillow® will work for you: he has a 60-day guarantee. Other big pillow companies said, "You can't put a guarantee on a pillow." But, not only does Mike have a 60-day money back guarantee, he also has a 10-year warranty, because Mike wants you to know that you can trust him, and that this pillow will work for you - for 10 years.

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