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My Pillow Testimonials

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Mike, I have ordered 16 pillows for myself and family. Recently, I bought a new bed, and they told me to buy a good mattress pad. After looking online, I looked on QVC and ordered yours. It is awesome. Even though I ordered a firm mattress with the head that adjusts, the mattress pad is GREAT. I show everyone - put it on the show!!!!! Thanks for letting me sleep better - and I have had brain surgery too. Denise B.

I have had chronic pain for years: back, neck, shoulders, knees, etc., and am constantly waking up at night due to severe pain and not being able to get comfortable - especially when there were days where I had to spend all day in bed. A couple of years ago, my husband bought me a MyPillow for Christmas....what a blessing. I swear by this pillow - it makes my bad days easier to handle when I'm in bed all day, and my nights, well, I wake up less! Best present in the world! Thank you, Mike! Deb O.

For those people who are teed off (to be polite), they obviously didn't bother to sleep on a MyPillow. I now sleep better and longer and I love MyPillow. This will be the only pillow I will ever buy again. Sleep is a beautiful thing, and this product does EVERYTHING it says it does. Thanks to Mike and Sean Hannity for making the pillow and advertising the pillow. I have had mine now for 3 years. Roxanne J.

I was in the hospital with a serious illness. I was watching TV in my hospital bed when I saw the commercial for "My Pillow". My husband said he knew I was getting better when I asked him for his credit card and ordered the "My Pillow". That was 4 years ago. I'm now shopping for Christmas gifts for my son and daughter. Christina H.

After I ordered My Pillows for my husband and me, I was a little concerned because he was upset with the price. After the pillows arrived yesterday (unexpectedly soon), I fluffed them in the dryer as instructed and put them on the bed. You can't imagine how happy (and relieved) I was this morning when my husband said, "I love my new pillow! I slept better than I ever have." P.S. I love my new pillow too. Adam K.

I have tried 6-7 different pillows over the last two years - everything from water pillows to memory foam, and none of them worked for me. I finally gave in and ordered the MyPillow, and it is worth every penny! I used to toss and turn to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Now, I fall asleep quickly in one position. Thanks for making such a great product - I will tell my friends about it. Mitch T.

You will never get my pillow back. My sore neck is gone and I sleep like a log. Dave O.

I have to thank you for this gift to my husband and myself. I was so skeptical when they showed up. How is this going to make me sleep better? What is the old saying? "Never judge a book by it's cover?" Our ages are 61 and 57. And, we are sleeping sounder than we have in years. Thank you for the gift. Linda W.

It has only been a week since my husband and I began sleeping on our new "My Pillows." We used to wake up often during the night or toss and turn, trying to get back to sleep. Now, we only wake up once a night and sometimes not at all. We also DREAM more, telling us that we are in REM sleep for a longer period of time. I don't know what the secret of the pillows is, but we are true believers. THANK YOU, AND HAPPY TENTH ANNIVERSARY! Keep up the good work. Shirley & Ken I.

I am so impressed by your story and by your enthusiasm on your commercials. And, all manufacturing being done here - great. More importantly, MyPillow is great. I've had mine for three or four years. It's just as good now as when I bought it. Thanks for doing the research. Thanks for showing what hard work and listening to your customers can do. Thanks for a great pillow. Lee S., DMD

I received my new pillow a few days ago and it's absolutely phenomenal!. I've ordered a second pillow, and it will be arriving next week. I'm sleeping so much better and I wake up fully rested, instead of tossing and turning throughout the night. And, I'm breathing so much better at night. The pillow is so comfortable and provides me the exact support I need. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate the fact that these remarkable pillows are made here in the USA! Thank you Mr. Lindell and all the staff at "My Pillow." Bless you all for the excellent work that you do! Maureen C.

I will be keeping my MyPillow. I'm 68 and it's the best pillow I have ever purchased. Richard E.

For years, I have suffered from back and neck problems. I decided to try MyPillow despite many negative reviews. I figured if I don't like it, I can send it back. The first night I got the pillow, I slept like a baby. I have only had it for 4 nights and have to say, this is the best pillow I ever owned. My neck and back are much better after only 4 nights of good sleep on that pillow. Lillian D.

Best mattress topper ever. Woke up only half the number of times and felt great and could walk straight after waking. And that's only after one night. I already have the pillow and sheets. It was the quality of these items that made me purchase the topper. Charlene Q.

Wanted one for a long time, got my chance on QVC! No regrets here. I just went through PT for my neck. It has been such a blessing. Now my son wants one and has to wait until I can afford to get another. Worth every penny, I just don't have it now. Thank you so much! Dorothy H.

I love our pillows!! I was very skeptical at first but these pillows are the best that we have ever had. We are finally getting a good nights sleep, and I would recommend MYPILLOW to anyone. I just threw 10 old pillows in the garbage. You have a wonderful product! Nancy G.

Oh, my dear goodness....Just arrived yesterday....slept one night and I feel like a brand new me!! Even my vertigo is gone, and my neck is great! I had been sleeping on a $70 dollar water pillow purchased from my chiropractor. Never again - with MyPillow I shall never need soon as I'd placed my head down, I knew this was the pillow for me ..... and Ohhhhh...what a restful, peaceful night's sleep I got. I'm a 64-year-old grandmother.....and I feel young again! Thanks, Mike!! I'll be back for more..... Sonja M.

Usually, I don't believe the commercials on TV or, at least, think they are an exaggeration. But MyPillow is exactly what they claim it is. We couldn't be more pleased. I'm going to recommend this to everyone that will listen to me. Thank you for making such a fantastic product. By the way, the customer service person that I spoke to was amazing also. I felt as if the transaction was being conducted by an old friend. Mary S.

I've been waking up with neck pain for many months now. I would wake up tossing and turning every night, constantly adjusting my pillows. I've tried many different pillows to no avail. I was hesitant to try my pillow because I thought it was gimmicky and costly. I was becoming desperate so I started researching MyPillow. With the coupon codes, the price was affordable so I gave it a try. The first night I noticed my neck pain wasn't as bad as usual and I slept much better. It's been a week now and no more waking up with neck pain and I sleep through the night. My pillow is amazing and worth every penny! Frank Z.

All I can say I thank you. I have not slept this good in 30 years. I have had your product for about a month. Since getting it my shoulder has stopped hurting, my neck and back fell great and I sleep through the night. As long as the dog lets me. I must say everything said about your product is very, very true as far as I am concerned. I have never slept this well. Thank you again.

I ordered my pillow after seeing the advertisement on TV. I needed some new pillows so I thought that I would try these. It took about a week for me to get used to them because they are different - and not in a bad way. I DO sleep better now and do definitely recommend them to everyone. To Mike and your entire employee staff, thank you for putting out such a great product. Steve in Forest City, NC

My husband and I have MyPillow and are happy, I'm reaching out to say how nice it is to see Mike on the commercials wearing his Cross. It's just really nice and I wanted to tell him, as I think of it every time I see him on Fox and Friends. Pat C.

I've been using MyPillow for 3 years now and it's still like new. Of course, I've washed it numerous times. I've slept better since day one, and I haven't woken up with a "kink in my neck" since I've been using it. When I lay down and give it a quick adjustment it's lights out before I know it. That wasn't the case before I started using MyPillow. I always take it with me camping, and on road trips. I wish hotels and motels would care enough about their guests to have one waiting for me. I can't thank you and your crew enough, Mike, for a good night sleep. David Y.

My wife and I are both baby boomers and highly skeptical of many television commercials, but, your pillow has exceeded both of our expectations and it is everything that you advertise and more. I have been verbally telling my friends and they ask the same question. "Is it expensive?" My answer is, "It's extremely cost-effective." My wife and I both sleep better and feel better when we get up in the morning. My wife had a pain in her shoulder for many years that has seemed to have gone away. THANK YOU FOR MY PILLOW! James & Patricia W.

I ordered the king size pillows and was expecting a miracle. After the first night, I woke up thinking, "this is just ok... not a miracle, but ok... probably not worth the money." Well, let me tell you that after the first week, no neck pain, no headaches, and sleeping through the night again. So I have to credit these awesome pillows. I would not have believed it if it did not happen to me. If you are considering a splurge, DO IT NOW! Joette H.

I had 6 different pillows on my bed and constantly kept waking up and changing them out and looking over at my husband with his neck in the most award position, knowing he was going to wake up with a sore neck. But since I got these a week ago BOGO, I have thrown out the 6 pillows so no one will ever have to use them. I will be purchasing more for our children and guest room. These pillows are by far the BEST pillows ever. I fall right asleep and stay asleep with no adjusting during the night and the hubby has no more neck pain. Thank you for making these in the USA!!! Denise

This pillow has made a 100% difference in my life. I have always struggled with insomnia, and once I started dealing with neck pain, it just got worse. My husband ordered this pillow for me after seeing an advertisement and watching me purchase and then reject pillow after pillow. Yes, it is expensive. But I have had mine for 4 years and it is as good as new. I wash it at least twice a year and I toss it in the dryer for a quick fluff every few months - and it is still like new. I travel for work and I ALWAYS take MyPillow with me--I just can't sleep without it!! I recently added the travel pillow to my collection, which fits perfectly in my suitcase. After watching me obsessively tote MyPillow around for the last few years, my parents finally decided to bite the bullet and spend the money for their own pillows. They are in their 60's with typical-for-age aches and pains and--like myself--experienced an immediate benefit. I know it is an expensive pillow--because ITS WORTH IT!! And you will not need another pillow for many, many years--truly a worthwhile investment in an American-made product. Thank you, MyPillow!! Mandi

I have to tell you how happy I am with your pillows. A few days ago I received MyPillow order. I have been very ill with fractures in my back and have not been sleeping well. I want you to know that in the first night with my new pillows, I slept through the night for 9 hours and was doing much better with my pain the next day. I am so happy with them that I am ordering 2 more. Also, the pillow covers are very nice and soft. I am so glad I heard about them and decided to try them out. I have had many different pillows but like these the best. Christina W.

The best!!!!!!!!' Wouldn't leave home without my travel pillow!! The mattress topper is great!!! So proud that you are a Minnesota firm. Will continue to recommend any chance I get. Susie A.

Love my pillows - they are everything you said and better. Loretta B.

I would like to tell you a cute story about a satisfied customer. My 93-year-old dad is quite a spokesman for your company. He has had a MyPillow for about 3 years and absolutely loves it. In fact, when he spent a week in the hospital a couple years ago, he asked everyone that came in his room, including nurses, doctors and cleaning persons, if they had a MyPillow! They all thought it was pretty cute. I finally bought a MyPillow myself a year ago and am very happy with it so far. My husband tried mine and asked me to order one for him about a month ago and likes his too. We also just purchased 6 more pillows as Christmas gifts for our 3 grown children and their spouses. They were all ecstatic to receive a MyPillow as a gift, along with a handmade pillowcase. I thought you would enjoy hearing about my dad and how he has passed on his love of his MyPillow to so many people! Sincerely, Cindy E.

Wow!! ... I am sooooo glad I took a chance on this. After seeing the TV ad and checking MyPillow out, I added it to my "Christmas List". My wife got one for me and I have now slept on it for 3 nights. Results: (1) I have never slept so well. (2) I am healthy, have no physical ailments or unusual conditions, but always had a choice between too much pillow and too little, it seemed ... often slept using an arm as an adjustment ... multiple turns between lying on my back and on both sides each night ... even more readjustments of the pillow shape and position each night --- all that changed 3 nights ago. (3) I love it. (4) My Pillow somehow conforms to your shape, and it is the oddest thing ... soothing support, but you don't really feel supported. You don't really "feel" anything. Just comfortable, as if by some sort of "natural" support. (5) My Pillow's Claims of Comfort are True. (6) My Pillow's Claim of Restful Sleep is True. (7) My Pillow's Claim of being "the best pillow you'll ever own" is True (at least for me). (8) My Pillow's Claim of not getting "warm" is True (the initial coolness just changes into a pleasant thermal equilibrium with your head). (9) My Pillow's Claim of staying great for the long haul --- well, I obviously can't certify that yet, but I'm planning on checking out that 10-year guarantee! Thanks, My Pillow. Alan P.

This pillow is EVERYTHING it is advertised to be. I debated and debated about getting this pillow for far too long. I have had countless nights of tossing and turning, waking up with headaches, neck aches, back aches, general aches and pains and sleepless nights. I knew I needed a new pillow, but agonized on what kind of pillow to buy. The feather pillows I have used for years were not getting the job done. I had seen numerous ads for MyPillow and finally decided to take the plunge. I am so glad I did. The first night sleeping on MyPillow was wonderful. I woke up with NO aches and pains and I felt rested. I thought it was too good to be true. Not so. I have had MyPillow for a month now and I still wake up amazed that I have no aches and pains and I feel rested. It has to be the pillow. I no longer toss and turn all night. I am very grateful to have finally purchased MyPillow. I just wish I had done it long ago. Lloyann

My father-in-law bought me the pillow for Christmas but gave it to me early. Praise the Lord, I have slept every night since I have had it. I have not woken up with those nasty headaches like I did before. This is an amazing product. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for MYPIILLOW!!!! It is amazing, and everyone should try it at least for 1 to 3 nights. You won't be sorry! Teresa W.

Purchased 1 for my Ex and 1 for me. It was the most restful pillow - even before bedtimes as I rest in the afternoon. Now I ease into sleep and even with only 4 or 5 hours of sleep, am more rested as I wake. I had a 20-minute medical study done lying down. Mid-way, I said to the technician, "This is definitely not a MyPillow." The Tech agreed and said he loves his too. Can't wait to check with my Ex! Larry M.

Purchased a MyPillow for my husband for Christmas and got one for myself (buy one get one). This is the BEST pillow we have ever slept on. I suffer from migraines. Every morning prior, I would wake up with a headache. I haven't woken up with a headache since sleeping on MyPillow. My husband suffers from insomnia and has been sleeping like a baby! Truly a product that does what it says. It's so comfortable! It isn't hard nor soft; just right! It conforms to your head. Ordered the seat cushion, but it hasn't arrived yet. BUT I'm sure it will be just as comfy! K.M.

I want to thank you for creating such a great pillow! I've had mine for two nights now and for the first time in years, I slept through the ENTIRE night. Not once did I wake up. This is not an exaggeration, I use to always wake up 1-3 times per night and this was EVERY night for years. I never knew it could have been something as simple as a pillow. I just never knew. I received a MYPILLOW for a Christmas gift and I simply cannot believe it. It baffles me how because of this pillow I'm not waking up. Thank you so very much. After the 2nd FULL night of sleep, I can immediately tell a difference in my overall energy and oddly enough, my back doesn't hurt (it use to ache in the mornings). So thank you for changing my quality of life with such a simple product. I never knew it would make such a big difference. Andrew W.

We love our pillows. I bought 4 on base in Tucson. I'm a disabled Veteran, 100% service connected, and this pillow has made a big difference in comfort and sleep patterns. Thank You. John T.

I am crazy about my MyPillow. I would never return it. It supports my neck, which has suddenly stopped hurting now! The malleable pillow stays in whatever place I wad it up. I just wanted you to know you have another super-happy customer. I will never go back to a flat old pillow that can't be adjusted. Marjorie C.

I sleep on a hospital bed due to several medical issues: A-fib, curvature of spine, COPD. The mattress that came with the bed was, to say the least, horrid. After many attempts to make it better, I ordered the topper – I already had a MyPillow pillow. After only one night, my sleep was improved. The support was amazing. Don't go suffering. Thank you. MyPillow Topper. Cynthia L.

I had my doubts! I rarely believe the hype of marketing and advertising, but I kept wondering about these pillows. My husband and I have never been comfortable with our pillows, waking up with a stiff neck, or tossing and turning all night. So, about a month ago, I decided to give "My Pillow" a try. This has been the best month of sleep I have ever gotten, and if I could wake my husband up, he would agree with me. Cathy P.

My husband and I purchased My Pillows about 6 months ago. We absolutely love them!! I was in a car accident 3 years ago, and was rear ended. I suffer from back and neck problems. I've tried all kinds of different pillows but couldn't find one that alleviated my neck pain. Even the pillow recommended by my chiropractor didn't work for me. After spending hundreds of dollars and countless sleepless nights, finally a pillow that eliminates my neck pain! I find that we fall asleep faster too, and my husband doesn't toss and turn all night any longer. Truly a Godsend!

Thanks for warranty info. This is the best pillow I have ever had. I love it! I have degenerative disc disease in my neck and this has helped tremendously. I can sleep with no neck pain. Thanks to the inventor and to the staff. Chris O.

After using MyPillow for a week, it makes me think of the way I hold my grand babies. Sure and experienced hands are needed to hold the little ones. Supporting the neck and head is important and I appreciate the way the pillow does that for me. I have many reasons to toss and turn during the night, but I find I'm doing less of it because of My Pillow. I have already given it away to a friend of mine who has neck trouble and I notice the difference not having it makes. I think these will make great gifts and expect to do some shopping on the website.
 Bob A.

I really like my pillow! Lisa C.

My neck and upper back pain are gone!

 Ever since I received My Pillow about eight months ago, the pain is gone. And I can lay on my back while sleeping without my back bothering me thanks to My Pillow. I highly recommend this product. Joe L.

This is definitely the best pillow I ever had! Thank goodness my Mom loved your pillows so much she gave one to me too! Love and dog kisses, Sonya (the dog) Paula G.

All have to say about My Pillow is WOW. I snore so loud I could scare elk from the mountains when visiting family in Colorado. Not anymore!! My snoring is completely gone and I've been getting the most restful sleep in my life! Thank you, My Pillow!! Ted L.

Thanks for creating the best pillow I have ever owned. I have used feather pillows for the past 15 years because I could not find a foam pillow that had the correct firmness, and the odor of the foam actually made me ill. I also have severe night sweats and usually change T-shirts and blow dry my hair 5-7 times per night. I haven't even had MyPillows for a month yet, but I'm already sleeping for almost 3 hours at a time. For the past 10 years, I was lucky to sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time. I have awoken several times with the same shirt I had on at bedtime. I am truly excited to think that I might be able to continue to improve my sleeping habits. You can't possibly know what a blessing it is to actually get a restful night's sleep after a decade of disturbed and painful nightly experiences. I have told my chiropractor and just about everybody else I know who deals with disturbed sleeping habits. You have every right to be proud of your invention and you deserve the success you have because of MyPillow. I love it when good people become successful from creating a product that truly helps people with an important part of their overall health. Kudos and God Bless You and your staff. PS My neck was badly injured in a car wreck a year ago and added to my insomnia issues, it is a Godsend. Monte G.

You know I really didn't believe this pillow of yours could make any difference to my sleeping habits of tossing and restless nights even with ZzzQuill. But, after the second night of using My Pillow... wow! I sleep all night without ZzzQuill and NO neck pain. 
Thanks so much.... Bernard L.

I have had my pillow for a few weeks now and it has been GREAT. I had an accident last November 2014. I was squished in an automatic door. I have nerve damage and a neck injury. It changed my life. Since I have been sleeping on my pillow it has made a huge difference. My life will never be the same, but this pillow truly helps.
Thank You,
Cathy J.

Thanks! Bought new pillows for our summer place and just love them. Then I came home to spend a couple of months with the grandkids. I haven't had a decent night's sleep since. Can't wait for those new pillows. Pretty sure we will be ordering them for our winter getaway too when we get there. These pillows surely do live up their claims. Venita C.

I am 60 years old and all of a sudden have so many things wrong with me. I had seen My Pillow on TV many times and thought that they cost too much, so I just kept sleeping on the $2 pillows from other stores. I had neck pain and headaches every morning. So I started saving a few $ out of my Disability every month and finally was able to buy one - the BEST pillow ever - really it is. I just hope I can get another one soon as I am one of those who need one under my side since I can't lay on my spine. Love your pillows! Eva E.

I already have my pillows and they are wonderfull!!!!! I also have the sheets!!! Jo Ann

We had a fire in August and we had to throw out my husband's My Pillow. He did not sleep well. So I went and got him a new one and he sleeps better now. I just want to say he loves it and won't go anywhere with out it. Betty K.

I love my pillow. Thank you, Wayne

I used to sleep sitting up in a recliner, but now I'm able to sleep in bed where I belong. My wife said she doesn't feel any difference, so I remind her that she doesn't snore as much or as loud as she used to. In fact, she rarely snores anymore! I got the pillow that my profile recommends, but I could use a little bit more fill and firmness. . .maybe for my next pillow, I'll up the profile. So far the pillows do everything they claim that affects me, so these are keepers!! Oz

These are the very best pillows!!! I have been sleeping with the MyPillow for many years. I purchased my first one at the Minnesota State Fair after seeing the demo and have been a happy sleeper ever since. I don't have to get up several times every night to readjust the pillow as it stays in place. I, therefore, get an awesome, restful sleep. I recently got my husband to trade in his mound of pillows, and now he sleeps with the MyPillow. My four fur babies also have their own MyPillow pet beds. Needless to say, my children have all received MyPillows as gifts. EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT PILLOWS!!! Mary Jane G.

I have suffered from a pinched nerve in my neck for years. I've spent a fortune at the chiropractor and while he fixed the pinched nerve for a day or two, it always came back. The pinched nerve caused headaches, terrible pain in my shoulder and numbness in my arm while I slept, waking me during the night. Since I got My Pillow a month ago, my pinched nerve is no longer pain in my shoulder, no headaches and no numbness. I can't believe all that is gone now. I'm saving a fortune without having to go to the the pillow was cheap by comparison. I even recommended My Pillow to my Chiropractor. He misses me, but I sure am happy, sleeping great, and pain-free. Thad S.

This is the best pillow I have ever owned. It does what you tell it to do, and I have less neck problems already. John

Great for Heart Patients - another use for My Pillow. We have had My Pillows for a couple of years and, a few months ago, I purchased the travel pillows. Recently, my husband had triple bypass surgery and was given a pillow from the hospital to aid in his healing: to hug when he got up/down in his chair and bed, for any coughing issues, etc. The heart shaped pillow was made out of microfiber and was difficult to hold on to because of the material. I put the My Pillow travel pillow in a cotton pillow case and it was so much easier for my husband to hold on to. He carried it wherever he went both in and out of the house. Now that his healing process is almost over, he still takes it with him to bed and his chair to assist in sitting/rising. Cheryl W.

I love My Pillow, and my wife Julie loves hers too! My neck is a real mess and I'm in real pain, but now I can sleep much better. Thank you for a better sleep and less pain. Pat & Julie S.

I bought MYPILLOWs at the New York State Fair this year!!! I love them!! Most comfy sleep I've had in a LONG TIME!!! Thanks....most important....MADE IN THE USA!!!!!! Your Fan.....Fran C.

It's been over a year since I first bought my two pillows and I love them as much now as I did when I first purchased them. They hold their shape and always feel very comfortable. I bet these pillows will last over 100 years....Thank You, My Pillow for a great nights sleep. John

For several years, I have had a shoulder muscle ache that I would wake up with every morning. I have used My Pillow for about a year. In conversation with my wife the other day, I hadn't even realized that my shoulder pain had been gone for months. Not only is it a "great sleep," it solved a constant nuisance. Thank you. Ralph W.

I purchased 2 king pillows and fell in love with them. I had to buy 2 standard/queens to complete my bedroom pillow collection. I can just say that "MY PILLOWs" are the best pillows I have ever had. No more neck pains in the morning, and they have helped me with other sleeping disorders. I love MY PILLOWs. Maria S.

