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MyPillow® is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate or cure any disease. However, MyPillow can help you get the deep, healing sleep you need and, as we all know, sleep is very beneficial for health. These claims are based on user experience and not on actual clinical studies.


My Pillow Testimonials

Our Customers Love MyPillow's Pillows and Pillow Products!

Just wanted to let you know I love my pillow! I bought one for me and one for my husband. We don't like the same kind of pillow, but we both use the same exact type of MyPillow! Amazing! I am so happy that I have already bought 4 more!! I love also that they are made in the USA and that they can be washed and dried!! What more could we ask for?? I have recommended them to relatives and friends too! Peggy C.

I would like to complain about the MyPillows I purchased for my wife and me!! Someone should have warned us about them - we have been late for work for the past two days because we have overslept. Wow, they are fantastic. I am a man who has had troubles sleeping for over 30 years. I can finally go to bed and fall asleep - it's amazing. We received our pillows last Friday and I can honestly say that I have gone to bed every night since and do not remember anything but turning the TV off. Gone are the nights of misery, praying I can fall asleep. I literally hit the pillow and boom - sound asleep. My wife is amazed. Please warn all your customers - you should include an alarm clock with every purchase! I'm 53 years old and never owned an alarm clock - I told the wife to pick one up today. Thank you! Paul F.

Just wanted to send you a small note to say "thank you". Mike was right when he said this is the best pillow I will own. You don't have to worry about ever getting this back. Edward K.

I am a licensed massage therapist, and we use the MyPillow and have recommended them to many of our clients. I also purchased one for myself. Before MyPillow, I would rotate pillows every week. We have MANY pillows in our home. Yours is the only pillow I have been satisfied with long term. My only complaint is that I need a travel size! We've been so spoiled that I cannot sleep on a traditional pillow anymore! I believe you're missing an incredible market! Just planting a seed! Raejean P. (From MyPillow: your wish is granted - we do have travel pillows - see MyPillow MyTravel Pillows. )

I love MyPillow and your customer service! The pillow is great and does EXACTLY what they say they will do. I have a great night's sleep with just one MyPillow needed! I'm a return customer, and am giving them away as gifts now! AND, your customer service is fantastic too. I had an RMA for exchange and talked to your customer service. She was helpful, friendly, and did all the work for me! And, she was US based! There is great value in your product and service. I am definitely a MyPillow FAN! Thanks for being a GREAT American Company who stands by its products! Eric C.

Purchased two pillows from QVC - best pillows I ever bought, I just love the way you can adjust them to give you the proper support, and I can get a good night's sleep. Thank you, Mike, for inventing the best pillow ever. Linda G.

Just wanted to let you know we absolutely LOVE My Pillow and have recommended them to whoever will listen. I have also written a short review on my Facebook page called Debi Dew Reviews. Thanks for a wonderful product. We will be back soon. Debi E.

I purchased my first MyPillow just about one year ago at Bed Bath and Beyond in the Christina Town Center in Delaware. It has been a good fit from day one. Recently, I spent two nights away over Thanksgiving weekend and three nights away over Christmas weekend. On all five mornings, I woke up in a lot of discomfort. I urge your company to make ongoing promotions to national hotel and motel chains. Linda D.

I purchased MyPillow two weeks ago and have to say it's the best pillow I've ever owned! It seems like I was always searching for just the right one. Right now I have 9 pillows stowed away because they didn't work! Thank you for MyPillow. Now if we could only find a way to find the perfect purse!! Roberta T.

I was skeptical of your claims. But, my wife bought the pillows and they are one of the best pillows I have ever used. Just a great pillow - I would recommend it to anyone! Douglas B.

I bought my first MyPillow at the NY State Fair and have been in love ever since! Went back to the same vendor and bought a bunch more, including my bolster pillow!! I travel a lot as an RN. I take one of my pillows with me so I can sleep!! Can't sleep without them!!! I will never buy another regular pillow again!! Keep up the great work! Judy S.

