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Headaches & Migraines

Migraine is a chronic disorder, where people have recurring moderate to severe headaches. Often, these headaches are accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to smells, light and sounds.

There have been many studies about the triggers and prevention of migraines. Some of these studies have pointed to sleep issues as a trigger for migraines. For example:

A migraine study researching “Migraine Prevention and Sleep" aids in migraine prevention by the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, found that "Sleep often terminates migraine headaches, and sleep disorders occur with greater prevalence in individuals with chronic or recurrent headaches".

A study by the National Institute of Mental Health on migraine prevention and sleep emphasized that "sleep problems should be evaluated among people with migraine" as an aid in migraine prevention.

MyPillow can help your Headaches & Migraines

Mike Lindell invented and patented MyPillow® to solve the problems associated with sleep. MyPillow's interlocking patented fill adjusts to any sleep position and keeps your head and neck supported properly for you as an individual.

Migraines - Video Overview:

Over 36 million Americans suffer from migraines on a daily basis. Three-fourths of these migraine sufferers are women.

In this video, Mike Lindell, CEO and inventor of MyPillow®,  talks about selling MyPillows® at home shows and hearing about people having headaches and migraines, either before they went to bed or during their sleep. They were flip‑flopping all night and then waking up. Once they were awake, they couldn't get back to sleep because of their headaches.

So, Mike started theorizing why this was happening, since people were saying that this was not happening when they used MyPillows®. His theory is that your eight cervical nerves on each side of your neck need to relax first, then your muscles relax, and then your blood flow slows so you get into a deep REM sleep.

When you are sleeping on pillows that go flat, your neck gets bent and you're waking up, causing sleep interruption. Anyone that has had headaches and migraines knows that their muscles are working overtime to try and keep their neck straight on a flat, non-supportive pillow.

MyPillow® is the answer to that. MyPillow's® patented interlocking fill lets you mold the pillow to get the exact pillow you need - no matter what position you sleep in. And, you set the MyPillow® and it stays: it takes six pounds of pressure to hold a MyPillow® pillow in position, and your head weighs about 12 pounds, so your head holds your unique position all night. So, your neck will stay straight, and it will not be pushed up by a pillow that is springy, and it is not going to be pushed down by a pillow that has gone flat, like a down pillow. It is going to be the exact pillow for you, all night long.

So, now that your neck is straight, your cervical nerves can relax, your muscles can then relax, and your head stays in the right position for you all night. So, when you wake up, you feel refreshed, you have gotten that great REM sleep that you need, and you don't have all the sleep interruptions and pain that people have to endure.

Mike gives a 60‑day money back guarantee if the MyPillow® doesn't work for you. But you can read all the testimonials. They say it created a miracle in people's life. And, really, sleep is a miracle. Sleep is the most important thing for your health, and now, MyPillow® is the most important thing for your sleep.


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