After hearing My Pillow advertised on the radio, I decided to purchase one for my wife. She has always had trouble finding just the right pillow, so I hoped this would be the one. Sure enough, after the first night she could not believe how comfortable it was. After about a month, I decided to give it a try and purchased my own. That was two weeks ago, and it is fantastic. We both sleep through the night with little interruption. She has the firm and I have the medium since I like a flatter pillow. We will never be without one. I have also recommended them to my friends. Rick G.

I have had horrible neck pains for years every morning. Now, no more neck pain ever!! This pillow is the best-I wish I had gotten it sooner!! I am free of neck pain and wake up feeling great! Thank you to "My Pillow" makers! Debbie B.

I love MY PILLOW!! I have had it almost 4 years and will not buy another unless I need another MY PILLOW!! LOL, my wife is not crazy about it and yet she has spent countless $ and sleepless nights with regular pillows. I am just going to have to buy her one and make her use it for more than 5 mins. Thank you, MY PILLOW. Paul K.

I love My Pillow. I am a side sleeper and would wake up with a sore neck every day. I no longer have this problem right from the first night I used My Pillow. James P.

I love My Pillow! I have 2 and they are the best pillows I've ever purchased! I had neck surgery and couldn't find a pillow that would support my neck, until now! I have less stiffness now. I will be buying more! Thank you! Patti

My wife had a problem with pillows and tried many different kinds. Our walk-in closet was full of pillows that just didn't work - it looked like a pillow store. Then on her Christmas list she put MyPillow. So I got it for her. That was three years ago. Now when I go into the walk-in closet I wonder if there is a MyShoe out there. Awesome! Best Buy. Andres H.

Someone gave me a standard my pillow for my birthday and I loved it so much that I threw my old pillows away. When I threw them away, I noticed that the stuffing was very thin. I decided to purchase the king size pillows and I have them all together on my bed. I can tell the difference in my sleep. Thank you! Lilly

For years, I have had a pinch in my neck when I reclined to watch TV, even to the point that when we stayed in hotels, I would choose the side of the bed that didn't make the pain when I faced the TV. My husband, of course, thought I was strange, to say the least. I ordered two of your pillows, one firm and one medium, and took the medium for myself first to see if it would help me. Believe me, I was shocked that when I laid my head on the pillow, the pinch was there for a few seconds, and then gradually disappeared, never, so far, to return. I have had this pillow for a few weeks and am very happy with it and would definitely recommend one for everyone just to avoid the problem I have. Plan to buy more, one for each of my kids and their children. Thank you! Regina B.

I purchased MyPillow about a month ago because I was using 2 pillows to help me sleep. I would get acid reflux if my head was low, as well as bad sleep because I was in a car accident and my neck and back was injured. Well, since using MyPillow, I don't have an issue at all, and it is the most comfortable pillow I have ever used. Thank you MyPillow. Ralph S.

Love My Pillow. I fall asleep in minutes and don't remember going to sleep. I bought the pillow cases also, and they are nice. Annette F.

No need for us to return our My Pillows – we love them! My wife and I have finally found a pillow that works. Thanks! Mark R.

So far, I love MyPillow! So comfy. Looking forward to it staying just as puffy as it is now. Everyone deserves a MyPillow. Jen W.

Nope! I'm keeping them. My Pillow is my pillow! Seriously, it's the best pillow ever. Darren H.

Thank you....this pillow is fantastic, as the Donald would say. We are enjoying them even more than we hoped, and amazed at how they hold their shape during the night. We are moving less at night to reposition, and as a result, sleeping much better and longer. Keep up the great work! And, in Minnesota. Go Packers! Patrick H.

The best money I ever spent. Best good night sleep my husband and I have had in years. Thank you so much for producing these pillows. I could never express how happy we are. Drema M.

We love My in Honolulu, Perry and Price are using my call in on the air...YOUR PILLOW is GREAT!!!!!!!! My best buy in a long time. Thank You. Scotty A.

I ordered this pillow from QVC...I watched and listened to you, then said “Okay I will give it a shot.” I was someone who had slept on feather/down pillows forever but didn't sleep but for 3 to 4 hours at night. When I received My Pillow, it took about 3 nights for me to get it right for me, but then I slept all night!!! I love this pillow. I can not thank you enough for making this pillow and's made such a difference. I have ordered more. My, you continue to change the way we all sleep, and I thank you again for making this in the USA!!!!!!! Camron T.

Was hesitant at first, but, I have had problems sleeping due to my unusual work schedules. I have to honestly say, since I purchased this pillow, I sleep better than I have in years with no pain anywhere on rising. Thank you, My Pillow, for helping me get my 
sleep back. Dave T.

Why did I wait? I bought several different pillows because I was waking up with pins and needles in my arms. After using the pillow after only 3 days, the pins and needles stopped! I have now used the pillow for just over 1 month, and I am still FREE of pins and needles in my arms. Never one to put much faith in infomercials, I must say that I hesitated to buy your pillow. But now I can say Thank you, My Pillow! Mike D.

WE LOVE️ our pillows!!!! From the very first night! 
May God Bless you with HIS DIVINE GRACE. Peace to you and your family. Cathie B.

This pillow is really the best pillow ever! If you want it to be flat, it is flat. If you want it thick, it's thick. It will conform to any way you want it. I bought extras just in case I can't get them in the future. I've had mine for 2+ years and couldn't be happier. Leomard B.

I'm the type of person who only likes one pillow. So I was worried that I wouldn't like this one like I do my other pillow. Boy was I wrong! This pillow is heaven. I have neck and back problems and woke up every morning with pain. After using this pillow for a couple days I'm in less pain. Who knew a pillow would help me with my neck and back issues. My husband has been trying to take it from me because he's feeling the same way about it. I'm a rough sleeper too, so for me to flip, bend and move this pillow around all over the place, and it still goes right back to the normal position is AMAZING!!! I will be buying another pillow. I won't ever buy a cheap pillow again. I have to remember you get what you pay for!

I Even wrote about this awesome pillow on my blog! Nicole F.

I just wanted to let your company know that you are doing a great job. I appreciate how you care for the public needs. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you, and have a fantastic year. Jason B.

Just got our 2 for 1 pillows yesterday. 15 minutes in the dryer per the instructions and I LOVE THIS PILLOW. It is everything as described and more. Looking forward to many years of a great night's sleep with MyPillow! Steve V.

I fall asleep faster and easier than ever before!! 

No more changing pillows every other night for the specific need that day.
I suffer with severe neck & back pain. I cannot sleep on my back or stomach. 

I use one MyPillow between my knees and one for head and neck support. 

Thank you for the opportunity through the Saint Paul Saints! Denyse B.

My husband purchased MyPillow as a birthday present for me. I really wasn't happy with the idea of a pillow being my present. The first night using it, I fell in love. I haven't slept this good in a LONG time. As for a pillow as a gift, my husband gave me the gift of sleep! I ordered 2 more! Janet S.

I don't rant or rave about products. In this case, I want you to know that l want others to know that this is one pillow I hope I never lose again. My wife surprised me with your pillow on my birthday, Aug.11th this year. So, I have been using it since. In the dark, I dropped what I thought was the other pillow used on the bed. I woke up yesterday with an ache in my neck, and my shoulders bothered me all day. I went to bed earlier than normal with MYPILLOW and fell asleep quickly and woke up once compared to being up several times the night before. Today I am awake and have no aches in same areas as yesterday. David S.

My husband and I just purchased My Pillows last night at the Minnesota State Fair. (The saleswoman was fantastic helping us get the right firmness, BTW!) We both got up this morning and the first thing we said to one another was "This is the best pillow I have ever slept on!” I am not one to normally rave about products, but wow, this pillow is perfect! Liz H.

Initially, I bought 2 pillows and loved them. Best sleeping ever and the easiest on my neck. Then I bought a topper for my king size bed. Now the bed is better than new and I sleep so well. 

Great sleep products that make my nights more comfortable. Thank you MyPillow. Bill N.

I have had my MY PILLOW for ten years now, and it is still as nice as it was when I first slept on it. I can't tell you how wonderful my night's sleep has been. Since I live in Nevada the fact it is cool makes this pillow wonderful. My neck has stopped hurting in the morning. I can truly back this product. Karen S.

After reading some negative reviews on another site, I decided to give My Pillow a try anyway. I have suffered from cervical neuralgia and headaches for many years. I have literally done and tried everything, so I didn't think I had much to lose. Well, after sleeping two nights on this pillow, so far I have had no pain! Well worth the price when something works. Thank you! I will be ordering another one soon. Beth T.

I love all My Pillows. I got a travel one that got me through a camp cot in Moldova, a sofa bed in Poland, and a long trip home to the good old US of A. Becky E.

I am embarrassed to tell you my story. I have had a pillow that I could not live without for over 45 years. It was the pillow my husband brought with him to college, and I think it probably wasn't even brand new then. After we were married, I confiscated it. I could punch it and form it any way I wanted to. For years, I searched for a new pillow that was similar, but could not find one. Evidently they do not make pillows like that anymore. It was made up of small pieces of foam rubber. I tried pillow after pillow with no success. So I just kept washing and drying it and repairing it over the years. Several times, I even had to re-case it. Finally, I decided to give My Pillow a try and, guess what? Though it's not made of foam rubber (probably for good reason), it is very similar in style and performance to my beloved pillow. Thank you for My New Pillow. I like it so much, and it is probably much better for me than the foam rubber. Thank you again. Terri M.

My Pillow had an offer - two for the price of one - so I bought two different sizes in case one was too big. Fantastic! For just a little bit of money, I'm sleeping better then ever. I would highly recommend my pillow to anyone. You will sleep better. GREAT! Tim S.

Infomercial ads and testimonials were something
 that I had never put much stock into, but I decided to try
 two of your King-sized pillows: one for me and one for my wife. 
I have been suffering from neck pain for years and was using a "quality" Temperpedic pillow.
 I started using your pillow, and within three days my pain was gone.
 I started seeing a Chiropractor who was amazed at
 the range of motion that this 68-year-old man has.
 My wife, who never used your pillow, decided to give it a try due to neck pain radiating down her arm.
 Within a week, it had mostly cleared up.
 Great job with this quality product. Henry Z.

I recently purchased your pillow, "My Pillow.” I have two bone diseases, have had several surgeries, neck and shoulder problems, as well as other issues. Up until now, I have been unable to find the right pillow - until now! For the first time in many years, I am able to get comfortable without having 5 or 6 pillows propping me up in some way or another. The best sleep I have ever had. My other half has asthma which makes sleeping a problem sometimes. With "his" new "My Pillow" he is sleeping much better! I have recommended your product to anyone who will listen. Sorry it took me so long to buy it! Thank you! Luwanna D.

All my pillows were 20+ years old. I ordered 2 different MyPillow queen types. I had problems sleeping for years. The first night with your pillows, I slept ALL THE WAY through the night. I honestly don't remember when that last happened. I woke refreshed. I watched your ads for way too long. I should have purchased them long ago. THANKS1 Blaine D.

My daughter was part of your world's largest pillow fight. I had gifted her your pillow a few years ago but didn't save one for she gave it to me. I care for an 89-year-old woman who suffers from Sleep Apnea and snores quite a I gifted this new pillow to her...surprise....she hasn't snored since using it! She loves it! Thank you for not allowing others to sequester your dreams! Susan M.

Hubby bought us matching King size My Pillows at a Home & Garden Show here in Houston, Texas over 4 years ago. He used his for a bit. but stopped as it was "Too Fluffy." He's gone thru 2 cheap pillows a year ever since, and I'm still using my My Pillow from day one. I take it on my vacations and never leave it. My puppy even enjoys laying his head on it. It's still "Poofy" as the day hubby bought it for me over 4 years ago. I LOVE LOVE it!!!! Esther C.

Want to say thanks for my pillow. I feel very content, and my neck has no more pain. Thanks again and God loves you. Marie H.

I just bought My Pillow yesterday. I slept on it one night, and I can definitely tell the difference. I slept soundly and woke up with no stiff neck. It conformed to the shape I wanted and didn't change. I was very skeptical at first, because of some of the reviews I read. I am so glad I decided to see for myself!! Jean A.

I just wanted to reach out to you guys about what a life savor My Pillow has been this past week. I had septoplasty surgery last week and have had to sleep in unusual positions to keep my head in a certain position. The only reason I have gotten any sleep is because of My Pillow! It has made my recovery just a little bit easier to endure! Kari S.

I LOVE the fact that I can wash my pillow! It comes out great every time I wash it. My pillows are now 5 years old. I had a problem with one of them, and was able to get a new one very easily. The customer service was quick and easy! I would never buy a different kind of pillow. Carol B.

I have only had the pillow for a short time, and I absolutely love it! Not only has it helped me sleep through the night without moving around in the middle of the night, it is extremely comfortable. I have paid twice as much for a pillow that is uncomfortable and does not work. Great product, Mr. Lindell. You should be proud of what you have accomplished by helping individuals sleep better and providing a quality product AND jobs here in the USA. Bryan M.

Just spoke with Jordan on the phone and he lived up to the good customer service you advertise. I ordered two pillows from him and am so looking forward to trying them out and finally getting a good night's sleep! I also took advantage of your 2 for 1 special. Joanna T.

I purchase a RED stuffed pillow a few weeks ago and just wanted to say how much I love it - it works great! Even though it was a bit more pricey then I am used to, I took a chance, and now, I feel that it was worth it and worth the extra money. I have slept better because of the stiffness of the pillow, thus reaching better, restful sleep. The pillow was so cool that I even took a friend to the store at Rosedale, MN to get one for her. She loves it because she can wash it and it does not lose its shape or stiffness, and that was worth the money to her. After a few days, I asked her what she still thought, and she said that she loved it. I will be purchasing a couple more for my kids for this Christmas season. Thanks for inventing something that works. Warren S.

I just want to tell you that I'm loving my new MyPillow! I was very skeptical; I have always had a very hard time finding a new pillow -- I've had my old pillow so long that it's only about an inch thick and NOT pretty :/ Cynthia D.

OH MY GAWD, this pillow has significantly relieved my chronic migraine suffering. I have been in pain for over twenty years. I always woke up with headaches, and I never knew why. I am now waking up refreshed with more energy. I only feel a tinge of headache pain here and there. 

I was also having trouble staying asleep. I used to wake up 2-4 times a night, but now I sleep straight through. I can't believe a pillow could do that. 

I received two My Pillows as a gift and shared one with my mom. My mom is also a chronic migraine sufferer. We are both doing so well. 

Thank you, My Pillow for creating this miracle pillow. Jennifer S.

I LOVE my two pillows from "My Pillow."  I have some health issues and deal with chronic muscle and joint pain - especially in my neck and shoulders. I decided it was worth a try to see if your pillows could make a difference. I am delighted beyond measure and so thankful. I use both of them – one  under my shoulders and the other for my head.  My head pillow is propped up a bit higher with a third very firm pillow under my head pillow. The difference is amazing. I thank you for making such a fine product. Grateful me! Vicky H.

We have had our pillows for only a week, and my husband said I do not snore anymore, so I am so happy. I do not get up with a backache. I was blaming this on our two thousand dollar mattress, but with this pillow, no more backache or sinus trouble. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! William and Lilias B.

I just saw your video on winning the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest pillow fight ever ... way to go!   I have purchased a couple of your pillows and find them to be just super and just ordered the travel pillow. Your products are outstanding as well as your company, and you sure seem to have fun selling them! Mary R.

I just purchased another set of your pillows. Everything you claim about your pillows is so true! I can't imagine sleeping without My Pillow. The reason why I purchased another set is because I tend to toss and turn a lot and wanted another pillow for "my toss and turn". 

The second reason I am writing is because of your photo on the box. How very wonderful it is to see a man proudly wear a Cross! When I saw your Cross necklace I was so moved, I purchased an extra MyPillow for my guest bedroom, because I just wanted to support you and your wonderful company. I thank you! Cheryl F.

I recently ordered "My Pillow" and was so thrilled to get a good nights sleep! I had cervical spine fusion and could never get comfortable. Thanks so much for My Pillow - it has changed my life!! Beth

My wife and I love our new MyPillow! We also wanted to tell you that our dog, Maggie Mae, also loves her new MyPillow! As soon as we are in the car, she goes right to sleep on her pillow. Thanks for making such an amazing product! Maggie M.

I love, love, love, this pillow after only 3 days of using it. I went away for the weekend and did not bring my pillow and did not sleep very well with the hotel pillow. I was happy to come home and have a restful night's sleep. Carole R.

Hurray! My replacement pillow arrived today. I was leery of the 10-year warranty, but your Customer Service agent was excellent and super friendly. My 8 or 9-year old MyPillow fell apart in the washer a few weeks ago, and it was replaced promptly after I sent in a photo of the damage and the labels. Thank you for a great pillow and a warranty that actually does what it says! Joyce G.

We are 200% satisfied!!! This is the first good sleep my husband has gotten since his stroke in December!! I'll recommend to everyone!! Thank you!
 Mary K.

Have been using My Pillow for less than a year, but I believe it has helped with several issues, especially spinal stenosis neck pain. 
Thank you for helping me with this condition. Iris J.

I ordered MyPillow about a month ago. Well, since I've ordered MyPillow, I've had great sleep. I would get cramps in my neck and shoulder, but since MyPillow, I sleep like a baby. I even told my sister about MyPillow - now, she wants to purchase one also. Christine R.

Thanks, MyPillow, for great night's sleep. I received MyPillow pillows a few days ago, and have been very pleasantly surprised. This pillow is fantastic - I have slept like a bear since receiving it. I must say how important it is to follow the initial instruction about putting the pillow in the dryer on high for 5-10 minutes. I could not believe how much the pillow fluffed up. Just an awesome pillow and would recommend it to anyone. Alan

It works! I was skeptical. But, I took a chance, and I have only had one restless night's sleep since I purchased MyPillow this past spring. It is a great pillow. My allergies aren't bothering me. I always loved my nice down pillows. No longer. It is worth the investment in your health & sleep well being. Thank you "My Pillow". AND, it's made here! Weftyone

I love my pillow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am 81 years old. I fell last week and received a large knot on the back of my head. My pillow has been a life-saver. No discomfort when I am sleeping. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Retha R.

The commercials didn't lie. I love my pillow! I felt instant neck relief the morning after my first night sleeping with it. Nancie P.

My Pillow actually works!  I love it!


I searched and spent a lot of money and time trying to find a pillow that would give me the comfort I was missing when sleeping. I suffered from headaches to numbness in my extremities - until I tried MyPillow. Finally I found the perfect pillow for me. My Wife also tried one and instantly fell in love with it. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has trouble sleeping.

 Gary and Monika

Thank you for making MyPillow right here in the USA! And, for not selling out to off-shoring.
 My husband and I just got married a few weeks ago. We have no more neck and back pain, and our pillows have no smell like I read online. I simply opened the box and stuck them in the dryer to fluff for a few minutes, and now our lives are changed for the better!
 This is my life order
: 1) GOD 
2) My Husband & Children
 3) MyPillow 
4) My extra MyPillow 
5) My Husband's MyPillow 
6) Friends, family, work. Kathleen M.

I ordered two pillows after reading a lengthy advertisement in our local paper (Ottawa Citizen). It was a well-written piece and I felt, with the promotion being offered, it would be worth a try. I ordered the pillows on-line and had them within 2 days - I was shocked how quickly they arrived! We were a little skeptical, but after using them for one night, we were sold on them! Very comfortable, and neither of us experienced any of the neck pain, etc that we have experienced in the past when using a pillow for the first time. Extremely well made. I am not sure they will help reduce the snoring, but we both certainly love the comfort the pillows provide. Well done!! Beverly

Purchased a pillow yesterday at the Rosedale Shopping Center! I was reluctant, and I have to say it is the best purchase I have made. I have terrible neck and back pain, and this morning is the first day I have woken up with out neck pain for as long as I can remember! Thank you! Steve U.

This is by far the best pillow I have ever had. I currently had neck surgery and have been having problems sleeping at night due to discomfort. I got a pillow from MyPillow, and instantly noticed a difference in my sleep. I am now sleeping throughout the night with very little neck soreness when I wake up in the morning. I support this pillow 100% and will be a customer for life.

Thank You MyPillow! Barry V.

I bought MyPillow for my daughter and myself! We are BOTH totally in Love. Now, my Son-in-Law tries to get it off her.This is truly the very BEST pillow ever. My daughter used to have all sort of back and neck issues. She tried a therapeutic pillow from our local chiropractor, and could not even use it. This pillow has ended ALL her issues. I even look forward to going to bed with MY Pillow. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for an amazing Pillow. Margo G.

I had suffered with back, neck and headaches for over 25 years. From night one, all these problems quite literally vanished! To say I was amazed, would be a gross understatement. My room mate snored so loudly that I insisted he buy the pillow. From night one, he never snored again! This is 100% truth. I am so convinced that this is the best investment you will ever make, that I tell everybody I know to get one. The first thing I pack in my case when going away is my pillow! Gifts? I give my pillow. I love how I can wash it, dry it and sleep on it as if it is brand new. This is the best product ever!!!!!!!!!!! Christine O.

This is my first MyPillow. For months, I was skeptical of making the purchase because of the price. But, after the first night, I now know the value of this unique pillow, and will never use another pillow again. I have never slept through the night without waking up at least 3 - 5 times a night. With MyPillow, I slept a full 9 hours and, for the first time in a long time, remembered dreaming, so I know I hit the much need R.E.M. sleep. My new MyPillow is money well spent. I recommend this to everyone looking for a good night's sleep. George T.

I've got to say, I was very skeptical that this would do anything for my sore neck. But, after sleeping on it for 5 nights, my pain is gone. I had a "crick" in my neck for a few months now, and when I heard Sean Hannity praise MyPillow, I thought I would give it a try. I am very happy I did. It is a very comfortable pillow, and it is definitely worth the money to be rid of my pain. I would recommend MyPillow for everyone! Cheryl G.

I absolutely love my new pillow. I've had it for nearly a month now, and have had the best sleep I've had in years - and no neck ache when I get up. I would recommend these pillows to anyone who has had a problem with having punch the pillow syndrome. Get one, you'll love it!! Marge T.

I don't sleep well and was waking up 2-5 times a night. My husband heard about mypillow on Sean Hannity's radio show and told me to check out your website. I ordered 2 pillows. Before they arrived, I read some not-so-nice reviews, and was afraid I'd made a mistake by ordering. Oh, how those reviews were so wrong. The pillows didn't smell like chemicals like people had said, and the first night, I slept all night without waking up once. I still wake up occasionally, but in the morning I don't feel exhausted, and my neck doesn't hurt like it used to. We absolutely love these pillows, I tell everyone about them. It sounds crazy, but to me these pillows were a godsend. Nikki J.

Let me start by saying THANK YOU!!! I purchased my MyPillow a week ago. The first night, I slept ok, but I woke up feeling a difference in my neck. I was in a car accident about 16 years ago. The whole left side, from neck to hip, is out of alignment. The second night, I slept ok again, and that morning, my neck popped for the first time since before the accident. I am glad to say that last night, I slept SIX STRAIGHT HOURS!!! I woke up feeling amazing!! I have never slept that good!! Again, thank you MY PILLOW!! And most importantly, it is MADE IN THE USA!!!!!!! Deb

I LOVE MY PILLOW!!!!! I have been using the same pillow since I was a baby because I was allergic to most everything that pillows were make from. I have spent hundreds of dollars on pillows that were either too big, too small, too hard, etc. MY PILLOW is like heaven!!!! IT IS PERFECT!!!! I was up at 2 or 3 am watching TV because I couldn't sleep because I was uncomfortable, but not any more!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME SLEEP AGAIN!! Terese

I have had my pillow for about two weeks and I enjoy every nights rest. Thank you. Douglas S.