I received MyPillow yesterday. I felt as if I slept with angels having their wings around my head. I want to tell you I'm glad you never gave up on your dream. God Bless you and all the people who have helped in making this amazing pillow. I also e-mailed QVC to let them know of my wonderful experience. Blessings to all of you, Diane S.

I absolutely love MyPillow - best sleep ever. I just ordered one for my husband. Kathy O.

I am an 85-year-old man. I want you to know that for the first time in my life, I found a pillow that lets me have a good night sleep. Bob B.

I love this pillow. Comfortable and supportive. But, it didn't last as long as described. This company offered the replacement warranty even though I had no receipt and was no longer in their database. Kudos to MyPillow for the best customer service. Would definitely recommend both the pillow and this company. Clairealine K.

I usually do not write reviews, but I had to share my experience. I ordered the green and white tagged pillow. I used the green and could not believe how well I slept on it. My wife used the white and could not get to sleep on it. We switched pillows the next night and you can really tell the difference on how well the green tagged pillow is. Needless to say. I called customer service and the young lady I spoke with was really professional helping me out in every way to make me happy. The white tag will go back, another green one is on its way so we both will get the best sleep ever..Thank you Mark I.

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my purchase! I haven't slept this well in a long time! Thanks to my new MyPillow! Victoria W.

Absolutely amazing!! The best pillow I have ever owned. I didn't realize how much the quality of my sleep had declined until I began using MyPillow. What a difference it makes to sleep more soundly throughout the night and wake up more rested. I've lost count of how many different pillows I have gone through trying to find 'the one'. Ironically, the pillow which actually offers a money back guarantee is the keeper. Nyla S.

Just wanted to tell you about MyPillow, I'm an 83-year-old. I'm sleeping better since I purchased "your pillow." Now it's my pillow. It really works, like you said it does. Thank you. Donald H.

We bought our MyPillows a year and a half ago at an event in Iowa. Shall we say AMAZING!? If my head is not comfortable, then I cannot sleep. We were told that it could take a few days to get used to them. I slept great from the first night! My husband and I tend to be on the warmer side. Not with MyPillow! I love the fact that we can wash and dry them. It keeps them new and fresh. We just want to say, THANK YOU! Roxanne V.

Have had MyPillows four months and happy with them - they held their shape and are comfortable. I was very nervous about washing and drying them but today, I just did it. They came out as good as new. I'm amazed at how easy it was to do and how beautiful they look. Ellen F.

I purchased a MyPillow and when it arrived here in the UK, I couldn't believe how good it was - it has literally changed my life! Thank you, My Pillow! Luke W.

I've had MyPillow for several years and won't travel without it. My daughter acquired one just before I did. For Christmas 2015, she bought pillows for her four children and their spouses! I observed a customer at BB&B selecting a pillow and convinced her to select "My Pillow"! love that they're washable! A TRUE fan! Chris R.

I love My Pillow! I love that it is full and yet soft. I love that when I sleep on my side there is plenty of pillow there and it doesn't have to be folded under. I love it that when I sleep on my back the loft remains and yet it is still soft. I loved it so well that I recommended it to my daughter and she tried it and loved it also. Helen A.

My mom got us all (8) pillows for Christmas. I wanted to say that I have not slept so well or deeply in a long time. Your pillow is fantastic! If I ever move to Minnesota, I would love to work for your company and be able to contribute to the "Made in America" label. Thank you, sir! Edward A.

I was skeptical, as so many products that I buy as the result of widespread advertising end up being substandard. But Holy Cow, this is great stuff! Both my wife and I are now sleeping on MyPillows, and we have tried about everything in the past, including those branded dense foam pillows and really expensive down pillows. We've tried them all, and this is the best for getting a great night's sleep. Thanks! Ron P.

We have tried lots of pillows over the years and have been disappointed and settled on the fact it was just our standards being too high. While the price of "MyPillow" was a concern, we took a chance. What a great pillow! The best sleep we've ever had! We highly recommend it! When you consider how much you've spent over the years on substandard pillows and how much of your life is spent sleeping, this turns out to be a bargain! Mike

This is a serious pillow. I was skeptical of the claims made by the owner in the TV commercials. But my wife convinced me to give it a try. And I'm here to tell you that this pillow is worth the investment. You can not spend your money on anything that comes close to this pillow. You spend 8 hours a night resting your head, why not rest it on the best pillow ever made? Even if you won the lottery, you could not purchase a better pillow than a "MYPILLOW"! Steve M.

