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Customers Appreciate that MyPillow® Pillows are Anti-allergy Pillows

Allergies and Asthma testimonials

My other half has asthma which makes sleeping a problem sometimes. With "his" new "My Pillow" he is sleeping much better! I have recommended your product to anyone who will listen. Sorry it took me so long to buy it! Thank you! Luwanna D.

My allergies aren't bothering me. I always loved my nice down pillows. No longer. It is worth the investment in your health & sleep well being. Thank you "My Pillow". AND, it's made here! Weftyone

I LOVE MY PILLOW!!!!! I have been using the same pillow since I was a baby because I was allergic to most everything that pillows were made from. I have spent hundreds of dollars on pillows that were either too big, too small, too hard, etc. MY PILLOW is like heaven!!!! IT IS PERFECT!!!! I was up at 2 or 3 am watching TV because I couldn't sleep because I was uncomfortable, but not any more!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME SLEEP AGAIN!! Terese

We both love the washability as we both suffer from allergies. Would recommend to everyone! Gayle J.

Great sleep is so important to our health! For my children and grandchildren that throw their pillows on floors, plus use their pillows with sleeping bags, travel, etc.; the wash and dry factor is the best! They all have asthma and allergies. It's great to just pop in the washer and dryer!  Cynthia

It really is one of the best things I've ever bought. It's better than they even claim. I've stopped snoring. I get less allergy headaches. And it's very comfortable. Thanks so much for developing it. It's worth every single penny. Rob B.

Bothered with nightly stiff neck, allergies and snoring on both our parts, I thought we'd never get a good night's sleep. The first night proved all the other testimonials I had read to be true plus more! We both could not do without our MyPillows! We take them to hotels now and we just can't do without them for even one night! Thank you thank you. They are definitely worth the money. MADE IN THE USA! Nan M.

I am blessed with allergies, so I decided to try one, as I had nothing to loose........Well I have had mine and I got my husband one too for at least 8 months an I love them......I no longer wake with a headache and no allergies.....I have washed and dried mine twice and like new again..I tell my friends about it !! Cherie B.

I love My Pillow. I mainly purchased it for my migraines and allergies. I tell everyone I know about My Pillow and how it has worked for me. Thanks for making such a great product.  Kathy A

I have always suffered with morning headaches and clogged sinuses. I also had trouble falling and staying asleep. Since the arrival of "My Pillow"... I no longer have the headaches and sinus troubles in the morning. I have been sleeping better than ever as is my husband. I have thrown away my expensive feather down pillows. Thank you for a better quality of life. MJ S.

I thank God for you. I could not sleep on my right side, was sleeping with a neck collar, and taking allergy pills. Now, I do not use my neck collar, I can sleep on my right side, and I do not have a runny nose. I feel great. Good Bless you and thank you. This is one of my best investments. Irma S.

We love these pillows!! I bought these for my husband because he was always complaining about his pillows going flat and he is tired of buying pillows all the time. He also suffers from allergies/sinus and says he gets a more restful sleep. It seems to keep his head cooler. I like the fact that I can wash them and not worry about mildew or stuff coming out of them or them loosing shape. Thank you, Cheryl

I had been buying pillows for the past several years trying to get one that I could honestly say really worked and helped me get a better nights sleep. I have very bad allergies and have found this pillow great. Thanks for such a great product!!!!!  June M.

I have allergies. A couple of weeks ago, I was watching tv and i saw your show. I placed the order and now I do not have a runny nose. I feel great. Good Bless you and thank you. This is one of my best investments.  Irma S.

I am very picky about pillows and in the past the only pillows I have liked are the very expensive down pillows with a lot of volume but still soft. However, after having a grandchild that is allergic to down, I tried looking for pillows to replace mine and never found one I liked until I saw your ad in the Miami Herald and decided to try it.  I like it so much that I am ordering two more.  Joan B.

Since I have a son with severe asthma the pillow was perfect.  I especially love that this is the first pillow that I can actually wash.  Terri Ann
Best Pillow ever. Had mine 7 years and the travel pillow is the most awesome must have for travel. Buy this pillow and you will never regret it. It's washable. No allergy problems. No creepies (bed bugs/mites). Wonderful.     C. R.