I bought a blue king size pillow for my husband and a green king size pillow for myself. We LOVE them! We have been looking for the right pillow for over a year, and are so thankful we found MyPillow! They are absolutely worth the money! My husband and I both get a more restful nights sleep! Angela

Wow - thank you for the quick reply. What great customer service! Thank you so much. I love my pillow products, and got my parents hooked too. I had gotten my mom some mypillows for her birthday, but my dad kept swiping them from her. So, I had to get my mom some new ones so that my dad can have her old mypillws. Thank you for all you and your company do. We love your products. Heather G.

I would just like to thank My Pillow for the first good nights sleep in years. No sore neck and no sore ears. I have spent hundreds and hundreds on pillows that have come nowhere as close to the comfort My Pillow has given me. Thank you, My Pillow, for the first restful sleep in years. I only have the two for about a week, and I already can feel the results of a good night's sleep. Ed C.

Our pillows make us look forward to going to sleep. They are wonderful. Wish I could get all my family one but, it is so personalized as to fit etc. that I can't. It really lives up to the commercial. James W.

I purchased 2 of these pillows a little over a month ago: one for myself, and one for my husband. I can say that these pillows are simply amazing and unbelievable. I have been battling with restlessness and insomnia for a few years. My husband was terrible at snoring. We both love these pillows. I can't believe how well I rest and sleep at night now. I highly recommend this product for anyone to try if they suffer from any sleeping issues. Thanks so much for this awesome product! Laura W.

Like most products you see on TV, I was skeptical when I first saw the MySleep presentation on QVC. I have sleep apnea, and finding a pillow that is comfortable while wearing the mask is extremely difficult. When I got my king pillow, I slept like a baby the first night. I was able to fall asleep on my back, something I have not been able to do since beginning my CPAP therapy. Now, I find there is no position I can't sleep in, and feel well rested when I awake. I would highly recommend this pillow to my family and friends. Craig M.

My brother and sister-in-law got me a matched pair of My Pillows for my birthday. What a wonderful gift! I love going to sleep on these pillows. I even took one with me on my most recent trip, to enable me to sleep well. Judy S.

I have neck and shoulder pain, and sleeping was becoming a chore. Then, I bought My Pillow and everything improved dramatically. Do yourself a favor and try it - you'll be amazed. There is a money back guarantee so the only thing you'll lose is a good nights sleep! Jeanette T.

WOW! What a difference - it is so nice that someone finally invented a pillow that works! I am sleeping longer and deeper than when I used the other million pillows I have tried. Thanks for a great product- telling all my friends! Rick

I was initially mad at my boyfriend for spending so much on a pillow, but now we both can't live without them! When we're staying at hotels, he has to take his mypillow. I've had my mypillow for about two years now, and it's still perfect! Like Mike Lindell says, all you have to do is fluff and mold it to how you want it for the night. It helps align my neck while I am sleeping. I've tried the Sobakawa pillow, memory foam pillows, feather pillows, and just plain old stuffing two pillows in one case, and they don't even compare to the Mypillow. I have no idea how he did it, but this man is a genius. I swear by this pillow. We've gotten more pillows just because we love it so much. I'm getting one for my dad for father's day! Christine H.

I read the reviews and read all the information on the MyPillows. I thought, "ok," I have nothing to lose. Oh my, I had everything to gain. I have a bad back, and just recently had hip surgery - which made for long nights of sleeplessness. The pillows were received in short time. I fluffed as directed, and got my first good night's sleep in 18 months. I have had restful nights now for the 3 weeks since I have had MyPillow. No, I don't know anyone at or with the company, but I was willing to take a chance for a restful night. I followed the guide for the color code. As many people know, no one can explain how a restful night will make the next day. One does not have to beat up the pillow to get it at the right angle. Thank you for not giving up and plowing ahead with your dream to make a reality come true. Two words: IT WORKS!! Becky

Snoring, restless sleeping, flopping around trying to find that right position... All of it gone the first night I slept on "My Pillow." I have ordered two more King Size pillows (1 - White and 1 - Green), and two travel pillows with carrying covers. Thank you "My Pillow" for giving me my nights back! Jeff H.

I want to thank you. Since I have purchased your pillows, I have gotten the best sleep ever. So far, I have purchased a total of eight of your My Pillows, and I just want to thank you for inventing the pillow. I work at the Pentagon, and I can't wait until you guys come back. Qula N.

I pondered purchasing a 'My Pillow' for quite some time. Kept seeing the TV ad and looked up online info, but real leery about spending that much for a pillow. Found out a friend had one, and her positive comments led me to order mine. Got the buy one, get one free special, so got my husband one also. My friend explained the importance of the dryer time before the first use. That fluffed the pillow nicely, and also took care of the slight odor. We love them. My favorite is the way it fills in around my neck (neck surgery, plate and 4 screws). My husband's favorite is the way it fluffs back up like new each night. Because of the buy one/get one, I also ordered the pillow cases and travel cases. I am very happy with all. My only regret is that I waited so long to order them. Very satisfied. If I could rate them, it would be five stars. Thank you 'My Pillow'. Bonnie

I just received my 2-for-one pillows. I was SO EXCITED to get them. Then, it happened. They were delivered. I didn't realize I had ordered a different fill level until I got them. I thought, oh oh, I am going to have to return them. But, decided to at least try them. I couldn't believe it could get any better than my first ones I ordered. But, it did. These are even better than my first ones. No odor to them, just a PERFECT night's sleep. Thanks, My Pillow - I have now found my perfect night's sleep in a pillow....THANKS MY PILLOW....Carol

I love my MyPillow. I have bought many now as gifts, and recommend them to family and friends. I've now had MyPillow for 2 years, after exchanging it with no problems. I do find that it goes flat after awhile. However, if I wash it frequently (monthly), it becomes basically brand new, and I have support again. Regardless, I haven't bought a pillow since buying the MyPillow - which has saved me a lot of money. Paula

I love MyPillow. I have a King Premium, Green. Just the right firmness. Curtis J.

I ordered 2 pillows for my husband and me. We love them, and have great nights' sleeping ever since we switched to MyPillow. Thanks!! Kara M.

Two years ago, I had cervical disk fusion and purchased many pillows seeking a comfortable nights' sleep. They all fell flat, and were tossed after about two months. I was desperate for a solid night of sound sleep. I purchased two my pillows and now wake each morning feeling rested. They keep their shape, and plump up with a few punches or shakes. Put them in the dryer for a couple of minutes, and they are the most glorious, puffy, comfortable pillows one can image. I love my pillows, and when I visit my daughter in another state, I take one of my pillows with me. My pillow is my miracle to sound sleep. Thank you for creating the perfect sleep aid. Sincerely,Patricia P.

I wanted to let you guys know that you do a great job! I thought this was another infomercial gimmick, and was hesitant to pay online. I took a chance because my neck has been hurting for years. Also, I needed a gift for my mom who has cancer. In both situations, it turned out beautifully, and we both enjoy our my pillows. We are more rested, no matter how long we sleep. Very comfy! Thank you again for doing such a great job and not making claims that you can't back up. Randy S.

I absolutely love My Pillow!!! Most comfortable pillow I have ever slept on in my life! Wish I had ordered sooner. I have Fibromyalgia and my neck and upper shoulders are always hurting. Since using My Pillow, I wake up less during the night. I recommend these pillows to everyone!!!! Karen W.

The shopping channel brought this pillow to us Canucks a few months ago, and we are very grateful!! We now have pillows that will prolong our LIVES..I personally have spent over 76 years of my life just trying to get a good pillow. I sleep one pillow between my knees and two under my head because I'm bed ridden. I now have three of these life saving pillows. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN TO OTHER PEOPLE HOW PILLOWS CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!!! Well now, from 2 to 4 hours of sleep, I'm actually sleeping 8 to 10 hours just because, in the slumped sleep, you just cuddle back down and snooze away. WOW - WAY TO..... go!!! Thank you Mr. PILLOW Kathlay M.

I absolutely LOVE THIS! I would wake up during the night, tossing and turning and snoring. I now sleep like a baby, my wife says I barely snore, and I even have dreams - and remember them in the morning!! I can't believe a pillow makes this much difference, but it surely does!! Nelson L.

I recently purchased two My Pillows. At first, I thought that they are so different that I didn't know if I would like them. Then, I slept on one. First night, not sure. Then that was it. I love them. They don't mash down like other pillows. You don't have to pick up the pillow and shake it before going to sleep. They are lightweight. Thanks. Fran

I was skeptical before buying My Pillow. But, after purchasing the correct size pillow by watching the YouTube videos, I am here to say it is everything it promises in the ads. I am 45 years old, and It is the best pillow I have personally ever had. No more neck or backaches in the morning. In fact, I dream a lot more due to the extra comfortable sleep I get. Carlos

I purchased the my pillows – frankly, because I could return them without hassles. I forget about it! These are the best pillows EVER!! My husband barely got 4-6 hrs a night (thank you, ARMY!). In less than a month with the stomach sleeper pillow .... he is sleeping NO LESS than 8 hrs!!! His snoring has gotten better too. His Sleep Apnea is also better!!! I think my son will get one for Christmas!! So glad I purchased them using a promo code and got them BOGO!!! Oh, and they wash and dry as advertised - yeah!! No more hubby's stinky pillow!!! Dorbie

I LOVE THIS PILLOW! I had a pain in my neck for about a year. Since sleeping with this pillow, my pain is gone! I also suffer from night sweats...GONE!! I know the cost is expensive, but when you think of all the meds you spend money on...huge savings! Buy this pillow! You will love it! Tina S.

I purchased my pillow after months and months of not getting a good night's sleep. I spoke to a few of my friends and mentioned my purchase to them. They told me that they all knew people who bought the pillows and hated them. They suggested that, when the pillows are delivered, that I refuse them and let them go back. I did think about doing that, but yesterday, when the mail person delivered the pillows, I just took them and decided to give them a try. I must say, last night was the best, most comfortable night's sleep I have had in a long time. It's the best pillow I ever had - and believe me, I have bought many pillows. Anne L.

A few years ago, I was in terrible pain because of my neck. They took x-rays and did a MRI, and I was told that I had all of these degenerative issues and that I was going to have problems for the rest of my life. I was sent to physical therapy and was given traction. The pain was unbelievable. I bought numerous pillows, and nothing worked. I had watched your infomercial and figured - why not try it, it can't hurt. I want to tell you that I love this pillow. I have been pain free since I bought it a few years ago. I tell everyone that I know that has neck or shoulder issues to buy this pillow. Three of the people that I told have bought it and agreed with me that they love it and they feel 100% better. I should look to buy some stock..... THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Marcia C.

I love my pillows! Have two and am getting much better sleep than ever before! Thanks for my pillow! Scott W.

I have been suffering from neck pain and discomfort when trying to sleep at night. I have one of those Sleep Number beds for comfort and support, but I woke up every night 5-10 times just trying to get comfortable. The pain in my neck continued throughout the day, and I noticed that the range of motion I had turning my neck left and right was being limited - especially when I was driving and checking before changing lanes when I would get a sharp pain. I had no idea that all this was due to a bad pillow. After the very first night of using My Pillow, the neck pain left. I told my wife it was a miracle, because I bought the pillow just wanting to have a good one, and it was time to do it. I then found out that the pillow was designed to help. So I really thought a miracle took place. My wife jokes that I now that I have a new Buddy. I just ordered one for my son and two more for our bed. I freakin love this pillow. Thanks a ton for inventing a product that really does what it says and exceeds expectations Chris R.

I used to have horrible neck and back problems due to my car accident back when I was a teenager, but thanks to MyPillow and MyBodyPillow, I sleep with no pain anymore!! THANKS TO MIKE AND EVERYONE @ MYPILLOW!! Mandi C.

I love my pillow. I ordered one a few years ago when I had an account with QVC. It is cool and, if you get hot, just flip pillow on other side....ahhh cool once again. Plus, I have washed it in hot water and dried in dryer at hot temp and it comes out beautifully (and sanitary) each and every time you wash. I previously had bought the Tony Little pillow from HSN. I bought one for my mum and myself. My mum loved it because she was always cold and this pillow got hot. Boy of boy did it get hot. I hated the heat on my neck and the fact that I could not wash the pillow when my mum had nose bleeds. How unsanitary. Plus it was NOT made in the United States. After only one year, the beads broke up and the $120 pillows were not compact anymore. I let HSN warranty expire and did not return. I just recently saved the money to buy the mattress topper as I have a q-pedic memory foam mattress from QVC. I love its comfort, but it is too hot for me in summertime. I am hoping your topper does the trick. Thanks much Wendy

I woke up 2 weeks ago in agony from sudden neck pain. For 7 days, waking up every morning was pure hell. I finally caved after days of badgering from my fiance to try a new pillow. I went to the store and got My Pillow – I just bought it because I was so overwhelmed by all the choices I had, I hate memory foam and sleeping on a pillow with a giant roll on it didn't look appealing. The next morning after using My Pillow for one night, I felt 80% better, which blew my mind. I used it a second night - same thing. So, being the doubter that I am, I slept the next night on my old pillow (water pillow) and woke up in pure agony the next morning. Well, that was all it took to make me a believer. Turns out I have a large herniated disk in my neck, but with My Pillow, I have no pain in the morning, and through the day, if it starts bothering me, I go lay down on my pillow. Never in a million years did I think switching pillows would help me, but I am so glad I chose this one. Doing physical therapy now and with this pillow supporting my neck the proper way at night, I'm hoping for some major improvement!!! I can't believe there could ever be a negative review for this pillow – for me it has been a life saver!!!!! Deidra M.

My husband ordered these pillows because I couldn't seem to find the right pillow for me. This one is it! Finally, a good night's sleep with no neck pain!  Janet B.

I just wanted to say “Thank You” Michael for bringing the MyPillow to life. It truly is an experience that anyone who suffers from sleepless nights should try. The very first night. I felt a difference. All my neck pains have gone away after just two weeks. I was so pleased, that I recommended the MyPillow to a good friend. He called after two days and thanked me for pushing him to try it. I now have a graveyard of 12 pillows that never worked! Anthony A.

I bought one of your pillows. I love, love, love it. Now, I see you can buy one, get one free.I should have waited, but I needed it, then just had cancer, so I splurged on it. Thanks so much. Donna H.

My husband and I LOVE My Pillow!!!! We are so glad that we ordered them. We will never buy another kind of pillow! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! We are telling our family and friends. Jennifer

I ordered two pillows from the special in the Minneapolis Star and Tribune newspaper. I have a stiff neck, and have been unable to find the “right” pillow until I slept on the “My Pillow”. Incredible!!! I finally found the right one. I can't recommend it highly enough! Thank you!!!!! Tom G.

I got one of your mattress toppers about 2 weeks ago, We already have your pillows. I told my husband it was like sleeping on a big cloud - we love our bed now. Thank you. J.K.

I had seen the infomercials, and did not buy. I got this for Christmas from the family over a year ago. This was the best gift....ever!!! I tried every pillow, and this kicks (a**). If you have not tried it, then you have not slept well. Just get one and you will understand. :) Dan C.

I am 73 years old and have been shopping for a good pillow to support my neck/back. I have had 5 surgeries on my back, and one on my neck. The My Pillow has solved my problems. It is soft, yet very firm. It puffs right back up after lying on it overnight. I love it, and it saves me from having a sore neck, hence back, in the morning. It took less than a week for the pillows to arrive, and it is worth every penny I spent. People should not bother with other pillows as an experiment. Just get a My Pillow and you will be set for many years to come!! Barbara D.

I recently purchased these pillows. I really love them. They are the only pillows I will ever have. I was allergic to all others. I bought them at the shopping channel. I am hoping to buy another pair as soon as it airs on the shopping channel again. I live in Canada, and do not want to pay the dollar difference right now. Rita J.

I have had 2 cervical spine surgeries in 2012 and 2013. I have purchased all kinds of pillows, from memory foam to cervical support pillows. I purchased a queen size MyPillow about one month ago, and it is the best investment I have made in regards to good support and a better nights sleep. It has helped me enormously. My quality of sleep has improved, and I do not wake up needing to readjust my pillow all the time. This pillow is the best thing I have found, and well worth the cost. Thanks to the maker of my pillow! John W.

I had a harsh case of stenosis in my neck, which caused extreme neck and back pain with accompanying neurological issues. I chose a course of somewhat non-invasive treatments (injections and physical therapy, as opposed to the surgery all the doctors were pushing for), which included the purchase of one “My Pillow”. That was over two years ago, and the difference the My Pillow product made was noticeable. I no longer wake up with the same neck pain that had been plaguing me for years. This pillow, I am convinced, has extended the benefits of the neck injections by keeping my vertebrae aligned at night. I never thought I would be writing about a pillow. Al.

Best nights' sleep ever. I sleep in a hospital bed, and this is wonderful plus. Thank you. Cynthia L.

I love your pillows. They don't get flat, wash beautifully, and come out of the dryer like new. I wish I had an extra $300, but I don't, so I guess I will have to live without a Cal King Bed Topper.

I will be a LIFE LONG USER OF THIS PILLOW! As with so many brands that make their glowing claims of comfort, I was skeptical. I have UFS (Unrelenting Fibromyalgia Syndrome), migraines, hot flashes at night, and awake every morning with horrid neck pain. The first night I used “My Pillow”, I had a 100% different experience to my life time of pillows. They really do stay 'cool'. I ordered 2. I have used them for 4 weeks, and it just gets better. They hold their fill after use. Just plump up again or put in the dryer in 'air fluff' setting, and it is like new. When I have a bad day with fibromyalgia, I use both as a 'body pillow' and WOW! Instant comfort! They may seem pricey, but if you think of how much you spend, especially if you purchase expensive brand name pillows once a year, this pays for itself quickly. Now I don't have to replace yearly. Also, the 30+ trial period is another reassurance in case the type purchased is not for you. This also ELIMINATED MY NIGHTLY HEADACHES and cut my migraines by 80%. I highly recommend everyone to give this a try! Cece

My Pillow is the best pillow I have ever had. My neck and shoulders used to hurt so bad from 3 untreated whiplash accidents. I get the deepest, best sleep I have ever experienced, and fall asleep within 5 minutes, and stay asleep all night. My husband has one also, which helps with his snoring. We love them!!! We have wasted ssooo much money on pillows that can't be washed, lose their shape, and do not stay cool! I recommend them to everyone! Maureen W.

I love “My Pillow”. I own 2 regular pillows and 3 neck pillows. When I travel, I even bring a neck pillow with me. I sleep with the neck pillow every night. I used to get neck pain, but not anymore - at least not sleeping. And the best part is I can wash them and they do come out just as good as when I first purchased them. I have spent a lot of money on pillows, and none come close to yours. I am thinking of purchasing them for my adult children as well. Thank You so much. Loretta E.

It is my pleasure to recommend such a wonderful product. My experience has been second to none in the fact that I never experience a sore neck anymore, and sleep the entire night! You have a great product. Terry B.

I found your main office in Chanhassen, Minnesota several weeks back to exchange the pillow I bought for my hubby. Your wonderful sales lady had me try out the new one on the bed in the office, covered with a My Pillow Topper. OMG! I couldn't believe how that felt. I had to have one! I just got it yesterday and we put it right on our bed. WOW, is all I can say. Total comfort. So comfortable, in fact, I had trouble leaving it this morning. What a way to make an old bed feel simply superb! Thanks, My Pillow! Lester H.

Just wanted to let you know that I got my pillows a week ago, and am enjoying them a lot! Very nice product, and I am one that really appreciates good marketing and excellent service. I experienced all of this with you! I wish you the best of luck and success in helping folks to sleep better! Doug N.

I have had major neck issues for years, and have gone through several chiropractor-approved pillows in the past, but always woke up with neck pain and stiffness. A friend recommended trying a My Pillow. I was very skeptical initially, but figured I would spend more for the pillows at the I ordered one. It took about 2 days to get accustomed to the filling in the pillow, but even after the first night, I was amazed at how my neck felt in the morning! I now have less neck issues and never wake up with the neck pain. I LOVE my pillow so much, I have ordered one for both daughters, my son-in-law and my mother. And, I ordered my dog a pet bed - and he is actually sleeping on it!! Best money I have ever spent, and would recommend it to anyone!!!! Cynthia C.

I just wanted to say “Thank You” for bringing the MyPillow to life. It truly is an experience that everyone who suffers from sleepless nights should try. The very first night, I felt the difference. All my neck pains have gone away after just two weeks. I was so pleased that I recommended the MyPillow to a good friend. He called after two days and thanked me for pushing him to try it. I now have a graveyard of pillows that never worked! Anthony S.

I absolutely love my new pillows. I used to have insomnia on my nights off from my job as an RN working the night shift. Now, I no longer have insomnia - I sleep like a newborn baby, and told my son to order two for himself and his wife. I love my pillows, and will continue to enjoy them for as long as I live! Many thanks for a great product. Jeri B.

I slept on your mattress topper last night, I woke not having to take my pain meds this morning. Thank you!!!! Walter

This pillow is truly THE BEST! I tell all who complain of a sore neck or back about “my pillow”. I am so convinced that it will help that I have bought 4 different people their own pillow. So far, everyone is now a happy “my Pillow” believer! Ellen L.

Your product is outstanding! I bought 3 pillows a few years ago, so I already know how good your pillows are! I just had to write you about the utility pillows I just received. I am so thrilled with them, I’d like to order more!!!! The covers are so well made and look wonderful. My brother and sister-in-law saw them and were so impressed that they also want to order them. Are they still available at the price I purchased them? Keep up the good work – I know I will never be disappointed with anything I order from you! Thanks for great products! Annette L.

I just want to make sure the MyPillow family knows how much I am forever happy with my pillow. I am not one to spend a lot of money on myself, but loved the 60 day money back guarantee - that is what sold me to try the pillow. This past fall, I brought my 3 year-old pillow and a new one I got for someone else's gift to compare them. Of course, they couldn't tell which one was mine. I encouraged them to lay their heads on the pillow. I even let a few people take the new pillow home to test out. 19 premium pillows were purchased from my co-workers and family/friends. One co-worker said that one night she woke up with sore neck and realized she had the wrong pillow and not the MyPillow. Even my skeptical ex-mother-in-law finally gave in and admitted she was liking the pillow more and more. Thanks again! Also love the fact its USA made! Diane B.

I love my My Pillow and have slept on it only two nights. It is wonderful! Faye S.

WOW!! I could hardly believe it!! From the very first night, My Pillow was wonderful. I get restful sleep and no longer need a wedge to elevate my head. I also have numerous health issues that cause pain. I no longer struggle falling asleep and when I do wake up, I'm not kept awake. An added bonus - my husband no longer snores :) Thank you Thank you and bless you for such a wonderful product!! Jeannette T.

Best pillow I've ever had. I bought one a year ago, then bought two more today - one for the camper, and one more for my bed. When you wash it, its like new again. Awesome product! Mike O.