Love it!!! Bela

I am writing to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the purchase I made from you about a year ago. I purchased one of your pillows, and it is the best pillow I have ever owned. It is so comfortable and pops right back into shape in the morning. I will never buy another pillow from any other source. Thanks for helping me sleep better!!! Suzanne K.

Mike, I have ordered 16 pillows for myself and family. Recently, I bought a new bed, and they told me to buy a good mattress pad. After looking online, I looked on QVC and ordered yours. It is awesome. Even though I ordered a firm mattress with the head that adjusts, the mattress pad is GREAT. I show everyone - put it on the show!!!!! Thanks for letting me sleep better. Denise B.

For those people who are teed off (to be polite), they obviously didn't bother to sleep on a MyPillow. I now sleep better and longer and I love MyPillow. This will be the only pillow I will ever buy again. Sleep is a beautiful thing, and this product does EVERYTHING it says it does. Thanks to Mike and Sean Hannity for making the pillow and advertising the pillow. I have had mine now for 3 years. Roxanne J.

After I ordered My Pillows for my husband and me, I was a little concerned because he was upset with the price. After the pillows arrived yesterday (unexpectedly soon), I fluffed them in the dryer as instructed and put them on the bed. You can't imagine how happy (and relieved) I was this morning when my husband said, "I love my new pillow! I slept better than I ever have." P.S. I love my new pillow too. Adam K.

I have tried 6-7 different pillows over the last two years - everything from water pillows to memory foam, and none of them worked for me. I finally gave in and ordered the MyPillow, and it is worth every penny! I used to toss and turn to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Now, I fall asleep quickly in one position. Thanks for making such a great product - I will tell my friends about it. Mitch T.

I have to thank you for this gift to my husband and myself. I was so skeptical when they showed up. How is this going to make me sleep better? What is the old saying? "Never judge a book by it's cover?" Our ages are 61 and 57. And, we are sleeping sounder than we have in years. Thank you for the gift. Linda W.

It has only been a week since my husband and I began sleeping on our new "My Pillows." We used to wake up often during the night or toss and turn, trying to get back to sleep. Now, we only wake up once a night and sometimes not at all. We also DREAM more. I don't know what the secret of the pillows is, but we are true believers. THANK YOU, AND HAPPY TENTH ANNIVERSARY! Keep up the good work. Shirley & Ken I.

I am so impressed by your story and by your enthusiasm on your commercials. And, all manufacturing being done here - great. More importantly, MyPillow is great. I've had mine for three or four years. It's just as good now as when I bought it. Thanks for doing the research. Thanks for showing what hard work and listening to your customers can do. Thanks for a great pillow. Lee S., DMD

I received my new pillow a few days ago and it's absolutely phenomenal!. I've ordered a second pillow, and it will be arriving next week. I'm sleeping so much better and I wake up fully rested, instead of tossing and turning throughout the night. The pillow is so comfortable and provides me the exact support I need. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate the fact that these remarkable pillows are made here in the USA! Thank you Mr. Lindell and all the staff at "My Pillow." Bless you all for the excellent work that you do! Maureen C.

I will be keeping my MyPillow. I'm 68 and it's the best pillow I have ever purchased. Richard E.

I love our pillows!! I was very skeptical at first but these pillows are the best that we have ever had. We are finally getting a good nights sleep, and I would recommend MYPILLOW to anyone. I just threw 10 old pillows in the garbage. You have a wonderful product! Nancy G.

Usually, I don't believe the commercials on TV or, at least, think they are an exaggeration. But MyPillow is exactly what they claim it is. We couldn't be more pleased. I'm going to recommend this to everyone that will listen to me. Thank you for making such a fantastic product. By the way, the customer service person that I spoke to was amazing also. I felt as if the transaction was being conducted by an old friend. Mary S.

