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Michael Lindell's KNDK Radio Interview

Interview with Michael Lindell on KNDK Radio 

An insightful interview with My Pillow's CEO and Inventor, Michael Lindell, about how the MyPillow® was created, and how My Pillow can help you. If you need for deep, restful sleep, guaranteed - watch this video. Listen as Michael talks about:

  • why Michael was driven to create the MyPillow®
  • exactly how the patented 3-piece fill has helped thousands of others get the sleep they need
  • Michael Lindell's pride and passion in My Pillow®'s "Made in America" commitment 
  • how Michael successfully grew My Pillow by ignoring the major pillow manufacturers' advice
  • a tease about MORE products coming down the road
  • the continued growth of the retail stores -  across America 

Watch the video now to discover how the Michael Lindell/My Pillow story helps YOU get the deep,restful sleep you need, guaranteed.