I have struggled to find the perfect pillow for years. I use a CPAP and have always slept on my back. I have been through so many different pillows that just never cut it. My wife sleeps on her side most of the time and used a super soft pillow and was skeptical when I bought one for me and one for her. I can not believe the improvement in our sleep just after 3 nights of using our pillows. We love your pillows and will recommend them to everyone we know. Jim N.

My husband bought one of these pillows, and I steal it every chance I get! I always buy the Walmart pillows, but after not sleeping well at all for several nights in a row, I am here to buy my own! It doesn't lose shape or go flat after so long like many other pillows. I am excited to buy my own so when hubby is home, I don't have to give his back!! haha Lynelle

I purchased two pillows in August of 2014. I just washed them for the first time. They came out like brand new. Now I will be putting them in the dryer at least every two to three months just to keep them fluffy. I will wash them at least every five to six months to keep them fresh. My husband and I love them. They are the best pillows I have bought. They are so comfortable and we sleep much better now. Thank you Barbara P.

Thank you so much for My Pillow. I am getting a more restful sleep with it. I even gave my wife My Pillow for Christmas and she is sleeping better and quieter. She used to toss and turn with her goose down pillow and she still felt tired. Now with her My Pillow, she is sleeping without the tossing and turning. Thank you for My Pillow. Stephen A.

Mike, I would love to meet you some day, so I can shake your hand. I started purchasing your products a couple years back, and I have never been so comfortable in all my life. 2 beds in my house have the mattress covers. Numerous pillows, travel pillows, and my wife favorite, the big body pillow. My parents have even ordered. Take care, God Bless. Andy T.

I just want you all to know that my neck and shoulders are free from pain for the first time in years since I ordered your pillows. Also, I'm very grateful that we can buy a fine American product here in the U.S. and contribute to our own economy. Caryl A.

There is no other pillow. Anywhere. I've tried countless pillows, spent so much money, and when I received my My Pillow, I knew I'd finally found what I'd been looking for. I've bought them as gifts for all my family members and they always thanked me for giving them the best pillow they'd ever had. I love my My Pillow so much, I take it with me whenever I'm going to sleep away from home. If you're wondering if you should order, DO IT! I promise you will not regret it. Suzanne

I have been suffering from insomnia, arthritis, and 2 herniated discs in my back for several years. I had reservations about spending $109 dollars on a king size pillow. Once I saw the half price sale, I thought, “what the heck, I'll give one a try”. I received my Blue Label My Pillow a few days ago. Since then I've had the best sleep ever. I get up refreshed and pain free. I'm ordering a second one 4 days after I got the first. While the pillow does not cure any of my problems, it make it possible to live with them much easier, since I can get some restorative sleep. I recommend this pillow for anyone with any sort of sleep problems. Eric F.

When I divorced in 2013, my ex requested that he get his My Pillow (my good pillow). We always took it when we traveled. You know it is a special pillow when it is requested in a divorce settlement. Now I need to replace his pillow. We both loved our My Pillow. Judy S.

Ii purchased the travel pillow and travel case to use on my La-Z-boy chair, and for the car when traveling. I couldn't be happier with the size and quality of this little pillow! I took advantage of the 2 for 1 price and gave the other one to my wife, who loves it as much as I do. I see many different possibilities for these useful little pillows. And they are washable and have a custom-sized pillow case. How cool is that? I'm getting two more! Walter M.

I have been using MY Pillow for a month and I absolutely love it. It is the best pillow I have ever used. My wife and I have a house full of pillows, none even come close to the comfort of MY Pillow. I wish you and your company continued growth and profitability, keep up the good work and never compromise your product. There is not a better product on the market than My Pillow. Richard M.

We are recent owners of MyPillows. I was a non-believer until I received My Pillow. My husband and I very quickly fell in love with our pillows. When my husband fell a few days after receiving our pillows, he insisted his pillow accompany him on his extended stay at his rehab center MyPillow has made it so much more comfortable to be in bed for long extended periods of time. Thanks to for producing such a wonderful pillow. Gisele

I've only had the pillow for 4 nights but I really do love it. It is honestly the most comfortable pillow I've ever had - and trust me, I've had plenty! Marianne

I've never slept better! I didn't believe it when I first heard about MyPillow on the Squawk Box during my morning workout. But, I decided to give it a try and am very surprised at the difference. Not sure how you do it, but I'm glad you're making these. F. O.

I have spent thousands of dollars over the years trying to help my neck pain. I injured my neck 9 years ago and eventually had to have surgery, I have a plate and 8 screws in my neck. So, once again I tossed the dice and purchased my pillow. The first night I, for the first time in nine years, slept thru the night and I woke in the same exact position I had fallen asleep in. DO NOT try to take MY Pillow from me as I will go down fighting, teehee, just kidding, well maybe not. This pillow is finally the pillow I will never give up. Thank You for my finally being able to sleep sound and no neck pain. Sincerely Mary P.

My husband and I love our pillows. They are the most comfortable ones I have ever owned. I wasn't sure at first because I am a person who loved a neck pillow. These have changed my mind. I would recommend these pillows to anyone. They are wonderful. Get a restful sleep with my new pillow. Elane M.

My husband has wanted a My Pillow for a long time, so when I saw the two-for ad, I put in an order. We both love the pillows, and I plan on giving them for Christmas. P.S. I gave my old flat pillow to the dog. Christine D.

My husband and I decided to "gift" each other with our wonderful MyPillows as Christmas gifts. I did a lot of research prior to purchasing.This has been the very best gift ever! We love our pillows so much and have even brought them out to show to our friends when they have come over to encourage them to order their own. We feel our sleep quality is greatly improved and we rest so much better. A big plus is that it does stay cool as well so no pillow flipping to the cool side needed. We think everyone should have these. The tip of putting in a dryer with a damp cloth to freshen and puff it is a great one. We are already saying when we travel our will definitely go with us. Violet L.

I was in a motorcycle accident in 2007, which left me with serious neck injures,I also suffer from carpal tunnel. These pillows have made an absolute difference in allowing me to sleep and help to reduce the pain by supporting my neck. Thank you! Kelli H.

Awesome pillow! I carry My Pillow (pun intended) everywhere I go on overnight visits! Absolutely the best, most comfortable pillow I have ever owned! I have had neck surgery and this pillow was the only one I could use comfortably prior to surgery and works great now, too. My pillow has more frequent flyer miles than most people since it has made several trips between Alaska and Eastern Europe, not to mention the countries in Europe it's seen! I love it and have purchased several for my home and as gifts. I have a medium and so does my husband even though he is a big guy. He likes his nearly as much as I like mine, though he isn't as super picky as I am when it comes to pillows. We both love the washability as we both suffer from allergies. Would recommend to everyone! Gayle J.

Thank you... I received "My Pillow" a week ago, but used it for the first time last night because my neck and shoulders have been so sore for a week, that I could not sleep the past 3 nights. I sustained a severe head injury last February, with not only brain trauma, but neck and spinal involvement as well. I am under the care of a neurologist, and have had Physical Therapy for gait issues, balance unsteadiness, neck pain, right arm pain,with numbness in my right hand and fingers. I had to stop PT for 2 weeks due to needing new orders to continue therapy. Since I have been unable to do PT my pain, in the neck, shoulders, arm, and numbness in hand and fingers has been severe. Using my new pillow last night, for the first time, allowed me to sleep, and I awoke with less neck/shoulder pain. The pillow is amazing!!! I am a nurse, 46 years of working everyday, only to have to retire in July due to my injuries. I would have never guessed a pillow could be such a therapeutic tool. Thank you so much for this miracle. Claudia C.

I've been using MY PILLOW since August, 2012. After many years and MANY different pillow purchases, I've found THE ONLY ONE that hasn't given me a night's neck pain. Having sadly wasted money on high priced premium pillows even, I've gladly given all away for My Pillow. It absolutely is THE BEST PILLOW I've ever slept with. This pillow lives up to all Mike advertises. It truly IS "The Most Comfortable Pillow You'll Ever Own!" Thank you! Frankie O.

My husband and I just ordered two king size pillows. Our first night was amazing! My husband for the first time in years went to sleep@ 8:30 pm an was asleep all night with this amazing pillow ! So worth the money! Lynna S.

Love the pillow.This pillow is great. When you get it, let rest and it will puff up. I had knee surgery 4 times in 2013, so it was hard for me to turn in bed. This pillow is firm, but soft. I can't wait for summer to see how it keeps you cool. Don't hesitate - buy it, and enjoy sleeping again. I take it to hotels too. Margaret M.

For years, I hated bedtime. I could not get a good night's sleep. I tried everything. I bought many different sets of pillows, bought a new pillow top mattress,and took over the counter as well as prescribed sleeping medication. Nothing helped. When I saw the advertisements for My Pillow, I knew that if I bought one, I would be wasting my money! But, I ended up buying one for my husband, ONLY because I could WASH and DRY it in the machines! Was I surprised when I used My Pillow and slept all night, and have been sleeping all night since! Thank You! Great Product! Peggy R.

Imus finally talked me into getting mypillow, and it is awesome. I can`t believe how much better it is than my old one (if you can call it a pillow). It`s Amazing. Thanks. and Thanks to I-MAN. Jeffrey

THANK YOU for these GREAT PILLOWS. I am 84 years old, and was living with a painful neck - especially after a nights sleep, when I would get up in the morning with neck pain. But, after 3 nights of sleeping with this WONDERFUL PAIN remover, my pain went away both night and day. I am now getting a BETTER nights rest. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Vernon F.

I must have viewed the infomercial a dozen times, read hundreds of testimonials, and listened to several users. Finally, I went out and purchased a "My Pillow", end of story. There is nothing, I mean nothing, comparable to the comfort and sleep from this single item. Good Work to the developers. Rich L.

My pillow is by far the most comfortable pillow I have EVER used. I am a Disabled Veteran, and it even seems to have helped curtail the nightmares that I usually have! THANK YOU! ! Danny G.

We bought the buy one, get one free king sized MyPIllow. The lady who helped me was great! She was confident, knowledgeable, and very nice. This is the BEST pillow ever. We don't wake up with neck pain, headache or shoulder pain. We are both getting a good nights sleep with less snoring. it feels a little lumpy when you touch it, but soft and very light. When you sleep on it it does not feel lumpy. It feels like a cloud, and yet it is very supportive for your head. I am a nurse, and I have encouraged everyone I know to get one. We are getting a pet bed for our lab. I hope he likes it. Renee C.

I submitted a testimonial last week. It focused mainly on my disappointment of having bought the wrong size pillow. The company replaced it, and I am totally sold on this product. It doesn't matter what the negative reviews are stating. The fact that my neck pains are 99% gone are enough for me. I highly recommend this product. Phyllis G.

I received My Pillow yesterday. Last night, I don't remember waking up and tossing and turning!! I have to admit, I thought it was a "gimmick" when I first saw this product. I was wrong. It absolutely is so comfortable, I feel like a little kid with a new toy! My neck is usually very stiff when I wake up, and it takes a while to stretch it out. This morning, I can't believe that my neck has ZERO stiffness. We currently have.... 6 pillows all over the bed. (okay maybe 8 :). It actually looks like a pillow store, there are so many. Ridiculous how we keep buying to find comfort. It is now found..Today is the GET RID OF ALL THOSE PILLOWS day, and I am so excited. Thank you My Pillow, for selling an exceptional product - it is as comfortable as you promise. Now, I am going to order a pillow top! Terri B.

Why did you have to make them so comfortable???? Our 5 year old kept coming into our bed at night. Finally I said, "Here, take one of my pillows". After a couple of nights, I went to tuck him in to find he took my other pillow as well. "These are MY pillows daddy," and gave me his old pillows (complete with angry birds pillow case, of course). Our 9 year old was also having trouble sleeping. I got him the travel sized MyPillow, and it seems to help him relax and get comfortable so he can sleep. I don't hear the pitter patter of feet at 3AM any more. I guess I should replace all the pillows in the house. Thanks for making such a great product that everyone in the family NEEDS. Chris A.

Ok, I fell for this after seeing the infomercial for 2 years (now and then) and doing everything explained in the infomercial over and over again! My neck hurt, just like the explanation in the infomercial. I have probably 12 pillows at any given time wasting money hand over fist due to trying to find one that feels good. When I would find one, it wouldn't be long until I would wake up several times a night in agony once again to re-adjust and fall asleep again. Well, it is OVER! I got one of the MyPillows, and had the best night sleep ever! I usually sleep with a couple of pillows under my head, as well as a couple to grab on to. I took the one My Pillow when I received it, and went to bed, slept all night, and woke up with no neck pain at all. This is UNBELIEVABLE to me. I found I had to fluff up the model I selected to make it fit me best, so I ended up ordering the normal size My Pillow with the most stuffing, and now I don't have to fluff it at all. This pillow is really amazing. I have had a few weeks of waking up with no neck pain, and I am sold! Thank you. Shane

I'm a physical therapist and have been practicing for over 20 years. I have used/tested many pillows over the years for my family, friends and patients. I always try to research and use the best pillow when it comes to assisting with my patients whom are suffering with neck pain and headaches. For years, I have used and recommend a water based pillow. However, over time they would deform the bed mattress and, due to their weight, were not practical to take on trips. Recently, I purchased MyPillows for both my self and wife. I can honestly say it is an extremely comfortable pillow that has exceeded my expectations. I have discarded my water pillows and replaced them with a much easier to manage MyPillows. I am now recommending the MyPillow for all my patients, family and friends. Dr. Bill J.

After having suffered through back pain and not getting a good night's sleep, and looking at several high end mattresses, and not being really satisfied with any of them, I decided to research bed toppers. I decided on a MyPillow topper. I can't say enough good things about it. I am so pleased with it, and am resting better than I have in a long time! I would recommend this topper to anyone looking for a good nights sleep!! Thank you so much! Frances B.

i just received my 2 My Pillows yesterday. I must tell you, this pillow is amazing. I slept like a baby, with out moving all over the place. Your commercials are true - the pillow works and thank you. Ronnie C.

I used to use 1-3 pillows for sleeping on my side, back or stomach. Now, I only use my pillow. I love it. It doesn't get hot, and it adjusts very well. I fractured my upper arm and tore muscle off the back side, and this pillow adjusted just perfectly. I would recommend it. I own 26 pillows of all kind and, when company comes, I only need this one. Thanks for a great product. Margaret M.

I read just all the reviews. Half said great, and the other half said no good. So, I took the plunge and bought My Pillow. I washed them and put the pillows into the dryer with a couple of tennis balls. I couldn't wait to try them out. I was over joyed with the pillow, I had one of my best nights sleep in one heck of a long time. They are expensive, but I'm considering ordering 2 more and putting them away for when I wear these out. I don't understand why some people don't like them, one buyer said you won't be disappointed, and I for one, am not. No I'm not getting any kick back for this review and I'm a real person. Dona M.

As Goldilocks would say: Not too hard, not too soft, but just right. And we are no longer grouchy bears in the morning. These pillows are wonderful, easy to clean and so very comfortable. Thanks Mike for a great product! Lisa & Paul

Like the founder, I spent so much money on pillows that were supposed to be "top of the line", just for them to end up in the trash, or the guest bedroom. Being in the Army, I value my sleep when I get to have it. So, when my wife told me about the MyPillow, I was apprehensive about purchasing this product at the price that was being asked. But, since I wasn't getting comfortable with other pillows, and my wife was constantly having neck pain, we decided to give it a shot. And, I can honestly say, I have never slept better in my life with this pillow, and my wife's neck pain is virtually non-existent. Great product, I am actually considering purchasing the mattress top. This is a must buy. Rodger T.

I am a combat disabled vet, and have major spinal cord damage. I was at first a little afraid of the price, but my mind was blown - the pillows are awesome. I actually am comfortable at night again as it aligns my neck, and is perfect with my back. There is no more waking up with a stiff neck or shoulders that I can't move for hours after I get up. It's easy to complain, but at the same time, I have learned it is better to stop and say when someone is doing it right. Thanks....I actually look forward to going to bed, not worrying about how bad I'll feel when I get up. Jeffrey S.

I have had constant neck pain for the last two years. My wife has trouble sleeping through the night. I heard your commercial and talked my wife into buying one for her and myself. After 4 days, I am without pain and my wife is now sleeping through the night. We are so happy with the pillows that I just ordered two more for my son and daughter-in-law for Christmas.

I have to say that MyPillow really has made a difference in the quality of my sleep every night. I don't toss and turn as much as I used to because of neck and shoulder discomfort during the night, so I'm more rested in the morning. I have scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and my chiropractor said I should sleep on my back, which I now do most of the night. My Pillow (with a silk charmeuse pillow case) also stays just cool enough through my night/morning hot flashes as well. Thanks so much for a great, comfy pillow! Phyllis

I have had Fibromyalgia for 20+ years and cannot sleep without my three My Pillows. Love them! LeAnne

We just started using our king size pillows. I didn't sleep well until now. We really like them and would recommend them to anyone. Thank you. Richard M.

My pillows were given as a gift since I was suffering from neck pain upon waking. Virtually overnight, I have no pain at all and I mean all. Everybody in my family now uses this pillow, and we all send our thanks to the My Pillow company. Rick T.

Buying My Pillow was the best decision I've made to help my chronic neck and shoulder pain. I have since ordered 2 more, so that I can use one to travel with since hotel pillows are always too hard, too thick, too flat, etc.! I have fibromyalgia, and I also have arthritis in my neck and shoulder. Once the muscles get too tight in my neck and shoulders, I will also develop migraines when the nerves get pinched. If I don't have a pillow that fits perfectly under my neck, then the suffering becomes even more severe. My Pillow is the only pillow to be adjustable enough so that I don't wake up in the middle of the night with blinding pain and nausea. I'm so very grateful to the inventor, and I also like the fact I can support an American company. Thanks! Anna

Seriously, this is the best pillow I have ever slept on in 53 years. I have had a few decent pillows in the past, but compared to My Pillow, there is no comparison. It is a different feel at first, but after just a couple days with this amazing pillow, I was sold. We purchased two of the king premiums and I could not be more pleased. Lorraine L.

I have been using MyPillow for over two years and it is the best pillow I have ever owned.I will use MyPillow for the rest of my life! Rob S.

How can I ever thank you. My husband told me that if I bought one more pillow, he would throw me and the pillows out. This was only in jest, but really, all the discs in my neck are herniated, and I couldn't sleep for years. One night, I was watching QVC, and I bought My Pillow. Well, I thank you for my sleep, and my husband loves his too. I thank you so much. God bless you for making a truly great pillow and having MyPillows made in the USA. Renee W.

I LOVE MYPILLOW!!!!!! I take My Pillow with me to hotels and all my travels! Love it!...I have asthma and sleep apnea that it has helped! Thank You TC C.

I just celebrated my 77th birthday. I have driven my wife crazy most of our married life because of my heavy snoring. My Pillow solved the problem! Not only that ,it far exceeds all expectations - as you have advertised. So nice to find an honest product, American made. I also love washing it and finding it returned to it's normal shape. Please - never go out of business, and, if you do - send me a spare first! Thank you, Thank you, and God Bless you and America! Ed P.

The pillow is WORTH every penny! I thought we had nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain so we placed our order. Turned out to be the BEST money we've ever spent!! Since purchasing your pillow, it is the first time my husband and I have had a good nights sleep in years!....and we continue too do so!! No snoring, no waking up in the morning with back/neck pain, no tossing, and turning all's been wonderful! Say you can't afford it? I say you CAN'T afford NOT too! Nothing like a good nights rest! Guaranteed you'll wake up every morning feeling great! I highly recommend your pillow. Donna M.

I purchased 3 of your king pillows from QVC not too long ago. I had many problems with pain in my shoulder/neck due to injuries sustained during combat in “Desert Storm”. I am 1 of 3 men and 1 sister in my family that have served in the US Army during the war. My brother will be receiving this pillow from me as a birthday present. His injuries were so severe that they gave him 2 years to live. He is still with us, and will hopefully love how this pillow will give him the peaceful sleep that I have experienced. Pain Free! Thanks, Mark

I am 71 years old, and have had problems sleeping for about 54 years. I have worked 12 to 18 hours, 6-7days per week because I could not sleep. I tried all over-the-counter sleep aids, but nothing worked. I saw your ad on the Don Imus show, and bought 2 MyPillows. For the first 3 nights, I did not think they would work, but now I am now sleeping 6-7 hours each night, instead of 3 hours a night. I thank you, My Pillow. James D.

I have suffered from neck pain due to arthritis for several years. I also get migraine headaches occasionally, usually due to the neck pain. I have tried so many pillows over the past few years, spending $100s. The pillow collection I have amassed is impressive, but useless to me. I came across this pillow and ordered it with some skepticism. After sleeping on My Pillow for a few months, I'm happy to report my neck pain is now RARE, and my headaches are nearly non-existent. I never would have imagined that such an unassuming looking pillow could be so amazing. Thank you! Amy W.

I have not had a good night sleep since returning from Iraq for years because of injuries. I received your pillow as a gift for my birthday two months ago. It is the best gift I have ever received thank so much. I look forward buying a couple more. Respectfully, Mark B.

I am absolutely stunned about how much I like this pillow! I used to always toss and turn, re-fluff the pillow, and get neck aches because of no support. I LOVE My Pillow! What an amazing, comfortable night's sleep!!! Thank you so much!!! Stephenie

I received a My Pillow pillow and mattress topper a few weeks ago. I suffer from fibromyalgia and insomnia and have always had back problems. Since using my pillow and the mattress topper I have NO back pain and I sleep through the night! This has been a miracle to me, and I would highly recommend these products to everyone! It has been well worth the money! I can't thank My Pillow enough! Best regards, Jodie R.

I have Ankylosing Spondylitis (a Rare Form of Arthritis), and my spine is fused from top to bottom. So, I cannot sleep on my back, and am forced to sleep on my left side. This is the only pillow I have ever owned that lets me get a decent nights sleep. I normally sleep around 3 1/2 to 4 hrs., but now I can get 6 or 7 hours. I liked the MyPillows so much that I bought 4, 1 for myself, my wife, our daughter, and our daughter's husband. Thanks, Steve

I just had major brain surgery—a baseball sized tumor was removed from on my brain.The hospital pillows weren't very comfortable. I couldn't wait to get home to my “MyPillow” and my Sleep Comfort bed. Your pillows are amazing! Paula R.

I'm an airline pilot and constantly stay in hotels all over the country. Every now and then, I find a pillow that is just perfect for the night. Unfortunately, I can't take it with me the next day, so I've been constantly trying to replicate/find “that perfect pillow” for home. I've had mixed success over the years. Sometimes, I get a pillow that's pretty good for a while, and then it wears out or goes flat, or has to constantly be fluffed back up by putting it in the dryer with tennis balls. Between all the advertising that I couldn't miss and the guarantee, I decided to give “My Pillow” a try. I bought the “white” premium pillow. I've only had 3 night's sleep on it so far but I have to say at this point I am extremely impressed. I don't like firm pillows or pillows that are too large. But, at the same time, I like a pillow that supports my neck. Hard to find that combination... but this pillow sure has done the trick so far! If it holds up as good as advertised (which I expect it will), I think I have finally found my “perfect pillow”. I'll also say that it was a huge help to be able to call your 800 number and have someone knowledgeable help me pick out the best pillow for my particular situation. Thanks for a great product! Between my Sleep Number Bed and my new “My Pillow” pillow, I have found the perfect recipe for a great night's sleep!