I ordered my pillow after seeing the advertisement on TV. I needed some new pillows so I thought that I would try these. It took about a week for me to get used to them because they are different - and not in a bad way. I DO sleep better now and do definitely recommend them to everyone. To Mike and your entire employee staff, thank you for putting out such a great product. Steve in Forest City, NC

My husband and I have MyPillow and are happy, I'm reaching out to say how nice it is to see Mike on the commercials wearing his Cross. It's just really nice and I wanted to tell him, as I think of it every time I see him on Fox and Friends. Pat C.

The best!!!!!!!!' Wouldn't leave home without my travel pillow!! The mattress topper is great!!! So proud that you are a Minnesota firm. Will continue to recommend any chance I get. Susie A.

Love my pillows - they are everything you said and better. Loretta B.

I really like my pillow! Lisa C.

This is definitely the best pillow I ever had! Thank goodness my Mom loved your pillows so much she gave one to me too! Love and dog kisses, Sonya (the dog) Paula G.

Thanks! Bought new pillows for our summer place and just love them. Then I came home to spend a couple of months with the grandkids. I haven't had a decent night's sleep since. Can't wait for those new pillows. Pretty sure we will be ordering them for our winter getaway too when we get there. These pillows surely do live up their claims. Venita C.

I already have my pillows and they are wonderfull!!!!! I also have the sheets!!! Jo Ann

We had a fire in August and we had to throw out my husband's MyPillow. He did not sleep well. So I went and got him a new one and he sleeps better now. I just want to say he loves it and won't go anywhere with out it. Betty K.

I love my pillow. Thank you, Wayne

These are the very best pillows!!! I have been sleeping with the MyPillow for many years. I purchased my first one at the Minnesota State Fair after seeing the demo and have been a happy sleeper ever since. I don't have to get up several times every night to readjust the pillow as it stays in place. I, therefore, get an awesome, restful sleep. I recently got my husband to trade in his mound of pillows, and now he sleeps with the MyPillow. My four fur babies also have their own MyPillow pet beds. Needless to say, my children have all received MyPillows as gifts. EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT PILLOWS!!! Mary Jane G.

I bought MYPILLOWs at the New York State Fair this year!!! I love them!! Most comfy sleep I've had in a LONG TIME!!! Thanks....most important....MADE IN THE USA!!!!!! Your Fan.....Fran C.

It's been over a year since I first bought my two pillows and I love them as much now as I did when I first purchased them. They hold their shape and always feel very comfortable. I bet these pillows will last over 100 years....Thank You, My Pillow for a great nights sleep. John

After hearing My Pillow advertised on the radio, I decided to purchase one for my wife. She has always had trouble finding just the right pillow, so I hoped this would be the one. Sure enough, after the first night she could not believe how comfortable it was. After about a month, I decided to give it a try and purchased my own. That was two weeks ago, and it is fantastic. We both sleep through the night with little interruption. She has the firm and I have the medium since I like a flatter pillow. We will never be without one. I have also recommended them to my friends. Rick G.

I love MY PILLOW!! I have had it almost 4 years and will not buy another unless I need another MY PILLOW!! LOL, my wife is not crazy about it and yet she has spent countless $ and sleepless nights with regular pillows. I am just going to have to buy her one and make her use it for more than 5 mins. Thank you, MY PILLOW. Paul K.

My wife had a problem with pillows and tried many different kinds. Our walk-in closet was full of pillows that just didn't work - it looked like a pillow store. Then on her Christmas list she put MyPillow. So I got it for her. That was three years ago. Now when I go into the walk-in closet I wonder if there is a MyShoe out there. Awesome! Best Buy. Andres H.

Someone gave me a standard my pillow for my birthday and I loved it so much that I threw my old pillows away. When I threw them away, I noticed that the stuffing was very thin. I decided to purchase the king size pillows and I have them all together on my bed. I can tell the difference in my sleep. Thank you! Lilly

Love My Pillow. I fall asleep in minutes and don't remember going to sleep. I bought the pillow cases also, and they are nice. Annette F.

