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Washable Pillows

Our Customers Love that MyPillow® Pillows are Washable!

It is the first pillow I have ever owned that actually does all the things that Mike says in his commercial, PLUS the fact it can be cleaned in my washer and dried in my dryer! ! Gary G.

The ease of washing the pillow is an added bonus.

I love the fact that we can wash and dry them. It keeps them new and fresh.We just want to say, THANK YOU! Roxanne and Jeff V.

I was very nervous about washing and drying them but today I just did it. They came out as good as new. I'm amazed at how easy it was to do and how beautiful they look

I LOVE the fact that I can wash my pillow! It comes out great every time I wash it..  Carol B.

I love how I can wash it, dry it and sleep on it as if it is brand new. This is the best product ever!!!!!!!!!!! Christine O.

Put them in the dryer for a couple of minutes, and they are the most glorious, puffy, comfortable pillows one can image.  Sincerely, Patricia P.

I have washed it in hot water and dried in dryer at hot temp and it comes out beautifully (and sanitary) each and every time you wash. I previously had bought the Tony Little pillow and hated the fact that I could not wash the pillow when my mum had nose bleeds. How unsanitary. Thanks much Wendy

I purchased two pillows in August of 2014. I just washed them for the first time. They came out like brand new. Now I will be putting them in the dryer at least every two to three months just to keep them fluffy. I will wash them at least every five to six months to keep them fresh. My husband and I love them.  Thank you Barbara P.

It has been over a year since I purchased my first My Pillow, and I love it. I have washed it and it as good as the day I bought it. MY PILLOW is the best!!! Garnet B.

I have had your pillow for a couple of years now and, after multiple washings, it is still like new! I don't want to be without it! Thanks for great customer service and product!!! Cindy C.

Best pillow ever!  love that it's washable!  Emilio

I just love My Pillow. I love that it doesn't flatten, that I can wash it. and that I sleep so much better and never wake with stiff or sore neck. Thanks, Michael. Theresa B.

I bought MyPillow 2 1/2 years ago. It is as nice as the day I first received it, and washes and dries easily.  Jean

I especially love how I can throw the pillows in the washer and dryer and put back on the bed that same day. I highly recommend the My Pillow for many reasons. Phyllis

I have owned it for about 2 years and have washed it countless times, and find it always comes out like brand new!!! I can only recommend this Pillow to everyone out there – it is truly the very best Pillow on the market. Thank you so much for giving me back my restful sleep. Sincerely, Susanne

I absolutely love that I can wash them. They come out of the dryer all fluffed up and wonderful! Thank you for an amazing product! Joanne L.  

II have washed it several times and it is still as good as when first bought it. I will be taking advantage of your 50% offer and will give “My Pillow” to a friend as a Christmas present. Mary L.  

Throw them in the washer and dryer and they are just like new again. Debra  

 I've washed and dried it, and it comes out as good as new.  Renee  

I've washed it and it comes out of the dryer like brand new! I definitely recommend My Pillow to be your pillow. Jenny P.Cheryl 

What I like the best is that it is so easily washable...and the manufacturers actually want you to wash it! So nice to have a nice, clean pillow that is warranted for 10 years! No one can beat that!Cheryl 

I bought these for my husband because he suffers from allergies/sinus and says he gets a more restful sleep.  I like the fact that I can wash them and not worry about mildew or stuff coming out of them or them loosing shape. We have since bought the body pillow too. Thank you, Cheryl 

Best Pillow ever. Had mine 7 years and the travel pillow is the most awesome must have for travel. Buy this pillow and you will never regret it. It's washable. No allergy problems. No creepies (bed bugs/mites). Wonderful.   C. R.

Bought MyPillow for my girlfriend as Christmas present. Didn't want to spend that much money on a pillow, but with the 10 year warranty and the ability to machine wash and dry, thought I would try one. Well after a couple weeks of stealing hers every morning when she goes to work, I'm buying myself one.  Joseph B

 I especially love that this is the first pillow that I can actually wash, that is is made in the USA...I am finally getting a great nights sleep.  Thanks you so much for your pillow it has transformed our family's sleep. Thanks again!!  Terri Ann

 I love that it's washable, and that when I fluff it up, it stays there!  Thank you!   Diana Pratt

I sleep well, and the pillow washes up as advertisedAl Abernathy

They wash and recover just as you say. They don't crush or flatten. And now we cannot imagine a good sleep without them. We love them so much that we just bought six more for our adult children and their spouses.  Paul and Connie Hedren

They are the best pillows ever! We wash them every 3 months & they have lasted for many years (since 2005).  Ruppel's Outdoor Sports

5 Stars. We have had ours for over 2 years and they still wash up like new!!   Becky Aspelund 

My husband and I both get a better night's sleep with these pillows, and they do as they say - keep their shape. I have washed them and tossed them in the dryer - and they plump back up. J.O.

We have the pillows for about 4 years now and they wash up just wonderfully. They have spoiled us for regular motel pillows.  Nancy J.

When I washed the pillows they came out super!   Marcia M.

Comes out nice from the washer & dryer. Would recommend to anyone.  Donna

I have washed mine twice and it comes out great every time. Tom R.