I bought two “My Pillows” a few months ago. These are by far the best pillows I have ever bought. They keep their shape and firmness. Best night's sleep ever. Thank you My Pillow for creating a wonderful and useful product. Well worth the few bucks. John M.

I've spent hundreds of dollars on different kinds of pillows, hoping they would help me sleep better, and not hurt in the morning. MY PILLOW is the only one that has helped me! I do still get migraines, and I also have Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome (which basically means I have chronic “muscle” pain in my neck and shoulders). The pillow hasn't “taken my pain away” like some customers have said, but it makes SUCH a huge difference in my ability to sleep comfortably in spite of my chronic pain. It's hard to explain, but when I lay down on my MyPillow, I feel like it almost “cradles” my head, neck, and shoulders... almost like it “absorbs” the heaviness that gravity puts on my body. I LOVE my MyPillow, and my husband finally tried it, and wants his own! Sarah

On Christmas Eve, my husband gifted me the My Pillow. I was glad he had other gifts for me. A pillow that I had heard about from TV commercials that were silly and unbelievable was not a thrilling Christmas gift ... Until I slept on it that night. I have woken up with either a headache, sore shoulders or lower/upper back aches forever ~ until I woke up on Christmas morning 2014!! I now sleep through the night and have not woken up with anything less than a smile -- to not wake up in even an ounce of pain is a gift. I love my husband and know he loves me ... My Pillow means as much to me as our vows. Only now our 'new' vow is to sleep blissfully on My Pillows until our puppy wakes us up. Sounds silly, I know, but this Pillow has made such a positive difference in my nights sleep. This is the very best gift I received this Christmas! Thanks to my husband Rich!

My husband and I have now had our MyPillows for almost a month, and we're totally in love with them! At first, I was skeptical, but I followed the directions and put them in the dryer for 15 minutes each. Then came the first night...which was a bit tricky, I'll admit. I had slept with a down pillow for years, then changed to a pillow that was sort of like a cement block a couple of years ago. With that in mind, I figured the Firm MyPillow would be the best. That first night I did struggle a bit to get comfy, but I also slept pretty well. Then came the second night. I guess I had mastered MyPillow by does take a small bit of practice...because I really don't think I've ever been so comfortable in my life! And every night since then has been wonderful. My husband agrees. We are both sleeping incredibly well. And one of the things I really like is the light weight of the pillows. They are light as a feather, but firm and soft, and sort of mold themselves around us. I had heard that they are noisy and smelly...not true! Our pillows are quiet, have no scent whatsoever, and are just plain wonderful! I'm so glad that I got them. Jill D.

I ordered a Premium king size My Pillow to try. I have been using an expensive double system pillow from Sleep Number. I decided to give the My Pillow a try, and within the first night, I knew I had a winner! My husband tried my My Pillow, and asked me to order one for him...he also loves the good night's sleep he gets now. I have just placed an order for a My Pillow body pillow and case to assist me in sleeping when I have surgery soon – I can't wait to get it and start using it too!! BTW did I more snoring from either of us anymore! We get a great night's sleep. Thank you for these wonderful pillows. We are thinking about ordering the temperature controlled mattress topper next! THANKS again for our great nights of sleep!! Ann R.

I thought my wife was making a mistake by buying MyPillows. The best part is they are great pillows – My Pillow's ad is 100% true. I love my pillow. Neil B.

Since using Mypillow and the bed topper, (which I was skeptical about), my knee pains, and restless nights are getting better. I feel as if I am getting more quality sleep. I don't feel as tired when I get up as I did before. Jay W.

I have ordered numerous My Pillows. I absolutely love them. I have given them to both my parents , my wife, and both my children. Actually, my son stole mine and took it to college. So, I ordered another. I have never slept this good in my entire life. Thank you Mike. God Bless. Andy T.

I have had chronic neck pain for years. In September of 2013, I purchased a My Pillow, and within months of using the pillow, I am sleeping and feeling much better. My daughter also has neck troubles, and this September (2014), I decided to buy a My Pillow for my whole family. My husband has been using his and he said he likes it, he also seems to be sleeping better. I can't wait to give the pillows to my kids for Christmas to see what they think. Sally

I bought 2 pillows around 8 months ago and have enjoyed them so much that I am thinking about buying 2 more soon. I do not snore so much any more. Thank you so much, and glad they are made in the U.S.A. Charlotte B.

I had trouble finding a pillow. They quickly went flat, etc. Then, I came across My Pillow. It has been over a year since I purchased my first My Pillow, and I love it. I have washed it and it as good as the day I bought it. My daughter-in-law was complaining about her pillow. It goes flat, doesn't hold its shape, and she has trouble going to sleep at night. I mentioned My Pillow and how much I love it. She didn't want to buy another pillow and have the same problem. Since Christmas is coming, I decided to buy a set for her and my son. Mine is the last pillows I will ever buy. I have nothing that comes close to it. It is the best pillow on the market, and I am sure they will love them as much as I do. Thanks for that email over a year ago that made going to sleep so much better. I will never buy any other pillow for myself, it is the best pillow you can ever buy. Thanks for making a pillow that is the same every night, keeps its shape, and gives me the best nights sleep I have ever had. No more neck and shoulder pain, no flat pillow in the morning and not having to sleep with 2 pillows trying to get comfortable. MY PILLOW is the best!!! Garnet B.

My Pillow - how do I thank you for changing my world? I was so worried about being scammed by yet another pillow promising the world, but you have delivered! My life has changed with blissful sleep and no neck pains or headaches. This is some of the best money I have ever spent on myself. I want to tell the world about your incredible pillow. Thank you so very very much. Kim N.

I had suffered with severe neck and back injuries for years, and found sleeping next to impossible. On the very first night of using My Pillow, I slept more peacefully. By night seven, I was able to sleep very well. I will not travel without it! I have encouraged everybody I know to buy one. Seriously, this pillow is the best, BEST item I have ever purchased, and I wish a mattress could be invented. Regardless of its price, I would buy it. I cannot find one that works for me. Thank you so much for all the work and research that went in to inventing the My Pillow. Please feel free to share my information, and I am more than happy to help advertise this. Dr. Christine O.

I bought the king comforter, 3 green label, and 3 white label pillows. I have put these to use for the last 3 nights. I slept in the first day until 10:00 am. I never sleep in - like clock work, I have gotten up at 6-6:15 for the last 20-plus years. I was embarrassed to have slept in, but I have never felt so refreshed. The next night, I went to bed earlier (at 10:30), and I woke up at 6:30 bright eyed and ready, and got more work done than I have in a while, since my motivation was back. The third night, I went to bed at 10:00 and got up at 6:00 - my clock has returned. I used to get up 2-3 times to go to the bathroom before. Now, I sleep through the night. I can't tell you how thankful I am that I found your products, and wish everyone could get the great night's sleep I have had the last three nights. Thanks for caring enough to put the thought in making a superior product. Wish you all the best, you deserve it. Darrell L.

I love my pillow! I love love love it. Best pillow I ever owned, and I'm 60 years old. Thanks so much for inventing, MY PILLOW! :-) Thomas A.

I recently purchased two MyPillows from a shopping channel after seeing Mr. Lindell's demonstration. I could not have made a better purchase!!! After sleeping on it the first night, I awoke feeling refreshed and with NO neck problems. I also slept through the night, not waking once. I'm 64, female, and now I can sleep with no tossing or turning. Thank you, Mr. Lindell, for your perseverance, determination, AND keeping your manufacturing in AMERICA! GOD BLESS YOU!!!!! Kyle N.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've suffered from horrible night terrors. I've gone outside, taken showers, took apart a fan, and also went as far as to punch my boyfriend, all while I was asleep! I got really scared, and knew I had to do something about the terrors the night that I woke up after I had gotten my newborn son out of his crib! That really scared me, because I could have hurt him while having that night terror. Thankfully, I woke up as soon as I picked him up! I knew my night terrors were brought on by stress, and came to the realization that my bed and pillow were not helping me to get relaxed enough to sleep peacefully. Since I wouldn't sleep well, that would put more stress on me, and I'd end up having a night terror. So, I bought a new sleep number bed and 4 My Pillows! I got one for my whole family, because I wanted them to have a good nights sleep too! I'm proud to say that my night terrors have gone from 4 a week, to now only one or two a month!! It is AMAZING how much better I sleep! I've told so many people about the pillows. I can't say enough about how much I love them! They stay cool as you sleep, they don't break down (mine are now 3 years old and just as fluffy as they were the day I got them), plus they don't absorb that weird smell guys get when they sleep! They are definitely worth every cent and more!! Best purchase I've ever made!! Seriously!!! Erica P.

73 yr old female. Recent purchase. First night used was terrific. The very best pillow I've ever owned. Plan to get my pillow for each of my children and grans. Thank you for designing such a wonderful useful and successful pillow. Linda W.

In 2008, I had cancer in the base of my tongue and, after radiation and a neck dissection, I have had chronic pain in my neck. In 2012, I had a fall and landed on my head. I have since had fusion of 5 discs in my cervical spine in March of 2014. This pillow is the only thing I can sleep with. Sleep is the only time I don't feel pain, so I cherish every minute. I can't say thank you enough for this pillow. Even my wife, who sleeps with many pillows, will only put this one under her head now. Thanks again Tim

I just love My Pillow. I love that it doesn't flatten, that I can wash it. and that I sleep so much better and never wake with stiff or sore neck. Thanks, Michael. Theresa B.

I brag about your product all the time. I bought MyPillow 2 1/2 years ago. It is as nice as the day I first received it, and washes and dries easily. I have neck, arm, and shoulder problems and MyPillow has alleviated so many sleep issues. I bought Mypillows for everyone in my family. Before finding MyPillow, I was going through pillows about every 3-6 months. I am a believer. Jean

I love this pillow. The biggest problem I have is that my cats FIGHT over it and push me off..... I have never had a pillow my cats would lie on every day. I love it, and I got my family and friends hooked as well! Thanks! Michelle

I spent many years looking for a pillow to support my neck while sleeping. There were so many mornings I would wake with severe neck pain, headache and backaches. I purchased 50 different pillows, and none of them gave me the needed support. Since purchasing My Pillow, I have been amazed. I wake up feeling great! This pillow is the best pillow - and I have tried them all. My husband's snoring has decreased 70%. I was skeptical when I read about this added benefit of this pillow, but it happened! I will never own any other pillow. I plan to buy them for my grown children for Christmas this year so they can get restful sleep while getting the needed neck support. Thank you for such a wonderful product that stands up to the advertising! I share my story with many people so they, too, can get their pillow of a lifetime. Betty J.

Maybe it's because the pillow is so new and fresh. It makes me feel spoiled and cozy, like I am back to being a kid and sleeping over at my grandmother's house and being tucked in. I have to use the more advanced CPAP machine because of my very severe sleep apnea. Before having this pillow, I would wake up with the sheets pulled off the corner of the bed and with severe pain in the back of my head and neck, as though I've been walloped there with something hard like a rock or a shovel. But with this MyPillow the pain is 99.9999% gone-right from day 1! Love it! Donna H.

I am 61, and I love My Pillow so much - I will never be without it at night. It is the softest support I have ever found, and I sleep so well at night with it. It is the perfect pillow. You have got to try will see for yourself. Cindy

I can't believe I got to be over 70 before finding just the right pillow. I first ordered the My Pillow your website recommended, but that did not work for me, as I have always liked to sleep with my head elevated, even using two pillows sometimes. So, I just passed that one onto my hubby, and ordered the next pillow up. That has turned out to be my perfect pillow. I especially love how I can throw the pillows in the washer and dryer and put back on the bed that same day. I highly recommend the My Pillow for many reasons. Phyllis

This is the very best pillow that I've ever bought. After an endless search and buying countless pillows ... I saw your Infomercial on TV. I was very skeptical but, due to the 60 Day Money back Guarantee, I bought 2 of them anyway... That was the best purchase I've ever made. Both my husband and I are so happy and satisfied with them. No more neck pain or arm pain (since I am a side-sleeper) ... no more tossing and turning. Just restful and deep sleep. The pillow adjusts to your head and neck in whatever way you sleep. I have owned it for about 2 years and have washed it countless times, and find it always comes out like brand new!!! I can only recommend this Pillow to everyone out there – it is truly the very best Pillow on the market. Thank you so much for giving me back my restful sleep. Sincerely, Susanne

Thank you so much for creating a wonderful product that is reasonably priced. I too suffered for years with neck stiffness and pain. I have been using My Pillow for several years and take it with me when traveling because it is the only pillow that allows me to sleep in comfort. I can't wait to try the mattress topper! Sincerely, Nancy S.

Usually, I would wake up to some mild, but shooting pain in my right lumbar region. Now with the My Pillow pillow topper, I no longer wake up with back pain. Thanks. Conrad M.

I saw your commercial whilst on holiday in St Kitts. I have arthritis affecting 3 vertebrae in my neck and have spent hundreds of pounds on pillows from memory foam to feather. After seeing your commercial, I ordered the pillow, which arrived the day I got home from holiday. What can I say – WOW – I have not slept this well in years and I no longer wake up with a stiff neck and shoulders. I love My Pillow - I have recommended it to all my friends and I would not want to be without it. Thank you so much. Linda E.

I have had My Pillow for about 6 months now. Over the past months, I feel that I am able to sleep better, but last night really proved to me how much this pillow has helped. I am at the end of a bout with bronchitis and really need my sleep. I normally have 2 pillows on my bed and put the other pillow on the floor before I go to sleep. Last night, after putting the pillow down, I woke up after 20 minutes, couldn't get back to sleep for about 45 minutes and kept waking up every 1-2 hours. In the morning, I realized I had put My Pillow on the floor by accident. I am a true believer now!! Carole C.

This is THE first product I've purchased that was true to all the hype! No matter what position I sleep, nor how I move my head, the pillow adjusts to the perfect position. It supports my neck and allows my muscles to relax. I'm actually getting restful and much-needed sleep. I recommend this pillow to everyone. I've had down pillows, fiber-filled..all the others...NOTHING is like this pillow! And you can throw it into the washer and dryer?!?! I will NEVER sleep on any other pillow again! I'm going to order enough to pillow all my rooms. I can't wait to see the difference after my mattress toppers arrive! This is the real deal folks! Nancy

I cannot say enough good things about your pillows! They have changed my life! I recently bought two new ones as my wife needed a new one and I gave her my older one (which is just like new). Thank you for such a great product! Michael W.

We have had our queen size MyPillows for several years and I've given them for gifts. I am presently recovering from knee replacement surgery and the travel pillows are wonderful to put under and between my knees while I am sleeping. They hold their shape, are cool, and relax my knees to provide relief from the pain. Jan B.

For the past 12 years, I have had to spend the vast majority of every day in bed due to disability and pain. Using a pillow 20 hours a day, I have flattened big bulky ones into something resembling a thick towel in very little time. When my sister bought me a My Pillow, and she told me about the guarantee of it fluffing back up like new, I thought, “Yeah, right. It's nice now but let's see what it turns into in a week.” It's been several months now and has really held up. I'm not sure how it's done, but I'm impressed. I would love it if you guys made a U shaped neck pillow one day. Rob G.

I have FIBRO and definitely have gotten relief from My Pillow. Because of my pain, I have to sleep on my stomach. My Pillow allows me to do this because it stays where I put it and it does not crush and cause pain to the front of my body. I find I like the king size pillows because I can prop my arms up on the side and they stay in place. I bought My Pillows for my whole family and recommend them any time I get the chance. I am sleeping more comfortably and I am in LOVE with My Pillow(s)! Anne M.

I purchased 3 travel pillows. One for me, one for my husband, and one for my mom. They are amazing! I have used my travel pillow each night for the past two years for my main pillow at home. Now we are making the big decision to order full-sized pillows! I am sure we will love them, we have been so impressed with the travel size. I had surgery 6 years ago and my spine was fused from C5 to C7. I am still very active, but sleeping was just very different. The pillow truly helped me sleep. I couldn't believe it! In sincerity, this is the best, most useful, purchase we have made. Additionally, I absolutely love that I can wash them. They come out of the dryer all fluffed up and wonderful! Thank you for an amazing product! Joanne L.

After one night's sleep with the My Pillow(s), my wife was convinced that these pillows were magical. She had a good night's rest and didn't wake up with neck or back strains of any kind. After beaming from cheek to cheek, she told me to purchase more for our spare bedroom. And so, I did. Thanks, (Don) Imus in the Morning for swearing by My Pillow. Good recommendation, for sure. Michael G.

I have been sleeping on MyPillow since Christmas, and I love this pillow. Again, I love this thing: My Pillow! WOW! Thanks guys. Eric D.

My new My Pillow travel pillow just saved me from 4 nights of bad sleep at a hotel that had crappy, worn out foam pillows! Thank You for creating the travel size!!:) Becky M.

Before purchasing a MyPillow, I often had trouble falling asleep, and when I woke up in the morning, would often have neck and back pain and stiffness. MyPillow is truly a godsend!!! I feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful product. I have not had one bad night sleep since. It is truly a life changer! Thank you so much, MyPillow!!! Jennifer

I'm a 9 year cancer survivor...had to sleep with my head raised at a 45 degree angle till I got a “my pillow” last July...I had throat cancer and could not sleep laying because of “my pillow”, I can not only lay flat, but sleep through the night...“my pillow” is truly “my miracle”...thank you so much... Mike C.

I have MS, and I was sleeping on 3-5 pillows plus using a CPAP machine. I am down to only My Pillow. I gave the other ones to my son and, no snoring from him. My late husband died in 1990. I still believe he would be with me today if the doctors would have tested him for sleep apnea. I wish he would have had a chance to use your pillow. I love it. Sherry S.

I have my pillow for over a year and have never had a bad nights sleep. I have washed it several times and it is still as good as when first bought it. I will be taking advantage of your 50% offer and will give “My Pillow” to a friend as a Christmas present. Mary L.

Your Topper and Pillows are like Magnets. I always could sleep anywhere, only because I was tired. But, your Topper and pillows are like Magnets and want me to want to lay on them to get a sleep unlike I've ever gotten before in my life. A nap on them makes me feel like I've been on them for hours. Unbelievable. Tom A.

Bought two MyPillow's at our county fair. They are the best pillows I have ever had. They don't get hot while sleeping. Last year, I bought 2 for my son for Christmas - he loves them. This year, I will get 2 for my daughter and another for my husband. Throw them in the washer and dryer and they are just like new again. Debra

My Pillow is the best pillow I have ever bought in my 64 years. Every year, I have had to buy pillows because they either bunch up or go flat. Now, I only use one pillow to sleep - not 2 or 3. If I ever need another pillow, it will be a My Pillow. Thank you Mr. Lindell. Mike O.

After spending a fortune over the years trying to find pillows that wouldn't go flat after a few nights, I thought I had nothing to lose trying My Pillow. I admit I was skeptical! I was wrong!!! I ordered one for myself since I'm the picky one about my pillow. I have had it for at least 3 or 4 years. I've washed and dried it, and it comes out as good as new. It doesn't get as warm as other pillows, and I can shape it to fit the way I like to sleep. I take it everywhere I travel. I've taken it on vacations, cruises, and it has been to Japan 3 times to visit my daughter! I just never travel without it. If you are tired of wasting money buying new pillows, try My Pillow. You have nothing to lose. It's guaranteed or you get your money back.I finally convinced my husband to try it, and now I'm ordering him one. He loved it!! Give My Pillow a try. You will be happy you did. Renee

When I was single, I bought one My Pillow. Now that I'm married, my husband steals my pillow when he can. I love My Pillow. I have neck pain and when I lay down on the pillow I feel so much better. My head stays in the same place all night long. I have had my pillow for 3 yrs, and it is still in good shape. Darla

We have six My Pillows! What I like the best is that it is so easily washable...and the manufacturers actually want you to wash it! So nice to have a nice, clean pillow that is warranted for 10 years! No one can beat that! Marcia S.

I could not sleep without my MyPillow. I've been using MyPillow for 3 years now. I was having chronic migraines before MyPillow. Now I wake up refreshed. I'm going through menopause and my sleep was really irregular before MyPillow. Now I get amazing sleep. Thanks for everything! Amanda D.

"I have tried many pillows over the years, and have never found a great pillow until now. I purchased my first my pillow on QVC a year ago. I love my pillow, as it does what they say! You can mold the pillow to get the support where needed. So, I after taking my pillow back and forth to our weekend cabin, I decided to get another one. I've washed it and it comes out of the dryer like brand new! I have neck issues and my pillow cradles it where I need it. I definitely recommend My Pillow to be your pillow. Now I want my pillow for my husband and 2 daughters!! Jenny P.

I used to get frequent migraines and I would usually wake up every morning with a head-ache. Once I started using My Pillow, my migraines became fewer and my morning head-aches went away. I don't go any where without My Pillow. I have bought them for several people and they all love them. Thank you so much My Pillow. You have changed my life. Janell W.

I've had My Pillow for several years now and wish I had one before! I have never slept so well as I do with My Pillow and wouldn't be without one!! Thank you for true comfort! God Bless!! Kathy S.

I have to say that My Pillow is the best thing that ever happened to me. I was constantly waking up with dull headaches, sometimes migraines. Once I used My Pillow. I have woken up refreshed for 5 years now. I also suffer from fibromyalgia. My pillow helps keep the pain reduced in the morning. I am an RN and have to be at my very best in the mornings. My very favorite is the Premium pillow with the gusset. It's worth the few extra dollars for the gusset. Suzanne S.

I love MY PILLOW! I have 2 King pillows, one for my home and one for my suitcase for travel. I really like that I don't get a HOT HEAD while I sleep. I also have the little travel pillow and love it for my flights and also as my “cuddle” when I sleep. In addition, I also popped for the mattress topper, and that REALLY does keep the bed cooler. This was proven recently when my husband put the topper under our mattress cover and suddenly, I was warmer at night. Fixed that setup and now, it so much better! Deborah B.

I have purchased about 10 of your pillows. The first couple were the blue level, and a green level. I than ordered 4 of the standard pillows, and gave a couple away as gifts. I just bought the queen classic corded last week - 4 of them. I LOVE them as much as the blue level one I use. IF you ever make any more of the queen classic corded, I will buy another 4 for sure. Great pillows, as these My Pillows, are the best I have ever had.

I discovered My Pillow several years ago and ordered one. Because chronic pain from Fibromyalgia causes me to change positions often during the night, a side sleeping pillow or a back sleeping pillow would only be comfortable part of the time. With My Pillow, I can move from my back to my side to my stomach, and My Pillow adjusts automatically. It’s completely washable too. Sandy R.

Bought the pillow 10 months ago, and I would never go back. It is truly a great buy. When I first got mine, my husband said I was wasting my money, but now he is trying to claim my pillow every night. I also have Sleep Apnea and it works great with my mast and comfort. I LOVE IT. Kylie

I love my pillow topper, so happy to go to bed at night! Shelley B.

I was skeptical about this pillow, as I've tried soo many others. Memory foam, cooling pillow, fluffy ones, flat ones, expensive ones, but nothing has compared to My Pillow. I ordered my pillow for my hubby and me last week and it just arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to sleep with it. I have had headaches, neck pain, numbness. I slept with My Pillow last night and woke up refreshed. I have to say, Mike Lindell was right. It is the best sleep in a loooonnnnngggg time!! Soo glad I purchased this and am purchasing for my three kids next!! Mike made My Pillow affordable and I really appreciate that!! Julie R.