No need for us to return our My Pillows – we love them! My wife and I have finally found a pillow that works. Thanks! Mark R.

So far, I love MyPillow! So comfy. Looking forward to it staying just as puffy as it is now. Everyone deserves a MyPillow. Jen W.

Nope! I'm keeping them. My Pillow is my pillow! Seriously, it's the best pillow ever. Darren H.

The best money I ever spent. Best good night sleep my husband and I have had in years. Thank you so much for producing these pillows. I could never express how happy we are. Drema M.

Was hesitant at first, but, I have had problems sleeping due to my unusual work schedules. I have to honestly say, since I purchased this pillow, I sleep better than I have in years. Thank you, My Pillow, for helping me get my sleep back. Dave T.

WE LOVE️ our pillows!!!! From the very first night! 
May God Bless you with HIS DIVINE GRACE. Peace to you and your family. Cathie B.

This pillow is really the best pillow ever! If you want it to be flat, it is flat. If you want it thick, it's thick. It will conform to any way you want it. I bought extras just in case I can't get them in the future. I've had mine for 2+ years and couldn't be happier. Leomard B.

I just wanted to let your company know that you are doing a great job. I appreciate how you care for the public needs. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you, and have a fantastic year. Jason B.

Just got our 2 for 1 pillows yesterday. 15 minutes in the dryer per the instructions and I LOVE THIS PILLOW. It is everything as described and more. Looking forward to many years of a great night's sleep with MyPillow! Steve V.

My husband purchased MyPillow as a birthday present for me. I really wasn't happy with the idea of a pillow being my present. The first night using it, I fell in love. I haven't slept this good in a LONG time. As for a pillow as a gift, my husband gave me the gift of sleep! I ordered 2 more! Janet S.

My husband and I just purchased My Pillows last night at the Minnesota State Fair. (The saleswoman was fantastic helping us get the right firmness, BTW!) We both got up this morning and the first thing we said to one another was "This is the best pillow I have ever slept on!” I am not one to normally rave about products, but wow, this pillow is perfect! Liz H.

I love all My Pillows. I got a travel one that got me through a camp cot in Moldova, a sofa bed in Poland, and a long trip home to the good old US of A. Becky E.

I am embarrassed to tell you my story. I have had a pillow that I could not live without for over 45 years. It was the pillow my husband brought with him to college, and I think it probably wasn't even brand new then. After we were married, I confiscated it. I could punch it and form it any way I wanted to. For years, I searched for a new pillow that was similar, but could not find one. Evidently they do not make pillows like that anymore. It was made up of small pieces of foam rubber. I tried pillow after pillow with no success. So I just kept washing and drying it and repairing it over the years. Several times, I even had to re-case it. Finally, I decided to give My Pillow a try and, guess what? Though it's not made of foam rubber (probably for good reason), it is very similar in style and performance to my beloved pillow. Thank you for My New Pillow. I like it so much, and it is probably much better for me than the foam rubber. Thank you again. Terri M.

My Pillow had an offer - two for the price of one - so I bought two different sizes in case one was too big. Fantastic! For just a little bit of money, I'm sleeping better then ever. I would highly recommend my pillow to anyone. You will sleep better. GREAT! Tim S.

All my pillows were 20+ years old. I ordered 2 different MyPillow queen types. I had problems sleeping for years. The first night with your pillows, I slept ALL THE WAY through the night. I honestly don't remember when that last happened. I woke refreshed. I watched your ads for way too long. I should have purchased them long ago. THANKS1 Blaine D.

Hubby bought us matching King size My Pillows at a Home & Garden Show here in Houston, Texas over 4 years ago. He used his for a bit. but stopped as it was "Too Fluffy." He's gone thru 2 cheap pillows a year ever since, and I'm still using my My Pillow from day one. I take it on my vacations and never leave it. My puppy even enjoys laying his head on it. It's still "Poofy" as the day hubby bought it for me over 4 years ago. I LOVE LOVE it!!!! Esther C.

