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MyPillow® Testimonials on Fibromyalgia And Sleep

Fibromyalgia testimonials

I have Fibromyalgia and my neck and upper shoulders are always hurting. Since using My Pillow, I wake up less during the night. I recommend these pillows to everyone!!!! Karen W.

I have UFS (Unrelenting Fibromyalgia Syndrome), migraines, hot flashes at night, and awake every morning with horrid neck pain. The first night I used “My Pillow”, I had a 100% different experience to my life time of pillows. They really do stay 'cool'. I ordered 2. When I have a bad day with fibromyalgia, I use both as a 'body pillow' and WOW! Instant comfort! I highly recommend everyone to give this a try! Cece

I have had Fibromyalgia for 20+ years and cannot sleep without my three My Pillows. Love them!  LeAnne

 I have fibromyalgia, and I also have arthritis in my neck and shoulder. Once the muscles get too tight in my neck and shoulders, I will also develop migraines when the nerves get pinched. If I don't have a pillow that fits perfectly under my neck, then the suffering becomes even more severe. My Pillow is the only pillow to be adjustable enough so that I don't wake up in the middle of the night with blinding pain and nausea.. Thanks! Anna

I suffer from fibromyalgia and insomnia and have always had back problems. Since using my pillow and the mattress topper I have NO back pain and I sleep through the night! This has been a miracle to me, and I would highly recommend these products to everyone! It has been well worth the money! I can't thank My Pillow enough! Best regards, Jodie R.

I slipped and fell on the ice and landed on my jaw which caused irreversible nerve damage and a later diagnosis of permanent fibromyalgia. I suffered years of pain, because fibromyalgia was unknown then. I spent years trying everything from A-Z for natural pain management for my ongoing, daily pain; plus help me get at least a few hours of rest. Finally, a friend of mine bought me a MyPillow for Christmas. At last - some comfort after years of trying different pillows. I use MyPillow every day, and take it with me when I go on trips. I will be purchasing more pillows when I can. Thank you for making a pillow that has made a difference for me.(and a lot of others I'm sure). Happy Thanksgiving!.... Sincerely, P Neucklavok

I have FIBRO and definitely have gotten relief from My Pillow. Because of my pain, I have to sleep on my stomach. My Pillow allows me to do this because it stays where I put it and it does not crush and cause pain to the front of my body. I find I like the king size pillows because I can prop my arms up on the side and they stay in place. I bought My Pillows for my whole family and recommend them any time I get the chance. I am sleeping more comfortably and I am in LOVE with My Pillow(s)! Anne M.

I have to say that My Pillow is the best thing that ever happened to me. I suffer from fibromyalgia. My pillow helps keep the pain reduced in the morning. I am an RN and have to be at my very best in the mornings. My very favorite is the Premium pillow with the gusset. It's worth the few extra dollars for the gusset. Suzanne S.

Because chronic pain from Fibromyalgia causes me to change positions often during the night, a side sleeping pillow or a back sleeping pillow would only be comfortable part of the time. With My Pillow, I can move from my back to my side to my stomach, and My Pillow adjusts automatically. It’s completely washable too. Sandy R.

I looked long and hard for pillows that kept their shape. I have an injury in my neck from the Gulf War and I have Gulf War Disease. Every joint in my body is deteriorated. Now, I do not have the horrible pain in my neck that I had before buying MyPillows. I am more than happy. I figured If pillows were so great, then so must the mattress topper be. I was right. When mine came in, I put it on immediately I laid down, and shouted for joy. That night, I slept better than ever sense the War. Thanks! :-) Matthew S.

I love, love, love my MyPillow mattress topper! Seriously, I suffer from nerve damage from a bad case of shingles. I used to wake up every morning in pain and my legs/hips hurt. Half way through the day I would end up standing at my desk at the office to work because my legs ached so much. I couldn't believe the difference that mattress topper made from the very first night I slept on it. My leg pain is GONE and the nerve pain is better. I think that's because I am sleeping longer at night, and not waking up tossing and turning like I used to. It was very easy to use and it was ready to go right out of the box. I love it so much I am buying one for my sister who suffers form severe chronic pain. I think this will really help her too. Thank you for making such an awesome product! Diane A.