Wow! We got the Topper in August for our bed. For several years, I switched to sleeping in our recliner.....I could not tolerate the bed. With MyTopper, the muscles are able to actually relax because it gives just the right support. My husband also doesn't snore like he used to. I have returned to sleeping in bed now EVERY night since the topper arrived. That, coupled with the My Pillow and a couple of little go anywhere pillows, makes it hard to get up in the morning. But without fail, we have felt very rested. Thank-you so very much! Rhoda W.

I bought MyPillow about a year ago and would not want another!!!! I have slept better and my neck has felt so much better then before!!! I love MyPillow and am very grateful that you make such a product. Thank you and God Bless!!!!! Dale J.

When our waterbed bit the dust, we wound up with a conventional mattress with a pillow top. Sadly, it started to deteriorate after 5 years. Waking up with a backache became life as usual. I was limited to the amount of time I could be in bed before the pain set in and sleep became impossible. A couple of weeks ago my husband surprised me with a My Pillow Mattress Topper. This is absolutely a God send. I can sleep on my back, (which I haven't been able to do for years), or either side without pain or the need for a pillow between my knees. My body is supported and it's easy to relax and sink into the comfort of the topper.Life is great. I LOVE my new mattress topper!!! Thank you My Pillow for this great product. Ginger R.

After using just about every pillow out there, I finally gave in and tried My Pillow. It almost completely stopped my snoring, and I sleep hours at a time without waking up. I think I had some sleep apnea issues too, but I don't have anymore symptoms for that. Will get a sleep test to be sure, but I haven't slept better in years. I do use nasal strips and mouthguard, which now stays in place without using extra pillows. Ann C.

I LOVE MyPillows. I started with one, then got one to travel with, and soon had my husband talked in to getting his own pillow. Just last week I ordered one for my sister after her back surgery.......much better than flowers! Terryl B.

I bought four of your pillows. After I got mine, I was so happy, I got one for my Husband. He was so happy, I got one for my Grandson, then my Granddaughter. I have them all smiling and happy. I had neck problems for a long time but have no problem now. Best Thing Going. I am a 90 years young. Mary E.

I have two pillows - and finally bought a mattress topper. I love the pillows,and the topper is the greatest thing. So happy I splurged! Diane C.

I swear by my pillows. They're over a year old and I've washed them and they bounce right back to normal. Need to buy 2 more for my home in Florida. They give you a good restful sleep. Cheryl C. I love my pillow so much! I tell everyone! about it. I take my pillow everywhere I travel. Great sleep is so important to our health! For my children and grandchildren that throw their pillows on floors, plus use their pillows with sleeping bags, travel, etc.; the wash and dry factor is the best! They all have asthma + allergies. It's great to just pop in the washer and dryer! We all sleep better because my pillow is the most adjustable, comfortable pillow for all! :) Cynthia

We bought our pillows over a year ago. I have washed them and sleep on them every night. They are still as fresh as the day we bought them. I tried several before but this one is by far the best pillow ever. Marilyn K.

I purchased 2 pillows, one for myself and one for my son-in-law, who has Multiple Myeloma and has also had a broken neck. He takes his MyPillow whenever, they travel, and values it highly. Your pillow, is a Godsend. I am most grateful to be able, to provide him this comfort. My thanks to you for, inventing something that eases his pain. God Bless Sincerely, Maryann H.

I have insomnia and have spent thousands of dollars on all the latest and greatest pillows ever sold. I discovered My Pillow at a home and garden show. Since that first purchase, I have replaced all the pillows in my home with My Pillows. It truly is the BEST pillow I've ever tried - and I've tried them all. Sharon

MyPillows have been life changing for us. We were shocked to “hop” out of bed, walk upright at a normal pace, and have almost no stiffness the first morning after sleeping on them. Due to a serious accident, arthritis, and getting older, it has been YEARS since we got out of bed feeling SO GOOD! We are more mobile (even on stairs!), flexible, are FAR more rested, and feel younger! We bought one for my dad, mailed a set to friends in England (he has a bad back and; she just had hip replacement surgery), recommended them to dozens of family and friends, and we've only had them a month! We LOVE them and the little go-anywhere pillows too! Dave and Linda

I tried many different pillows to try and get a good nights sleep, but it didn't help - I was still tired. I have been using "My Pillow" for about 2 years now. I can honestly say it gives me the good nights rest that I need. And what's better than made in the USA? Jean M.

I looked long and hard for pillows that kept their shape. I have an injury in my neck from the Gulf War and I have Gulf War Disease. Every joint in my body is deteriorated. Now, I do not have the horrible pain in my neck that I had before buying MyPillows. I am more than happy. I figured If pillows were so great, then so must the mattress topper be. I was right. When mine came in, I put it on immediately I laid down, and shouted for joy. That night, I slept better than ever sense the War. Thanks! :-) Matthew S.

2 years ago we purchased 2 king sized classic MyPillows and they have been the best pillow purchase we've ever made. No more neck pain, which is an enormous relief. I have asthma, so was also concerned that they could be kept cleaned, but that has been no issue. I wash the two together in a front loading washer following the instructions on the pillows. When the wash cycle is complete, I run an extra spin before moving them to the dryer. I dry them using the instruction on the pillows. It does take a couple of dryer cycles before they feel completely dry and I do sit them out for the rest of the day before putting them back on the bed but, otherwise, no issues. And they honestly look and feel like new after cleaning. Gwen M.

I love, love, love my MyPillow mattress topper! Seriously, I suffer from nerve damage from a bad case of shingles. I used to wake up every morning in pain and my legs/hips hurt. Half way through the day I would end up standing at my desk at the office to work because my legs ached so much. I couldn't believe the difference that mattress topper made from the very first night I slept on it. My leg pain is GONE and the nerve pain is better. I think that's because I am sleeping longer at night, and not waking up tossing and turning like I used to. It was very easy to use and it was ready to go right out of the box. I love it so much I am buying one for my sister who suffers form severe chronic pain. I think this will really help her too. Thank you for making such an awesome product! Diane A.

I got my MyPillow topper yesterday. I slept so good last night – it was the best sleep ever. Nemeika J.

We decided not to spend $1200.00 for a new king mattress and got a My Pillow Mattress Topper instead. I also bought both of my grandsons a pillow. I also told my sister about a MyPillow newsletter e-mail after she called me and asked about the pillows I had been raving about. She said they had seen an infomercial and wondered if that was the pillow I had been raving about. I sent her the e-mail and she ordered 2 pillows for her house and called her son and told him to order pillows for his house too. I love your products !!! Christine P.

I love my pillows, I have 6! Carol H.

This is the best pillow ever. I was amazed when I washed it according to your directions. It remained just like it was when it was new. I like that I can sleep on my side or back and be comfortable using only one pillow. Thanks for inventing such a perfect pillow. Jan E.

I have never LOVED a pillow like this one. I sleep like a baby and my neck is so comfortable. My daughter and her family also bought four just this week because she tried mine and fell in love as well. Thank you. Tory F.

I've had my My Pillow about two years now. This is the first and only pillow that never goes flat. I sleep on it at night and sit with it at my lower back during the day. I am a 68 year old lady and have bought many, many pillows in my day. But I will not buy any other pillow but MY PILLOW! Janie M.

I just placed my second order for My Pillow pillows. My family has always slept on down pillows and my first order was placed with reluctance. The pillows were WONDERFUL ad we had the best night's sleep of our lives. We wouldn't use any other brand. I look forward to receiving my second order. Wanda B.

I bought one MyPillow, for myself about two - three years ago. I have a problem with my neck and the Pillow has made my life MUCH better! My husband snores and we have bought several boxes of nasal strips, attempting to alleviate the problem. I saw your ad on TV, stating that MYPILLOW would stop snoring. I bought him a new pillow and MYPILLOW STOPPED THE SNORING!! I can't thank you enough! He sleeps much more comfortably. He really does notice the difference. I will NEVER buy a pillow other than MYPILLOW! Debra C.

I've had My Pillow for almost 2 years now and I've been taking it everywhere when I stay away from home. I almost lost it shortly after I got it, because I left it at a hotel by mistake. I was heartbroken and uncomfortable for the 3 days it took for the hotel to ship it to my home. I've always had feather and down pillows, but I needed at least 2 to be comfortable. Sadly, they never lasted long. But since I got MyPillow, I've not missed my down pillows. I love how I can just throw it in the washer and dryer and it's like new, all fluffy and comfy. Can't do that with down or even polyfill pillows. Won't ever need or get another pillow again. Susanne M.

I have had a neck injury, issues with migraines and allergy issues. I have a very hard time finding pillows that are comfortable. I purchased one to try it and since then I had purchased a whole new set for my husband and I. My husband is very fussy with his and he didn't think he would like it; he takes it with him when he travels to the Hope Lodge while he goes through his chemo treatments! His snoring has cut back. I plan on replacing the remainder of the pillows with My Pillow! Thank you for a better nights sleep! Thank you for making them in America! Love my Pillow! :) Jane S.

WE LOVE our pillows by MyPillow... I bought your Mattress Topper because my bad back won't let me sleep all night. It came,,,,,Wonderful nights rest. Now I am ordering one for our full size bed for my wife. THANKS Arba H.

I was sick of buying pillows because of how fast they went flat. And if I tried to wash them, forget that, they would never be the same. I bought my first MyPillow five years ago and I have loved it ever since! You can not go wrong with one, they are comfy and washable! You can't go wrong with MyPillow!! Marilyn Z.

We were already happy users of the MyPillow when we heard about the MyPillow mattress topper. We decided to give it a try because of the 60-day money back guarantee. It is so comfortable. It's as if we purchased an entire new high end mattress. No pressures points, just comfortable zero gravity feel to laying on it. Our sleep quality has improved immensely. Snoring has been reduced also. Highly recommend. Ba L.

Next to my Bible - my pillow is the best thing I ever bought myself! Neck pain GONE after the first night! Sleeping better now - more so than in years! THANK YOU so very much! Bonnie S.

I am a dental assistant and have back and/or neck pain almost every single day. After having a severe neck ache for days, I decided it was time to get a new pillow. The super expensive, heavy, memory foam one I had received as a gift a while back was quickly becoming a cumbersome pancake. I hate pancake pillows. II broke down and decided to try this “as seen on tv” product that I kept hearing so much about. As soon as I put my head on it at bedtime I thought ok, this is comfortable. Awhile later I was even more amazed that it was holding its shape! And I was really amazed that it held its shape ALL NIGHT LONG!! And, you know what? When I wrote up in the morning -- no more neck ache!!! Even my back feels better when I wake up! I have only been using it for less than a week and the difference is astonishing. I am so in love with this pillow! I can't remember the last time I slept this comfortably. THANK YOU for this amazing product!!!! Danielle

I received My Pillow a few weeks ago and can not say enough about it. I love it, Since I started using it I have not woken up in the morning with a stiff neck. I also love the fact that it is washable. Nellie

I will never sleep without this pillow!!! My children got me one two years ago Christmas. I am single and just purchased a second one to have a “set”. I sleep better, sounder, longer and harder. I call it MY, My Pillow. I don't share either one!! Well worth the full price paid by my children and also my discounted second one....thanks Michael!!!! Janel S.

Thanks for replacing My Pillow. It was a painless procedure. Heard about ya'll on Imus have have used the products for 2+ years. Cliff H.

Just used My Pillow for the first time. Incredible! For the first time in decades I slept through the night. Kip M.

My wife and I each have a my pillow. It is the best pillow we have ever bought. And, we bought quite a few. Clyde

I received my pillow and the first night was amazing! I am a retired Railroad man, and my body suffers from a lot of neck pain and back pain.It is worth every penny and more to buy a My Pillow - you have a life time Customer! Thanks again, Chuck S.

I kept seeing the MyPillow commercials on television and dismissed them as “too good to be true” and expensive. My dad was in search of the perfect pillow, so one day, my mom purchased a few MyPillows and gave me one to try. I fell in love with it immediately and ordered another so I had two for my bed. Today, I ordered two more for my boyfriend's house so that I can sleep there just as well as I do in my own bed. I can't wait to get them - and also can't wait for my new go-anywhere MyPillows! Julie

I went to Ireland on a ten day trip and brought my MY PILLOW with. I shrunk wrapped it in a zip lock bag and I was assured a good night sleep every night. When you travel you never know what kind of pillow you will get, but I knew I would sleep well. I just fluffed it up when I got it out of the bag. No problems. Linda M.

Between my husband and me, there are four pillows in our bed: two decorative, one lumpy (his) and one I can't sleep without -- MY PILLOW! I take it everywhere, and there's no compromising. THE. BEST. EVER. So, Mr. Lumpy can continue to claim there's no difference, but... I fully intend to substitute a MyPillow for his grungy, old lumpy nonsense and then stand back to hear the rave reviews about "his best night's sleep ever!" C'MON, REALLY, PEOPLE -- these testimonials are the real thing! In fact, the only reason I'm still awake writing this at 10:05 PM is because MyPillow is comfortably scrunched behind my head... but it's seductively lulling me to turn off the lights and drift off. Nighty-night! Faith

My husband and I have come to enjoy the comfort of the sleep number beds in our home, but when we purchased our 2013 motor home, we found that it was equipped with a less than acceptable bed. We contemplated purchasing a sleep number bed for it, but I saw a commercial about MyPillow and thought it would be an easier fix. When I checked out your website, I was amazed at the cost (substantially less than another sleep number bed). My husband measured the mattress and we gave the dimensions to your fantastic associate who handled our order. When our topper arrived...the only words I can use to describe our gratitude is...zzzzzzzz. I will definitely not miss the sleep number bed when I am visiting other parts of the country in our motor home! What a difference your product has made for our comfort during vacations. Thank you, Marcella B.

I love these pillows. When I saw the commercial on TV, I didn't believe the testimonials. But now I can truly say that your pillows are just what you said. I love them so much. I only have your pillows on my beds. I have four bedrooms and I use the small ones when I'm reading. Thanks again for creating MyPillows Jessica B.

I have suffered from migraines most of my life. This pillow HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. Most of my migraines would begin in the middle of the night, or I would wake up with them. This would happen at least 2 times/week and, most times, left me bed ridden the entire day. I have been using MyPillow now for several months and have NOT woken up with any migraines...not one. I am so impressed with this pillow that I have even told my neurologist to suggest it to other patients. If you suffer from migraines, take it from a nurse thats been there and try this pillow. Jessica S.

I LOVE My Pillow. It adjusts for me so that I no longer have any neck pain. And, I used to have neck pain every morning! I notice I sleep on my back more often now, and that stops those creases from appearing on my face. Rosalie L.

Without doubt, this is the most comfortable pillow I have ever slept on! I heard your ad for at least three months on the Howard Stern Show, but thought this was just another hyped product. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I finally bit the bullet and placed an order. I was having terrible neck pain every morning until sleeping with a My Pillow pillow. I now wake refreshed. Thank you for a great product. Edward G.

I received my first set of pillows 2 days ago. I used them for 2 nights and never slept any better. They were absolutely comfortable and the best pillow I have ever slept on. Walter K.

I bought your My Pillow mattress topper. I did not want to buy it, as I was scared to buy it, and knew it would not work since I had bought 3 other ones that I wasted money on. I thought about it for days and then I finally did buy a My Pillow topper. I cannot believe it. IT IS WONDERFUL! We have a Tempur-Pedic King, XL adjustable mattress bed that we paid over $8000.00 for 3 years ago. For the most part, it is great. I have nerve neuropathy, and I am hot in this bed. Sleeping on the couch was cooler than the bed. I have bought cooling mattress covers, cooling sheets, cooling blankets, cooling nightgowns, and I have slept with ice packs, and nothing helped until now. Your mattress topper is wonderful I can't be more pleased. I feel so cool and comfortable. Thank you, Thank you Thank you. Carol D.

I just love my pillow, I have severe fibromyalgia and neck problems and have tried many different pillows to be comfortable. I can honestly say this is the best one I have tried. I like the way it cradles my neck and head with no gaps. I actually look forward to going to sleep at night. It has been one of the best things I have purchased. Donna

After hearing the interview on the radio, I ordered a MyPillow. Since using MyPillow, the pain that I have dealt with in my neck is much better, and I sleep like a baby. It is totally amazing how comfortable this pillow is - and I have had four or five different pillows in the closet that I used to change back and forth. Now I can throw them all out because “My Pillow” is the only one I need! John S.

It's really one of the best things I've ever tried. I've stopped snoring. I get less allergy headaches. And, it's very comfortable. Thanks so much for creating it. Ash

OMG... i have suffered from neck and upper back pain for almost 25 years due to a car accident where I fractured my neck. My Pillow is a GOD SEND!!! i've been using it for about a month, and I feel so much better!!! I am recommending this to EVERYONE I KNOW!!!!! Thank you so much!! oxoxoxo Lisa G.

For a very long time, I have been looking for a decent pillow. I have always slept on a feather pillows. Well, my feather ones are just about dissipated! I have been watching ads for My Pillow, but thought they were to expensive. After trying so many pillows, I decided to try one. One of the Home Shopping shows offered 2 at a decent price. Since I could make payments, I decided to try them. OMG! I fell in love with my 2 pillows. They were well worth the money. Soft, and they just wrap themselves around me. making my sleep wonderful. Thanks My Pillow! Sharon

I have two queen size MyPillows and I love them. I just ordered a king size because my senior citizen cat Olivia insists on sleeping on my pillow, and I have just a small corner. So, maybe with a king size, I can enjoy MyPillow. But, I absolutely love them!! I also ordered a pet MyPillow for my rescue dog Molly. Katherine W.

Last night for first time I slept on my new (MY PILLOW). This morning, I was in a really good mood: no neck pain, no shoulder pain or back pain. After 15 years, I finally found MY PILLOW. It has the right amount of filling: not too low or high.It is just perfect and worth every penny. Thank you very much for great sleep every night. Pouya A.

We are big Imus fans and have followed your story and product, albeit with some doubt. But, we took advantage of your recent promo and purchased two pillows. We are very pleased and much prefer the MyPillow to our down and conventional foam pillows. Now here's the proof of the comfort and quality of your product: Our Jack Russell Terrier normally rides somewhat restlessly in the back seat of our car on conventional pillows. On a recent 8 hr. trip, he had his choice of a MyPillow or two down pillows. It was no surprise that he pushed the down pillows aside and rested comfortably, 8 hrs. straight, on the MyPillow! We thought it was a fluke, but he did exactly the same on the return trip! Bottom line, MyPillow is a great product, and you now have a testimonial from Cooper, our Jack Russell Terrier! Debbie

As someone diagnosis with MS, I can tell you that it is hard for us to find a pillow that helps with neck pain. I have spent a lot of money trying to find one. I saw your commercial on TV and thought, “why not - I've tried everything else.” I am very happy to have a pillow I can fluffy up, curl up, beat up, wash and dry and still have a wonderful pillow that supports my neck My son came to visit and liked it so much that he took my husband's pillow. So, I had to order another one. I would buy more but I do not have the money since my medicine is so expensive. I would and have recommended this pillow to people.Thank you! Thank you for your time and may God bless you. Mary S.

I have had neck problems over the years, including waking up with headaches most mornings. In desperation, I was willing to pay anything to wake up refreshed. I liked how you give people time to try MyPillow and return if it doesn't help. I bought My Pillow 6 months ago, and have had a great nights sleep - until I went out of town and forgot My Pillow and got a kink in my neck. I am now ordering a travel pillow and looking into the pillow topper mattress pad. This pillow has made a huge difference in my life and I am SO thankful! I don't usually spend time writing reviews with such a busy lifestyle, but this one is worth it if it will help someone else. I recommend MyPillow to all my friends, and, those who have purchased MyPillow, really like it. Courtney J.

I have never contacted a company with positive comments about their product(s). I am 52 yrs old and have major neck pain and more. If my neck bends left or right toward my shoulder it causes temporary paralysis of the arm on that side. And, I have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine every night. So getting my head in exactly the right position is a big deal! I have tried MANY different pillows trying to get the support and stability that is absolutely critical given my condition, including my current memory foam pillow that quickly lose the consistency in the memory that I need (AND they are the most expensive on the market). None have really given me what I needed. I watch Don Imus every morning and have listened to him advertise your pillow.It was time to do something different, so I decided to try your product. Your sales person was surprisingly forthcoming with information about which pillow might be best suited for my needs. I bought pillows both for my wife and I. Your pillow has literally changed the way I sleep. I am surprised....very surprised and I could not be more pleased. I have slept ONLY flat on my back for years due to my neck problems. I miss sleeping on my side tremendously. So late last week, after realizing the support in Mypillow is so consistent all night, I decided to try turning on my side. With the MyPillow I was able to stay on my side comfortably for more than an hour. If you haven't been able to lie on your side in years, much less sleep, an hour on your side is huge. Besides the ability to sleep on my side, the pillow gives me the support, consistent stability, and just plain comfort that has significantly increased my sleep quality on my back. If this pillow helps me - a guy who has never written a company praising their product - with extremely complex cervical spine issues, I would encourage anyone with medical issues to try this pillow. It really is everything advertised and more. And in my experience the MyPillow is less expensive than most of the pillows I have purchased. I am writing this for two reasons; (1) I know what a difference this pillow has made for me and want to encourage anyone with neck problems to try it. I only regret I didn't have one years ago. (2) I did not anticipate (perhaps I've become a bit skeptical over time) a pillow that was everything advertised and that would actually help me so much. Thank you! Lisa L.

Thank God i can sleep. I am in love with the pillows. Mae M.

I got your MY PILLOW, and it changed my life for the better. I have had neck problems for years. I saw your infomercial on MY PILLOW, got one, and my neck has been better ever since. Now I've gotten your topper, and can't believe how much better I feel after only 3 days. My friend has the expensive foam bed and this feels exactly the same to me without spending $4000. Thank you so much for caring about people so much. Judith L.

Love, love, love my new pillow. Received it 3 days ago, and have had the best sleep for the past 3 nights. I was very skeptical ordering - not because of the price (I have paid that before with bad results) - but because of the guarantee you offer. I figured no pillow is that good. It took me 2 days after reading your advertisement in my local paper and lots of research to reluctantly place an order. This is a decision I will not regret. I have a surplus of pillows in my home: contour, feather, fiber filled, etc. Some were quite expensive, but none have given me a good restful sleep like the “my pillow”. Thank you, a very satisfied customer. Darlene B.

My wife and I were at the 2013 Wisconsin State Fair, and we stopped at the My Pillow Kiosk. We listened to the sales pitch. We really liked the “if you don't like it, get your it back policy”. We decided to try them. It was the best decision we ever made. The pillows are cool and comfortable, easy to fall asleep on, and easy to stay asleep. We have had these pillows now for 10 months. They are just as good as the day we brought them home from the fair. Try My Pillow, you won't be disappointed ! Thanks My Pillow for a great product! Jerry S.