I LOVE the fact that I can wash my pillow! It comes out great every time I wash it. My pillows are now 5 years old. I had a problem with one of them, and was able to get a new one very easily. The customer service was quick and easy! I would never buy a different kind of pillow. Carol B.

I have only had the pillow for a short time, and I absolutely love it! Not only has it helped me sleep through the night without moving around in the middle of the night, it is extremely comfortable. I have paid twice as much for a pillow that is uncomfortable and does not work. Great product, Mr. Lindell. You should be proud of what you have accomplished by helping individuals sleep better and providing a quality product AND jobs here in the USA. Bryan M.

Just spoke with Jordan on the phone and he lived up to the good customer service you advertise. I ordered two pillows from him and am so looking forward to trying them out and finally getting a good night's sleep! I also took advantage of your 2 for 1 special. Joanna T.

I purchase a RED stuffed pillow a few weeks ago and just wanted to say how much I love it - it works great! Even though it was a bit more pricey then I am used to, I took a chance, and now, I feel that it was worth it and worth the extra money. I have slept better because of the stiffness of the pillow, thus reaching better, restful sleep. The pillow was so cool that I even took a friend to the store at Rosedale, MN to get one for her. She loves it because she can wash it and it does not lose its shape or stiffness, and that was worth the money to her. After a few days, I asked her what she still thought, and she said that she loved it. I will be purchasing a couple more for my kids for this Christmas season. Thanks for inventing something that works. Warren S.

I just want to tell you that I'm loving my new MyPillow! I was very skeptical; I have always had a very hard time finding a new pillow -- I've had my old pillow so long that it's only about an inch thick and NOT pretty :/ Cynthia D.

I just saw your video on winning the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest pillow fight ever ... way to go!   I have purchased a couple of your pillows and find them to be just super and just ordered the travel pillow. Your products are outstanding as well as your company, and you sure seem to have fun selling them! Mary R.

My wife and I love our new MyPillow! We also wanted to tell you that our dog, Maggie Mae, also loves her new MyPillow! As soon as we are in the car, she goes right to sleep on her pillow. Thanks for making such an amazing product! Maggie M.

I love, love, love, this pillow after only 3 days of using it. I went away for the weekend and did not bring my pillow and did not sleep very well with the hotel pillow. I was happy to come home and have a restful night's sleep. Carole R.

Hurray! My replacement pillow arrived today. I was leery of the 10-year warranty, but your Customer Service agent was excellent and super friendly. My 8 or 9-year old MyPillow fell apart in the washer a few weeks ago, and it was replaced promptly after I sent in a photo of the damage and the labels. Thank you for a great pillow and a warranty that actually does what it says! Joyce G.

We are 200% satisfied!!! This is the first good sleep my husband has gotten since his stroke in December!! I'll recommend to everyone!! Thank you!
 Mary K.

Thanks, MyPillow, for great night's sleep. I received MyPillow pillows a few days ago, and have been very pleasantly surprised. This pillow is fantastic - I have slept like a bear since receiving it. I must say how important it is to follow the initial instruction about putting the pillow in the dryer on high for 5-10 minutes. I could not believe how much the pillow fluffed up. Just an awesome pillow and would recommend it to anyone. Alan

My Pillow actually works!  I love it! 

I have had my pillow for about two weeks and I enjoy every nights rest. Thank you. Douglas S.

I bought a blue king size pillow for my husband and a green king size pillow for myself. We LOVE them! We have been looking for the right pillow for over a year, and are so thankful we found MyPillow! They are absolutely worth the money! My husband and I both get a more restful nights sleep! Angela

Wow - thank you for the quick reply. What great customer service! Thank you so much. I love my pillow products, and got my parents hooked too. I had gotten my mom some mypillows for her birthday, but my dad kept swiping them from her. So, I had to get my mom some new ones so that my dad can have her old mypillws. Thank you for all you and your company do. We love your products. Heather G.

Our pillows make us look forward to going to sleep. They are wonderful. Wish I could get all my family one but, it is so personalized as to fit etc. that I can't. It really lives up to the commercial. James W.

