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MyPillow®  Can Help You Discover a Great Nights Sleep!

50-70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. And, when you can't sleep it is a major problem to your whole quality of life. Suffering from fatigue and reduced attention are just a few of the prices you pay when you don't sleep well.

This guide ( from the US Department of Health and Human Services has some great information on sleeping and insomnia. In this guide, one of the many recommendations towards helping to promote a good night’s sleep is to have a comfortable mattress and pillow.

We're not saying that we cure insomnia, but we can help you have a more comfortable, restful nights sleep

Are you one of the 40 percent of all Americans who suffer from insomnia and anxieties?

In this video, Mike Lindell, CEO and Inventor of MyPillow®, talks about how he was one of the millions of people who have insomnia. He would flip flop all night long, or just stare at the ceiling, wide awake. If he was in bed for eight hours, he would wake up and still feel like he needed a nap. It was always a fight to get the sleep he needed.

That is why, years ago, he set out to do something about his sleeping issues. He knew that the pillow was the problem, so he invented the MyPillow®.

And, as he was doing shows years ago, he talked to veterans who were back from Iraq. They were attracted to the MyPillow® sign about insomnia and anxieties, and said, "You know what? We have some of the worst anxieties and insomnia problems in the world."

They all told him the same story. They would sit and stare at the ceiling no matter how long they had been up, and they wouldn't get to sleep for four or five hours. When they did get to sleep, they would be restless all night long. It was terrible for them.

So, as an experiment, Mike gave them MyPillows®. And, they came back the next day and all of them had the same story "Wow, I can get the great sleep I need." Two of them were almost crying. They were saying, "This is a miracle! This is a miracle." They were so happy that they all got to sleep right away. They slept through the night. The stories were the same across the board.

They asked, "How did this work? What's in this pillow?" Here's Mike's theory: You have eight cervical nerves on each side of your neck. Your cervical nervous system has to calm down before your muscles can relax, and then your blood flow slows, so you go into REM, and then delta sleep. You sleep without constant sleep interruptions.

You need to keep your cervical nerves straight at night in order to get this process to start. MyPillow® has a patented interlocking fill, a fill that, wherever you move the pillow, it stays there. And MyPillow® does the amazing thing of keeping your neck and cervical nerves straight at night.

Americans have an average of six pillows per person per household. You just keep buying pillows over and over and over again. But, you need a pillow that keeps your neck straight.

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