These pillows truly changed my life. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis with subsequent spinal deterioration to the point I was taking medication went through years of injections, physical therapy, acupuncture, and on and on. With such a week immune system, the depression of my spinal cord became so severe I would wake up every 1-2 hours in excruciating pain, facial numbness and severe headaches. I slept wrapped in ice with no relief. I became desperate to get any relief. Four years ago, after another sleepless night, I saw the My Pillow commercial, and it was truly more than I could believe. I now never sleep without it -it continues to provide excellent spinal alignment in any sleeping position. My disease is systemic so I often have severe flair ups, and am unable to sleep in a consistent position. No matter my struggles, My Pillow has my neck and head in perfect alignment. I hope to be able to purchase the mattress topper this year. Sleep is the best medicine for my health and I had done it all medically with no relief at all. Thank you so much for this amazing creation I hope every person is able to enjoy My Pillow and enjoy sleeping again, waking up rested and rejuvenated to live another wonderful day!! My Pillow gave me back my life and hope, Thank you again! Brandy A.

For years I had massive headaches that occurred three or four times a week in the middle of the night. I saw the infomercial for your pillow and saw a guy give a testimonial about how it helped him. I purchased one at the local home show and my life since then has changed for I now sleep with the proper support and comfort. I tell everyone about this fantastic pillow and I cannot thank you enough for bringing it to us! Jim

I bought my pillow topper and love it. Sleep is so comfortable. It's the best - I stopped buying other toppers or looking for other toppers. I also purchased my pillows -soft- and my husband and I take our my pillows on vacations. I can't sleep without our my pillows. We gave away all other pillows to Goodwill. That's how amazing our pillows are. Thank you for making our lives comfortable. Thank You for making these amazing products. God Bless. Esperanza L.

It really is one of the best things I've ever bought. It's better than they even claim. I've stopped snoring. I get less allergy headaches. And it's very comfortable. Thanks so much for developing it. It's worth every single penny. Rob B.

I bought this pillow a year ago, and its still going strong and stays fluffy and full of life. I was buying those department. store pillows, and I would be throwing them away every 3 months. So,I ended up buying 2 more of your pillows and will tell everyone that there is finally a product that does what its supposed to do. Thank you. Ed

Bought one of your pillows due to surgery. First night home after surgery, using My Pillow was the best sleep in ages. It is so soft you melt in the pillow. I used to wake several times at night due to headaches, but, due to the support that My Pillow provides, I sleep through the night. Please take it from me just buy one try it you will love it. This is the best investment in me Ever! Thank You so Much. Ed D.

My husband and I got our king sized my pillows a couple months ago and we LOVE them!! They are amazing! I had a car accident 4 years ago and have had horrible back and neck issues ever since. My pillow actually gives me more relieve then any other pillow. We are 100% satisfied! I am now considering the mattress topper. Brittany

My husband has kept me awake for years with his snoring. I decided to check out these pillows. The very first night, his snoring decreased in intensity and volume. He is getting much more rest and so am I. We can actually sleep together in our bed. My morning headaches are gone too. Thank you. Linda T.

I am a senior who developed back pain sleeping in a "fetal" position. However, sleeping on my side, in a "legs straight" position, was uncomfortable and led to restless nights. I tried everything, until receiving My Pillow. Now I get a restful nights sleep with no backache. I sleep comfortably, on my side with legs straight out and no head or neck discomfort. It is so wonderful that I bought another set of My Pillows for our seasonal residence. Thank you for helping to make sleep enjoyable and painless once again! John M.

When I first bought My Pillow, I thought I had wasted my money on yet another uncomfortable pillow. I couldn't sleep on it due to the "chunks" poking my sensitive ears/cheeks. Out of desperation, I got it out again recently and tried putting 2 pillow cases on it,(the first one tight and the second, looser). That worked! It took just enough of an edge off the chunks that I get no more pokes, and have been getting the best nights' sleep I have had in a very long time. Thumbs up to My Pillow! Pam

I am less restless with this great pillow. Feel very well rested in the mornings. My shoulder is bad and THIS is the Goldilocks pillow for that too, just like David V. says. It's - just - right!! I have bone on bone in one knee. Perfect for that too. We don't need to FIGHT our pillows during the night, especially any injured areas. This is soooo great - and so user friendly! :) Thank you for this GREAT invention! Joanna J.

Thank you for creating such a great pillow. I bought one for myself and one for my husband. My husband is constantly complaining about the 7-10 different types of pillows we have because none of them were comfortable. Last night was the first night we used our my pillows and not only did we both sleep better, the pillow kept our heads cool (which is a big deal here in Phoenix), and it drastically reduced my husbands snoring. My husband is a trucker and just left with one of the travel pillows I got with my order. The quality of sleep with this pillow was the best we have ever had. Who knew a pillow could make such a huge difference? Thank you Mr. Lindell and God Bless You! Christine

I went back a forth whether or not to invest in "My Pillow". I went to a RV show in downtown Saint Louis where a representative from "My Pillow" was there. I STOPPED LOOKED AND WALKED AWAY. Three months have past and there was a spring Garden Show that my wife and I attended. My wife knew that I had been looking at "My Pillow" in the past so she purchased a Green King size "My Pillow" and, being that I am a larger man she, purchased a Blue King size for me. The pillows are the best investment we have made. Matthew

I am extremely picky about my pillow due to long time neck issues. I was unsure about the MyPillow due to the cost. This pillow is like sleeping on a cloud. It provides great neck support and made it through my washing machine very well. I am only upset I waited this long. I would recommend this pillow to anyone. John S.

For years I had massive headaches that occurred three or four times a week in the middle of the night. I saw the infomercial for your pillow and saw a guy give a testimonial about how it helped him. I purchased one at the local home show and my life since then has changed for I now sleep with the proper support and comfort. I tell everyone about this fantastic pillow and I cannot thank you enough for bringing it to us! Jim

I bought my pillow topper and love it. Sleep is so comfortable. It's the best - I stopped buying other toppers or looking for other toppers. I also purchased my pillows -soft- and my husband and I take our my pillows on vacations. I can't sleep without our my pillows. We gave away all other pillows to Goodwill. That's how amazing our pillows are. Thank you for making our lives comfortable. Thank You for making these amazing products. God Bless. Esperanza L.

It really is one of the best things I've ever bought. It's better than they even claim. I've stopped snoring. I get less allergy headaches. And it's very comfortable. Thanks so much for developing it. It's worth every single penny. Rob B.

I bought this pillow a year ago, and its still going strong and stays fluffy and full of life. I was buying those department. store pillows, and I would be throwing them away every 3months. So,I ended up buying 2 more of your pillows and will tell everyone that there is finally a product that does what its supposed to do. Thank you. Ed

Bought one of your pillows due to surgery. First night home after surgery, using My Pillow was the best sleep in ages. It is so soft you melt in the pillow. I used to wake several times at night due to headaches, but, due to the support that My Pillow provides, I sleep through the night. Please take it from me just buy one try it you will love it. This is the best investment in me Ever! Thank You so Much. Ed D.

The best thing I did in 2013 was buy My Pillow! I have severe neck problems from arthritis and have gone through at least 12 different types of pillows and then kept looking. My sister told me about this wonderful pillow, and I will always be grateful. I bought two. My husband likes a completely flat pillow so I did not think he would like it, but I was wrong. He loves it and I don't really get it. Because It is a soft, fluffy scrunchable pillow, it is great for the neck and it firmly cradles your head at the same time. It is perfect for us. I fluff it up in the dryer every month or two and it is like brand new again. Almost two years...I am still happy. Julia H.

It is truly amazing that something as basic as a Pillow can touch so many aspects of your everyday life. When I first heard of My Pillow on WGN radio in Chicago I was ready to give it a try based on the endorsement of Steve Cochran a trusted personality here in Chicago. Yes it seems like a lot to spend on a pillow, but I can tell you this: I have not slept as soundly in years and as the days pass sleeping on the pillow seems to be helping in other areas as well. Congratulations to "My Pillow" and thanks to it's inventor for having the perseverance to stick with his discovery through thick and thin. Buy one asap and you will be a believer like my wife Patty and I. Now I remember how to "Sleep like a baby". Ken K.

I have a closet full of all sorts of pillows. FINALLY "my pillow" has solved my problems of discomfort while sleeping! I've told several friends and now the majority of my friends are also sleeping better with my pillows! Thanks for such a great invention!! Debra B.

I sent for your pillow thinking that maybe the statements made about what the pillow could do for me might not be true. Well, the first night, I was able to sleep through the night and awake refreshed. I wouldn't own any other pillow. Thanks, Mike and God bless. Paul R.

I was going to have to buy a new mattress, but I thought I would try the Topper first. I just bought the Topper a week ago, and I have had a good night's sleep ever since. I love the pillow too! No neck and head aches when I awake. I take the travel pillow with me whenever I travel. Great products. Priscilla M.

Bought 2 of your small pillows for the car. I have a neurological disorder and am sensitive to strain of arm rests while driving. I use pillows to rest my arms on while traveling in the car. When my husband drives, the small pillow makes a perfect head rest with the passenger seat reclined. I bought them with the pillow cases, which are easy to keep clean. Loretta H.

I've had surgery on both shoulders, and suffer trying to sleep for years. I have gone through many beds but still no relief. We have had your new king mattress topper for about a month now, and I've never had such good nights sleep. Not once have I hurt since sleeping on this piece of heaven. I used to to turn from side to side every hour on the hour, it seemed, because my shoulders would hurt so bad. Now I can finally get a good night sleep. This is the best invention since your pillow, which we have had for a couple years and LOVE them also! I can not thank you enough for coming up with such a great topper. I would say this is a must for anyone like me...older and hurts all over! I had forgotten what a good night sleep was. It is worth every penny also, I tell everyone about it! Thanks again an keep up the good quality products you make. You are top of MY list for sure.... Syl C.

I would definitely recommend. Judy H.

Just wanted to let you know that I love your pillow. In fact, I ordered a second one a few months later as I get a good night's rest with it. I highly recommend it to everyone. Much Thanks, Mike M.

I have bought many pillows, some way more expensive than the "My Pillow", but none have worked for me. I change positions during the night so pillows that are designed for one position definitely didn't work. The "My Pillow" allows me to change positions and still wake up without a sore, stiff neck. I love this pillow and take it with me in our RV. I highly recommend this pillow!! Kathy S.

About a year ago, I purchased a "My Pillow". I LOVE IT! I was shopping a couple months later at a "Savers" store (thrift shop) and found among the pillows another "My Pillow" and I didn't hesitate to take it home because I knew I could wash it and it would be for my wonderful husband. Last week, we got up one morning and put the TV on in the kitchen, as we usually do, and low and behold there was an infomercial for the "My Pillow Bed Topper". Well, we had been talking about getting a new mattress because we use to have a "water mattress", and I could not sleep on it because we were told we didn't need a heater and it was cold, and I could feel it drawing on my bones. We got rid of that mattress, but kept the "water box spring" aka a wooden we got a new mattress (and that was 1997). Well it is a king size and is very difficult to turn, let alone flip. We needed a new mattress but the $1200.00 price tag for the one we inquired about was way too much for us to afford. We had just been visiting relatives in Florida, and there was a foam topper on the bed we slept in. It was great. So when we saw that infomercial for the "My Pillow Bed Topper", I called to see how much a king size would cost. It was under $ we ordered it....that was on a arrived by FedExpress in the middle of a snow storm on Wednesday. It went on our bed immediately....IT IS WONDERFUL.....the only thing is we don't need as many covers as we had been using. I slept last night from 1 AM until 8:30 AM without waking up once. I can't remember when the last time was that I slept that good. I use to get really hot feet.....NO MORE....I am so pleased with my "My Pillow and My Pillow Bed Topper" that I sometimes can't wait to be able to get into bed for a GREAT nights sleep. I am usually a tummy sleeper but with the "My Pillow Bed Topper" I am sleeping on my back and my sides. I couldn't do that before because I would hurt when I got up or even to roll over but NO MORE.....I AM SO PLEASED and I will tell everyone we talk to about this and how it has changed our sleep. Christine P.

The best pillow I ever had. I don't have to move it, shake it of fluff it to make it comfortable, I just ordered 2 more for the rest of the family. Marie H.

I too, was skeptical about the purchase of these pillows. My husband suffers from ankylosingspondylitis (a very harsh form of arthritis) and he has never found a pillow that gave him a restful nights sleep...until now! He loves it, and so do I. As for myself, I was having a headache almost daily. And, while they have not completely subsided, getting supportive, restful sleep every night is helping. I will order again in the near future. Love that these pillows are washable and love that they are made in the U.S.A.! Wishing you and your company much success! Raelynn

I just think that you should know that your product is truly amazing. I'm not the kind of person who sees a commercial or infomercial and buys everything there selling. However, I am such a bad sleeper that when I watched yours and heard your guarantee I thought what the heck. I asked for and recieved the My Pillow for Christmas and I haven't had a bad nights sleep since. I used to have trouble falling asleep as well as sleeping through the night. Ever since the first night on the My Pillow I have gotten nothing but but peaceful, restful sleep. Thanks for that! Shawn J.

I suffered from numb arms and neck pain constently. After using MyPillow for a few nights, I noticed that my arms were not numb in the morning. I feel that I am sleeping better and not waking up in the night like I used to. I will be buying a MyPillow for everyone in my family. KN

I have had My Pillows for quite a while now, and I love them!! So, I decided to try the new Mattress Toppers. Wow, what a great investment. I sleep better, and don't toss and turn trying to get comfortable all night. There is nothing like a good night's sleep and this product makes that possible. Laurie S

When I used to see the infomercials for My Pillow, I used to say to myself, “there is no way I would spend that much for a pillow”. I was having a problem with neck and shoulder pain when I got up in the morning for months. I tried many different pillows and nothing worked. I finally broke down and purchased MY Pillow, and this is the best investment that I have made in a long while. I am sleeping well at night, and when I get up in the morning I do not have any more pain. I have washed it twice and it has not lost its shape. I love how fluffy it is and if I need to adjust it, I just turn it over; lay my head down and it feels so good. Thank you so much, I wish you made a mattress! Dora J.

I was skeptical about purchasing these pillows, but I have suffered from migraines for years and my husband has arthritis in his back, so we thought what the heck.....we've tried them all! We absolutely LOVE these pillows and the fact that they can be washed is amazing! I have always thought pillows could be so "gross" because you never knew how clean they were....well now you can control that yourself by washing them! I hope to purchase a couple more of these in the near future! Another refreshing thing about these pillows....they are made in the U.S.A. LOVE that! Raelynn R.

I LOVE this pillow. I bought it a year ago and it is the best pillow I have ever had. Very comfortable and having support for my neck helps a lot.. My hubby says I snore so I guess the pillow didn't work for that! Lisajo S.

I can't wait to tell you all about this mattress topper!!! I am 75 years old and have had trouble for the last few years with any mattress we bought. We spent a lot of money on Seely, Kingsdown, etc. Then, I had to send my pillow back to "My Pillow" and, in finding out how to do this, I met a lovely salesperson from your office and she told me about the mattress topper. She even called me from HOME to encourage me to buy it. So I did and I will tell you - there is nothing like it in this world. I am now sleeping straight through for at least 7 hours each night and waking up rested and feeling well. Haven't felt this was for years. Thank you Mr. Lindell for having such loyal and kind employees! I don't know if I would have taken a chance on this topper if your saleslady hadn't been so kind to me. Bless her heart !!! Dee S.

I recently had shoulder surgery, which is impossible to sleep afterwards. This time though, I had MyPillow and, by propping it up against another pillow, it engulfed me and allowed me to sleep every single night. I have had this pillow for two years but have told 3 people about it in just the last week. It might be everyone in the family's Christmas present this year. Thank you! Jill F.

About a year ago we bought 2 king bed pillows: one for my wife and one for me. I love my pillow - it helps me sleep much better at night. It conforms to where I put it, and I don't have to keep readjusting like I did with my other pillows. I believe I pretty much lay in one spot all night. As for my wife, she doesn't know how it works, because her dog took it and won't give it up. When it's bed time, he hurries and gets on the pillow before she does. So funny. Even our dogs like them. Tim T.

I have spent so much money trying to find a pillow that I find comfortable. To tell you the truth, I was skeptical of My Pillow. I broke down and bought one and I absolutely LOVE it. It is well worth the money. Most comfortable pillow I have ever owned. No lie. Lori

I still snore and so does my hubby, but the only claim I can make is that "My Pillow" is still fluffy and will shape to my neck just the way I want it to. I take it with me on road trips too. It is the best pillow I have ever owned by a long shot. Thanks. Linda G.

I have had my king-size pillows for over a year now, and I must admit that when they first arrived I did not like them at all. They were much to firm. I like flat pillows. I finally decided to take some of the foam out, and actually made a smaller pillow to keep in or truck for when we travel. That did the trick! My new, flatter pillow is great! I laugh because I punch holes for my head, and just the fact that my head can lie lower while still getting support from the rest of the pillow is just what I needed. I love my pillow and carry it with me when we go out of town...thanks Virginia H.

The little flag flying on the pillow is second to none - the American people have jobs. I haven't slept through the night in years due to back injuries, and I have been in pure misery for so long due to back injuries that couldn't heal due to lack of sleep. Michael, the inventor of my pillow is a Christian and I pray God blesses him for helping me rest. The pillows are wonderful and they are what their description says they are without a doubt. I am proof. Carolyn R.

I have MS and osteonecrosis (bone death), which caused huge sleep issues, since I could not get comfortable. I've had My Pillow for a month, and I have been sleeping all night. If I get tired during the day I will lie down and fall asleep because it's so comfortable. Thank you for this pillow. I was skeptical, but it really works. I would like to get a couple more to put in my sore areas (hip replacement). I have never written a testimonial because normally I accept what I get but this time I have found a product I can believe in! WOW! Christy

We are so glad we found My Pillow. It is the last pillow we will ever have to buy and we have spent a lot of money on other pillows. We are totally thrilled with My Pillows. Thank you. Gloria S.

Finally, a firm pillow! I love my pillow! Denise S.

Best money spent. LOVE love love my big pillow. Previous neck surgery years ago and have spent a lot of money on pillows over the years and still tossed and turned, waking up all the time. I sucked it up knowing I was at the end of my rope buying pillows. This pillow has saved me a lot of grief and pain – I now get sleep. I recommend trying this pillow. I knew it had 30 or 60 days to return. That was why I ordered one. Never returned it... Love love my pillow. Thank you Charlotte T.

I have been wanting to write a testimonial for awhile. I have given My Pillow quite the test for awhile. It passes with flying colors. This pillow is definitely one of my favorite things in my life. Sounds a bit silly, but it makes such a difference in my quality of sleep and how I feel when I wake's amazing. It's a breeze to wash and dry...and is recommended to do so. When I travel, I really try and take it with's going with me to Paris soon. Do not hesitate to buy one. Gail S.

I purchased a My Pillow last summer and it is my best friend! I take it with when I go out of town! I love it and sleep with it every night and when I watch TV – I have it with me to help me relax! Thank you for making My Pillow as I don't know I ever slept without it!! Linda M.

For years I've been frustrated over any pillow I've purchased, and believe me, I've tried them all ! One night, December 2012, I was watching the infomercial on "My Pillow" and thought why not try one since it's a money back guarantee. I'm here to say it is the best pillow I've ever purchased and will never buy any other brand. Brenda S.

Best pillow I ever owned and even take it when I travel by auto or plane. It has improved my sleeping patterns also. Julia C.

I want to let you know we received the pillow I bought for my husband. I've been awakened quite frequently by my husband's snoring, so my sleep pattern was constantly being disrupted. From the first night, my husband has not snored once. I cannot thank you enough. I'm going to buy one for myself next month. I admit I was a little skeptical, but the remarks from actual consumers on the infomercial convinced me to try, and your money back guarantee convinced me to try. Judi S.

I originally ordered MyPillow and it was too big for my liking. So I returned it. I was disappointed as everyone raves about MyPillow. However, I ordered a travel pillow and loved it. Then I noticed the note on the website about downsizing MyPillow if you use to a down pillow (which I had). So, recently I took a chance and ordered a smaller MyPillow and give it a try. It's fantastic !! So, thanks for the posted note regarding down pillows, it made quite a difference and I'm hooked. I also ordered the pillow cases and I'm glad I did. I heard of MyPillow through Imus radio. While listening to Imus today, he advertised the MyPillow mattress topper. Tony mentioned he loves it and "you could put it on bricks and it would be comfortable." It dawned on me, after hearing Tony's statement, that I love to camp, have overnights with family/friends, and kids love sleepovers (even college students- they'll crash anywhere). Most often we're sleeping on a hard surfaces. Any thought of creating MyPillow sleeping bags? I may not be the first person to bring it up yet I though it would be worthwhile to ask. I admire your recovery and philanthropy Mr. Lindell. Especially helping and hiring the "unreachable". I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 12/12/12. It was caught fairly early, Stage II, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. I had surgery to remove my tumor, chemotherapy and radiation treatments which ended in July 2013. Due to MyPillow, I've slept like never before. I can't believe the difference. It's incredibly therapeutic and crucial to get a good night's sleep. My fatigue is subsiding. It makes all the difference in healing and keeping up with my full-time job which I love. So, my sincere thanks for developing this product. I will tell all my "Breast Friends" to give MyPillow a try. Ellen

I have gone through pillows like people go through tissues. So buying one more pillow was the norm for me. But after buying the My Pillow, it was the LAST pillow I have bought! So, knowing how pleased I am with the My Pillow I'm taking a chance that the Pillow Topper will deliver the same Wow results! I have nothing to lose....I'm hot, hubby's cold I need to do something to regulate and get some sleep! Thank you LR B.

OMG!! I have been waking up with a headache for the past three years at least 3 times a week. First I blamed them on the fact that I was not sleeping well. Everyone said "you need a new mattress!" ...$2800 later I had a brand new pillow top mattress! Still waking up during the night.. Still having the the headaches! "Try Select comfort" they said. "Guaranteed the most restful sleep you've ever had!" Still waking up...still with the headaches! Back to the pillow top!! "It's the price you pay once your over 60. "See a Chiropractor" they said. Saw your pillow and decided to try it! My head hits my pillow at night and I'm out like a light I sleep completely through the night and have woken up feeling refreshed ever morning since I started using it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! It's nothing short of a miracle !! Joan B.

Mr Lindell, I began having neck problems since I had a wreck in high school 15 yrs ago. I went through about 20 pillows since that time. I bought a queen sized blue pillow at the Dallas auto show this last year, but was extremely skeptical and had almost given up on getting a good night's rest and not waking up with neck pain. Since that time, my wife says I am a new man, as I have been much happier because I feel better. I have since bought a total of 5 more pillows to give to family and friends. I also recently bought the topper which I will try out soon. I am also an internal medicine physician and recommend your pillow to everyone. Thank you so much for your hard work and your invention. I am grateful. Wes I ordered the pillow. I then had buyers remorse. I tried to cancel it, but it already shipped. I was told to refuse it when it arrived. When it arrived, I received and used it that night. I slept soundly, in deep sleep - no neck pain, not tired from lack of sleep. Boy, am I glad I got my pillow. I'll be ordering one made to fit. I'm a disabled vet. I'll order it as soon as my check gets in. David A.

My husband and I don't leave home without ours or we don't sleep well. I bought one for a gift for someone for Christmas. She thanked me saying "I used to wake up every morning with a headache and now I wake up refreshed since I started using the pillow on Christmas. So, thank you so much." She will soon have a serious shoulder surgery and I know that pillow will go along with her to help provide support and comfort! Judy H.