My brother and sister-in-law got me a matched pair of My Pillows for my birthday. What a wonderful gift! I love going to sleep on these pillows. I even took one with me on my most recent trip, to enable me to sleep well. Judy S.

WOW! What a difference - it is so nice that someone finally invented a pillow that works! I am sleeping longer and deeper than when I used the other million pillows I have tried. Thanks for a great product- telling all my friends! Rick

I want to thank you. Since I have purchased your pillows, I have gotten the best sleep ever. So far, I have purchased a total of eight of your My Pillows, and I just want to thank you for inventing the pillow. I work at the Pentagon, and I can't wait until you guys come back. Qula N.

I just received my 2-for-one pillows. I was SO EXCITED to get them. Then, it happened. They were delivered. I didn't realize I had ordered a different fill level until I got them. I thought, oh oh, I am going to have to return them. But, decided to at least try them. I couldn't believe it could get any better than my first ones I ordered. But, it did. These are even better than my first ones. No odor to them, just a PERFECT night's sleep. Thanks, My Pillow - I have now found my perfect night's sleep in a pillow....THANKS MY PILLOW....Carol

I love my MyPillow. I have bought many now as gifts, and recommend them to family and friends. I've now had MyPillow for 2 years, after exchanging it with no problems. I do find that it goes flat after awhile. However, if I wash it frequently (monthly), it becomes basically brand new, and I have support again. Regardless, I haven't bought a pillow since buying the MyPillow - which has saved me a lot of money. Paula

I love MyPillow. I have a King Premium, Green. Just the right firmness. Curtis J.

I ordered 2 pillows for my husband and me. We love them, and have great nights' sleeping ever since we switched to MyPillow. Thanks!! Kara M.

I recently purchased two My Pillows. At first, I thought that they are so different that I didn't know if I would like them. Then, I slept on one. First night, not sure. Then that was it. I love them. They don't mash down like other pillows. You don't have to pick up the pillow and shake it before going to sleep. They are lightweight. Thanks. Fran

I purchased my pillow after months and months of not getting a good night's sleep. I spoke to a few of my friends and mentioned my purchase to them. They told me that they all knew people who bought the pillows and hated them. They suggested that, when the pillows are delivered, that I refuse them and let them go back. I did think about doing that, but yesterday, when the mail person delivered the pillows, I just took them and decided to give them a try. I must say, last night was the best, most comfortable night's sleep I have had in a long time. It's the best pillow I ever had - and believe me, I have bought many pillows. Anne L.

I love my pillows! Have two and am getting much better sleep than ever before! Thanks for my pillow! Scott W.

My husband and I LOVE My Pillow!!!! We are so glad that we ordered them. We will never buy another kind of pillow! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! We are telling our family and friends. Jennifer

I got one of your mattress toppers about 2 weeks ago, We already have your pillows. I told my husband it was like sleeping on a big cloud - we love our bed now. Thank you. J.K.

I found your main office in Chanhassen, Minnesota several weeks back to exchange the pillow I bought for my hubby. Your wonderful sales lady had me try out the new one on the bed in the office, covered with a My Pillow Topper. OMG! I couldn't believe how that felt. I had to have one! I just got it yesterday and we put it right on our bed. WOW, is all I can say. Total comfort. So comfortable, in fact, I had trouble leaving it this morning. What a way to make an old bed feel simply superb! Thanks, My Pillow! Lester H.

Just wanted to let you know that I got my pillows a week ago, and am enjoying them a lot! Very nice product, and I am one that really appreciates good marketing and excellent service. I experienced all of this with you! I wish you the best of luck and success in helping folks to sleep better! Doug N.

Your product is outstanding! I bought 3 pillows a few years ago, so I already know how good your pillows are! I just had to write you about the utility pillows I just received. I am so thrilled with them, I’d like to order more!!!! The covers are so well made and look wonderful. My brother and sister-in-law saw them and were so impressed that they also want to order them. Are they still available at the price I purchased them? Keep up the good work – I know I will never be disappointed with anything I order from you! Thanks for great products! Annette L.