I just love my pillow, I have severe fibromyalgia and neck problems and have tried many different pillows to be comfortable. I can honestly say this is the best one I have tried. I like the way it cradles my neck and head with no gaps. I actually look forward to going to sleep at night. It has been one of the best things I have purchased. Donna

My best friend, who has Fibromyalgia like i do, swears by this pillow So, i went and bought one, and I sleep better than I once did. The pillow is so comfortable, and I can't stand to be without one now. It doesn't go flat and it shapes to you.. Everything is so worth it, and the prices are reasonable – it's a great investment. I love all the my pillow products. Tina R.

I just ordered my 2nd pillow, the MyFirst to carry w/me in the car, to Dr. appointments, to friend's houses - to everywhere. I have a wicked case of fibromyalgia (I know,I know this testimonial makes NO medical claims). But if you had spent years playing Bluegrass banjo (they weigh about 18 pounds - and dancing at the same time), YOU NEED THIS PILLOW!!! Now I sleep on a cool cloud every night! My neck & shoulders just float, & I was used to the best, thick costly eiderdown handed down through generations. This pillow is one of the most important ergonomic inventions of all time, & I am grateful!!!!!!!! Jan K.

I've had my My Pillow since February 2012. I have fibromyalgia, migraines a bad back and other problems. Not only do we all feel better and sleep better, I love the fact that you can machine wash them and it's good for 10 years. If you're debating on whether to try My Pillow my answer is YES! Julie M

 My Pillow is by far the best pillow I have purchased. I have chronic migraines, tension headaches and fibromyalgia. Restful sleep in essential in minimizing headaches and being able to perform well at my fast pace work environment. In the first week of using My Pillow, the decrease in headache and fibromyalgia pain was significant. Before using My Pillow, I would wake several times during the night in pain and in need of switching the several types of pillows on my bed in effort to alleviate the pain and get back to sleep. Since using My Pillow, I no longer wake up in pain. I am not over-reaching to express this is a miracle for me. Uninterrupted sleep and decrease in head and neck pain in the morning has made such a significant improvement in my life, this is the first time I have submitted a testimonial for any product. I ordered an additional My Pillow, and cleared all other pillows from my bed. I am not only a satisfied customer, but sincerely grateful for this excellent product. Kris J.

I even had a mild case of Fibromyalgia and neck pains from an old whip lash injury and those pains went away too. Michael J Lee

Mike Lindell is a miracle worker - he is a god send!. I have never made a testimonial in my entire life, I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on pillows. I have fibromyalagia and this has dramatically helped with that. It has helped eliminate the pain in the upper part of my body, the neck and the waist area. It makes so happy!!! Nitia S.

I am a retired 62 year old R.N., with an Rx of migraines, fibromyalgia and sleep apnea. Sleep has been difficult to obtain for years. In October I came to Fort Wayne to take care of my 90 year-old Father. My sister and I ordered a MyPillow. The first night I used it, I overslept until my Mother woke me up thinking I was ill! No - just a good night's sleep!" Anon.
I could never sleep for more than 5 hours and woke up numerous times with pain. After trying out your pillow and getting the proper size for my body at the show, I can now tell you how it has helped me with my conditions after 6 weeks of use. I have found my pillow to be the best I have ever used. The different size foam pieces compress but not all the way down. It offers me great support no matter which way I turn, and believe me, with Fibromyalgia, turning all night is a way of life. It is unlike any other pillow I have used. Another big plus is that it stays cool at all times. I do not get hot nor sweat sleeping on this pillow. I can now sleep more comfortably and not awaken hardly at all anymore. I am truly grateful for this pillow. Thanks so much! Ted