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Our Customers Say About Our 60 Day Comfort Guarantee

60 Day Comfort Guarantee Testimonials

I bought a pillow 3 weeks ago thinking - oh sure, and there is a 60 day return guarantee.  Just try to take 'MyPillow' away from me.  It really works . . . and it stays cool.  I'm back to buy one for my son and the family for a Valentine.  It does exactly what it says it does Buy and Enjoy!  (She ended up buying a total of 14 pillows!)   Sue and her Mother   Loveland Home Improvement   Loveland, Colorado   January, 2011

Bought my first My Pillow in April and love the pillow.  I've had memory foam and the form pillows.  This is way more comfortable.  I'm getting my second pillow for my RV.  Love the fact that they are guaranteed and washable. Everyone needs one.   Jan Speir   Main Street Arts Festival   Hot Springs, SD   Hot Springs, SD   June 25, 2010