I love my My Pillow and have slept on it only two nights. It is wonderful! Faye S.

Best pillow I've ever had. I bought one a year ago, then bought two more today - one for the camper, and one more for my bed. When you wash it, its like new again. Awesome product! Mike O.

My husband bought one of these pillows, and I steal it every chance I get! I always buy the Walmart pillows, but after not sleeping well at all for several nights in a row, I am here to buy my own! It doesn't lose shape or go flat after so long like many other pillows. I am excited to buy my own so when hubby is home, I don't have to give his back!! haha Lynelle

I purchased two pillows in August of 2014. I just washed them for the first time. They came out like brand new. Now I will be putting them in the dryer at least every two to three months just to keep them fluffy. I will wash them at least every five to six months to keep them fresh. My husband and I love them. They are the best pillows I have bought. They are so comfortable and we sleep much better now. Thank you Barbara P.

Thank you so much for MyPillow. I am getting a more restful sleep with it. I even gave my wife My Pillow for Christmas and she is sleeping better. She used to toss and turn with her goose down pillow and she still felt tired. Now with her My Pillow, she is sleeping without the tossing and turning. Thank you for My Pillow. Stephen A.

Mike, I would love to meet you some day, so I can shake your hand. I started purchasing your products a couple years back, and I have never been so comfortable in all my life. 2 beds in my house have the mattress covers. Numerous pillows, travel pillows, and my wife favorite, the big body pillow. My parents have even ordered. Take care, God Bless. Andy T.

There is no other pillow. Anywhere. I've tried countless pillows, spent so much money, and when I received my MyPillow, I knew I'd finally found what I'd been looking for. I've bought them as gifts for all my family members and they always thanked me for giving them the best pillow they'd ever had. I love my My Pillow so much, I take it with me whenever I'm going to sleep away from home. If you're wondering if you should order, DO IT! I promise you will not regret it. Suzanne

When I divorced in 2013, my ex requested that he get his My Pillow (my good pillow). We always took it when we traveled. You know it is a special pillow when it is requested in a divorce settlement. Now I need to replace his pillow. We both loved our MyPillow. Judy S.

Ii purchased the travel pillow and travel case to use on my La-Z-boy chair, and for the car when traveling. I couldn't be happier with the size and quality of this little pillow! I took advantage of the 2 for 1 price and gave the other one to my wife, who loves it as much as I do. I see many different possibilities for these useful little pillows. And they are washable and have a custom-sized pillow case. How cool is that? I'm getting two more! Walter M.

I have been using MY Pillow for a month and I absolutely love it. It is the best pillow I have ever used. My wife and I have a house full of pillows, none even come close to the comfort of MY Pillow. I wish you and your company continued growth and profitability, keep up the good work and never compromise your product. There is not a better product on the market than My Pillow. Richard M.

I've only had the pillow for 4 nights but I really do love it. It is honestly the most comfortable pillow I've ever had - and trust me, I've had plenty! Marianne

I've never slept better! I didn't believe it when I first heard about MyPillow on the Squawk Box during my morning workout. But, I decided to give it a try and am very surprised at the difference. Not sure how you do it, but I'm glad you're making these. F. O.

My husband has wanted a My Pillow for a long time, so when I saw the two-for ad, I put in an order. We both love the pillows, and I plan on giving them for Christmas. P.S. I gave my old flat pillow to the dog. Christine D.

My husband and I decided to "gift" each other with our wonderful MyPillows as Christmas gifts. I did a lot of research prior to purchasing.This has been the very best gift ever! We love our pillows so much and have even brought them out to show to our friends when they have come over to encourage them to order their own. We feel our sleep quality is greatly improved and we rest so much better. A big plus is that it does stay cool as well so no pillow flipping to the cool side needed. We think everyone should have these. The tip of putting in a dryer with a damp cloth to freshen and puff it is a great one. We are already saying when we travel our will definitely go with us. Violet L.

My husband and I just ordered two king size pillows. Our first night was amazing! My husband for the first time in years went to sleep@ 8:30 pm an was asleep all night with this amazing pillow ! So worth the money! Lynna S.