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MyPillow® Testimonials on Fibromyalgia And Sleep

Fibromyalgia testimonials

When I purchased My Pillow,the first night I had troubles with my neck hurting. But, I had great success the next following nights.I was suffering from a bad case of TMJ and my jaw would click and would pop really bad and now that I have slept on My Pillow, it was a miracle - the TMJ went away.I even had a mild case of Fibromyalgia and neck pains from an old whip lash injury and those pains went away too. Michael J Lee Denver,Colorado

These are the best pillows in my entire life! I am 58 years old. I ordered two 3 months ago. I normally have to sleep on 6 pillows. But now, I don't need all 6 pillows any more. Mike Lindell is a miracle worker - he is a god send!. I have never made a testimonial in my entire life, I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on pillows. I have fibromyalagia and this has dramatically helped with that. It has helped eliminate the pain, the upper part of my body, the neck and the waist area. It makes so happy!!! Nitia S. 

I am a retired 62 year old R.N., with an Rx of migraines, fibromyalgia and sleep apnea. Sleep has been difficult to obtain for years. In October I came to Fort Wayne to take care of my 90 year-old Father. My sister and I ordered a MyPillow. The first night I used it, I overslept until my Mother woke me up thinking I was ill! No - just a good night's sleep!" Anon.

This Pillow is a miracle. It has helped me so much and I now get the rest and sleep I need. I saw it on t.v. and loved the money back guarantee because I have tried so many pillows out there...thank you for making this Fabulous Pillow.  My husband is getting one also he loved mine so much!   Judy W.

Yesterday, I came into our PX @ Ft Bragg and...I took the pillow home last night and was so excited, yet nervous to go to sleep, worried if it would work.  Well,  after waking up this morning I was happy,well rested and all smiles. I slept all night long awakening only once for the bathroom trip (just imagine that after so many sleepless nights, I can't even tell you the last time), and I didn't want to even get up.  One Happy Customer,   LaToya Tomlin from Ft Bragg, NC  
I used My Pillow for the first time last night and for the first time in years, I awoke refreshed. Thank you so much for your product! I would gladly go to work for you selling your product or giving a testimonial.   THANKS,  Stacy Moss
I attended the Philadelphia home show where my wife and I saw your booth selling pillows. I decided to stop and check them out. I can never sleep for more than 5 hours and wake up numerous times with pain. After trying out your pillow and getting the proper size for my body at the show, I can now tell you how it has helped me with my conditions after 6 weeks of use. I have found my pillow to be the best I have ever used. The different size foam pieces compress but not all the way down. It offers me great support no matter which way I turn, and believe me with Fibromyalgia turning all night is a way of life. It is unlike any other pillow I have used. Another big plus is that it stays cool at all times. I do not get hot nor sweat sleeping on this pillow. I can now sleep more comfortably and not awaken hardly at all anymore. I am truly grateful for this pillow. Thanks so much!   Ted from Delaware