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MyPillow® Migraine Prevention and Relief Testimonials

Migraine testimonials

I love My Pillow. I mainly purchased it for my migraines and allergies. I used to wake up most mornings between 3 and 5 a.m. with a horrible migraine resulting in me being up for the day. I work full time and have a family, so I really need my sleep. Since I purchased My Pillow I no longer do that. It has been amazing. I can also say that when I am asleep it is a deep sleep. I tell everyone I know about My Pillow and how it has worked for me. Thanks for making such a great product.   Kathy A.

I suffer from migraines. This is the best pillow I have ever slept on. I would like to extend my most sincere appreciation - finally a pillow worth sleeping on.Thank you and God Bless. Frank

I suffer from migraine headaches and have had to wake up several times a night to re-arrange whatever pillow (and some quite expensive) to adjust to help me get a good night's sleep. Needless to say when I purchased "My Pillow" I was still very skeptical as to whether I would really find a difference from all the others I had purchased. Well I take it everywhere with me and will order a 2nd one to have so I will not be without a MyPillow. Thanks for such a great product!!!!!  June M. 

I have debilitating migraines, chronic daily headache, tension headaches, and idiopathic stabbing headaches, in addition to severe neck problems. I saw this on TV in the middle of the night and thought "the odds are incredibly slim that this will make a bit of difference, but I'll try it" - and it HELPS. I was desperate to take the step of buying something from an infomercial, but it has made such a difference in my life. I will not sleep without it. I know you have doubts, I certainly did, but I can't explain to you what a difference this has made in my life. I wake up with less pain; I go to sleep easier; I sleep longer and more comfortably. It's not a cure, however, the difference in pain from sleeping on expensive name brand pillows/memory foam pillows/multiple pillows to sleeping on my My Pillow is very noticeable. Even an hour nap on a "normal" pillow results in neck pain which isn't there when I use my My Pillow. Try it. For someone who has the neurological problems I have, the relief that My Pillow offers is priceless.  Lauren Ann 

I have gotten the best sleep ever on these pillows - no headaches, neck cramps, and I fall asleep faster since I have had these - and no longer get up to fluff my pillows. I highly recommend these to anyone.   J.O. 

I have had this pillow for a month now. I have tried way too many pillows  - very expensive ones. I always woke up with pain on one side or the of my neck. Or, I woke in the night with a dull headache and had to try another pillow, which didn't work for long. I could not be more PLEASED! It's the BEST EVER ! I haven't had neck pain or headaches since the first night I used it. I would never part with this pillow. Buy it -  you will have the best sleep you have ever had in your life. I get up and out the door with not a pain in my body. So, all I can say is don't waste time thinking about it - buy it you will never regret it. I don't!  Cindy