I love "my Pillow'. I have spent a lot of money on pillows over the years and I love these. I use the round Bolster pillow every night and love it. I have 3 on my bed, one at our camper and one on my couch when watching TV, We have a standard in our Ice fishing house. They wash up great. I could not be more happier with this purchase. This is one TV commercial that I am glad I watched and made a purchase. THANK YOU. (and thanks for making the pillow cases for the Bolster) Loretta E.

I've never had a pillow perform as well as this one does. Since ordering MyPillow a year ago, the problems I had with falling and staying asleep have virtually disappeared. When I do get up in the middle of the night, I fall right back to sleep, something that was a challenge for me before. After trying more than 2 dozen other brands over the years, I can finally say, "This is the one." Joe T.

I bought my new pillow yesterday. Expected to wake up with a headache from trying a new pillow, plus I usually need a flat pillow due to neck problems. This seemed a little too lofty before I used it. I slept in one position on my back all night & didn't wake up once. This morning I woke up refreshed & felt great. I'm very excited about this pillow. Hope I continue to have the same results tonight. Have wanted to try this pillow for a long time & glad I finally did. Thank you Mr. Lindell.  Marilyn S.

I have the king mens side sleeper color blue pillow, and I just love it. My best friend, who has Fibromyalgia like i do, swears by this pillow So, i went and bought one, and I  sleep better than I once did. The pillow is so comfortable, and i can't stand to be without one now. When i have the money, i am buying my hubby one because it really is awesome. It doesn't go flat and it shapes to you .In the future, I hope to buy the pillow topper and bolster pillow for my legs for more sleep comfort in the bed we have right now. Everything is so worth it, and the prices are reasonable – it's a great investment. When i have a bad migraine, if i lay down and put MyPillow under my head,  it really helps because the pillow doesn't put pressure on you -  it conforms to you. I love all the my pillow products.  Tina R.

At Bed Bath And Beyond, while I was shopping for new pillows, a lady told me she was buying 2 more My Pillows because her family loved them. I bought 2 on her recommendation. I put them in the dryer and we slept with them last night. WOW! I will be buying more of them for the family this Christmas. They really make a difference in how well we slept!  Joe C.

I have never been able to find a pillow that gives me the enjoyment of a complete nights sleep. My wife suggested the My Pillow & I purchased two from QVC. I should have listened to her sooner. No words describe the comfort & durability of these pillows. I have had them for 5 months & they are as advertised. I would recommend these to anyone. They are worth the investment for a sound sleep.  Pat L.

I searched for years for the right pillow. I first heard of My Pillow when watching American Choppers build a motorcycle for you. I did some research and couldn't bring myself to spend the money on something I couldn't even touch and feel. So when I saw that Bed Bath & Beyond sold it, I thought why not give it a try. And oh my.....and I ever glad I did. I have since bought one for my husband, daughter and recommended it to countless others that have the same pillow issues I did. Thank you for a wonderful product!  Connie L.

I bought my pillow in April. Loved it. It started getting flatter this month and I was worried that I made the wrong purchase. I contacted My Pillow and they immediately prepared an exchange. Got my new pillow yesterday and slept so well last night! Love My Pillow!  Lisa R.

When I first saw your advertisement I thought it couldn't be true. But, I had to try "yet another pillow", just in case. Bothered with nightly stiff neck, allergies and snoring on both our parts, I thought we'd never get a good night's sleep. When the pillows arrived, I was so happy to see how well even the pillow covering was constructed. Sometimes, it looks good on line and then arrives and actually is a less than desirable. The first night proved all the other testimonials I had read to be true plus more! We both could not do without our MyPillows! We take them to hotels now and we just can't do without them for even one night! Thank you thank you. They are definitely worth the money. MADE IN THE USA!  Nan M.

When I saw you on television, I really wondered if it could be true that I could actually sleep at night without waking up constantly with neck and headaches. My pillow is MY PILLOW … and it is wonderful. I love the way it snuggles under my neck and head providing just the right amount of support. I used to feel panic before going to bed at night because I dreaded the long painful nights of neck and headaches and not being able to sleep. I'm ordering another. Thank you!  Pat W.

I ordered my pillows a couple years ago and just love them. Then a few weeks ago I received the email message advertising the pet bed at a great price. I purchased it for my dog, and gave it to her for her one-year anniversary of getting freed from a puppy mill. My Whitney is hesitant about most things so I wasn't even sure she would use the pillow. She started out by putting her paws on it, It only took a week until she began scratching at it and arranging it in just the perfect position for her. So now she sleeps on it all the time and loves it. I am so thrilled she enjoys it and that I purchased it.  Anne C.

In my job, I drove forklift for over 7 years, and in doing that, spent a lot of time turned and craning to look over my shoulder, because you have to drive backwards when carrying a load. The last year, or so, I started having cervical neck spasms and severe pain. Chiropractic and therapeutic massage did a lot in helping that, but, I still had pain. My chiropractor recommended the most popular memory foam pillow, and I tried a few, but none really fit me well, or were very comfortable. When I saw the My Pillow advertisement, I decided to try one. I've had my My Pillow since March 2012. I LOVE IT! 6 weeks after getting mine, I ordered one for every member of my family. Every claim the My Pillow company makes is completely true. I will add one suggestion to the using of only 100% cotton pillow case, which, is to use a pillow case that is generous in size. If the case fits too tightly, it "bounds" the My Pillow, dis-allowing it to conform to your unique shape. My neck pain is so much better, and my chiropractor confirms that I am holding my alignment much better since using the My Pillow. Thank you so much My Pillow!!  Debra L.

After a back injury at work followed by an auto accident, I had neck pain for a year. I was receiving regular chiropractic care and massage, which gave me some relief, but the neck pain would not go away. I read about MyPillow and purchased one at your booth at the Mother Earth News Fair in Tacoma. It was a great decision. The support MyPillow gives to my neck is terrific – I now wake up refreshed – and feel better throughout the day! Thank you! K. R.

I bought my new pillow yesterday. Expected to wake up with a headache from trying a new pillow, plus I usually need a flat pillow due to neck problems. This seemed a little too lofty before I used it. I slept in one position on my back all night & didn't wake up once. This morning I woke up refreshed & felt great. I'm very excited about this pillow. Hope I continue to have the same results tonight. Have wanted to try this pillow for a long time & glad I finally did. Thank you Mr. Lindell.  Marilyn S.

I have the king mens side sleeper color blue pillow, and I just love it. My best friend, who has Fibromyalgia like i do, swears by this pillow So, i went and bought one, and I  sleep better than I once did. The pillow is so comfortable, and i can't stand to be without one now. When i have the money, i am buying my hubby one because it really is awesome. It doesn't go flat and it shapes to you .In the future, I hope to buy the pillow topper and bolster pillow for my legs for more sleep comfort in the bed we have right now. Everything is so worth it, and the prices are reasonable – it's a great investment. When i have a bad migraine, if i lay down and put MyPillow under my head,  it really helps because the pillow doesn't put pressure on you -  it conforms to you. I love all the my pillow products.  Tina R.

At Bed Bath And Beyond, while I was shopping for new pillows, a lady told me she was buying 2 more My Pillows because her family loved them. I bought 2 on her recommendation. I put them in the dryer and we slept with them last night. WOW! I will be buying more of them for the family this Christmas. They really make a difference in how well we slept!  Joe C.

I have never been able to find a pillow that gives me the enjoyment of a complete nights sleep. My wife suggested the My Pillow & I purchased two from QVC. I should have listened to her sooner. No words describe the comfort & durability of these pillows. I have had them for 5 months & they are as advertised. I would recommend these to anyone. They are worth the investment for a sound sleep.  Pat L.

I searched for years for the right pillow. I first heard of My Pillow when watching American Choppers build a motorcycle for you. I did some research and couldn't bring myself to spend the money on something I couldn't even touch and feel. So when I saw that Bed Bath & Beyond sold it, I thought why not give it a try. And oh my.....and I ever glad I did. I have since bought one for my husband, daughter and recommended it to countless others that have the same pillow issues I did. Thank you for a wonderful product!  Connie L.

I bought my pillow in April. Loved it. It started getting flatter this month and I was worried that I made the wrong purchase. I contacted My Pillow and they immediately prepared an exchange. Got my new pillow yesterday and slept so well last night! Love My Pillow!  Lisa R.

When I first saw your advertisement I thought it couldn't be true. But, I had to try "yet another pillow", just in case. Bothered with nightly stiff neck, allergies and snoring on both our parts, I thought we'd never get a good night's sleep. When the pillows arrived, I was so happy to see how well even the pillow covering was constructed. Sometimes, it looks good on line and then arrives and actually is a less than desirable. The first night proved all the other testimonials I had read to be true plus more! We both could not do without our MyPillows! We take them to hotels now and we just can't do without them for even one night! Thank you thank you. They are definitely worth the money. MADE IN THE USA!  Nan M.

When I saw you on television, I really wondered if it could be true that I could actually sleep at night without waking up constantly with neck and headaches. My pillow is MY PILLOW … and it is wonderful. I love the way it snuggles under my neck and head providing just the right amount of support. I used to feel panic before going to bed at night because I dreaded the long painful nights of neck and headaches and not being able to sleep. I'm ordering another. Thank you!  Pat W.

I ordered my pillows a couple years ago and just love them. Then a few weeks ago I received the email message advertising the pet bed at a great price. I purchased it for my dog, and gave it to her for her one-year anniversary of getting freed from a puppy mill. My Whitney is hesitant about most things so I wasn't even sure she would use the pillow. She started out by putting her paws on it, It only took a week until she began scratching at it and arranging it in just the perfect position for her. So now she sleeps on it all the time and loves it. I am so thrilled she enjoys it and that I purchased it.  Anne C.

In my job, I drove forklift for over 7 years, and in doing that, spent a lot of time turned and craning to look over my shoulder, because you have to drive backwards when carrying a load. The last year, or so, I started having cervical neck spasms and severe pain. Chiropractic and therapeutic massage did a lot in helping that, but, I still had pain. My chiropractor recommended the most popular memory foam pillow, and I tried a few, but none really fit me well, or were very comfortable. When I saw the My Pillow advertisement, I decided to try one. I've had my My Pillow since March 2012. I LOVE IT! 6 weeks after getting mine, I ordered one for every member of my family. Every claim the My Pillow company makes is completely true. I will add one suggestion to the using of only 100% cotton pillow case, which, is to use a pillow case that is generous in size. If the case fits too tightly, it "bounds" the My Pillow, dis-allowing it to conform to your unique shape. My neck pain is so much better, and my chiropractor confirms that I am holding my alignment much better since using the My Pillow. Thank you so much My Pillow!!  Debra L.

I had been on the hunt for the perfect pillow for years! I tried foam, down, premium polyfill, gel, and even those noisy bean thingies. I still woke up with arm pain and numb hands. I watched the infomercial and thought "sure, nothings this good, this will be just like every other pillow"....but guess what? It isn't! It truly is a revolutionary new pillow that is different than all others and actually stands up to it's claims. It's supportive, but soft. Totally silent, unlike those horrible bean things! But my favorite thing about My Pillow is...I can shape it however I want! I don't think consumers realize that this pillow is filled with interlocking foam pieces that allow you to "rearrange" them into differing shapes to satisfy your personal preference. What a concept! I love My Pillow, I can't ever go back to those flat polyfill, or those expensive down pillows. Try My Pillow, you've got nothing to lose but maybe you'll have something to gain. A good nights sleep! Karen H.

I've had My Pillow for three days now and I am never sleeping on another pillow again! My neck feels much better due to the support that MyPillow gives it. I plan to order another one for my husband. Amy

I purchased My Pillow about a year ago, It has really changed the way I sleep. My neck feels so much better due to the support it gets. I sleep so much better - less tossing and turning. I love My Pillow!! Although I still snore, I'm happy to have my neck feeling better. Dianne A

I have severe neck pain and started using my pillow about 1 year ago. This pillow is the best, and I have tried them all. It It conforms to whatever way I sleep. I sleep side, stomach and back, and it works either way. I am definitely going to try the new pet pillow for my older pets. Thank you. Judy C.

I was skeptical about paying such a high price (high for me) for a pillow, but I had heard a lot of good things & David assured me that I could return the pillow. Well...that night, I slept like a baby AND I fell asleep soon after I laid my head on the pillow. My next purchase, when I can afford it, is a bed topper. I love my pillow!!! Veronica C.

I think people are always skeptical about products sold online or on infomercials. So like everyone else I did my research. I had been having trouble with my neck and shoulders along with not sleeping very good. I always woke up feeling like I just went to bed tired along with the feeling like someone beat me with a bamboo cane all night. I had to find a solution to my problem. Then one day I saw an infomercial about this to good to be true pillow. Yah right I said to myself. So I started to do some homework. I found some reviews on YouTube some people swore by there pillows other people were not so kind. I wanted to see this pillow first hand before I spent that much money. I found a place where I could check this pillow out touch it feel it talk to the guy that was selling them. After talking to the guy that owned the franchise for my area and exactly what would happen if I didn't like the pillow. So I spent the money and took them home. I got one for my wife and I. I think I need to mention here that I've tried a lot of pillows before. None of them lasted more than a year. Even when brand new none of those pillows ever gave me the support that I have experienced after a full year with "My Pillow". I sleep on my side and because I use what is called a CPAP for Sleep Apnea so I usually never move at night. With my old pillows I was always flipping the pillow over in the middle of the night cause my face felt like it was frying on one side. I can say that My Pillow lets me sleep through the night with very little discomfort. My Pillow has stayed firm the material inside hasn't broken down like other pillows. During the summer I do sweat a lot at night and when I get into real deep sleep I have been known to drool..... lol. My other pillows I couldn't wash when they got stained. I have washed My Pillow and it came out all nice and fresh. After having My Pillow for a year now I have been very happy with the comfort level. So I bought 2 regular sized pillows. We travel to the kids houses and got tired of carting our king sized pillows along. The smaller twin sized pillow I can roll up and wrap it in the plastic that it came in. Just unroll it fluff it up a bit and your good to go. Got 2 travel pillows for the car in the deal too. I can tell you before hand the firmness of the My Pillow does take some getting used to. But if you want your head supported correctly than I guess it has to be firm. Good luck I hope this has helped. And no Mike is no relation to Gary H.

I've had my pillows now for about three months and I love them. I don't wake up with a sore neck anymore, I sleep better through the night and they stay cool. they are also great for reading or watching TV in bed as they stay the way I prop them up. I'm going to get pillows now for the cat and the dog! :) Randy H.

I purchased mypillows for myself, my husband and my son. My son is a young adult with a severe physical disability, cerebral palsy. He uses a power wheelchair and sleeps in a hospital bed. I purchased the pillows looking for a more comfortable pillow. What I got was an unexpected surprise in addition to the comfort it provides! My son would wake us up almost every single night and ask us to roll him over so he could change position. After he started using his mypillow he stopped waking up at night and is sleeping through the night. So are Mom & Dad. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Love and appreciation from the Notte Family! Joyce N.

I have purchased many many pillows through out my life and just before I purchased MyPillow, I paid $100.00 for a piece of junk. I swear on my life that MyPillow is the best pillow in the world. it goes far and beyond all claims is is said to do. I totally love it and plan to now purchase the mattress topper and I'll be in heaven. Jeanette D.

My pillow is my best friend and is simply amazing! Can not wait to get my new topper, just order one! Tracy I. For years I used a Tempur-pedic pillow, this totally changed my life...but I started having some issues with the pillow and decided to make the leap! Haven't looked this pillow and now I'm getting one for my husband and excited about getting the travel size one as well in my next order. Laurie L.

I watched an Infomercial about the MyPillow and told my husband about it. He bought one. I tried his one night and fell in love with it! It was sooo comfortable. I dragged my feet for months, and during that time kept stealing my husbands pillow. He usually goes to bed after me, so I would steal his pilliow until he came to bed and would slide it out from under me!.. I would also sneak into bed before him, steal it ....and every now and then he wouldn’t take it back....most times he would say...I want "MyPillow" back. Finally ordered by we are both comfortable.....even though I miss my little stealing game..... Michele

This is the best pillow by far that I have ever used. I have neck problems and now I get much better sleep and wake up refreshed. Thank you for such a great product. Justine P.

I am not one to leave feedback for the most part, but I do have to say, after only two days with this pillow, I am sleeping better. I have had three shoulder surgeries and have been suffering with pain and numbness all night long for years. Now I sleep through the night! This pillow is amazing and am a life long believer and will tell everybody I know. Gary S.

I love MY Pillow! As a vendor I would watch countless pillows flow by my booth and I'd ask myself every year for two years “what is the deal with these pillows”, and even asked the price of them when someone walked into my booth. I thought - too rich for my blood. So, at the end of the second year, I went and checked out your booth. Not only did I walk away with a pillow, but I bought one for my husband as well. He has sleep apnea and usually slept with 4 pillows. Well his apnea hasn't changed, but he sleeps with only 2 pillows now: one being his my pillow and the other is the one he puts over his head (don't ask me - he says its something he has done and can't get away from since the military). The only thing I would change is I would have gotten a smaller one (I got the white and its too thick), and change my dreaming. Yes, I get a good nights sleep, and the good support for my neck gives me a good sleep, but I have crazy dreams lol. I have so many of them - and they are in color. Great job on making these in the USA and making a great product. By the way when we travel we bring our MyPillows. Barb L.

Alright, so I know what you're thinking. Here's another paid spokesperson claiming how good the product is. WRONG. I was just as apprehensive as you. 100 bucks for a freakin' pillow? Nope, I said. Then I decided, what the heck, what's the worst that could happen? Well, it's been over two years now and this dang thing still has that support and cushion that it had day one. It will sag over time. All you have to do is fluff that bad boy and it's “hello support”. So here we have it. A "seen on TV" product that actually freakin works. Kudos to you Mr. Lindell. You've made a darn fine product. David W.

My husband brought my first My Pillow home a couple years ago and I loved it SO much that the next year he bought the My Pillow Body Pillow. This year, at the fair, he told you (Mike and Nick) that I was pregnant with our third boy and that I love your products, but my body pillow was pinching in the middle. At the end of the fair you brought an EXTRA stuffed pillow to him and he gave it to me… IT IS FABULOUS!! I have been sleeping SO great in this third trimester! I still like to steal Dave’s My Pillow for when I roll to my other side but he is much happier that I don’t have it every night all night long. I am truly grateful for your kind offering. You guys are the best and your product is the BEST! I recommend My Pillow to everyone!! Reagan O.

I purchased My Pillow and I am blown away by how effective it is. I was rather skeptical as I like others have purchased so many others pillows making promises to be the best pillow. This is by far the best pillow I have ever slept with and cannot imagine not having it. I thought I would have a transition period but from the first night I was asleep within minutes of resting my head. Also I woke refreshed from a deep restful sleep which I have not experienced in my adult life. I have already decided to purchase for my parents in Europe and will be replacing all the other pillows in my house. Please do not ever discontinue this product. Once again I thank you. Nicola S

I was very skeptical when I saw the lumpy pillow I had just bought, thinking maybe after 7 years of trying to make the perfect pillow all ended up cut up and put into this one. Was I ever pleasantly surprised! I wake up with a headache on a daily bases but after the first night, I was waking up refreshed.. Don't be put off by the look of this pillow it really is the beast one I have used ever. Tracy

I bought My Pillow around a year ago now and it has been wonderful. I have 3 herniated discs in my cervical spine plus cervical spinal compression and this pillow has allowed my to get restful sleep. Before buying My Pillow, I purchased many over the counter pillows some that were inexpensive to the expensive brands and I could not get a restful nights sleep. I would be tossing and turning all night, each time waking up and purposefully turning my body and head position to a comfortable spot. I was in pain and not getting a good nights sleep. With My Pillow those days are over. I sleep comfortable through the night and I'm getting a good nights sleep. Thank you, My Pillow! Lori K.

Last year I purchased two king size pillows. I am 75. Of the dozens of pillows I have had in my life, these are by far the best. I am a real consumer and the praise is unsolicited. They wash easily and maintain their shape and performance wash after wash. Truly amazing and nice to know that some advertising on TV where I first saw My Pillow is real. Gary D.

I want to let you know that i ordered " MY PILLOW ' two weeks ago. I got them in the mail last week and let me tell you what happened. I just had rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder Aug 9th about eight weeks ago. I could not sleep in bed for fighting with my pillow. It's a feather pillow. Slept on it all my life. But i had fought with it, wadding it up,trying to get where i could sleep. But with no prevail , was up in my recliner all night. While watching TV i saw your advertisement. I ordered a large for me and a small for my wife. Well let me tell you since i got my pillow i have slept the best i have in eight long weeks. Really i guess my whole life. The pillow fits to my head and shoulder to where I'm in line. My son uses the travel pillow that i got as a free gift. My wife has noticed a change in her sleeping also. I wish i had ordered them earlier. I will not be without my pillow anymore. Regardless of where i go. It will go with me. I have told everyone i know about my pillow. It's better than any pillow i have ever tried to sleep on. All i can say thank you. Wish i had it a long time age. Also due to the surgery i have to sleep on my right side or my back since surgery was on my left shoulder and will for several more months. I now go to sleep and stay asleep. Thank You. I live in Bryson City, North Carolina. Larry R.

I love this pillow! I was turning and pounding my old pillow at least 4 to 5 times a night. Since buying this pillow, I haven't turned it once! It has stayed cool and fluffy. Even my breathing is better since my head stays up higher. Everything they advertise, is true. I highly recommend this pillow. Trish M.

I saw 10 minutes of your infomercial and ordered My Pillow on line. When it arrived & it was "bumpy", so I thought I'd be sending it back. I couldn't fathom how a bumpy pillow could be comfortable. But it is the best pillow ever! Every night I tell my husband how much I love my pillow. Now I think he is jealous of my pillow! Thank you so much for this wonderful product. Merry S.;

My wife and I watched the ad about My Pillow and thought it to be like a lot of the rest; too good to be true. But with the warranty, we decided to buy two of them. It has been over a year and a a half, and we are still happy with our purchase. The pillows really live up to what we hoped they would be. The best pillow we ever bought. Most, by this time, had to be replaced, but My Pillow is still the best we have had in many years. They still have the shape from day one and are still just as comfortable. The most I have EVER spent on a pillow and well worth it! Dale W.

I have had the privilege of owning MyPillow for a year now. It's my honest opinion that this product provided me with one of the best years of my life in terms of sleep. Like the butterfly effect, better rest allowed me to get in much better physical shape, prolonged concentration, & overall body comfort rose beyond any expectation from a pillow. With this new found time, I created a successful blog, and launched a discovery engine online last year, all because I wasn't as tired as before. Until you do, you really don't know how crucial pillows can be. Nobody ever paid me, or asked me to write this. I usually never leave product reviews, but here, I feel if I support a worthy product, then it can only be improved, since this company seems to know what they are doing. I'm 30 years old next summer, and I'm excited about all the things I will be able to do feeling rested this year. Aleksandr P.

I bought my pillow about 2 years ago and it's still in great shape. I previously spent 100.00 on a down pillow, and before that more money on other types of pillows. I had been waking up for years with neck pain and headaches and thought this would never change. I saw MyPillow on TV and decided to try it. Now, I have been able to wake up refreshed for 2 years. This is the only pillow that helped me sleep, all others failed. I will be forever grateful to MyPillow for creating a product that actually works as advertised. Robert M.

Absolutely love MyPillow! I have both Fibromyalgia & Multiple Sclerosis. Without this amazing product I doubt I'd get much rest at night. Thank you for offering this true Godsend! Katie S.